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The advent of technology brought with it amazing tools such as the internet and of course, social media platforms. And now, we will be introducing social listening tools to you. We can all agree that a fantastic and increasingly versatile tool is social media.

The reason is not far fetched. Social media can be used for basically anything which ranges from getting updated with recent news and celebrities to getting a hold of the coolest memes.

Furthermore, social media is not used for the fun side of our personal lives alone. We can benefit from it professionally. You want to know how? Well, social media is the ideal way to link up with the users of a platform.

With social media, you can advertise that brand of yours, services, products and so on. Also, you can keep incredible tabs on the reputation of your company with it.

Since social media is the nearest thing to surveying or even interviewing customers, you would know the reason why social listening tools are vital shortly.

Meanwhile, social media is a research tool powerful enough for companies that are interested in people’s opinions about them. However, we have roughly three billion humans making use of all the available social networks.

This means that keeping tabs on all they say will be nothing short of a Herculean task. This is right where social listening tools and social media management tools come in.

Social Listening Tools – Explained

Before we dive into the most amazing social listening tools that are good for your business, it is best we have a background understanding of what social listening truly is.

At a point in time in our private lives, we have wanted to have superpowers like our favorite heroes on television. Some of us may have decided at a point in time to be capable of reading the minds of people.

We can see this dream has been brought into reality with social listening. Though you do not get to read anyone’s minds, you can at least get so close.

What social listening and social listening tools do is that it gives a company easy access to whatever people have to say. The access is to people’s opinions about the industry, brand or fellow competitors across the web.

As it stands, social listening practically entails the monitoring of the social media platform of your brand. People engage in this for one of many reasons which include:

  • Feedback from customers
  • Direct mentions of the brand
  • Discussions regarding so of your related keywords
  • Competitors, topics and even industries.

Note that, companies make use of social listening to analyze data in a bid to have more insight. Bear in mind that, social listening is a process that involves two parts. Its first part is social monitoring. While the second part involves analysis and response.

Note that, the social monitoring part of it entails keeping track of social media conversations as well as mentions. And, the second part entails making improvements to meet customer needs.

Additionally, brands are turning to social media for insights on their customers. Bear in mind that, when you make use of social listening tools, the customers have no idea that you are listening.

Are you thinking of trying out these social listening tools? You should have a good grasp on the best way to word your queries. Asides from the queries, you should have an idea on how to filter the results gotten.

This is vital because you will end up having the most genuine and unbiased insights into your business. Currently, firms can either keep running their business or crash their reputation.

And, with social media, customers can swiftly praise the business or make the company appear as incompetent. Note that, majority of the social media tools tend to focus on big businesses.

Plus, they have no reason to advertise the prices they offer for their services. Nevertheless, you are to find the ideal tool that will assist in discovering all of your mentions on social media.

Like we have tried to explain earlier, social media is an amazing tool that you can utilize in:

  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Business expansion, and;
  • Placing your followers in a loop

Due to the fact that so many businesses are making use of social media so well, social media management is highly vital. More so, social media management tools will enable a company to manage their online presence.

What these social media management tools do is that they simplify all aspects of social media management. This entails scheduling modifications in a bid to generate reports as well as engage with the audience.

All About Social Media Management Tools

The majority of the applications that we utilize are applicable to a vast range of social media platforms. The biggest platforms are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Some of their packages include supporting a large number of niche networks. Note that, this is a special feature also. Moreover, a major reason most persons look up to social media manager apps is simply for scheduling and queuing modifications.

And, this enables businesses to coordinate every autonomous campaign that operates in accordance with a schedule. Applications that are found here are capable of scheduling posts before time.

More so, some of these social media management tools can assist a business in recycling their best performing modifications. For some others, they simply analyze the patterns of engagement.

A huge time saver is being capable of scheduling and ultimately posting across diverse networks simultaneously. There are networks that can take this feature to the next level. They can allow one to customize all updates that will suit the specific platform of the target.

What this means is that businesses can engage in activities such as tag locations for platforms like Facebook. Bear in mind that, with the right social listening tools and social media management tools, you can:

  • Set up vital keyword searches
  • Follow hashtags, and;
  • Monitor your mentions

All of these will help a business to:

  • Pass feedbacks that are truthful
  • Engage with the audience, and;
  • Note problems that need to be addressed immediately

Although most of these social listening tools and social media management tools provide similar features in different packages, they all provide something quite unique.

Whatever they offer is what sets them apart from one another. Though most of these services provide limited free plans, their features correlate with paid subscriptions.

It is worthy to note that, if a service does not make use of a free tier, free trials are available. With these free trials, you can try out the features before purchasing the app.

