How To Make Money On Fiverr In 4 Simple Steps

For those who are working remotely and have an idea of how to make money on Fiverr, the endless earning prospects can never be overemphasized.

No matter what you must have heard, you can surely earn more than five dollars on Fiverr. There are freelancers on the site who get paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

The fact is, Fiverr is a fantastic way to use your skills in earning an extra income. This is why we will be diving deeper into how to make money on Fiverr. Nevertheless, it is essential to have an idea of what Fiverr entails.

In simpler terms, Fiverr is a marketplace situated on the internet that provides a vast variety of tasks, mini-jobs, and services. It was established in the year 2010, and it focuses on providing a platform wherein freelancers can both advertise and list out their digital services.

You could be a designer, web developer, lawyer, or even a musician, expect to find something you can do on Fiverr. It is vital to note that the services being offered on the site are referred to as gigs.


The main aim of Fiverr is to link sellers with freelancers. It has grown to become one of the most significant websites to offer web service exchange. Due to its prominence, individuals can earn money as they travel. They can use Fiverr as a side gig or even as experts in their fields.

How To Make Money On Fiverr In 4 Simple Steps

For a fact, making money as a seller on Fiverr is considered to be very easy. And, in no time you will be up and running as well as earning a well-deserved income on the site.

Instead of asking how to make money on Fiverr, we will be providing you with the necessary 4 simple steps involved. They are:

1. Register


In a bid to make money off Fiverr, you must be a registered user on the site. For this reason, your first step in learning how to make money on Fiverr will be to sign up for a new account.

Immediately you input your details and contact information; an email confirmation link will be sent to you. Once the new account is confirmed, it is the ideal time to begin browsing for freelance works.

However, before you register, it is vital to ensure that you have a unique talent or skill that will be useful to people. You can be excellent at designing websites, wedding invitations, or even logos.

Also, you might be able to help businesses with issues that pertain to HR strategy or social media. No matter the talent you have Fiverr offers users the chance to share these as with the online globe.

Furthermore, you should never pretend to be who you are not or register your account to a country that you do not reside. If you are flagged down, you will be disabled from the platform no matter the level you have attained.

When registering on Fiverr, there are roughly two parties involved in the process. They are:

  • Sellers

The sellers are referred to as freelancers that are seeking work. As a seller, you can list out any type of service you want and the amount you would want to be paid. However, the chances of being hired rely solely on your industry as well as your Fiverr experience.

  • Buyers

If you are among those looking for a service to buy, then you will be referred to as a buyer. Buyers are individuals who have work they want to be completed. It could be a project, job, or specific tasks.

The buyers can either be companies, businesses, or only individuals. On the Fiverr platform, the buyers hire the sellers to assist them in accomplishing such works.

Understand that, Fiverr is a two-way communication website. What this means is that both the sellers and buyers have the chance to interact. The buyer browsed through the profiles of the sellers that match up to their requirements.

Also, the seller can browse through the requests of buyers seeking for tasks that measure up to their skills.

When you are registered as a seller and find the person that matches up to what you desire, you will agree on the set goal, price, and time frame for your work to be submitted.

It becomes the freelancer’s job to do his or her best. Note that, once you are registered on the platform, you are to create your profile as a seller. Note that your profile is the most critical way to get jobs on the site.

This is your opportunity to display your skills, history, and experience to potential buyers. You will be selling yourself with the profile you create. It is the first thing buyers notice when they are seeking who to hire. Your first impression should be good.

Interestingly, while some people will rather sit back and let the buyers go through their profile, you will attain more gigs if you are working hard enough. It is vital to note that creating an account on this platform is free.

It will cost you nothing to browse or go through the available requests made by buyers.

2. Create a Gig

Now that you are a registered user and have a fantastic profile, the next thing to do is to create a gig. Your gig is what you will share with prospective buyers. With the gig, you will be providing information about your requirements, services, and the amount you will be charging.

It is best to imagine the Fiverr gig as your typical job description. When a buyer is done reading your profile, he or she will proceed to skim through your gig to see if you can measure up for the project they want to be completed.

Nevertheless, the buyer will likely not search through your profile.

Fiverr_Creat a Gig

Note that buyers pay upfront for the gigs on Fiverr. They also pay administration fees. The fee relies on the amount to be paid for a gig. Gigs that are under forty dollars go for two dollars. This means two dollars will be paid as an administration fee.

In simpler terms, if a buyer is paying ten dollars for a blog article, two dollars will be paid to Fiverr before a seller is hired. The sellers are paid when the gig is completed successfully.

However, you will be paid eighty percent of the full order value. This means Fiverr gets to keep a commission fee of twenty percent. In creating your gig, some of the popular gigs on Fiverr are:

  • Video editing and post-production
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Virtual assistant, and so much more.

Understand that when it comes down to Fiverr, your services will be produced through these gigs. Every gig tends to describe a particular deliverable you will provide in exchange for a specific price.

Your gig starts with the words, “I will..”. However, you can provide various packages, and gig extras are allowed as well. The gig extras give people the chance to customize their offerings with beneficial services.

Meanwhile, the exciting part about Fiverr is that with the way gigs are being set up, the clients have the power to make their purchase without saying a word to sellers. This means that, if your gig matches their needs, sales can be made as you sleep.

However, people will still get to ask questions or ask for custom deliverables. An important tip to learn when seeking for how to make money on Fiverr is to be purposeful as you create your gigs.

Moreover, you will be restricted on the number of gigs you are allowed to set up. When you move up every seller level, you will have fewer limitations in the areas of your gigs, upsells, and gig multiples.

