16 Ways To Make Money From Home

16 Ways To Make Money From Home blog post

How To Make Money From Home

Who needs to go through the hustle and bustle of working nine to five when you can sit in the confines of your home and earn extra income? If you are reading this article, then you have been thinking of how to make money from home.

In our world today, your office can be anywhere you open your laptop, and there are so many people out there quitting their office jobs to earn passive income from home.

Understand that you can practically live anywhere and work from wherever you are and make your money. So far, you have your laptop, mobile phone device, and an Internet connection.

For those unaware and wondering if this is possible, the fact remains that there are legit ways to make money from your home. This is not magic, as you still need to put in the work.

The only difference is that you can work while wearing your pajamas if you feel like it. In all, the Internet has made it simpler than ever to create a passive income from home.

While there are limitless ways to make money from home, we will be focusing on some specific jobs in this article.

How To Make Passive Income

It is easy to think of passive income as cash earned while relaxing on the beach and sipping citrus drinks. However, lots of works are involved in this. Nonetheless, passive income can be an ideal supplementary source of cash for most people.

Through passive income, you can keep some cash flowing when you lose your job, for instance, or experiencing financial hardship. For those who may be bothered about saving enough of their earnings to meet their retirement goals, you can build wealth via passive income.

However, what do you understand by passive income? This method of making extra income entails regular earnings from a source not coming from your employer or contractor.

This source can come from rental property or a business wherein you do not actively participate, like paid stock dividends or even book royalties. You can make passive income in various ways, which we will be outlining shortly.

Balance Your House Work And Save Time

Balance Your House Work And Save Time

In learning how to make money from home, you must first understand how to balance your house chores and save time to get into your work. Sometimes, working from home can blur the line between life and work.

While working from home has lots of benefits, including lesser distractions and a highly flexible schedule. However, working from the comfort of your bedroom can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

To draw a balance between your housework and save time, you can engage in some things like:

Stick to a schedule

Working in an office will have your work schedule being determined by another person. You are expected to be at work from nine to five. However, working from home will have you being the one controlling your schedule.

This is why you must have a schedule that allows you to be productive. You can wake up by five and work from 6 to 2 pm. Or if you are nocturnal, you can work at night. Nevertheless, whatever you do, ensure you stick to a work schedule.

When it is time to quit, stop your work, and do something else around the house.

Have an arranged workspace

Have an arranged workspace

Even though you are no longer working in a confined space in an office, you need to make your own at home. While it is tempting to lie in bed and work or sit on your couch, you should have a space you utilize for work.

Having to work in the same space that you sit to relax will blur the boundaries between leisure and work.

To earn extra income from the safety net of your home, you should be prepared to balance housework and your online job.

16 Ways To Make Money From Home

Have you been searching for how to make money from home? If yes, we will be providing you with the desired answers below. Some ways you can earn extra income from home include:

1. Do Affiliate marketing

The universe of affiliate marketing is an incredibly wide one. Be that as it may, this industry has transformed into a huge wellspring of web pay for thousands, if not many master bloggers.

Many brands are looking to promote their products online. They may do not have a big advertising budget. So they always more than like to welcome affiliate marketers to do their dirty work. You may use your own blog or YouTube channel to promote these products. Or any other way. It’s better to know the Best Affiliate Marketing Websites that you can work with to earn big.

2. Write and sell e-books

Write and sell e-books

When we speak of e-books, you must understand that this is a fantastic way to turn your expertise into an amazing platform that people will buy. If you do not know how to get this done, you can go on kindle and skim through their guide on how to create, publish and market your e-book

However, if you have a story to tell, you can think of writing and selling an e-book. Your e-book can be sold on either Amazon or Barnes&Noble. For those who are not interested in starting a blog to make money, you can go through this route to sell your content online.

You can check out our step by step guide for “How to Become a Best Selling Author on Amazon“.

3. Sell your product on Etsy and eBay

When it comes down to working from home, you can sell your products or things you do not need on both eBay and Etsy. Understand that Etsy bragged about forty-eight million active buyers and grossed five billion dollars in merchandise sales last year.

You can sell products ranging from electronics, wardrobe accessories, pottery, jewelry, and even watches. You can try selling on eBay as well. eBay is among the prominent websites around the globe.