Best Social Listening Tools

Some of the best social listening tools you can make use of for your business, brand or company include:

1. Buffer


What you need to know about buffer is that it is rated among the longest-running social media management tools. However, this app focuses majorly on scheduling posts. Also, this service has been known to support:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Wondering how it operates? It goes thus: when you connect your social account, buffer springs into action to create a schedule that you will utilize. And by default, buffer creates roughly four slots in one day.

These slots are usually:

  • Morning
  • Around noontime
  • Mid-afternoon
  • Late at night

With the dashboard of the buffer, its mobile app and browser extensions, scheduling modifications are quite easy. This social media management tool allows users to carry out schedules with mobile apps that are available for Android and iOS devices

Furthermore, buffer entails restricted insights into the performance of a post. The number of impressions the post achieved, number of clicks on links, shares, comments and total reach.

The aim of buffer is to schedule updates, and it is a tiny part of the entire package. For a costlier buffer subscription plan, this social media management tool can be interestingly collaborative.

2. Hootsuite


Are you seeking for a social media management tool that entails analytics, monitoring and total scheduling?

Well, if you are out in search of a total solution to every social management needs, Hootsuite will cover all of the bases. Note that, this application is highly compatible with more than thirty-five social networks.

With Hootsuite, businesses can include a complete schedule for the purpose of queuing posts at any point in time. Users can build their own schedule or make use of the Auto schedule function to schedule all necessary updates

Also, the strongest aspect of this social media management tool is none other but analytics. This tool assists in understanding social results simply by drawing on roughly two hundred metrics to carry out performance measures.

Once reports are generated, they can be exported as:

  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV files.

Social web with custom social streams can be monitored with Hootsuite. It has customizable feeds that allows one watch the social web for:

  • Engagement
  • Hashtags
  • Search terms
  • New followers, and so on

For its free plans, it entails just one user, about three social profiles and roughly thirty scheduled modifications.

3. Sprout Social


This can be referred to as a total social media management tool for:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram, and Pinterest

It entails the total gamut of carrying out schedules for tools. This also includes the ability to post to diverse networks simultaneously. Also, users are capable of tagging updates in a bid to simply recall them for the purpose of analytics.

Furthermore, Sprout Social caters to team interaction very well. Whenever team members are replying or viewing messages in authentic time, it can be seen via a small on-screen indicator.

Also, lots of team members can partake in drafts right before they hit on the queue. Lastly, sprout social also entails highly impressive social listening tools for creating difficult or easy queries for mentions, keywords, and so much more.

Though it is an amazing social media management tool, its issue is that it is among the costliest social media manager apps.

4. Awario


This is among the most affordable social listening tools that have capabilities rated at the Enterprise level. As it stands, Awario is comparatively a new tool that makes web monitoring and social media affordable.

As it stands, one can utilize this social listening tool to monitor the mentions of your:

  • Competitors
  • Industry, and even;
  • Brands

Note that, Awario allows users to detect copies of their content that has been plagiarized, find brand mentions that can be turned into links, and even monitor newer backlinks to their sites.

In addition, Awario is a social listening tool that provides Leads. Leads is a social selling tool used in predicting insights of customers asking for recommendations about certain products.

More so, it provides a free trial that allows users to fully try out the app. It has a Boolean search mode that is used in setting up queries that are flexible.

5. Agorapulse


For those who are not fully settled on investing in a social listening tool just yet, this is the ideal tool to utilize. If you never knew, Agorapulse is an amazing two in one option tool.

It provides bits of both monitoring and scheduling. This tool will carry out the following functions. It goes thus:

  • It will discover mentions of any account you link and comments dropped on the social media posts
  • It enables users to search for any keywords of their choice across platforms like Twitter
  • It enables businesses to identify the influencers that are within their social media audience

Although this social listening tool does not provide web monitoring, it is an ideal choice for those who love social mentions. With this social listening tool, one can assign  conversations to the members of the team

Finally, the insight of the audience will allow businesses to identify brand ambassadors amongst their clients and users. With in-built CRM, users can create lists of potentials and influencers.

6. TweetDeck


This social listening tool is a very handy tool that is used for managing diverse Twitter accounts as well as to monitor mentions. Note that, TweetDeck is the official social media dashboard of twitter

And, it allows businesses to manage their own Twitter presence. In its column layout, it allows users to add diverse streams. These streams entail:

  • People that you follow
  • Latest or trending posts
  • Direct messages
  • Mentions of whichever keywords you want, etc.

