10 Best Music Streaming Services

Are you searching for the perfect soundtrack for your workout? Or do you want to organize the loudest and hottest party in town? And, you have no idea which of the music streaming services will deliver top-notch goods?

Well, you have landed at the right article written just for you. We will be taking a cursory look at the best music streaming services across the globe. You would not want to miss that right?

However, before we delve into all of that, it is high time we understand that music is among the most used functions of our mobile smartphones. So, it is only ideal that you make use of the best music streaming services you can find.

Understand that; music is literally the heartbeat of our individual lives. Music amps us up before a huge test or even a cardio workout. Music soothes our soul through loss and grief.

Also, it successfully lulls us to sleep comfortably at night. Plus, it wakes us up in the morning. What we are trying to say is that music is fundamental, believe it or not. More so, it is among the major functions of our computers, phones and even smart speakers.

Since, we carry our music wherever we go; from our homes to our cars, to work down to the café by the corner, and from one device to another. It is safe to say that, having one of the best music streaming services is important in our daily activities.

Do you know another reason why we are here? We are here to help you in making sure that you get the best music streaming service that you pay for.

10 Best Music Streaming Services

On a general note, there is diverse music streaming services around the globe. But, our major focus on this article is the best music streaming services that are worth every dime.

Music Streaming today has taken a huge leap since its birth and as we stand today, it is rated among the ideal ways to listen to music. There is a good deal of music streaming services that will allow you to listen to music for free.

Such music streaming services have helped in curbing the need for any form of piracy and simultaneously, artists get something for their effort and work. Note that, majority of the best music streaming services are accessible with lots of options.

If you happen to be on the hunt to stream some good music, here are the best music streaming services and music streaming apps you can rely on. They include:

1. Spotify


You must have heard about this music streaming service before. No surprise it is rated among the best music streaming services currently. This is because Spotify has been providing users with the opportunity to stream music for almost ten years.

And, without a doubt, they have the most prominent subscription in the marketplace. The selection found at Spotify is vast, and its settings are simple to understand.

Plus, its algorithms make sure users continue to find awesome and new music to include in their libraries. Heard of Discover Weekly and Made for You Mixes headlined by Spotify? Most music streaming services try to imitate them.

However, the only platform to have ever tried to come close to its prowess is none other than the buggy; beta-stage YouTube music.

With due thanks given to Spotify Connect and the various apps that Spotify makes amazing yet dedicated apps for music lovers are able to listen to their library wherever they are.

We are talking about moving from Android TV to Wear OS and every other thing in between. It is now possible to listen to your favorite library wherever you go.

As one of the best music streaming services, we can confidently say that Spotify has an amazing loyal user base from its student subscription. Note that, this was the first among diverse music streaming subscriptions.

And, it has remained one of the greatest deals in streaming presently. Lest we forget, Spotify offers:

• Family plans

• Subscription bundles via Hulu and other wireless carriers

Though amazing, every good thing has its cons lying around the corner. However, they are not to be taken as major problems for the majority of its users. Users can only add roughly ten thousand songs to My Library.

And there is a restriction of five devices, ten thousand songs for contents that are offline plus, the queue management on this music streaming service is quite an oddity. Though management of its playlist is a bit lackluster on Chromebooks and web client, it is rated well enough to at least get by.

2. Tidal


Though Tidal gives the vibe of being quite snobby on some days, but whenever it comes down to quality music plus quality experience, it is a highly-recommended music streaming service.

Interestingly, Tidal does not bother overloading its services with whistles and bells. This makes the app to be easier and smoother to utilize.

Although its two tiers premium services seems a bit confusing for a service that is centered around audio quality. However, this music streaming service has gone on to provide the biggest discount selection.

And, Tidal is the only service that offers what is known as the military discount.
Are you the kind of person that loves quality music? Trust us that you can never go wrong when you pick Tidal for your music streaming service needs.

Furthermore, Tidal provides more than sixty million tracks. Also, it provides some exclusive music videos as well as tracks. For your excellent sound quality, you can bet on Tidal.

