10 Ways to Make Money Without Working

How To Make Money Without Working blog post

How To Make Money Without Working

Are you aware that there are easy ways to make money today without running a nine to five job? Well, if you never knew, this is an excellent reason to sit back, relax, and peruse this article.

Have you been wondering how to make money without working? Of course, you cannot live without an income, except you probably won the lottery or struck gold. But guess what? You can sit home and earn money without working.

Yes, you read that right. These days, most people work so hard to put food on the table but cannot afford a few nice things. Some cannot afford the lovely pair of shows or the latest flat-screen TV.

We have carried out some research, and it will amaze you to note that there are easy ways to make money without stressing yourself so hard. You can work from the confines of your home, make the extra income, and build few sources of dependable passive income.

This article will provide you with specific things to do to make money without working so tirelessly.

No Skills, No Problem

First and foremost, before we delve into how to make money without working, you must understand that the various options we will provide to you do not require any skill or experience.

Making money online is not new; however, it was reduced to only skilled experts like accountants, coders, and UI/UX designers in the past decade. However, in the world today, anyone can earn an income online without a skill.

There are companies out there that are seeking to employ workers and outsource jobs to people like you. Just sit back, relax, and read to know more.

10 Ways to Make Money Without Working

If you have been seeking how to make money without working, the various jobs you can delve into include:

1. Get paid to sleep

Getting paid to sleep

Have you ever thought of getting paid just to lay on a bed and sleep? For those seeking easy ways to make money, here is one. Interestingly, there are part-time jobs, sleep studies, and even internships that encourage people to shut their eyes for a while.

After sleeping, you will receive cash when you wake up. Unbelievable right? If you are wondering if this is real, well, there is a reason for such a job. Sleep studies are carried out to create and discover treatment alternatives for problems relating to sleep.

There are mattress companies and health app developers who have spent years studying and tracking people’s sleep habits. Also, hospitals are carrying out experiments to figure out how to handle sleep issues.

For this reason, these researchers are looking for people to carry out these studies. You must not have any sleep-related problems before they can hire you. If you are interested in this line of work, you can search for studies and browse through their criteria.

Those lucky enough to be accepted to the study must know that you will undergo a physical exam as well as a psychological exam. After all these are carried out, you will be given diverse assignments to complete.

Some of these include putting on a fitness device to monitor your activity, keeping a sleep log, or other document types that the study demands.

2. Get paid to date

Getting paid to date

As a lady who loves to hang out and have a good time in the company of a man, this is an amazing opportunity for you to cash out while having fun.

Do you know that you can earn roughly three hundred dollars per each date you show up to? You may be thinking if this is an escort service, but no. It is not an escort service.

You are not required to partake in any form of physical intimacy. Interestingly, the man or lady can even get banned if he makes any move to pressure you into being intimate.

For those interested in this gig, you can check out the site known as WhatsYourPrice to get paid for going on a date. Note that this site makes the whole dating game simple and rewarding for participants.

It levels the entire dating field as it is direct to the point and swiftly gets you on your date. Understand that dating is a regular social activity undermining whether you see the potential of a future commitment or you want to hang out.

Since dating is exciting and you get to be in the company of another human, you can now get the best of both worlds. You can check out the site we have outlined above and begun your dating world while getting paid.

3. Get paid to be a friend

Getting paid to be a friend

Have you ever heard that you can get extra cash to be a friend? If no, welcome to the modern world. Now, you can have a friend wherever you go. If people just moved to a new city or going on a trip, you can be the friend they hire to show them around town.

With you, a person will have an idea about the best places to eat, shop, and hang out during your trip. There is a website that will make this easy for you. It is none other than

On this website, people can rent you as a local friend from anywhere in the globe. The reason for renting this friend is to seek someone to hang out with, attend a party with, or even an event.

This website is simply platonic, and it is not registered as a dating website. Neither is it an escort agency. The services offered here are solely on a friendship basis alone. The site is friendly to navigate.

It does not matter where you reside, you need to enter a location, and once this is done, you will be given a chance to select a location that you are seeking for a new friend.

Within a matter of minutes, you will find numerous people available. You can view their pictures, read through their profiles, and see their interests. Before you can contact anyone as a friend here, you will need to register on the site as a member.

The people who utilize this site are those traveling to a new city or those who need people to attend a party or event together. The friend you rent can teach you a new language or even share a new hobby with you.

If they have an extra ticket to watch a sporting event, a person can go to this site to get you as the friend to attend the event with, and you will get paid for your time.

4. Get paid to be a virtual friend

Get paid to be a virtual friend

If you seek to be a virtual friend, there is an opportunity to get paid if you register with The site is a universal platform that links people who enjoy traveling with those passionate about their residences.

It goes further than just an outing; people meet up with this virtual friend who will share local tips, details, and lots more that you will never find with a travel guide. The site allows humans to connect with people with whom they share similarities, and it allows for a genuine immersion in the visiting destination.

As a virtual friend, you can be a photographer, journalist, or even a chef. If you enjoy hosting foreigners and showing them your favorite spots in the city, this is the job for you.