Furthermore, TweetDeck gives users easy access to the functionality of Twitter’s search. It provides the ability to narrow down searches through:

  • Language and location filters
  • Date ranges
  • Keywords that are negative

TweetDeck has in-built search filters and Twitter scheduling abilities for diverse accounts. Interestingly, you will love its column layout that allows you to keep all of your feeds organized.

7. Keyhole


First and foremost, this is an authentic hashtag and keyword monitor for the news, Instagram and Twitter. The best way to describe Keyhole is as a two in one social media management tool.

Here, it allows you to automate any of your posts and monitor the keywords or hashtags across platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Also, you will be able to monitor brand mentions all over news sites plus blogs.

It is worthy to note that, the keyhole is a social media management tool that is fully equipped with not just analytics but:

  • Sentiment analytics
  • Keyword clouds
  • Mention maps

As for the mentioned map, it showcases the countries that the social mentions are coming from. The higher-tier plans of Keyhole entail monitoring the industry influencers, historical mentions unlocking and getting the API access to the data of keyhole.

8. Mention


This is a social media management tool that has data-rich yet customizable reports. Note that, Mention is yet another web monitoring and social media tool. And, its major focus is on actual time search.

Asides from engaging in social listening activities, Mention allows users to discover influencers on Twitter and Instagram by operating swift keyword searches. This social listening tool then allows users to add the influencers of their choice to the list

Bear in mind that, this list is saved in CSV and imported into CRM tools. Furthermore, Mention is accompanied by data-rich reports. However, its real power lies in the insights center wherein one can create their own custom reports

Some of its benefits include:

  • Tags that allow users to organize their mentions
  • Discovery of influencers and management, and;
  • The ability to create automate the delivery

It is vital to note that, it provides a slack integration used in sending the most recent mentions to a user’s slack channel.

9. Brandwatch


What you need to understand is that Brandwatch is actually among the strongest social listening tools. Its strength comes from its analytics. However, it is rated among the costly tools.

Moreover, Brandwatch provides:

  • Image recognition
  • Audience demographic data
  • Trending topics in the company’s niche
  • API access, and;
  • Dashboard capable of being exported to PowerPoint presentations that are customizable

Another interesting fact is that Brandwatch has its very own data visualization platform known simply as Vizia. Vizia is a tool that allows users to visualize that data and combine it with diverse integration insights.

Bear in mind that, the demographic data of the audience it takes entails:

  • Interests
  • Occupation
  • Gender, and;
  • Audience location

It comprises of an image analysis that allows users to discover images that contain logos of their brand. It is capable of adding desired sites just to get mentions from them.

It also gives the possibility of identifying the latest topics making the rounds in the industry. Asides from being a social listening tool, Brandwatch is rated as an Enterprise level tool also.

10. TweetReach


This is an amazing tool for businesses and companies that are out in the search for analyzing their reach on Twitter. This social listening tool is capable of analyzing:

  • The amount of Twitter accounts that have reached the chosen keyword
  • The person
  • The hashtag

TweetReach goes further to give users analytics on:

  • Their impressions
  • What users are busy mentioning
  • Time the tweets are posted, and so much more.

This social listening tool aids in discovering whoever a company’s most impressionable followers truly are. And, the followers the company must target with its tweets. The best feature on TweetReach is its monitoring or tracker tool

Note that, this tracker tool can be duly assigned to just about any topic. Or, it can be straight-up assigned to a certain account or profile. Users are capable of assigning this tool to monitor the pages of their competitors.

At the end of the day, every data is exported through PDF or CSV at any point in time. It is a social listening tool that is compatible with Instagram, Twitter, etc.

11. BuzzSumo


Have you heard of BuzzSumo? Are you interested in what it does? Well, BuzzSumo enables users to see the number of shares and impressions they got on specific posts that have domains.

In addition to this, it is an amazing tool that is used for analyzing a company or a Brand’s Facebook profile. It aids in gaining insights about every post on Facebook, including the type of posts that garner the most ideal results.

Also, BuzzSumo goes as far as notifying users on the days as well as times of the week to make their posts, plus, the length of the posts. Additionally, this social listening tool makes use of a content discovery tool

The job of this discovery tool is to identify the most prominent posts across diverse social media platforms. It further makes use of a curation tool. This curation tool aids in organizing shared content in an order of importance.

Like this, management can swiftly gain easy access to the most vital information without having to dig through lots of unimportant posts.

12. Iconosquare


There are only a few services that provide deep management of their accounts on Instagram like Iconosquare. For the uninitiated, Iconosquare is completely focused on companies with Facebook pages and Instagram business accounts.