These sites were structured as auction sites for Do-It-Yourself sellers, and currently, it is a venue for heavily discounted sales by expert merchants. While Ebay’s fee schedule is quite complex, you will give a percentage to the site’s commission.

As for Etsy, it has a transaction fee of about 3.5% and quite cheaper than eBay.

4. Start a dropshipping Shopify store

Start a dropshipping Shopify store

In learning how to make money from home, you should know that a dropshipping business is a situation wherein you are the middleman between a customer and the manufacturer.

The interesting thing about this business is that you do not touch anything. You do not touch the products or the shipping. You put together the online stuff, and the manufacturer takes care of the rest.

When you start a dropshipping Shopify store, the customer purchases the product from your store. Immediately after the payment is validated, the company swiftly ships the product directly to their doorstep.

You will make your profit from the commission attached to the product. If you want to start dropshipping, you will need to create a website with Shopify. You will have to make use of Shopify because they have in-built tools to assist with collecting payments.

Also, you can easily import your product listings to diverse e-commerce websites. Shopify works with websites like Amazon and eBay.

5. Become a content writer.

If you love writing, this can be a good way to earn extra income. You can start your own blog and do some SEO to earn from Google Adsense. Or you can work as a freelance writer. You can become a Freelance Writer With No Experience the only thing you need is some hard work and dedication.

6. Sell your photography

Sell your photography

Some people are very good at handling the camera. They do photography as their day to day activity or maybe as a hobby. Why not earn something extra out of it. There are my best places to sell photos online. It’s not a big deal to signup for these websites and starts posting your photos.

It’s always good to try more than one stock image website at the same time. If you search a little bit more you can find some free tools that will help you to upload your photos to many stock sites in one go.

7. Become a freelance graphic designer

Graphic design is a very famous way of earning money. There are more than 15 Ways To Make Money As A Graphics Designer. It’s just a matter of choosing your path which fits best for you. According to your capacity, you may try more than one method.

One of the famous ways is to join a venture with Best Freelance Graphic Design Websites. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about freelance graphic design. With your experience, you can dive deep into this area of industry.

8. Become a beta app tester at UserTesting

Become a beta app tester at UserTesting

Being a beta app tester is a nice way to earn extra income. Are you aware that companies can hire you to test their websites and apps so that you can provide feedback?

The testing includes everything beginning from signing up, checking how the interface functions, and your opinion about the looks and usability. There are sites such as UserTesting that allows companies to post for testing jobs.

Anybody can sign in and participate in these tests. Be assured that you will be paid for testing the apps.

9. Purchase and trade cryptocurrency

Purchase and trade cryptocurrency

When it comes to currency trading, cryptocurrency is the next big thing. For those unaware, cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that is used as a means to pay for things. Interestingly, it is neither operated by the government or any financial institution.

The most prominent cryptocurrency is known as Bitcoin, and as far back as the year 2013, it was trading at two hundred dollars. You can buy and sell crypto to earn extra income, or you can earn money by writing about it daily.

Blogging platforms allow people to do this and earn some bitcoin cash just by writing and sharing unique content. One such platform is However, you can purchase crypto, watch it grow, and sell to earn money or you can be among those that mine the coins.

10. Take surveys and earn cash

This job is quite easy. You will easily earn cash by taking online surveys and sharing the opinions you have on brands. It is a popular way that students use to make money.

You need to fill out the online survey during your spare time. There are research companies that are regularly recruiting new members globally to answer survey questions.

For the few minutes that you will spend filling these forms, you will make some money that will either be paid as rewards or cash. So many companies out there will pay you for your opinion on their product.

It is a swift, easy, and fun way to earn money. While it will not make you rich all at once, it will give you some spending money. You can earn cash from tools like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks Survey, MyPoints, or even InboxDollars.

11. Start a cooking channel

Start a cooking channel

Do you enjoy cooking? Do your friends and family love it when you prepare sumptuous meals for them? Are you aware that you can earn extra income from starting a cooking channel?

Some people want to learn how to cook and subscribe to your channel if you are good at cooking. You can teach them different meals and make them try out diverse recipes.

12. Start a blog

Are you an expert on a particular topic or diverse topics? The best blog you can start is one that displays your experiences by offering helpful information to other people.

If you seek how to make money from home, you can start a website or a blog. A blog can be home-based, and you can further turn up into a highly profitable venture.