Since people may want to enjoy a new city without using a tour guide, you can be the virtual friend they need.

5. Get paid to browse the Internet

Getting paid to browse the Internet

We are guessing you have a mobile smartphone but unaware that you can get paid to sit home and browse the Internet. Well, you can register on Qmee and start earning real cash rewards.

You can earn cash on Qmee just by sharing what you think and interacting with your ideal brands. Qmee has a mobile app that enables people to take surveys and share their opinions.

With every survey you complete, you will receive cash. Once you complete a survey, Qmee gets to add your reward to your piggybank in real life. There is no minimum cash out on what you earn so that you can have your cash at any time.

How cool is that? Well, Qmee is regarded as a free app that is available on both mobile and desktop. It has been designed with both the user and brand in mind. Earning from Qmee is among the easy ways to make money today.

This site is exciting and friendly to utilize, and it provides no minimum cash out for its users. It uses deep learning, which enables it to provide an amazing user experience and deliver industry leading success rates for its brands.

Understand that you can get paid for browsing the Internet with the aid of Qmee.

6. Get paid to play games

Getting paid to play games

Do you know what is better than sitting at home playing video games? Getting paid to play video games.  You read, right! People are out there getting paid just by playing their favorite games.

We all know that gaming is an exciting pastime, but not many know that they can turn it into a full-time income. It will surprise you to note that people are earning up to seven figures just by playing games.

You can get paid to play video games through diverse means. Asides from having a video game blog where you write about the latest video games, you can go further to become a video game tester.

Being a video game tester is among the easy ways to make money. Most game creators out there will pay game testers a huge sum to try out their games. The game testers are being paid to identify bugs and give feedback on all that needs to be improved in the game.

You can also get paid to play games online. You can embark on a tournament online and be rewarded with cash, or you can start a YouTube Channel where you play the latest games and give your opinion to subscribers.

7. Get paid to listen to music

Getting paid to listen to music

Are you searching for how to make money without working? Did you know that you can get paid cool cash to listen to music? Imaging staying home listening to music and receiving cash for this job.

Those who do this have the opportunity to gain experience in the music industry. And people who want to make it big in the music business will find this an exciting learning opportunity.

More so, if you want to get paid to do this job, there are diverse platforms online that you can join. These platforms engage in testing out new music, performing market research, and promoting bands or individual artists.

No matter the specialization, these platforms are always searching for people who will help them out. If you love music, you can do this and make cool cash.

8. Get paid to watch movies

Getting paid to watch movies

Imagine getting paid to watch your favorite Brad Pitt movie? Awesome right. You can get paid to spend your time watching movies, clips, and even ads. This can boost your CV for those who want hobs related to digital media and film.

There are diverse ways to get paid to do this, and some of them include watching videos on Swagbucks. You need to sign up for Swagbucks and earn rewards for watching movies and completing some surveys.

Another way to get paid is by writing the subtitles for films as a freelance writer. There are video content creators who are looking for freelancers that can write video subtitles for a fee.

Those who speak other languages can even change extra to translate the videos to English.  Furthermore, you can get paid to watch movies on InboxPounds. Like Swagbucks, you need to sign up, watch the movies, and complete a survey.

9. Get paid to eat

Getting paid to eat

This a time for food lovers to rejoice as now they can get paid to eat their favorite meals. There are so many foodies today as well as food blogs all over the Internet. Now, you do not need only to take photos of your meal or blog about them

You can eat the most delicious dish and get paid. One way to get paid for eating is to register with agencies as a Mystery Shopper. If you never knew, bars and restaurants out there want to know if their staff is following the company’s standards.

They do this by hiring a mystery shopping agency to take videos and photos, send the receipt to them, complete surveys, fill out a receipt form, and then finally send it to the agency.

It is the agency’s job to forward the result to the restaurant owner or bar owner. Understand that you will be getting paid directly by the agency and not the restaurant owner.

Interestingly, you will get to eat without paying for the meal. You may likely drink too without paying. If they assign you to a hotel, you will be there for free.

10. Get paid to lose weight

Getting paid to lose weight

One exciting yet easy way to make money is to get paid to lose that extra pound of yours. If you had big plans to lose weight before the year ends or next year, you might want to try a healthy wage site.

You can partake in weight loss games with promises of a monetary reward at healthy wage if your goals are met. While you will pay an entry fee, it costs twenty-five dollars monthly for the team challenges.

However, you have the opportunity to choose how much you may like to bet if you want to bet on yourself instead of joining a challenge. The site has a handy calculator that tells you what your prize will be depending on the amount of weight you want to lose and how much you may want to bet.

Once you can meet your goals, you will be paid either in cash, PayPal, or check.

Do What You Love And Earn

In conclusion, we have outlined all that you can engage in when seeking how to make money without working. You do not need to sit at an office desk for the rest of your life from nine to five.

Now, you can earn from what you love doing best. Every way to make money we have mentioned above are daily activities that will not stress you or make you work tirelessly.

It’s always better to check on the payment methods these sites provide you. There might be direct payment or gift tokens.

You can skim through the list, visit the websites, and make a choice today.

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