15 Best Typing Apps For Kids

In the era we find ourselves today, your kids must have an idea on how to type. The world is changing, and we are to change along with it, or else we will be left behind in an old world of our own.

However, learning how to type does not necessarily need to be a chore. For this reason, we will be giving you a list of some of the best typing apps for kids. Though learning how to type is essential, it does not have to be boring.

There are lots of exciting typing applications for kids. These apps are interactive, educational, and of course, engaging. It is vital to note that, when you introduce your kids to typing apps at the ideal time, it can make so much difference in their learning process.

Bear in mind that accurate and swift typing is among the building blocks of proper education in our world today. Since early childhood schooling is transforming into a much more technologically advanced format, getting your kids started on typing is a wise move.

When you make use of typing apps, it aids in giving your child a crucial boost. It does not matter if your kid’s school is lagging in computer training; you can invest in typing apps for kids.

The fact remains that you will be safeguarding the future of your children. The typing apps on our list will teach your kids the ideal finger to vital movement across their keyboards.

However, it does this in a way that is engaging and entertaining. Some of the best programs have lots of games and lessons to keep kids occupied and to ensure that the early skills are entirely integrated.

Even if your kid is still learning ABC, the typing apps will be of great help too. Note that children are notoriously similar to sponges. This means that they can easily absorb the latest information.

For this reason, while they are young, their parents must help them learn more than what they have been taught in school.

15 Best Typing Apps For Kids

If your kids can learn different things through the various educational apps in existence, be sure that they can learn how to type with the typing apps for kids. Nevertheless, no matter the best typing app you select for your kid, there are things you must consider.

Some of these things you must consider are:

  • Your kid’s age
  • Lesson plan
  • Cost of the program
  • Support, and;
  • The apps’ features.

Making use of the best typing app will help your child out in the long run. Some of the best apps include:

1. Dance Mat Typing

The Dance Mat typing app allows kids to learn where every letter of the alphabet is positioned on the keyboard. Level one enables the little typist to get familiar with some of the home row keys such as; A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, and L.

With the help of some animal friends, your kid can move to both level two and three. In these levels,  your kids can learn more about the kids positioned above and below the home row.

When your kids get to the final level, Claudette, the cat, will show them how to add letters X and Z. Also, Claudette will teach them how to make capital letters using the “shift” button.

They will be taught how to type period, slash, and apostrophe. Dance Mat typing will help your kids learn how to position their hands on the keyboard.

This is a good skill to learn while young, so they do not pick up bad habits that are hard to break. Your kids have four levels to move through. When the levels end, they will receive fun rewards.

2. Keyboard Climber 2

Is that a monkey stick right at the bottom of a cave? In Keyboard Climber 2, kids will have to help the monkey through jumping up rock platforms. They will do this by identifying the letters that will keep popping on the screen.

With every letter your kid inputs correctly, the money will be rewarded with a banana bunch. However, if your kids get it wrong, a coconut will crash on the monkey’s head. Unfortunately, the level will restart automatically.

It is the ideal game for your younger kids that are new to the world of alphabets. There is no timer to save the monkey, so your kid can move at his or her own pace.

3. The Typing of the Ghosts

Available on Android, iOS

Do you have an older kid that is amazing at typing? If yes, your kid may want r ok get faster when typing. The typing of the Ghosts app is the ideal game to download for him to make him better at what he does.

The focus of this app is for the kid to type words that will be displayed on the screen. He or she will have to type fast enough for the Ghosts in the background not to approach them.

When you play this game, you will be given five lives. However, the ghosts are capable of taking the lives if you are too slow and not fast. More so, this game may be scary for your kids.

4. KeyMan

Available on Android, iOS

Did you play Pac-man? Well, KeyMan makes use of the concept of Pac-Man. What you have to do is to move KeyMan through the maze to eat up the dots. You will have to do this and avoid the colorful ghosts from catching up with him.

Here, you will not be making use of the arrow keys in navigating KeyMan. You are to make use of the different letters that appear below,  above and at the sides of KeyMan.

The exciting part of this game is that the letter navigation keys tend to change each time you make any move. It is an educational app. Your kids will be engrossed in fun without realizing that they are making actual improvements as they play.

As your kids play, they will need to make use of different letters to help KeyMan find the correct path.

5. Alpha Munchies

This is a game inspired by the prominent Atari Space Invaders. The point in Apple Munchies is that you have to shoot little pixel aliens. Your kid will have to shoot them down before they get to hit the blocks that are protecting both you and your items.