All you need to do is to get a web hosting and domain. You can get them at affordable prices of roughly $2.95 monthly if you make use of Bluehost. If you are good at content creation or creative writing, you can start a blog on anything.

Once you know how to piece words together and tell a whole story, you are good to go. Furthermore, when you have more blog visitors, you can monetize the blog and begin earning from it. Blogging is fun; you need to be consistent and post regularly.

13. Sell anything on Fiverr


Fiverr is maybe not a new thing for you. But there are many ways to earn from it. Basically, you can sell anything on Fiverr. If you browse through the site you can even find some fun ways to approach from some people. But surprisingly it’s working and they are earning from it.

No matter what direction you chose, there are 4 simple steps to earn from Fiverr. Following these 4 steps can help you to become successful in Fiverr.

14. Sell music tracks on

One thing to bear in mind is that AudioJungle is a part of the Envato Market. At AudioJungle, you can purchase and sell music and sound effects free of any royalty.

These music and sound effects are fully Podsafe for some dollars, and it consists of a buyer fee. It is a website that is home to an active community of audio producers and composers.

If you are a producer or a composer, you can sell your music tracks here. It is an interesting website to earn extra income.

15. Data Entry

If you can type fast and inputting data accurately, note that there are companies available that are seeking data entry experts to work from home. Understand that there are diverse forms of data entry, and it relies on the type of company you will be working for.

You can be compiling data into spreadsheets, merging diverse documents into a single file, or even processing invoices. With your accurate and swift typing skills, you can enter information easily.

16. Become a virtual assistant

Are you resourceful and highly organized? If you were to become a virtual assistant, you could make extra cash by assisting both people and businesses with tasks. These tasks range from data entry down to customer service and even research.

Even if writing is not your strongest suit, you can be good at handling email or researching things quickly. The virtual assistant job is for you. The virtual assistant should be seen as a regular assistant.

The only difference is that you will be working from the confines of your home.

Save Some For The Future

Save Some For The Future

In saving for the future, you will need to save what you earn from working from home and not spend all your income just like that. It would be best if you made your cash work for you.

This means you will have to take control of your finances, and you will further use this control to enhance your financial stability and security continually. You can gain financial independence or build more wealth via investing.

However, to save some for the future, you can learn to budget. Budgeting is vital as it changes how you handle your money. When you start budgeting, you will understand where your money is coming from and be purposeful about the things you spend it on.

Now, you will be making your money do what you want it to do and not spending without any plans. The budgeting goal is to spend less than you do earn. You can use budgeting to:

  • Decrease your spending
  • Understand where your money goes
  • Identify your bad monetary habits
  • Pay off your debt, and even;
  • Save for your future and that of your kids

Saving some for the future may not be for your sake alone but that of your kids and plans. Bear in mind that budgeting is not a one time action. Instead, it is something you actively participate in daily.

You may have to adjust your budget monthly in a bid to account for more significant expenses or even your spending habits. When you have an idea of how much income you have, you can decide where to put it.

Once you are deliberate on where you spend your money, you will control your money.

Future Investment Is A Must

Future Investment Is A Must

Future investment is ideal for your financial life, and sometimes, it is the perfect way to get your finances to have a saving habit. For those who work from home, some future investments you can get into include:

Recurring deposit

Like SIP, you can try out recurring deposits to begin a forced investment habit. A fixed amount will be deducted from your account monthly and deposited into an RD account in recurring deposits.

Through this method, you will receive an interest equal to the interest you will earn on fixed deposits. Your returns are sure and stable. It will help you save monthly and assist in building a saving habit.

Child plans

For those with kids, you can begin a child plan. The fantastic thing about this is that even though they are flagged as expensive, the benefit from the company is that they pay investors the remaining premium should anything happen to you while you save on child plans.

Like this, your child’s future is secured even when you are gone. You will need to pay a premium all through the tenure for the child plans, and you will incur penalties if you do not.

In all, understand that the two most vital pillars of building your finances are savings and I come. If you earn and you do not save, there is no way that you can develop your income and produce assets.


When it comes down to earning an income, we have provided you with tips on how to make money from home. Furthermore, we have highlighted some ways you can save for the future and even balance your time working from home.

You can skim through our list and find a suitable job for you that you can perform comfortably from the confines of your home.

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