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Have you been searching for a tool that will help you scan documents online free of any charges? You have come across the ideal article as we will be providing you with some of the best tools you can find.

In our world today, paperwork is barely necessary, and with the best document, scanning apps like online CamScanner, you will be able to switch to a paperless office.

Online CamScanner will assist you in converting paperwork automatically into PDFs for either digital or online document storage. However, there are steps to follow if you want to make use of this tool.

Scan Document Online Free

The steps include:

Step 1 : Go to

Step 1 : Go to

The first step to take to make use of Online CamScanner is to visit the site and begin working.

Step 2: Select File

At this point, you are to select the file you want to scan from your device. After the selection is made, you will move to the next step. Note that this tool allows you to make use of an image you have in your gallery.

Or, you can make use of a new picture. This means you can take a head-on photo of the first page of the document you want to use.

Step 2: Select File

Step 3: Crop, Rotate or Adjust

Once you are done selecting the file, CamScanner provides a well-structured cropping tool that will assist you with the edges and corners of your document. Interestingly, the app is good at guessing the exact edges where your document ends.

The tool is very amazing as you will rarely need to make any adjustments because your fingers will barely get in the way.

Step 3: Crop, Rotate or Adjust

Step 4: Resize

Once the document is rotated and cropped, you can easily resize your file just if you did not need to adjust its brightness and contrast. If you are not contented with the cropping and rotation, you can always resize the document.

Step 4: Resize

Step 5: Download

When you are done with the whole scanning process, you can finally save the document and download it.

Step 5: Download

Bear in mind that Online CamScanner is both a scanner and fax machine that sits comfortably in your pocket. It does not matter if you want to scan travel receipts on the go, capture a signed contract on a file, or you just want to avoid using normal scanners, this apps is highly beneficial.

As a powerful app, it is interestingly easy and intuitive. It gives you the option of making use of an image from your gallery. When you are done scanning, your document can be saved or sent to your email.

All of this makes it faster when compared to making use of conventional physical scanners or fax machines. With the aid of Online CamScanner, you can digitizer and document you have in the real world.

All of these can be done with the aid of your smartphone. You just need to take a photo and watch CamScanner handle the rest. You can effortlessly share document scans in either PDF or JPG to other collaborators through your email.

More Online Tools

Asides from Online CamScanner, there are other tools you can use when you have to scan documents online free without any charges. Some of these tools include:

  1. Online Document Scanner

As one of the best tools to scan your documents online, you will surely love making use of this tool. It allows you to scan faster, and when you are done, you can choose to save the file or send it as a PDF to your email.

  1. Smallpdf

You can scan your documents into a PDF file with the aid of the Smallpdf mobile app. Also, you can convert the scanned PDF to diverse file formats. With this scanner, you can easily capture, scan, and change files into a handy PDF document.

The Smallpdf scanner provides all that you will ever need to work with PDF files no matter where you are. It allows users to switch between physical documents and virtual files easily.

This tool uses secure SSL encryption, which means it offers a safe environment where you can easily upload, scan, and download your files with ease. If you want to make use of your desktop, you can install the Smallpdf chrome extension and G suite app.

This app integrates the toolset for the whole organization. With this, everyone can have easy access to make use of the scanner.

  1. Dynamsoft

The Dynamsoft scanner allows users to create swift speed effectively and reliable barcode scanner software to meet all your business requirements. It will enable developers to implement both 1D and 2D barcode scanning into their android apps.

This will transform both Android smartphones, tablets, and even wearable devices into enterprise-grade scanning tools. All of this will bring about a swifter way to initiate scan jobs and add more functionalities for other editions.

Now, users can quickly scan documents from SANE, TWAIN, and ICA compatible scanners with the aid of some browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or even safari.

  1. ScanWritr

This is an online converter and editor that is ideal for educational, home, and business use. It transforms your computer into an all-in-one document converter and editor.

It is ideal for editing various documents such as articles, notes, business cards, warranty papers, contracts, and even receipts. With it, you can get your work from any smartphone, tablet, or Pc with Internet access.

You will not need to download and install any app to make use of ScanWritr because you can easily visit its website.

All About Scanning Documents Online

These days, if you need to scan anything ranging from receipts to work invoices, scanning apps are available at your disposal. Note that, these apps do not only create a PDF copy, they also allow users to edit their files before saving them

Like this, you will have just a copy of your documents and the information that you desire from the apps. Note that, while some of these scanning apps provide extra services, they come with a small fee attached.

However, the tools we have outlined above are all for free, and they provide OCR facility as well. It is worthy to note that scanning technology has become available and accessible to many.

This means that the paperless office has a distinct chance of being a reality in the coming future. Being capable of scanning documents into electronic copies that can be kept locally or in the cloud is turning into standard features in lots of businesses.

Nevertheless, there are diverse types of scanning software available, and various document types are being made available. The scanning tools we have mentioned above can cater to a range of different needs and can be stored in diverse formats.

Bear in mind that all the scanned documents must remain readable and accurate. This means that the scanning tool you choose must be capable of representing both numbers and letters.

Reasons To Make Use Of Scanning Tools

For those who are not convinced of the need to make use of scanning tools to scan their documents, we have some significant reasons for you. The reasons include:

  • It saves paper

If you do not do this for the trees, then you can surely do it for the savings on toner, papers, copiers as well as their services contracts

  • It helps with disaster recovery

If you never knew, the paper is harder to backup and restore than when you make use of digital data.

  • Files are found quickly

Searching for paper files wastes a lot of time when compared to digital documents that can be searched and viewed all at once from anywhere.

To Wrap It Up

On a general note, we have provided you with some of the best tools you can make use of to scan documents online free. It is now your decision to make use of any of the tools mentioned above.

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