The Perfect Linkedin Header Size – 2020 Update

It is worthy to note that the entire process of getting your pictures or images to look appropriate on every social media platform is complicated if you have no guide.

For this reason, we will be taking a look at the diverse dimensions and sizes that you will need to be aware of when making your LinkedIn account look fantastic. With this guide, you will have an idea of all that you are meant to do about your LinkedIn Header size

While we will provide you with the recommended sizes, you are to strictly stick to the aspect ratios in a bid to make sure that your header is displayed well enough.

Linkedin Header Template

As one of the leading social platforms available today, LinkedIn is mostly used by experts in growing their professional network and discovering opportunities in their careers.

Furthermore,  most of the companies today engage in using LinkedIn to discover and link up with experts. It is used to connect with other businesses that are in their industry for the sake of distributing content about both organizations.

For this reason, your page on LinkedIn could as well be the start of an assessment of you by a prospective employer or employee. While we understand that your credentials and skills are placed high, it is also good to leave a lasting impression with visuals.

Importantly, you should note that LinkedIn demands diverse dimensions for both your profile as well as your company or business page. On LinkedIn,  users are encouraged to upload headshots that are professional as their display or profile pictures

Note that, there are times whereby the platform will take down your image if it does not meet up to their conditions and requirements. For this reason, it is ideal you are aware of what your LinkedIn header size dimensions should be.

For a fact, your LinkedIn header photo tends to act as your profile for your LinkedIn page. The recommended dimensions for a LinkedIn header size is 1584px by 396px.

For those who may be confused, though there are dimensions you will find in the LinkedIn Official Guideline, bear in mind that it is outdated and we will be providing you with the latest dimensions.

Furthermore, if your company has a page on LinkedIn, it is important to note that its profile will demand a different size yet again. You should ensure that you make use of your company’s logo as your profile photo.

This is because it will make professionals and businesses recognize your brand at a glance. So, your logo image will be displayed at 300px by 300px. Users can upload header images that highlight their services, business, or product tagline.

Furthermore, data has revealed that humans tend to remember roughly twenty percent of what they read. However, they remember about eight percent of what they can see.

Asides from this fact, the human brain is capable of processing visuals about sixty thousand times faster than a text. For this reason, people that have custom headers tend to get more messages, job interviews, and even connection requests.

However, nobody will have to miss out or be taken advantage of if they know what to do to stand out from the heated competition on LinkedIn. Are you aware that you can create a LinkedIn header that will get you amazing results within five minutes?

LinkedIn Header Size & Dimensions

In creating and going further to upload your photo on your LinkedIn profile page, you will have to ensure that it meets up with the stated guidelines and LinkedIn header size of the platform.

This is vital for your header photo not to get rejected. Judging from the official LinkedIn site, the current guidelines for your dimensions and header size are:

  • 1584px by 396px is the actual LinkedIn header size
  • The headers may be larger or possibly smaller; nevertheless, it must maintain an aspect ratio of 4:1
  • The photos for your LinkedIn header have a specific maximum file size, which is 4mb.

Linkedin Header Template

Furthermore, LinkedIn has been known to accept file types such as PNG, GIF, and JPG for the cover photos. However, after checking the guideline boxes, there is yet another huge factor to be considered. This is the profile layout on the different devices.

Depending on the device you are making use of, your LinkedIn profile photo tends to appear different. While making use of a desktop, your header will be spread out nicely on the page.

But it gets to shrink when the screen size is smaller on smartphone devices. Plus, the position of the profile picture will change as well. The image below is a profile picture on the desktop:

Linkedin Header Desktop View

Now, we can see how the header looks when a person is viewing it on their smartphone device.

Linkedin Header Mobile View

It is glaring how the profile picture tends to move first from the left-hand side of the screen while on the desktop. It moves to the middle of the screen while on the mobile. It is vital to keep this in mind when you are spending time designing the header

This is because no one wants to find out that essential information has been missed out on just because the profile photo is being viewed from a different device. Another thing to bear in mind is the quality of your header

Whether you want to believe it or act like it is not valid, the fact remains that as humans, you will get judged based on the images you place on display. Even your capabilities will be judged as well.

In choosing your header, it must be of high quality and even a high resolution if that will be possible.

LinkedIn Profile Image

While the responsive LinkedIn images you used to know, such as the header have been dumped, the latest proportion been used is 4:1.

Your profile image can be cropped, and you can make use of filters as well. Interestingly, it can be adjusted after you have uploaded it on LinkedIn.