While these restrictions will be frustrating at a point, especially when you have so many ideas on what to sell, you should think of it as a good thing. Bear in mind that the fewer the services you have to sell, the easier it becomes to create an ideal process around generating deliverables and offering a fantastic buying experience.

Also, these deliverables of yours can be personalized to the need of the buyers. This will be done in terms of the packages, upsells, and gig multiples you have to offer.

Best Practices For Creating A Gig

In creating a Fiverr gig, there are some best practices to follow in a bid to arrive at amazing results and earn an income. They include:

  • Utilize gig videos

Based on research carried out, the inclusion of a short yet top quality video to your gig is capable of increasing your orders. The orders will be more than two hundred percent.

For those seeking for their first sale, it is best to start with gig videos.

  • Utilize SEO for your gig name

When creating your gig, the name you attach to it is of high importance. You can make use of little SEO tweaks. These can make a whole lot of difference as they will easily grab the attention of buyers.

  • Ensure your profile stands out

In a large platform like Fiverr, sellers mainly benefit from creating a memorable and highly consistent personal brand. You should learn to make use of distinct images and description to define your gig and make it outstanding.

3. Promoting your gigs

In learning how to make money on Fiverr, you must have an idea of ways to promote your gigs. An ideal way to achieve this gig promotion is by carrying out advertisements on various social media platforms.

Nevertheless, before you start carrying out advertisements on social media, you can make use of hashtags that will direct people to your gigs on social media. However, advertisements comes next to have more impressions on your gig.

One thing you should restrain from is paying for adverts upfront. It is not ideal to begin working on Fiverr by paying money just to earn money. Easily share your gigs on social media and make use of hashtags.

Due to the emergence and rise of technology, people now depend on social media for so many things. The primary platforms for online marketing are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp, and;
  • Pinterest, amongst others.

The primary reason why people tend to advertise their services and products on the sites, as mentioned above, is because of their universal reach. You should try getting your Fiverr gig promotion on any of these websites, if not all.

Note that, the more people get to like, share, and comment on your Fiverr gig, the more clients will think of you as being reliable. From here, your sales can be increased.

Asides from social media platforms, you can make use of forums to promote your gigs. These forums will assist you in bringing lots of transactions and buyers to the gig you are offering. You can make use of forums like Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc.

Bear in mind that internet forums are online discussion sites or preferably, messaging boards where people get to interact with one another through posted messages.

When an individual searches for a particular topic that is in line with the title of your gig, there is a high chance that google will take him or her to the forum post. The person then clicks on your advertised Fiverr gig.

Like this, the individual gets to know more about the services you are offering. You can select the forum that is relevant to the niche you want. This means that if you provide article writing services, then you should search for a writing forum.

Note that you will have to communicate with people and be visible in the forum. As you continue to promote your gig, ensure that you do not spam any of the posts. However, when you venture into sending spam emails, your account will likely get banned.

4. Earning

We have finally arrived at the final step in learning how to make money on Fiverr. It is vital to bear in mind that the demand for services keeps expanding as Fiverr keeps on drawing potential clients to its websites.

While it may seem like you do not get paid so much, there are diverse ways to earn on Fiverr. If you can knock out these services, you will be earning a lot on Fiverr within a short period.

As it stands, when there is a balance in your account as a seller, your funds can be withdrawn through your Fiverr revenue card, PayPal, or Payoneer. Or, you can get your earnings by transferring the money to your account directly.

To withdraw your earnings, this will be done fourteen days after your order was marked as complete. Sellers that have been grouped as top-rated can withdraw their earnings in seven days.

However, you can only make your withdrawal once every twenty-four hours. When you log in, click on selling and you will find earnings. Click on earnings. If there is money available for you, you can withdraw the funds.


Tips To Earning On Fiver

Some of the services you can offer in a bid to earn on fiver include:

  • Provide written e-books or reports

The majority of the services you will come across on fiver requires that you begin work on custom jobs in a bid to get paid. This means that the client or buyer will send some requirements, and you are to generate fresh materials based on what they want.

Now, rather than working on new reports all the time, you can venture into writing a book or a report and sell it to various customers. However, to do this, you must make it known that you will retain every copyright.

  • Provide services on social media

It does not come off as a surprise that a large chunk of services being offered on this website entails Facebook promotions, twitter posts, and even google plus promotions. Most people just want traffic on their websites and do not mind paying more than five dollars to get this done.

  • Write swiftly and earn more

If you are among those capable of writing at a very high speed, you can get paid well enough. Imagine being able to write four hundred words within twelve minutes or lesser than that? You can get a rate of twenty-five dollars every hour.

However, your articles must be of top quality materials and not shabby. This will keep buyers coming to you.

  • Utilize marketing software

There is so much traffic generation software that can be utilized to promote the website of clients within minutes. Note that, if the software does not take so much time to install, you can make a minimum of five dollars within minutes.

  • Creation of virtual drawings

For those who know how to make use of automated photo-based drawing tools, you can as well begin creating digital drawings within minutes. The fact remains that people keep searching for custom graphics based on the pictures they want.

Understand that; there are so many ways to earn on Fiverr. Asides from those mentioned above, you can choose to take on the role of a virtual assistant though it will depend on your country of residence.

Also, you can carry out research projects, alter pictures, design business cards for companies, design flyers, or even write a review.

  • Graphic Designs

If you want to earn big on Fiverr then you should dust your graphic designing skill and join the platform. Graphic designers earn a lot and this will be the ideal time to make money out of your skill.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, when you know your way around this platform, you will no longer need to study the guidelines on how to make money on Fiverr. Fiverr is a fantastic place to make money or earn extra income.

It is user friendly and straightforward for newbies to start searching for works. When you follow the steps we have analyzed, you will begin making money in no time.

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