What this social media management tool does is that, it assists in:

  • Monitoring
  • Publishing, and;
  • Analyzing visual contents on the internet

The Iconosquare service makes use of a recent and highly responsive dashboard which makes it feel like it has been structured with the Instagram era in mind. When it comes down to navigation, it is actually easy to use with the aid of its pop-out menu

Furthermore, Iconosquare is capable of scheduling content before time on both Facebook and Instagram. This entails a distinct image and video posts on Facebook. And, Instagram carousels as well as story updates.

Immediately the company’s queue is filled up, they can preview the look of their Instagram feed with the aid of the feed preview feature. Note that, it is handy for the social media experts

Even with the presence of Facebook’s integration, it is the features of Instagram that makes Iconosquare different from other tools that are not so specialized. This app offers insights into a Brand’s Instagram account.

Also, competitors can be monitored. This is possible if they have Instagram business accounts as well. When competitors are monitored, their strategies can be unearthed. Plus, a company can utilize its competitor’s strategy as a comparison to theirs.

Some of the things that companies can compare with their competitors include:

  • Post times
  • Post prominence, and;
  • Usage of hashtag

As for the conversation area, it monitors all the unread comments a brand has gotten in the last six months. Iconosquare’s analytics area is filled with already-made graphs. These graphs display the most vital statistics and trends

These are the trends and statistics that pertain to the Brand’s social accounts. It is very easy to change the data range scheduled for the displayed data at the top right corner. The graph has diverse pages that you can browse and it includes:

  • Community
  • Competitors
  • Reach, and;
  • Engagement

Users are able to download CSV or PNG format through hovering over the button to download and to make a selection.

13. SumAll


This is a great social listening tool that is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses. This is because it allows you to analyze just how all of your social channels get to correlate.

Also, automated posts can be scheduled in order to save time. SumAll is a social listening tool that provides lots of metrics that are linked to engagement on every platform

Additionally, users can receive daily email updates and briefs. This is to effectively monitor the company’s growth and make the vital changes at the heat of the moment. An interesting fact is that this social listening tool is simple to set up.

When you make use of it, you will realize that all it takes to set up are just very few clicks. Immediately you are set, SumAll offers diverse automation tools. These tools make the scheduling of a social campaign easier than ever

Although none of its features are groundbreaking, this social listening tool is easy to use and highly intuitive. All of this makes it an easy alternative for small businesses.

This tool can be easily paired with Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Google AdWords.

14. HubSpot


It is a social media management tool and social listening tool that enables users to:

  • create marketing campaigns
  • Share contents such as blog posts, and;
  • Distribute content to diverse social channels automatically, and;
  • Discover the ideal times to make posts

All of the aforementioned are found on HubSpot. Nevertheless, this is a platform that offers more than just the usual social listening. Furthermore, it provides users an inbound marketing software that benefits your whole team.

Also, it aids the business in integrating social as a vital part of the business. The tools HubSpot allows users to manage every one of their social media from a single platform.

You are able to write or share your new posts and even respond to mentions and comments. All of these will be taking place on the interface of this tool. Excitingly, businesses get to compare their performance on their social channels

They are able to monitor the number of visits and leads they receive. These tools are connected to the HubSpot CRM, the data is swiftly sent and recorded to the contact records in the account.

15. Socialbakers


This social listening tool is a highly trusted social media marketing partner to hundreds, if not thousands of enterprise brands and small businesses. This includes roughly one hundred companies on the list of Fortune global five hundred.

Furthermore, Socialbakers leverages the biggest social media data set as well as machine learning in the industry. This marketing suite of solutions assists brands in ensuring their investment on social media is delivering business outcomes that are measurable.

The job of this social listening tool is to assist brands in engaging and growing their customer base. This is to be done via content personalization which is based on highly actionable artificial intelligence-powered insights.

Final Thoughts

As diverse brands are making moves to social media for their market research, competitor analysis, customer insights and sales, social listening tools are becoming affordable as well as powerful

No matter the social listening tool you decide to settle with, always remember that monitoring is a waste if you will not do anything about the data. You are to interact with the people that mention you on social

And, you are to make use of the social listening tools to spot the latest trends and adapt your product plans, customer service and overall marketing. Note that, your business needs will aid in dictating the best social listening tool for you.

Bear in mind that, sprout social, Hootsuite and a whole lot of others provide total social media management alternatives at diverse price points.

While Hootsuite is an all-rounder with an ever-increasing list of networks, Sprout social makes use of the best features at a price point slated as premium. Buffer is the easiest to use when you are out in search of no-frill media management.

Finally, all of these social listening tools and social media management tools are fantastic. But, you will have to make a decision on the tool that best fits your business plans.

We have successfully selected some of the best you can make use of and not regret it at any point in time.

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