Top 16 Wedding Pranks to Play at a Wedding

Weddings are surely a beautiful sight to behold. However, people are breaking out from these romantic conventions to celebrate their big day in a way or manner that is much more unique to them. And, we are here for this.

Asides from themed weddings being on the rise, people are throwing diverse wedding pranks that will get you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Best believe that nothing comes close to curing the stiffness of a wedding quicker than an amazing prank. We have compiled a list of some classic and some not so classic wedding pranks that you can pull off on your big day

While you may not want to join in on the fun of pulling a prank on your significant order, you may as well pull the prank on your guests. It will be on their lips for years.

Before we delve into some of the greatest pranks of all time, understand that, weddings are highly joyous events that are completely filled with:

  • Laughter
  • Memories, and of course;
  • Sentiments

When a prank is pulled by a member of the family or close friends on the wedding train, it goes down in history as one of the best memories. But these pranks can either fall flat at best or probably be distasteful to the couple

This is why preparation and planning before the big day are vital to make sure the joke will make everybody smile, most especially the soon-to-wed or already wedded couple.

All pranks do not go on after the wedding vows have been said, there are wedding pranks that occur right before the ceremony takes place. There are pranks that involve ordering an identical tuxedo that may either be too large or too small for the groom

Here, the groom does not get the correct coat for a while. However, a prank like that should never interfere with the wedding photographs. Always plan ahead on how long the prank may last.

Why Wedding Pranks?

Oftentimes, people have asked why others bother carrying out silly wedding pranks. It is vital to note that; marriage does not necessarily need to be sacred all the time for the bride and groom.

It is their party and they can go ahead to prank whoever they want to. The big day must not be so stressful and serious like it is one hectic day at your busy office. Nothing comes close to an awesome prank.

Best believe that these pranks can assist in brightening even the dullest wedding party and switching up your big day into an affair that screams fun memories. It does not matter who you play the prank on.

It could be your partner or your wedding guests, at the end of the day; it will all be taken in good spirit because it is your day and nobody wants to get the groom and his bride moody.

Best Wedding Pranks

We will be giving a rundown on some of the best wedding pranks you can throw in making your special day fun. It should be noted that such pranks can as well be played by either the:

  • Groomsmen
  • Bridesmaid
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Best man
  • Some other guests at the wedding party

The main aim is to make the special day memorable years later. You can find some clean wedding pranks here in this article. The best wedding pranks include:

1. Mr. Bean Ring

Everyone once watched Mr. Bean right? The funny lovable character on television that barely says any word. Quite surprised he has a wedding prank? Well, sit back and plan this.

The Mr. Bean Ring wedding prank goes thus: When the officiating priest asks for the exchange of rings between the couple, it is expected that the ring bearer or best man passes the rings to the couple.

In order to make this look awesome, place the rings in a ring box. Whenever the bride or groom pulls out the rings to wear it on their significant order, they pull out a key holder or a pin.

Best believe they will be so confused at first, and if smart enough, they would realize they have just been pranked. After the laughter, you can hand them their actual rings so that the ceremony can commence.

2. The Red Wedding: Game Of Thrones

The Red Wedding Game Of Thrones
Image Source:

We have seen people throw Game of thrones themed weddings or even have the cast of Game of Thrones in attendance at their wedding. But this prank is nothing like that. For this prank, ensure that your guests actually followed up on the television show

Now what happens here is that, as the wedding guests get to the reception and the food is shared amongst them, tell the DJ to play no other song but the Rains of Castamere. They will have a scared look on their faces.

The Rains of Castamere was the song played at the Red Wedding that had Rob Stark, his wife, mother and his men killed. Who wouldn’t be scared? An expensive yet awesome wedding prank this is. Surely, the North will remember this one. It’s it a good wedding reception prank?

3. The Name Board

The Name Board
Image Source:

This is a prank that the couple can pull on their guests. For every wedding that takes place, a Name Board is placed at the entrance of the reception so everyone knows they are in the right place.

