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Top 14 Best Free Media Players for any Computer

If we want to be truly honest, the free media player on our Macs and PCs do not cut it anymore for the wide majority of viewing demands. This is solely because these programs though on default, are not so simple to use.

Also, there are times where they do not always function with the video format you may want to actually watch. And admit it, they greatly lack some of the updated tools that enable users to get the best quality visuals as they watch videos on their computers.

However, we have nothing to worry about because there are so many free media players at our disposal. These are some of the best free media players that we can utilize in enhancing our video viewing experience.

Some of these media players range from the simple to use players that tend to streamline the entire process of both loading and watching a video. And there are some that are greatly advanced and provide a vast suite of video settings for us.

For these reasons, we will be taking a cursory look at some of the best free media players at your disposal.

Top 14 Best Free Media Players for any Computer

Selecting the best free media player can be as stressful as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack especially when you are lost on what to find.

To assist you, we have rounded up some of the ideal media players. And they include:

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

One of the best free media players you can readily download as you read this article is the VLC media player. Its operating system ranges from:

  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android, and;
  • Windows

Most importantly, VLC media player tends to play almost all video files and users can tweak its playback quality. Amazing right? You may love its steep learning curve as well.

Furthermore, the vital thing to note about the VLC media player is the fact that; it is your go-to free media player when you are out in search for software capable of handling any video you have.

Note that, this versatile software has the ability to play videos of about 360 degrees, clips up and videos of about 8k resolution and videos that are in file formats that are compressed.

As they say, the difficulty about VLC media player is not getting videos that can be played on it, but discovering videos that cannot be played on it.

More so, VLC provides a highly impressive array of controls and tools. Your video settings can be tweaked in a bid to enhance the audio quality or the playback quality.

2. GOM Player

GOM Player

As a feature-packed media player, GOM player is among the ideal free media players that has so much to offer. It has a user-friendly layout and capable of handling 360-degree videos.

Moreover, the GOM player provides lots of enhanced functionality for users to playback videos. There is also the option to play videos off YouTube on your desktop.

Although its settings to be used for tweaking the video playback are not so extensive, they are very much easier to utilize. Interestingly, this free media player comes with a vast variety of codecs.

Nevertheless, it has a codec library that is searchable. This will enable users to playback any type of clip they want. More so, GOM Player is highly compatible with these synchronous subtitles.

Furthermore, it backs up screencast. This means that; users can easily connect their computers to their television or even a projector to play videos on a bigger screen.

3. 5K Player

5K Player

It does not matter the source; this amazing free media player has the power to handle it. Its operating system includes macOS and Windows. With 5K players, users can easily stream from prominent YouTube.

With resolutions that go up to 8k, 5K player is among the comprehensive free options used in managing the whole video collection and not for watching videos alone. This software allows users to add their full computer video library.

Like this, users can easily select videos from inside the 5k player instead of searching through their hard drives. More so, users can stream videos straight from YouTube and utilize Appleā€™s Airplay in displaying videos across more than one device.

It is worthy to note that, 5k player fully supports any and every type of video format you may come across. This includes both 8k and 360-degree videos. The settings available for the management of your audio and video playback are quite versatile

Although, we cannot say that they stack up against the sort of controls you will get to find in the renowned VLC media player.

4. Pot Player

Pot Player

Searching for the best free media player? Have you come across PotPlayer? Well, this is a free media player that comes with customization settings that are pretty advanced. Before we begin, note that it fully supports 3D videos.

PotPlayer has been known to automatically modify codecs and it can be quite tricky when it comes down to its navigation. One thing to understand is that; PotPlayer is a powerful media player.

It consists of a huge array of in-built codecs and provides full support for:

  • 8k videos
  • 360-degree videos, and;
  • 3D videos

Have it in mind that; if you ever throw a file format that it does not support already, PotPlayer will download its needed codecs automatically. Lest you miss out, PotPlayer has a screen recorder that is free and it has some video editing tools.

PotPlayer’s options for customizing video playback are quite impressive. And its hotkeys allow users to easily access their most utilized settings without any issue. It is vital to note that; this software is lightweight.

5. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic has been written off as the modern take on windows’ old in-built video player. Rated among the best free media players, it has toolbars that are customizable and a large library of filters.

In simpler terms, Media player classic is the modified version of what used to be the old windows standby. Since its initial debut over ten years ago, Media Player Classic has come a long way.

Note that; its latest modification is a powerful competitor against the likes of VLC media player. With its customizable toolbars, the Media player classic is very simple to access.

Though its user interface is quite sparse, its menu layout is easy to discover the needed controls. Its software is lightweight as well and this media player is designed to function on similar computers like the ones the initial Media player classic worked on.

What this means is that Media player classic takes just a little processing power. Nevertheless, it supports almost all the type of media files which includes 8k and 369-degree videos.

6. Kodi


Kodi is among the best free media players that have been specially structured to serve the desires of movie lovers. The full-screen interface of Kodi is very interactive, and users can listen to music via this player.

Also, users can get to watch images as they enjoy a movie. However, this will only be ideal if your media browsing experience is rich. Kodi enables users to live stream sports, and it has vast yet efficient compatibility.

Straight from its humble beginnings on Xbox, Kodi has evolved into a large screen entertainment platform. Kodi is more than capable to be used in:

  • Playing music
  • Watching videos
  • Live streaming TV, and so much more.

Its UI is structured for televisions, however, it does not mean that Kodi cannot be used on PCs as well. Similar to VLC, Kodi is also capable of playing any media file thrown it’s way.

Furthermore, Kodi can easily handle storage devices that have networks attached to them. This will allow users to play there television and movie catalog over a local network. Thanks to the third-party add-ons, Kodi’s functionality has been extended.

