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Top 10 Free PDF Combiner Websites

The Internet has revolutionized our lives in diversified ways. Technological advancement has provided multiple solutions to our modern office-work documentation which saves time and enhances productivity.

PDF combiners are used for merging multiple split PDF files into one PDF document for better comprehension and readability. It uses very simple online tools for merging multiple PDF files or images into a single comprehensive document without a lengthy process of installation.

There are a lot of browser-based PDF combiner websites available on the internet that are compatible with different operating systems like Mac, Linux and all the versions of Windows. It is a very easy and reliable web service which provides you the preview of the document before final conversion. You can add or delete files as well as you can rearrange the sequence of the files in the desired document.

We will discuss a few of the best PDF combiner online websites in this article for better understanding of their features for easy use:

Top 10 Free PDF Combiner Software


This website is considered as one of the best online forums for merging split PDF files into a single PDF document besides providing numerous useful features. This online service can split files from the merged document and compress the size of the document file as per the requirements of the user.

You can check the following image of the home screen of this web service for a better understanding of its features which you can’t find on one platform of any other website of a similar niche.

ilovepdf home page

It involves very easy and user-friendly steps for the application of your required feature to your documents. You will find a comprehensive solution to your documentation realm which incorporates some prominent functions like PDF merge, Split PDF, PNG to JPG, PDF to different Microsoft Office programs, PDF to word, rotation of the documents, unlocking PDF files and securing the documents by protecting PDF option.

This PDF combiner online website supports document files in various languages and it also offers output in primarily English or any other supported language. It provides three different types of price plans which can be selected according to the user requirements and can be downgraded at any time when the purpose is solved. The first plan is free of cost and consists of some basic tools for random users, for which you just need to get yourself registered with this forum. The second price plan is a premium web-based which can be activated at $6 for 1 month which gives more flexibility for using additional tools and services. The third price is premium pro which offers web-based, as well as the desktop version, will full range of features unlocked along with unlimited tasks and secured connections. This premium pro feature is suggested for highly professional requirements.


Combinepdf is a web-based platform for converting your multiple single files into a single PDF document with installing any software for this task. This website can be accessed in 15 different languages which can apply the desired changes to a document in just 2 easy steps.

In the first step, you can simply upload 20 images or files from your computer or storage device or you can drag them to the specified drag area. Here you can change the sequence of the files as well as you can add or delete selected files. When you are ready to proceed, just give a simple click on the “COMBINE” tab and you will get your required document just in a moment.

You can avail of this service for converting your documents in different formats ranging from PDT to DOC,  PDF to DOCX, PDF to TEXT, PDF to JPG and PNG, XPX and JPG to PDF and any other file format to PDF conversion.

This PDF combiner is fast, reliable and free of cost online service for the users who want to use it at a limited scale for their personal uses. It also ensures the privacy of the users by deleting their document files instantly after the conversion process so that their data can’t be accessed by unauthorized sources.


This is another online forum for merging your scattered document files into one inclusive PDF document by using PDF combiner services. It offers varied options to its users for getting their documents converted in different formats as well as merging the files into a single unified document.

You can upload your document files straight from your computer, data storage device, Google Drive and Dropbox and merge them together with simple few clicks. Besides converting and merging your documents, you can also compress the size of your documents for adjusting it in the resized format according to the user requirements.

There a lot of interesting features in this website where you can split your files from the merged document, you can convert the document into different formats of the MS Office program, you can unlock a PDF file and also eSign your PDF file to ensure privacy and security of the document.

This online PDF combiner offers you 14 days free trial to enjoy their full features package in the pro version of this website which will be charged on $12 per month after the expiry of the trial. If you don’t want to continue with the pro version, you can simply cancel this option before the expiry of the trial and you will not be charged, downgrading your membership back to the free version.


This is a wonderful online PDF combiner forum that provides detailed guidance for using its features to the new users who are not well conversant with the effective use of this service. With step by step instructions, you can easily upload your file/ files from your computer by clicking the “Choose File” tab. You can add multiple files by using the “More files” option given below the choose file option. Then you can press the “Merge File” tab to get your output file just in the wink of an eye.

It also offers a desktop version for converting and merging your documents or split PDF files while you are offline or away from the internet facility. You need to sign up for using this tremendous free service, as well as the paid plan. It is a reliable platform with more than 1 million user density per month. It works well with all types of web browsers and compatible with different operating systems.

Moreover, your uploading is processed through an encrypted connection “https” for securing your data. The document files involved in the conversion are permanently deleted from the servers within 24 hours of the operation. So the security and privacy of the users is ensured.


