The Perfect Twitter Header Size – 2020 Update

Twitter Header Size & How To Create It

Have you been searching for the most accurate Twitter header size? Well, you are not the only one faced with this tedious issue.

It is worthy to note that, for the ideal Twitter header size, the best dimensions to use are 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall. It does not end there. You will have to account for the profile picture to be used as well as the invisible area.

Some people wonder why it is so difficult to achieve the right Twitter header size even when Twitter itself has given its guidelines. The fact remains that, following the given guidelines will have twitter chopping off some parts of the amazing cover photo of yours.

Additionally, another thing to be bothered about is the successful scaling of your header photo through diverse screen resolutions. Now you see why it is tedious?

For almost every social media platform problem, there is a solution lurking around. This is why we have compiled this article to help you get through this problem.

About Twitter’s Guidelines

Before we delve into how to arrive at the best Twitter header size using specific dimensions, it is best to have an idea of what Twitter’s guideline is.

The recommended guidelines for Twitter’s header size includes:

  • The recommended header photo dimensions are strictly 1500px by 500px
  • The photo must come in either JPG, GIF or PNG. But, Twitter actually does not support the use of animated GIFs for header or profile images.

Nevertheless, following these set guidelines does not mean all is perfect already. When you do follow the rules, your header image may as well look terrible at the upload.

It happens this way because users will need to account for not just their profile pictures alone but for the invisible area as well. Reality speaking, the actual Twitter header dimension takes this form:

Twitter Header Template

Another thing that you need to watch out for is the invisible area. Even though Twitter recommends a 1500px by 500px header photo, the top and bottom of the photo get cropped off after you upload it. This can be seen below:

Twitter Safe Zone for Mobile & Desktop

Nonetheless, we will be taking a cursory look at how to account for a profile picture as well as the invisible area.

How To Account For The Invisible Area And Profile Picture

You may think it is easy to make sure your profile picture does not disrupt your grade photo. News flash, it is much more complex than you ever imagined. Want to know why?

Actually, your profile picture position as it relates to your cover photo tends to change. And, this depends on the resolution of your screen.

Note that, whenever the Twitter header size is showcased at its full width, your profile picture tends to move towards the center of the header photo.

Bear in mind that, whenever the Twitter header is put on display on screens that are smaller, your profile picture will move to the left of your header photo.

With such happening, you will have no choice but to leave empty spaces at your header photo’s bottom left corner. If this is not done, there is a high risk of blocking off specific elements found in your Twitter header.

This aspect is highly vital when it comes down to the whole issue of the ideal Twitter header size. Like we mentioned earlier, Twitter recommends 1500px by 500px header photo.

And, both the top and bottom of your photo will be cropped off after you are done uploading. The important thing is to make sure the profile picture you select does not interrupt the header photo.

The reason for this is that your profile picture’s position tends to change based on the resolution of your device’s screen. We have an example below of a cover photo’s complete width:

Twitter Header in full width

Nevertheless, when you scale down the resolution, the profile picture begins to change its position and shifts to the left-hand side of the Twitter header photo.

Twitter Header in smaller screens

For this reason, space should be left at the bottom left corner of the Twitter header photo.

For what it is worth, ensure that you always account for the invisible area at the bottom and top of the Twitter header. As we stated, both sides are cut off from the header photo.

Wondering what the ideal Twitter header size really is. Well, we recommend that the Twitter header is 2 MB and its approved formats range between JPEG and PNG files. Here are the dimensions:

  • Even though your banner has the ideal Twitter header size of 1500px by 500px, every vital element must be within 1500px by 360px.
  • Although Twitter approves GIF files, animated GIFs, on the other hand, is not supported for the Twitter header images
  • Always look out for the area at the lower-left corner. This is where the profile picture will be shown.

Furthermore, though Twitter provides users with the basic dimensions for the header photo as well as the profile photo, it never provides the ideal Twitter header size.

This means that your twitter banner will be different on all the various devices you utilize. After the 2020 update, this is the Twitter header when viewing via desktop.

Twitter Header Desktop view after 2020 update


Twitter Header Mobile view after 2020 updateMeanwhile, this is it on the desktop view.

You can see the Twitter profile picture has not moved its placement that much in the 2020 Twitter header updated layout.

At the end of the day, when making your Twitter header image, it is vital to ensure that important information is not removed. The risk areas are:

  • The top of the banner
  • The bottom of the banner, and;
  • The lower-left corner where you can find the profile picture.