7. KM Player

KM Player

As one of the leading sources for content discovery as well as video playbacks, KM Player is highly rated among the best free media players available. It is rated highly as a result of its record-breaking viewership

KM player serves efficiently almost like a standalone video player. It has file formats which it supports and they range from UHD, 2k, 4k and even 3D videos. It provides playback that is smooth even with its in-built codex files.

Bear in mind that; KM player is an amazing and free window 10 media player which possesses an ability to play virtually all audio files and mainstream videos. Based on its in-built codex, there is no need to search for other different codecs.

However, if you are interested in expanding its compatibility, external codecs can be added to it. When it comes down to video and audio effects, users of KM players have a vast range of choices.

Users can select parts of their videos as favorites, repeat them, and even remap the keys for the remote interface. Also, users can edit subtitles inside this player.

Did you know that KM Player made its debut in the year 2002 and was acquired in 2007 by a Korean streaming company known as Pandora TV? Bet you never knew!

8. SM Player

SM Player

This is a free media player that is used in listening to audio tracks and musical contents. It has lots of handy features and subtitles that are easy to adjust. Its playlist is customizable, and it makes use of screenshot tools as well as graphic equalizers

It supports every popular media file formats ranging from:

  • WMV
  • MKV
  • AVI, and even;
  • MP4

SM Player is an open source and it supports both radio and YouTube browsers. It is capable of fetching video subtitles from the web automatically. In a bid to understand the interface of SM Player, you need to spend quality time with this free media player.

9. All Player

All Player

As an amazingly free media player, there are quite a lot of intriguing features that are hidden beneath All Player. These are highly useful features that both newbies and experts will love.

It is a well-known fact that you will get to love working with All Player’s voice recognition ability for those subtitles. Its supported file formats range from:

  • FLAC
  • QuickTime
  • M2TS
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MP3, and so much more.

All Player comes with an interface that is quick to start and it demands so much CPU power. Even with all of these, All Players cannot play every media file thrown at it.

10. ACG Player

ACG Player

Are you on the search for a UWP media player app that looks clean for your windows 10? You can stop that search as ACG player is here for you. It gleefully ranks among the best free media players as a result of its lightweight nature.

This player has all the necessary features you need such as:

  • Video and audio effects
  • Music visualizer
  • Gesture control
  • Background music
  • Art font subtitle, etc.

Understand that, ACG Player fully supports most of the media codecs and it follows a policy that can be written off as no-nonsense. This media player fully supports playback from discs, files and even external devices.

Interestingly, ACG Player has a lightweight version that is being made available in the form of AX-Lite. Though faster, it does not come with some features. Minimalists will love the fact that ACG Player comes with a minimalist design.

11. DivX Player

DivX Player

As one of the best free media players in the year 2020, DivX Player has been known to call itself the first of its kind because it provides free HEVC playback.

We must let you know that; DivX player is fully optimized for playing video files in prominent formats like:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • DivX, and even;
  • MKV

With DivX Player, you are bound to enjoy an UltraHD playback. DivX Player acts as a streaming media player which allows users to stream music, photos, and videos to any device that is DLNA compatible.

More so, DivX Player comes with some advanced features such as Trick Play. Trick Play allows users to jump to some of their favorite scenes. Thanks to its support for Chapter Points, users can easily play separate scenes.

Furthermore, DivX Player has a smart media library that monitors both private and purchased video contents. Its support for multiple audios simply means that users can switch among various soundtracks without any issue.

12. Plex


This is a free media player that allows users to simply take care of their huge media collection. This can include anything such as:

  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Personal videos
  • Music and videos

Plex has been known to organize users’ collections in a bid to make them look fabulous. As a result of its easy share nature, users can pick and select the things to make public and things that give their families easy access.

Nonetheless, Plex highlight is actually the free streaming service that provides free television shows and movies from major studios like Lionsgate, MGM, and even; Warner Bros.

Asides from all of these, its video player for PC actively supports most of the file types and this includes hi-fi music as well as video formats. Due to the fact that Plex is Chromecast supported, users can cast videos on bigger screens

Interestingly, Plex has its app which users can download on their phones or even tablets. This app can be used in streamlining the video content library. Plex can be used in taking care of metadata.

13. UM Player

UM Player


If you never knew, UMPlayer is a free media player as well as a cross-platform player that supports so many video and audio codecs, file formats and diverse streaming protocols.

UMPlayer blasts of lots of advanced features line in-built subtitle search as well as YouTube player. It has an interface that is sleek, it is light on resources, and any kind of media file can be played on it.

Its ability to play any sort of media file, address all of the needs of novice and tech-savvy users, plus the integration of Shoutcast and YouTube, all make UMPlayer worth your time.

14. S Player

S Player

As one of the best free media players, SPlayer is a lightweight and straightforward media player that has met all the demands of our daily audio and video activities. It fully supports some of the popular formats such as:

  • AVI
  • MP3
  • 3GP
  • VOB, and so much more.

Its user interface is attractive as a result of its simplistic lines. And users can import both movies and music by simply using its file browser. Therefore, anyone can add files to their playlist, build and organize favorites, load subtitles and load recent tracks

The volume of the SPlayer can be increased to about one thousand percent and it can be switched to its full-screen mode. With the equalizer and channel controller, users can take a snapshot.

Furthermore, SPlayer makes use of an increased amount of system resources. However, it does not have a help file but, it is easy to use by newbies.

Final Thoughts

We have successfully come to the end of the road as we present some of the best free media players to you. Note that; installing an ideal free media player should be among the first things you do when you are setting up your windows PC.

While a media player like VLC can handle the majority of your file formats, you can surely go all out with media players like Plex or even Kodi. Nevertheless, you can make the right choice from the list above.

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