The items in the game are your lunch. However, you will have to shoot the pixel aliens by typing the letters that will be displayed above the aliens. Understand that, Alpha Munchies is ideal for kids at the elementary stage, learning about alphabets.

Note that, it is excellent for the older kids that want to speed up their typing skills. As a parent, you can help in picking how difficult the level should be.

6. Animal Typing

Available on iPhone, iPad

This is one of the typing apps for kids that simplifies touch typing for kids in elementary school. It is a fun game as kids will make use of animals such as horses, rabbits, and snails.

Note that, your kids will make use of animals depending on their typing skills. The faster your children type, the faster the animals tend to be.

7. Keyboarding Zoo

The Keyboarding Zoo game is one of your kids will surely love. It is ideal for kids within the early elementary age bracket. As they type, they will get cheered on by cute animals.

It helps them learn how to make use of their pointer fingers or index fingers. They make use of their fingers to match the letters that will appear on the screen.

8. Keyboard Fun

Available on iPad, iPhone

An occupational therapist built keyboard fun. It is a typing app for kids of different levels. It is very colorful and engaging. It is a practical and straightforward app that introduces kids to the world of letters.

Your kids will have to associate these letters with words. Plus, they will have to locate the letters on a keyboard. It was created to help kids with learning and physical disabilities.

It is a fantastic app that you can incorporate into the portfolio of apps of your kid. It teaches kids how to type faster, as well. Most typing tutors simply assume that your kid already knows how to read and spell.

So, they are only concerned with correcting the child’s fingering. However, keyboard fun focuses on teaching the kids everything they need to know about typing.

9. Nitro Type

Do you want to know who is faster in typing between you and your kid? Nitro Type is here to help your kid improve his or her typing skills. Your kid will do this by competing in races that are fast-paced.

It will be a competition between five typists from across the world. Your kid can compete against his or her friends and earn track scores, new cars, etc.

10. Type-a-Balloon

Even though it is a simple game, it is fun to play. Kids only need to type the letters that are displayed on the balloons. When they type the letters, it makes the balloons pop.

However, Should any balloon escape, your kid will lose one of the five lives the game gives. Also, if your kid gives a wrong response, he or she will lose some points.

As your kids’ skill improves, your kid will move to a much more challenging level.

11. Type Type Revolution

The prominent Dance Dance Revolution game inspired type Type Revolution. As a typing app for kids, it will have the fingers of your kids learning as well as dancing.

Your kid will have the chance to select one out of ten songs to dance to as they learn key recognition skills. It is an activity that is probably best for older kids. Those kids can type without looking at their keyboards.

12. TypeTastic

There are more than seven hundred free typing activities, and so much your kid can learn from this fantastic app. Bear in mind that this app is ideal for kids of all ages. There is no specific age bracket.

The type of games you will find on this app include touch typing, timed tests, fluency, and introductory games.

13. Typing Fingers

Available on Android, iPad, iPhone

Typing fingers spread all over thirty-two levels. It is an app that aids kids in learning the necessary Keyboarding skills from a very young age. With Typing Fingers, your kids can identify numbers, symbols, letters, and be capable of memorizing them.

As your kids play, they will encounter Dennis, who will assist them in getting through the first stages. Dennis will guide your kids through the memorization process and help them make use of the right fingers.

Later on, the level will switch up to the game mode. In the game mode, your kid will have to shoot the right numbers, symbols, and letters. He or she will have to do this by making use of the corresponding keys on the keyboard.

At the final stage of every level, your kid will have to repeat the first stage. However, the computer will set up a timer, and your kid will be scored according to the time he or she takes to finish the task as well as the accuracy used.

14. Typing Ninja

In Typing Ninja, kids are allowed to choose the difficulty of the level. They can also select the keys they are interested in learning. When all of these are set, kids can begin slicing through fruits exactly like a ninja.

However, they will need to avoid typing letters on the sneaky bombs. If they type on the bombs, they will lose their game lives.

15. Typing Pal Online

Are you on the search for the ideal typing app for kids that allows your kid to practice perfect finger placement? This is the app to download. With Typing Pal online, kids can select any of the four different environments to use.

Each of the environments has its own fantastic animations. Your kids can take typing tests in a bid to earn a certificate of their achievement.

To Wrap It Up

Typing may be swift and convenient, but that is not its only advantage. It is beneficial for students who have excellent Keyboarding skills. Here, it can help them in exceeding the common core standards.

Note that children with fast and accurate typing can do better when they take computer-based tests. It makes it easier for such people to finish up dissertations and assignments.

We have provided you with some of the best typing apps for kids to help them through this digital world.

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