Best Music App For Kids

Teaching kids about Music and encouraging them to play an instrument or two has lots of benefits for your kids if you never knew it. As a parent, it is ideal for encouraging your children to sing, listen, or learn Music.

It is ideal because through singing or listening to music, the brain of the child tends to develop faster. For this reason, we are bringing you some of the best music apps for kids.

When your child plays Music and makes use of some of the music app for kids to listen to music, it becomes a routine for him or her. When this turns into a habit, you can rest assured that Music will become a regular aspect of your kid’s life.

Note that it is a fantastic experience that will assist your child in enhancing his or her ability to:

  • Focus and listen
  • Enhance good self-esteem
  • Have self-expression, and;
  • Aid with problem-solving skills.

Best Music App For Kids

If you are on the hunt for the best music apps for kids, you have stumbled on the right article. Lately, it has become simpler to learn Music as there are diverse apps and sites on the web.

These sites and apps offer music learning games and music games that are fun for children. When you make use of interactive music apps, it will assist your child in developing an interest in Music.

The reason for this is because they are quite educational as well as entertaining. It does not matter if you are a music teacher or a parent, some of the amazing Music apps your kids need when teaching them Music include:

1. Mussila Music School

Available on iOS, Android

The first thing to note about Mussila music School is that it is not a school but a music app for kids. It is ideal for kids between the age bracket of six to eleven years of age.

At this age, they can make use of this app to have an idea of the basics of Music. Bear in mind that this is an award-winning music learning app for children. Your kids can make use of this app as it offers hours of musical lessons.

Also, it provides challenges and games that have been carefully built by educators and musical experts. It is structured to offer a playful experience. Understand that this intriguing app explores the entire adventures of the Mussila band as it takes your kids on a musical journey.

It will help your kids in discovering musical instruments, costumes, and aid them in creating Music. Mussila Music School focuses on a music curriculum, and your kid will progress via building levels like instrumental sounds, identifying instruments, melodies, and rhythm.

Note that it comes with more than sixty levels of creativity and engaging games.

2. Mazaam: The Musical Genius

Available on iOS, Android

First and foremost, Mazaam is an intriguing music app for kids that keeps them engaged. It is used in developing their understanding of Music via diverse levels and games.

This app enables parents to work with their kids, play games, and check on their understanding. The games you will find here are filled with so much color and fun. The kids will be unaware that they are learning as they play the games.

It is beneficial as it introduces your kids to classical music. It enables kids as well as parents to find the five worlds of harmony, timbre, tempo, intensity, and pitch.

3. Loopimal

Available on iPhone, iPad

The Loopimal app is an interesting music app that gives kids and adults free access to explore loops, Music, and sequences. They can explore all of these as the app allows them to animate some cute animals.

The fact remains that kids have limitless chances to build rich compositions as well as computer sequencing. Loopimal makes use of a simple-to-use framework that is pre-programmed.

With this app, kids can learn musical components like melody, tempo, beat, and rhythm. While kids build patterns of about eight musical blocks that tend to endlessly repeat themselves, they experience both auditory and visual sequences and loops.

The animals’ movement gives kids an ideal sense of movement and tempo just as it relates to Music.

4. Sago Mini Music Box

Available on Android, iPad, iPhone

The first thing to note is that this music app for kids is an exciting musical app. It gives your kids the chance to play any song. While the kid taps on the screen, a song starts playing, and objects begin to appear on the screen.

Your kid can also learn some new vocabulary and normal concepts of Music.

5. Baby Mozart- Children Music

Available on iPad, iPhone

The baby Mozart children’s music app is a special app that guarantees to assist in improving how your baby sleeps. Also, it assists in developing the brains of kids just by listening to the Music it plays.

This app is filled with lots of content. It comes with prominent classical music tracks that are of high quality. It comes with a lullaby, nursery rhymes, audio flashcards, and so much more.

More so, this app is actually free from the in-app adverts though there are some in-app purchases. These in-app purchases are linked to some other musical packages that you can always buy.

Some of these musical packages are children’s classic songs, prominent kids song, and some Christmas classics.

6. Crayola DJ

Available on Android, iOS

Do you know that your kid can be the next big shot superstar DJ? Well, if you never knew, you should bear in mind that the Crayola DJ app can make this a reality. It is rated among the best music apps for kids

It is rated highly as it allows kids to mix up hip hop, pop, and mix dance tracks. It makes use of a friendly interface as well. Your kids will be introduced to so many audio loops that they can experiment with.

There are also pro-life tools, such as crossfaders. It is ideal for a birthday party set.

7. Toc and Roll

Available on Android, iOS

Toc and Roll is a beautifully structured app that focused on encouraging kids to begin writing their very own songs. They can do this with the app’s bank of samples of diverse instruments

Your kids can also begin recording their singing. Note that it is for primary school children and has so much depth for little composers.

