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List of Camping Essentials You Do Not Want To Miss

Are you a lover of outdoor adventures? Does spending a few days or the whole weekend in the wilderness excite you?

If your answer is Yes, then you should be aware of the list of camping essentials you should go through before Camping. Camping is an exciting experience for everyone. However, there are essential things that you must have with you

Forgetting your list of camping essentials could result in trouble because these are things you cannot find around remote regions. Nevertheless, before we delve into this list, there are things you should know before setting out to camp.

A stressful part of Camping is the day you set out to pack for your trip. It is stressful because everyone is running helter-skelter in a bid not to forget any item. This can be referred to as anarchy.

It does not matter if you practically thrive on checklists, and your camping gears are kept in a specific area of the house. You may end up forgetting an item or two. It is bound to happen.

According to an Australian blog post, roughly less than ten percent of Australian campers tend to camp in tents. This is in comparison to the twenty-eight percent that decides to stay in hotels. A further thirty percent choose to stay with friends or relatives

Nevertheless, Camping differs from other holidays you get to embark on. We are disconnected from the technological world we live in and enjoy nature. An ideal camping experience is:

  • Peaceful
  • Remote, and;
  • Life-changing

However, Camping is quite tough for the newbies. It becomes tougher when you are lost on what to carry along with you. The fact remains that the smallest item on our list can be crucial to your safety and how you go about enjoying your camping trip

Furthermore, before we delve into the list of camping essentials, do you know the kind of camper you are? It is vital to answer specific questions before your big trip. Are you an off-grid hiker, or would you prefer to sleep in the mountains?

Or, are you the type to be closer in tune with nature as you lounge in a chair sipping a chilled beer? It is essential that you know yourself and what you are up against when you set out for the wilderness.

Some times, people are confused about the type of vehicle to take with them for Camping. While you have the option of a camper van, you can also make use of an RV. Furthermore, you must have an idea of how long you will spend Camping.

If you are camping for a maximum of two weeks, you will have to pack so much stuff with you. This means your tent will be big, except you are more of a backpacker. However, you can always go camping with the family for a total of three nights.

It is imperative to note that Camping does not need to have you switching yourself off from the outside world.  Your devices need to be charged to have those awesome pictures taken with nature.

List of Camping Essentials

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An essential part of every outdoor adventure is the preparation stage. When you have the necessary equipment and supplies, it makes all the difference for your trip.

Making use of checklists has turned out to be an impressive tool in helping with the overall camping trip organization.

Nonetheless, your list of camping essentials will tend to vary following the type of camping activities planned out. Also, the places you will go to, the season in the year, and the length of the trip. They are essential when packing.

Going out into the wilderness without your internet and running water does not mean you cannot make yourself comfortable. This is why we will be taking a cursory look at the essential things you need for comfort.

Now, the essential camping items you need on your checklist include:

1. Tent

This has been regarded as a necessary item for your trip. For those that will be traveling as couples, carrying a two-person tent will be small. However, if you are six feet tall, you should go to a three-person tent.

When buying the tent, check out for breathability, height, and nylon threads. The tent is significant when packing your load.

2. Sleeping Bags

What is camping without sleeping bags? As you roll up your tent in preparation for your camp trip, you are automatically supposed to roll up your sleeping bag as well. It tends to get cold at night when you are outdoor.

For this reason, you must be fully prepared with your sleeping bag. Even when the night gets hot, you can simply sleep on top of the sleeping bag.

3. Wood

While some people would rather walk around the campground searching for wood to make the campfire, others will prefer to bring wood along with them. Note that some campgrounds restrict their campers from gathering woods on the site.

So many people forget to carry wood with them until when it gets cold, and they have to huddle up together for warmth.

4. Wet Wipes

Wondering how come wet wipes made the list? It is essential for wiping the hands of your kids if you are out camping with them. However, you can make use of wet wipes in cleaning your hands right before dinner.

Furthermore, it can be used in getting a tent wipe down after a dusty day out with nature. Note that wet wipes are essential for your trip.

5. Headlamp

This is highly needed when you are packing up for your trip. It differs from the flashlight as you can easily place it on your head while walking or even when cooking. It makes the job easier and your hands freer.

6. Batteries

Making the list of camping essentials are batteries. You would surely not leave the house to the wilderness without carrying your flashlights. They can never be forgotten.

However, it is difficult to keep track of these batteries as they power your flashlights. To be on the safe side of life, you are expected to pack extra batteries. It is needed should your flashlight go out unexpectedly at night

7. Duct Tape

Are you lost in thoughts as to why duct tape is on this list? Well, it has diverse uses when you set out to camp. Duct tape can be used in mending tears in your tent; it can be used in patching up a tear in your sleeping bag.