As it stands, Tidal is rated among the best music streaming services globally.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music

First and foremost, its uncluttered design makes it very simple to navigate. With Apple music, it would not take so long to begin rocking out to some of your favorite artists.

Also, Have you been on the hunt for Taylor Swift’s 1989 album which she took down from Spotify and some other music streaming services? Apple Music has got you covered.
As a result of its huge freebie, this music streaming service has been able to attract over fifty million subscribers. This makes it the second most prominent music streaming service right behind Spotify.

Little wonder it made our best music streaming services list right? However, it does not have any ongoing free alternative. But when you pay annually, there is a small discount.

Users can download roughly one hundred thousand tracks using the paid plan
Did you know that you can access over forty-five million songs plus live radio? Guess you never knew.

You can easily link to your HomePod. And, the Airplay 2 integration provides users with multi-room audio excitement.

Furthermore, Apple Music’s digital storage gives users easy access to store over one hundred thousand songs. If you need exclusive songs and albums from your favorite artists try Apple Music.

4. Primephonic


Do you enjoy classical music? You have come to the right spot as Primephonic is the right music streaming service created just for you. This is because it has over one million classical tracks.

It does not matter if you are searching for modern classical or traditional artists. You can get them all on this amazing music streaming service. Also, this service offers the highest-quality stream as it sounds as amazing as CDs.

Note that, whenever your connection slows down or tends to drop, the audio quality immediately adjusts. This gives no room for any form of stopping or even buffering.

Differing from Spotify and some of the best music streaming services available, Primephonic does not have any free alternative.

Users are allowed to try the service for a total number of fourteen days.
After that, users are to pay the sum of £7.99 per month as a subscription.

Primephonic does not make use of whistles and bells like other services offer. Are you a die-hard fan of classical music? Primephonic has been created to suit this genre of yours.

On this music streaming service, its search tools take care of the naming conventions of all classical tracks easily. We can clearly state that this music streaming service is easy and highly intuitive.

Rated among the best music streaming services globally, bear in mind that on Primephonic, the latest albums are added all the time. Plus, there are diverse playlists and some have been curated by popular artists.

Additionally, as one of the top classical music streaming services available, Primephonic places a specific focus on the latest releases and obscure labels plus artists.
It is worthy to note that; this is an attractive bonus for the listeners always searching for the latest music. Also, the optional quality streaming package will attract lots of users.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is unique enough to be placed among the best music streaming services in the world. Asides from its amazing library of good tracks, it delivers a selection of high-quality music files.

We must let you understand that Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s attempt to put up a rivalry with big-shot music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Its Prime members have automatic access to its Prime Music app.
With this unlimited package of Amazon Music, users will be getting roughly forty million Ad-free songs.

Furthermore, they can be downloaded so that users can also enjoy them when they are offline.
Even though Prime Music has only two million songs, it is still enough for its users.

Note that, Amazon serves a free ad-studded service as users listen to their Echo smart speaker.

Though it has a nice taste, users are unable to search and solely restricted to Amazon radio and playlists. Generally, users can road test the music streaming with Amazon services using a free thirty days trial.

6. Idagio


Firstly, it costs ten dollars monthly and comes packaged with a free two weeks trial period. So, you get to try the service out before you make any commitments.
Moreover, Idagio has been designed for lovers of classical music.

Some of the best music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have lots of classical music. But, they are not created to arrange tracks by factors like:

  • Ensemble
  • Soloist
  • Conductor
  • Individual movements in a bigger piece.

All of this makes it frustrating for listeners to hunt for certain recordings. However, Idagio is a music streaming service created to save the day. Its interface has been designed for classical music from start to finish.

With Idagio, it is easier to dig up majority of your favorite classical tracks. It does not matter if you want to search by making use of the performers, composers or even the recording date.

This music streaming service has various browsing tools like a curated playlist plus the option to sort by the diverse instruments. Users are allowed to stream audio files of high quality without any extra fee.