Some tips from LinkedIn states that if your header image tends to be blurry, you are to make use of an image that has a file size that is close to a maximum of 8mb. This is because those images that have bigger file sizes tend to look better

Furthermore, photos will look way better than the photos with logos. As expected, your profile picture will be the first point of contact when placed on LinkedIn.

Starting from your posts and getting down to the profile page and even proceeding to the search result, your profile image is what people will see once they come across your page on LinkedIn.

While there are no hard or fast rules on this platform, you should go for something that is way more professional than the picture you upload on Facebook.  Nevertheless, the dimension for your profile image is 300px by 300px.

Images that are bigger than that will be at risk of being cropped. LinkedIn will crop the photo into a circle. However, the platform will allow users to zoom and crop a photo whenever they want to.

LinkedIn Post Image Size

Most times, it is very hard to determine the exact size for a LinkedIn post image. While it may be displayed to be quite taller than the previous post image sizes recently, but people do not seem to agree on a specific size.

At a point in time, someone suggested that the LinkedIn post image size is 792px by 528px. Even though that size looked the same on both desktop and mobile, it gets bigger when you decide to click on the desktop.

Nevertheless, it is vital to note that the best dimensions for your LinkedIn post image size is 1200px by 1200px. This is because it looks fantastic in every device, which is both mobile and desktop.

LinkedIn Link Share Images

Have you tried sharing the links to both blog posts and articles while on LinkedIn? As it stands, be it for your page or profile, the link share images for the LinkedIn platform is closely related to those of Twitter and Facebook.

More so, the ideal aspect ratio for your LinkedIn link share images is 1:19:1. According to LinkedIn, while you add custom images to your page update using a URL, you are to keep the guidelines in mind.

The aspect ratio of 1:19:1 is actually 1200px by 627px. And so, the width of the images must be more than 200px. Should your image width be lesser than 200px, it will be displayed as just a thumbnail on the left-hand side of your post.

However, this is not applicable if you will be posting an image alone or both a text and an image. Your image will be adjusted to fit into your feed. Also, the images will not be cropped on mobile.

Plus, the images of other aspect ratios will be displayed in full and having subtle white padding attached.

Best Tips And Practices

Based on all the thousand and one possibilities out there, trying to figure out the type of image to utilize for your LinkedIn cover photo might get you overwhelmed. Nonetheless, to make this easy for you, some ideas will aid your decision. It goes thus:

  • Extra-curricular and Hobbies

As it has been stated over time, whatever you place as your profile picture sort of injects some personality into your page’s profile. This personality is what helps to fully flesh out your story. And, it speaks of who you are as a human.

The recruiters and prospective clients lurking around LinkedIn will surely love to see that the account is owned by an actual human. This is why you can get your wheels turning in your favor with some ideas such as:

  1. If you carry out some volunteering work outside of your regular business, sharing a picture of yourself doing the volunteering you love will set everything in action.
  2. If you engage in speaking at company events, then you should post a picture of yourself on a stage
  3. Even the marathon runners will not be left out. Prospective clients will love to see a picture of you with a bib.
  4. Lovers of hiking can take a victory snap at the mountaintop.
  5. Those who engage in life-transforming trips can as well share some of their favorite pictures

The fact is that there are so many endless possibilities. All that you need is the common sense to pick a photo that is professionally appropriate for your profile.

  • Pictures that represent who you are

Just in case you have no crisp image of yourself speaking up in front of a crowd or taking clean water into a small village in faraway Haiti, it is fine. There is a chance to convey just as much personality without being in the picture.

You will only have to select something that means a lot to you. Some of the best ideas we can offer include:

  1. Displaying your beloved city in your cover photo. You can show us an unusual angle that will put in some additional personality to your page
  2. You can share memories of a city you traveled to and loved.
  3. Do you have an opinion on your over coffee versus drip, you can let everyone know how it should be done
  4. If there is a photo, you love it because it directly speaks to you, feel free to put it out there.

The fact remains that you are putting yourself out there for not just yourself alone, but your business and whatever brand you represent.

  • Combination and Customization

Are you interested in taking your LinkedIn header to the next stage? If yes, we are here to let you know that you can easily leverage a photo editor in combining photos, adding text, and even adding layers on your filters.

With this, you can show off not just your branding; you can promote anything and even add some social proof.

Final Thoughts

It is quite understandable how difficult it could be in trying to get the actual dimensions for your LinkedIn header size. However, this article will give you a cursory look into how to make everything easier when next you need to change your profile photo.


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