Twitter Banner Tips

We all understand that Twitter is a social media platform where business experts, business owners and even marketers need to have an online presence.

Note that, the Twitter banner of a company is the first impression when people discover that your company or business is on Twitter. The biggest benefit of twitter is its increased brand awareness.

This is because prospective users can find both you and your brand on it. Furthermore, Twitter headers serve the purpose of supporting all of your marketing campaigns. It encourages users to take the necessary actions.

Ultimately, your Twitter header practically has a big impact on the number of followers you have. Even if you are representing your company or yourself, within a matter of seconds, you can find an image of high quality to upload to your profile.

Due to the fact that your twitter header is a total representation of you and the brand you own, you have to be creative with it. You should upload a banner that clearly displays all that makes you special.

It does not matter if you are making use of stock images, it actually does not take so long to adequately source for a picture that has themes or objects that you need. However, you must know that it is not all stock photos that are appropriate on Twitter.

Twitter Header Designing Tips

On a general note, businesses and organizations worth their salt can be found on Twitter today. Judging from the study carried out, roughly seventy-five percent of brands and business owners make use of twitter to market their goods and services.

More so, the banner image of a Twitter business page is the most vital aspect to be cautious about. The first thing people will notice about a business page is its Twitter banner.

However, the Twitter banner goes farther than just a first impression. It serves a purpose in generating marketing campaigns and encouraging the audience to bark on buying actions.

Before we embark on the best tips for designing your Twitter header, you must understand that asides from the perfect Twitter header size, your Twitter banner must have an appeal that brings out emotions.

This means that; you are to make a connection that is emotional with your banner. This is highly vital in order for your business page not to appear boring. Better than text, a picture, as they say, is worth more than a thousand words.

Furthermore, your Twitter banner greatly connects to whichever business you are steadily promoting. If the audience cannot make a connection, you will not be getting any potential clients.

This is why the image you make use of must be appealing and further support the marketing message you will be passing across.

Now that you have an idea of how the whole Twitter header size works, there are tips you should know about designing the perfect Twitter header. They include:

1. Create enough space for your profile image.

When you are designing your Twitter header, you should leave off an open space for the exact area wherein your profile image will likely overlap.

2. Vital elements must be placed in the middle.

For those with headers that revolves around vital elements like the name of the company, it should be placed close to the middle of the image. What this does is that; it ensures everything is completely visible and will not be cropped.

3. There should be space for the invisible area

Due to the fact that Twitter crops off header images, there is a specific border of space all around the image that will not be made visible. You must keep this in mind in your quest to design your header.

4. Your logo can be your profile image

While most people prefer to use their logo as a part of their header, you can actually make use of this logo as your profile image. There are mobile devices in which the profile image tends to overtake the header image, mostly on smaller screens

What this means is that your logo will end up being obscured even when you place it in the middle of the header.

5. Utilize high-resolution images

When it comes down to the Twitter header size and everything in between, understand that Twitter allows for JPG compression to the header images. This can greatly impact the quality of your image.

With a high-resolution image for the header, no matter the compression or cropping that occurs, the quality of the image remains intact.

6. Utilize carefully selected colors

It is better to make use of images with fewer colors as they are capable of withstanding JPG compressions. You are to stick to a smaller number of colors as they complement your brand perfectly.

7. Be minimal

Since JPG compression can end up executing some wacky things to your images that once looked beautiful, you should endeavor to keep everything simple.

It is best to depend on clean lines that have an increased contrast between images, background colors and text. This will aid in minimizing the visual impact of a JPG compression.

At the end of the day, creating the ideal Twitter header image and having the perfect Twitter header size may take a while. But, every bit of it is worth it for an amazing profile that can capture the attention of users and potential clients.

Always remember that, no matter how amazing your Twitter header might be, you can always switch things up by changing the header.


The Twitter header is a vital part of your social media marketing plans. If you never take the time to upload expert images, you are surely missing out on one of the many benefits that Twitter offers.

As you create your Twitter banner, ensure you make use of the ideal Twitter header size. Also, ensure that you can account for the 400 by 400px profile picture. Never forget that both the bottom and top of your banner will be chopped off.

Now, you can see that the whole process of optimizing your Twitter header does not come off as simple as you once thought. However, we have created this article to help guide you and provide you with the ideal Twitter header size.


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