7. Pandora

As one of the best music streaming services of all time, Pandora is actually free with ads or if you want it without ads, you will have to pay five dollars monthly. For ten dollars monthly, you are provided with ad-free streaming radio and an on-demand library.

With Pandora, users are offered free trial periods which include the paid plans as well. Members of the military and students have discounts made available for them. The paid subscribers are capable of streaming certain tracks on other services.

However, Pandora greatly shines for users who want well-tailored recommendations and hands-off listening experience like what these live radio stations offer. With Pandora, there is absolutely no need to scroll through a long list of songs.

Simply sit back and listen to whatever the service picks out for you. Newbies will find out that it is actually very easy to start out with Pandora.

Once you let Pandora know the artist you want to listen to, it makes out a channel with diverse selections from the artist

It will also include some other artists that have similar styles. This can be tweaked to match your taste also.

8. SoundCloud


Placed among the list of the best music streaming services, SoundCloud is an amazing way to:

  • Discover the latest independent artists.
  • Listen to the latest tracks from prominent musicians
  • Connect with other fans and enthusiasts alike of the music you love.

If musicians want to get their songs out to the universe without any form of recording contracts, SoundCloud is the best bet. Note that, this music streaming service is greatly structured with a social aspect to it.

It is practically everything Apple Music wishes it can be when it comes down to linking artists with their fans. With SoundCloud, you can easily:

  • Follow your bands and friends.
  • Add new songs to your favorites
  • Create an amazing playlist.

Need your followers to listen to any music you recently uploaded or reposted by yourself? SoundCloud provides an opportunity for that. To enjoy the most out of SoundCloud, you should build up a social feed that is healthy.

You do not need to be surprised that SoundCloud is rated all the time among the best music streaming services. It even provides two premium tiers for the musicians interested in getting their songs out into the world.

For six dollars a month which is the Go level, users get to listen to roughly one hundred and twenty million tracks from new artists plus no ads.

As for the Go+ which is thirteen dollars per month, it provides all that you can get on the Go level.

However, users have access to one hundred and eighty million songs which includes songs from superstars and Indies. Are you a musician, a musician’s friend or a lover of this independent music? Try SoundCloud.

9. Deezer


As one of the best music streaming services in the world, Deezer has an amazing catalog of over fifty-three million songs. It is structured to offer users with a music listening experience that has been beautifully customized.

Its “flow” is simply a playlist of songs that are strictly based on the sort of music you like. And, it gets way better the more you get to like tracks.

Interestingly, there is an amazing lyric feature that enables users to read the verses.
Furthermore, users can send the coolest tracks to their friends with the aid of the messages’ app.

Bear in mind that, Deezer is actually free with its ad support. However, a fee of ten dollars per month is attached to its single plan.

While fifteen dollars monthly is attached to its family plan. This music streaming service makes use of similar music offering to the amazing Spotify. Did you know that you can make use of this music app with any of your Echo products?

All thanks to its “flow” tool, users can listen to an unlimited number of songs as it curates an amazing discovery playlist just for you.

Shocked that Deezer is among the best music streaming services? You will find out it is actually as easy to use as Spotify.

10. Gaana


For the uninitiated, Gaana is the biggest Indian commercial music streaming service. It has more than one hundred and fifty million users monthly. Launched in April 2010 by none other but Times internet, Gamma offers contents that are both Indian and foreign

Being one of the best music streaming services, it provides users worldwide with all the Indian music catalog. Also, it features music from about twenty-one languages which include some major languages like:

  • Bengali
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu, and some other regional languages.

Furthermore, this music streaming service enables users to turn their playlists public. This will allow other users to see it. So, the favorite and view the playlist.

Final Thoughts

Just like every other element of building a highly connected home, selecting a music streaming service is purely personal. You just need to think about your own listening preferences plus your general need.
You can make use of our best music streaming services list as a guide. While some of these music streaming services are free, others have a monthly subscription.

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