The wedding prank here is that; the couple can either change the bride’s name or the groom’s name. So, instead of attending a wedding between “James and Jane”, you would find something else on the name board such as “John and Jane” or “James and Constance”

Your wedding guests will surely be confused and think they have ended up in a wrong wedding. This is one of the list of best wedding reception pranks.

4. Pregnant Lady

Pregnant Lady

Like the Help Me prank, the Pregnant Lady is quite cruel but funny to those that can take a joke. All that you need to do to pull this off is to ask a friend whom your fiancé has never met to help

Now, as the officiating minister makes the announcement asking for anyone with objections to bring themselves forward, get your friend to stand up and say she is pregnant for your husband.

For this prank to work, ensure your in-laws and family members are in on it. Else, it will be jeopardy. Nobody wants to get shocked this way. Do think twice before you give this kind of wedding pranks for groom in this manner 😛

5. Couple First Dance

Every wedding has the bride and groom performing a dance that has been dated since time immemorial as the first dance. For this wedding prank, it can be carried out by the couple themselves.

As they step into the Hall, they may begin the first dance by lovingly swaying to a romantic Melody. You can pre-arrange with the DJ to totally shut down the music halfway in the dance.

While the wedding guests are in a frenzy, you can give the DJ a puzzling look and of course, he swiftly switches to a party jam. Guess what happens next? You and the groom can break out into an already prepared choreographed dance.

Or you can select a song with highly misleading lyrics. You can start with Dave Wakeling’s “She’s having a baby”. The couple can as well joke about it being a mix up before the DJ finally plays the correct song for the first dance.

6. Bouquet Tossing

Bouquet Tossing

Apparently, you must have attended a wedding party up to the point that, single ladies troop out while the bride tosses her bouquet at them. It is believed that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next-in-line to get married.

As a wedding prank, you can talk to the florist to create a bouquet that is in multiple pieces.

Now, when it is time to toss the bouquet, secretly take off the ribbon though keep the pieces together in a way that when the bouquet is tossed, it splits as it flies across the room.

Or you may as well throw a rubber chicken first and not the bouquet. Yet another bouquet Tossing prank involves the bride tying a string on her bouquet and tossing it. When the flower is tossed, it remains with the bride while the ladies dive in the air.

Well, after the laughter, the bride can finally toss her bouquet in the proper way.

7. The Lost Ring

Imagine attending a wedding; it gets to the point of exchanging the rings and suddenly, the wedding rings are nowhere to be found. Imagine the gasps and whispers that will fill the hall.

For this wedding prank, let go of all forms of decorum and act as real as possible in solving the mysterious case of the lost wedding rings. Though the person, be it bride or Groom may suspect something fishy, you must be as real as possible.

The aim is for the audience to be serious as worried as the bride or her groom. The Lost wedding ring is a common prank but it can occur if it is played skillfully.

8. The Objection

Some people say this wedding prank is the traditional method of pranking the couple. Nevertheless, it is an amazing prank. For such a prank, a friend can help with the incoming joke.

During wedding ceremonies, the officiating priest usually asks if anyone objects to the couple getting married to raise up their hands. At this point, a friend can raise up his or her hands.

And, as they move forward to say why the bride and groom cannot be joined in holy matrimony, they can begin uttering incoherent words. Or, they may as well raise up their hands just to ask where the bathroom is.

Bear in mind that, it should be played safely and of course, in the right way.

9. Drunk Bride

To some, this wedding prank is distasteful but, it would amaze you to know that so many brides have taken on this naughty prank. Here, the bride decides to walk to the wedding stage pretending to be drunk.

As expected, the groom will run-up to her to initiate a whispered chit-chat between them in a bid to find out what is wrong. As he does this, the bride can as well reveal to him that she has drunk so much

In the process, she may say words like “do not talk to me” and start ranting about every slip-up the groom ever made while they dated. She finally gives him the last blow by screaming “I do not want to get married to you.”