Also, you can use duct tape to secure your table cloths when it gets windy. You will be glad you carried it along as it can be used in sealing food canisters to prevent them from leaking. Duct tapes are necessary.

8. Leech Socks

No one wants to be out in the woods and having leeches crawl on their bare skin. This is why it is ideal that you pack up some leech socks with you. These socks will protect you from any form of leech bite.

9. Fuel

Everything you will be taking on your camp trip is items that will make you comfortable. So, it should not come as a surprise that fuel made the list for camping essentials.

Open fire cooking is no longer as popular as it once used to be. This is due to the advent of the modern fuel-powered stovetops. For this reason, taking an additional fuel canister will be the only thing standing between a hot dinner and you.

10. Ice

Do you think you will be taking your cooler without any ice? Your cooler will surely be filled with food items that perishable. These food items need to stay fresh throughout the warm summer.

You should never forget your ice. It will help with the perishable items.

11. Water

No one rates water as a necessity in life for nothing. Asides from carrying water for drinking, we do forget that it is vital to rinsing our toothbrushes in the evening.

Water is also essential for cleaning the dishes and for cooking while camping. Some times, we plan to make use of a certain amount of water for the whole camp duration and end up finishing it by day two.

A tip you can use is that you should double or even triple the amount of water you think will be enough for the whole camping trip.

12. Firestarter

What is camping without the warm yet crackling campfire? This should make your list for camping essentials. Campers can quickly start their campfires with either a:

  • Matches
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Flint and steel, or;
  • Magnesium fire starter

However, if you go with matches, ensure it is waterproof. More so, you can go with more than one fire starters in case one does not work. It is advisable to go along with a strip of newspaper or dry bark, which you will keep in a waterproof container.

13. Campsite Lantern

When going camping, you can add an LED lantern to your list. With this lantern, you can play cards or board games. Or, you can make use of it to light the trails leading to any of the rooms.

14. Thick Socks and Leather socks

Most people tend to forget to add thick socks to their list of camping essentials. If you have lots of activities planned out on the campground, you should travel with these socks.

In a bid to avoid blisters, it is best you avoid thinking ankle socks. The aim of taking thick socks with you is to protect your legs from both ticks and mosquitoes. You should a fresh pair of socks for each day.

Furthermore, you can go camping with leather socks especially when your camp trip is scheduled for winter. It helps to keep your feet warm and clean. Note that, you can wear then when the night is cold.

15. Cooking Equipment

You are not to embark on your camping trip without placing forks, knives, bowls, plates and spoons in your pack. These things cannot be improvised when you get to the woods.

You can also pack up a telescoping fork in preparation of either marshmallows or hotdogs.

16. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

This is an essential item to pack along with you. You surely cannot use leaves to clean your teeth. Do not forget to pack up your toothbrush and toothpaste as you embark on your trip

17. Hatchet or Hammer

It is vital to have either a hatchet or a hammer. They are a part of your list for camping essentials. A seasoned packer will pack one out of the two, although some people do not see it as necessary for a trip.

However, with your hatchet, you can chop wood if your camping ground permits. Also, the hammer can be used for your spikes when securing your tent. These items can be handy without you realizing it

18. Trash Bags

You do not expect to leave your trash out in the open field. You can add those big yet durable black trash bags to your list. They are crucial in maintaining a tidy tent and campsite.

The trash bags are resourceful for recycling and can be used in storing dirty clothes as well. Some times, when people forget their tent, the trash bag stands in for makeshift shelter.

However, you should not forget your tent just because you can get a makeshift shelter with your trash bag.

19. First Aid Kit

The basic first aid is more than essential for your trip, especially when you are going out with the kids. You are to ensure that everything ranging from bandaids to burn ointment is inside the kit.

While you may not need it for yourself, you never can tell when it will come in handy for someone else. Note that your first aid kit can be customized according to your needs.

Additionally, you should not forget to fill the kit with bandages, pain killers, adhesive, paracetamol, and even antiseptic wipes. Before you embark on your trip, you should learn a tip or two on how to treat unexpected medical emergencies.

20. Navigation system

The reason why the navigation system must make your list is that it consists of a compass and a map. However, you should have the littlest knowledge of map reading while you are out in the wilderness.

Although, we have GPs navigation apps available in our smartphones today. However, you must have a local compass with you when camping.

Did you know that the sighting mirror of your compass can assist in flashing sunlight? It can also get you rescued by a helicopter in tough times.