In our list of top 10 PDF combiner websites, can be regarded as a prominent contributor for delivering different functions that are required for your documents. It can easily merge different PDF files in a single PDF output for the users as per their requirements. This forum offers a wide range of services for creating, merging, editing, signing, reviewing and protecting your PDF documents.

By using this web-based platform, you can convert your files from different other formats to PDF format before merging them together in the shape of one document. It gives flexibility for making necessary changes in the document by adding/ deleting, merge or split PDF files and rearranging the files when you want to merge multiple files together to form one PDF document.

One of the significant facets that make this website prominent from others is its use by Google and Amazon for the Chrome browser and Kindle platform. Foxit PDF can be found pre-installed on the latest laptops of HP, Acer and Asus for giving its users a better experience for their documentation requirements.

6. is a very user-friendly PDF combiner platform where you can merge your two or more PDF files to make a comprehensive PDF output for various uses. For this purpose, if you require a small-sized document, you can first compress the files by using the compress PDF feature of this website before combining them together free of cost.

It involves a simple 3 step process where you select your files in the first step; files will be merged together in the second step with the help of PDF combiner and in the third step, you can simply download your output file.

It doesn’t matter which operating system or device you’re using, you just need to have an Internet connection with a device capable of uploading and downloading files through the server of this web forum for combining PDF files instantly. This free online PDF combiner along with its other features can be accessed from any place of the world for perfect use.

All the PDF documents and other files passing through the PDF combiner and other converting tools are encrypted by the use of 256-bit Encryption. For providing privacy and security to your files, your merged PDF files are automatically deleted from the servers after three hours to keep the user information secure.


Sejda is considered as the most versatile online PDF combiner forum with a large number of useful features required for day to day documentation use. Your files are safely uploaded with the secure encrypted connection from your local computer as well as these files can be dragged or dropped with the given option. After uploading the files, you can change the merge order by using the sort buttons to sort alphabetically on filenames ‘A-Z’ or ‘Z-A’.

Files with an even number of pages break double-sided printing of the merged PDF file. For printing double-sided pages, you can insert a blank page at the end of files with even pages. After that, you can click on the ‘Double-sided printing’ option to get your desired output.

This website provides a wide range of services to its users like merge PDF, split PDF, convert from PDF, convert to PDF and many more useful options. It also offers a desktop version to its users for converting your documents when you are offline. After processing, all the files are permanently deleted for ensuring the privacy of the users and making it a safe online platform.


This website is an online platform for merging your different PDF files together in one document or you can split PDF files into numerous files. It has a simplified mechanism that has also been elaborated with the help of screenshots for a better understanding of the new users on how to use it.

You can select two or more files that are required to be merged together and upload them on the server of this website; after successful upload, you can rearrange or reorder the files for correcting the sequence of the final document. In the final step, you can merge these files to get the inclusive PDF document.

This online PDF combiner forum is also equipped with a large number of options that can provide a detailed solution to your documentation issues which include merge PDF, split PDF, annotate PDF, create PDF from the camera and many more enchanting features. It supports different languages which makes it equally beneficial for the people residing in every corner of the world.

It also provides a desktop version that can be downloaded with the download link given on the upper right corner of the main page. This additional feature provides an alternative platform for applying changes and converting your documents in the offline mode when you are not connected to the internet.


Soda PDF is an online platform that provides an opportunity to convert different formats and provides PDF compressing services to its users.  Using PDF combiner, you can combine your disintegrated documents under the umbrella of one single PDF document. Before or after merging two or more PDF files, you can use the split tool of this website to remove any pages within your original document that is not required in the output PDF file.

You can add or drop unlimited files for conversion on this website. The batch import feature of this online website gives you the flexibility to merge multiple files instantly. You have the option to combine files from PDF format to other formats or vice versa. If you want to work offline, you can download and install the desktop version of this website.

Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to use this website without the informed consent of their parents or guardians. Moreover, this website gives complete data privacy to its users by deleting the document files once your session has been closed.


This online PDF combiner is a great platform for merging multiple PDF files into one single document. Now there is no need to install any specific software for combining your files, rather you can simply upload the files in various formats like doc, excel, ppt etc. After uploading the files, you can simply click on the merge files option to get your all-encompassing single PDF document.

You can resize or scale your PDF files by using this website before or after merging the files together. You can get your files merged together with this PDF combiner in a very simple manner. All you need is to follow the instructions for selecting your files, uploading them and finally downloading them after a successful conversion.

If you want to combine files locally, you can download the desktop version of this website based forum that is available on the main page. It allows you to merge unlimited files while you are offline or you don’t have access to the internet.

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