She makes to get up from her seat while the groom, in the expected fashion, begins to plead. At this point, she bursts into fits of laughter as she reveals that it is all a prank. It is advisable to only try this if you have known the groom well enough.

Importantly, do not scream so loud for the guests to feed on the things you say as the next gossip.

10. Wedding getaway car pranks

For those who may not be aware, the get-away car is that car which you see the couple driving out of the wedding reception with. It is usually decorated with ribbons while the plate number is replaced with “Just married.”

Now, the wedding getaway car pranks are basically among the easiest pranks ever. Instead of ribbons, the guests which are normally led by the groomsmen get to decorate the get-away car with tin cans and toilet paper as the couple is enjoying their reception.

11. Help Me

Help Me
Image Source:

First and foremost, Help me is pretty funny but note that you are crossing the line with this prank. And, it only makes sense if the couple is to kneel at the altar. It goes thus:

On the big day, grab the groom’s shoes and on the left heel, gently place tape on the bottom and input the word “help” on the left shoe and “me” on the right shoe. It will be written with a dark magic marker.

If you carry out this writing properly, every single guest in the church will be able to read out the words “Help Me” clearly on the groom’s shoes as he kneels at the altar. This is really funny, yet so cruel wedding pranks for groom.

Most people would only pull this wedding prank at the wedding rehearsal and not on the big day.

12. Gag Gift Box: Wedding prank gifts

This can also be known as the fake gift prank. Here, beautifully packed boxes can be gifted to the couple. And, in them, you can include the Joker in the box. It can have an attached spring as well as a picture of the newly wedded couple.

Or, it can go another way. You can wrap up a box in a box. So, when the couple opens the main box expecting to find their gift, they will find another box, but it would be empty as well.

For this wedding prank to work out, the couple should be made to open the gifts in the presence of everybody. Every guest will surely have a good laugh.

13. Smashing The Cake

Note that, this is actually not the real wedding cake. Rather, it is a fake cake that has been made using plastic or a cardboard paper. But, it is very much identical to the wedding cake and even placed on the table.

Now, when the couple are about cutting the cake, it is immediately dropped down based on some funny reasons. A creative way to do this is to make use of a malfunctioning cake table.

Trust us; everybody will be shocked and every camera will get flashing. Once this happens, the actual wedding cake should be brought in. Cool right?

14. Whoopee Cushions

You know what whoopee Cushions are right? They are noise-making cushions that can be properly placed under chairs. When one sits on them, they make loud noises and are very uncomfortable to sit on.

Furthermore, these whoopee Cushions can be placed under the chairs of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Once the prank begins, they will be so uncomfortable and burst out laughing.

15. The Ring Pop

This is a prank for the wedding rehearsal. Since part of the best man’s duty is to carry the wedding band of the bride on the big day; the best man is to pull this prank.

At the rehearsal, when it is time to practice how to handover the ring, the best man will hand the groom a ring pop instead of the actual ring. It will surely get people laughing. Or, the best man can handover a very large fake diamond ring to the groom.

16. The Honeymoon Bag: Wedding night pranks

The couple is probably going to pay back whoever does this prank to them. What happens here is that, as the couple prepares to jet off for their honeymoon, you can sneak into the bride’s room and mess up her bag filled with clothes.

You can choose to pour in powder, moon dust and even go crazy by pouring rice grains in their boxes. The idea is for them to spend time doing lots of cleans up before they get to their clothes.

They have no choice than to clean up, because, they surely can’t go out nude? Or can they?

Final Thoughts

Aside from the aforementioned wedding pranks, there are so many pranks to pull off on the big day. They range from the small yet silly ones to the outrageous yet elaborate setup. A wedding prank will be a complete knockout on your big day.

However, when these pranks are posted on social media, there are mixed reactions most times as some people see them as bad jokes. The truth is, nobody intends to hurt anyone with a prank.

It is only romantic to know that, two people are out there showing the world that they are on one and the same offbeat page. Two people are willing to share their quirks with their guests and the world.

In order to jazz up your wedding and make it memorable, these are some of the best pranks you can pull on your big day.

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