21. Altimeter

For those who may want to include something else to their list alongside the navigation system, the altimeter is your best bet. It must assist you in seeing the exact altitude or elevation you are.

It is also helpful in tracking your location on the map.

22. Extra clothing

Did you think you will not need extra clothing in your list of camping essentials? You may never know when you will need them, so you have to go with the extras.

You are to select your clothes according to the season and where you are headed. It does not matter the number of times you have checked the weather on the news. Everything can change swiftly. No one wants to be stuck in the rainy weather.

With extra clothing, you will not need to worry about the weather’s sudden transformation. You can always swap your wet clothes for the dry ones.

23. Sun Protection

In a bid to play smart with sunlight, you must include your sunscreen lotion, umbrella, hats, and sunglasses on your list. Ensure that you are making use of the recommended SPF

Also, make sure your sunscreen has both UVB and UVA protection. As for the sunglasses, you are advised to carry the extra-dark glacier glasses. This is needed just in case you will be embarking on a long trip in the snow.

Lately, synthetic protection has been produced. These clothing have UPF, ultraviolet protection factor.

24. Extra Food

It is never a bad idea to pack extra food for an extended camping trip. You can take things such as:

  • Energy bars
  • Dry fruits
  • Nuts
  • Canned food
  • Tea and coffee
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cooking oil

You should pack up foods that have very long storage times. Before you sleep while zipped up in your tent, you should try some of the foods you carried with you. It will assist in keeping you warm all through the night.

Also, note that you can embark on your journey with fresh food and drinks. However, they are to be stored in a cooler. Now you see the essence of ice?

25. Activities

Camping is a fun trip that people embark on. However, you are to organize some activities that everyone can partake in to while away time.

Though Camping brings us closer to nature, you can partner your trip with fun activities like fishing, kayaking, and even hiking. For this, you are to add some items to your list. They include:

  • Canoes or kayaks
  • Fishing fear
  • Lightweight backpacks for the sake of hiking
  • Playing cards

These will make the trip fun.

26. Water filter

If you are to carry water along with you, you must pack up a water filter as well. No one wants to be stuck with no fresh supply of water. Drinking from the ponds or lakes around can result in acute illness due to bacteria.

You are to keep the water filter or your water purification tablets close by just in case you have no choice than to refill from a stream.

27. Pocket knife

This is the complete multipurpose tool for a camping trip. The pocket knife can be utilized in trimming ropes, cutting fishing lines, dicing baits, or even slicing sausages. It has diverse purposes.

Without the pocket knife, tasks, like tightening a screw or skinning a small animal, will be difficult.

28. Rain jacket

As you pack up with extra clothing, do not forget to add a rain jacket to your load. The weather can change at any point in time out there.

You can select a lightweight yet waterproof rain jacket. Such a tailor jacket will be accommodating to diverse layers of clothing. You can also add a rain bag to cover up your gear.

29. Toilet Paper

Expect hardcore survivalist to frown at this on your list. They see the toilet paper as a very unnecessary luxury when going Camping. However, some campers agree that it is necessary.

Do not expect leaves and barks to substitute adequately for your hygiene and comfort. You must pack up some toilet paper.

Also, if you are concerned about the environmental effect of making use of toilet papers in papers, you can purchase biodegradable papers.

30. Insect repellents

You should never go out Camping without an insect repellent strapped in your bag. It should be at the top of your list of camping essentials. At campgrounds, you will find bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, and even mites.

These insects can spread diseases and cause significant discomfort. Do not undermine the effectiveness of insect repellents.

31. Pocket blankets

The pocket blanket is small enough to fit into your pocket. It is both water and puncture-resistant explicitly made for picnics, Camping, and some other festivals carried out in outdoor.

32. Solar charger

You will not find power outlets in the woods. This is why a solar charger will be your best bet for this trip. You can take along with you the solar charger that has a USB cord to charge your camera, kindle, or any device.

33. Camping Chairs

You do not expect to sit on the ground and be comfortable.  It is advisable that you head to camp with your personal camping chair. You should endeavor to create space for a chair or two in your camping vehicle.

34. Airtight Containers

Will you be camping for just a few days? Either way, meals will be made for both you and your camping group. However, you do not go around cooking carelessly in the woods where animals abound.

Your food should never be left unattended. For this reason, you will need to pack airtight containers with you. These containers practically reap the smell of your food. It aids in preventing your food from being eating by animals.

Final Thoughts

You must remember everything you need for your trip. You can always go through this checklist for camping essentials. With this list of camping essentials, you are more than ready for the great outdoor.

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