8. Sesame Street Makes Music

Available on iPad

With the amazing Sesame street makes music app, your kids will have the opportunity to play online instruments with diverse characters from Sesame Street. Of course, they will get to play familiar nursery rhymes with Elmo and Ernie.

The idea behind this music app is to play with the tempo and learn more about musical timing. One thing to note is that this music app is structured to assist kids in learning basic music skills.

They get to learn via interactive music games and activities for kids. Your kids will get to learn more about music style, instruments, and structure. Your kids will get to hear about familiar songs that will be played in newer ways.

Nevertheless, the content of Sesame Street makes. Music is limited. However, parents can make use of it as a springboard for diverse musical exploration and discussion.

9. Kapu Bloom Tunes

Available on iOS, Android

This app is one of the most creative music apps you will find on this list. It blends both music and finger painting on the screen. This means that your kids can easily trace their fingers on its garden scene in a bid to make sweet melodies.

At the same time, they get to sprout a plant that will come out singing nursery rhymes. This app is relaxing, peaceful, and fun for kids.

10. Let’s Go to the Opera

Available on Android, iOS

The first thing to note about this app is that it does not fully focus on Music alone. Rather, it focuses on learning about the history of music and opera. Your kids will be introduced to Music as well as its live setting.

It comes with characterful illustrations and information that are fun to know. Your kids will be excited to make use of this app

11. MusiQuest

Available on iOS

Searching for another creative yet educational app? The MusiQuest app teaches kids about chord progressions, melodies, and every other skill that will help them make their brilliant Music.

It is completely based on a weekly system of quests and has so many sample instruments that your kids will enjoy exploring. To gain full access, you will need a monthly subscription.

12. Piano Dust Buster

Available on iOS

The Piano Dust Buster has been rated as the favorite app for parents whose kids are learning how to play the piano. To make use of this app, you have to set up your iPad or iPhone above your keyboard.

Your kid will have to work through the exercises the app displays. Also, the app will be listening through the microphone to assess your kids’ efforts. It comes with a virtual piano just in case you lack the real one.

There are lots of popular songs to learn.

13. Musical Me HD by Duck Duck Moose

Available on iPad, iPhone

Musical Me music app is here to take your kids on a magical yet musical journey. It explores diverse elements of Music with the familiar duck Duck Moose characters. The children’s songs it plays are amazingly arranged.

You can enjoy surprises with this app as your kids learn about instruments, pitch, musical notes, and rhythm. All of you can sit as a family to laugh, dance, and create music with this app.

With Musical Me, your kids can learn the basic things about Music and play to the familiar tunes of Mary had a little lamb, twinkle twinkle little star, and pop goes the weasel.

For the uninitiated, Music Maestro is capable of engaging many areas of the brain. By playing with notes and rhythm, kids tend to sharpen their memorization skills and develop critical thinking skills.

14. Music Sparkles- Musical Instruments Collections

Available on iPad, iPhone

As its name implies, the Music sparkles app can spark both the love of Music and creativity due to its multi-touch play and interactive instruments. Its free version allows kids to play four octaves of a xylophone.

It allows kids to bang on drums with accompaniment from about five other instruments. Kids can make use of one, two, or five fingers to play the chords and, of course, have a blast.

Nevertheless, you should be wary of in-app purchases when your locked screens are tapped. Children learn lots of musical concepts, including instrument design and their identification.

Your kids can perform with diverse instrument types such as percussion, keyboards, and woodwind. Your kids will be able to learn listening skills like playing in rhythm and key.

They will have an understanding of musical theories, such as intervals and scales. Note that the instruments used here are polyphonic. This means your kids can play in various octaves and more than one note simultaneously.

15. Piano Maestro by JoyTunes

Available on iPad, iPhone

The Piano Maestro app by JoyTunes is a very engaging music app. It serves as a highly effective bridge among kids, parents, and of course, teachers. Note that, it is a free music app that kids can make use of to learn Music.

While your kids can play either on an acoustic piano or an electric one, Piano Maestro makes use of the touchscreen world, the iPad, or the microphone. It uses it to gauge the accuracy of your kids.

Also, it offers swift auditory and visual feedback. With the simple songs it offers, your kid can easily learn how to play the piano. Your kids can get the chance to learn continuous practice habits when they earn stars and level up due to their performance.

To Wrap It Up

It does not matter if you have perfect pitch or find it difficult to carry a tune; the best music apps for kids we have listed are fun for the whole family. You can decide to turn your phone into an instrument with these fantastic musical apps.

On a general note, you can skim through this list to make the ideal choice for your little ones.

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