15 Ways To Make Money As A Graphics Designer

How To Make Money As A Graphics Designer blog post

How To Make Money As A Graphics Designer

Over the past few years, graphics designing has become popular, and there are lots of people who either take courses or training to become an expert graphic designer. If you are among those seeking how to make passive income online, graphic designing is quite lucrative.

Nevertheless, it has its advantages and disadvantages, like every other online business out there. You do not need to worry about how to make money as a graphic designer anymore, as we will provide you with helpful tips in this article.

Even if you work a 9-5 job, it does not hurt to find another side hustle in a bid to earn passive income. You should never limit yourself as there are various means and techniques of making money these days.

Even though you have not realized it, you must note that graphics designing is almost everywhere you look. This makes it both a career and a skill that is in high demand.

Note that you do not need a degree in graphic design from a university before you can begin making money out of it. There are lots of graphic design projects ideas that you can engage in to make the extra cash.

However, before we delve into all of that, you must clearly understand what graphic design entails.

What Is Graphic Design?

Before we fill you in on how to make money as a graphics designer, you must understand what graphic design entails.

Graphic design entails discovering visual solutions for a particular purpose. It could be to make a person want to buy a product, focus on a television show, or attend a huge event.

The fact is that graphic design fully encompasses almost every visual aspect of our lives. Within the world of graphic design, there are different buckets that you may likely choose to specialize in full, and they include:

  • Layout design
  • Package design
  • Logo design
  • Branding, and;
  • Typography for those who want to make fonts and enjoy playing with type.

Understand that each bucket is essential even though some companies may pay higher than some depending on your skill level. Bear in mind that graphic design takes both textual and graphical elements.

It implements these elements into diverse types of media. This will assist the producer in connecting with his consumer. Graphic designs help to convey the message of the product, campaign, event, or project.

Furthermore, companies can utilize and sell products via advertising by websites to convey difficult information in a digestible way.

It can be done through infographics or through businesses to create an identity via branding, among all other things. People have frequently asked the question that pertains to how much do graphic designers make, however, we will provide you with answers on how to make money as a graphic designer so that you can have an idea.

What are the best Graphic Designer Tools?

What are the best Graphic Designer Tools?

People may have different opinions on this topic but I like to talk about the industry standard here. I must say Adobe Creative Suite is the best and all-round solution for this. If you master this creative suite, that’s it. You are pretty much covered.

As a company, Adobe has improved and develop their software’s time to time. They make sure to include new tools in each of their new releases. So I think if you are a beginner and like to grow your career in the graphic design field Abobe is the best solution. They have a collection of software which helps you to work like a pro. You can finish your work within the creative cloud software without going for another software from another brand.

Let’s say you want to design a bottle label and then check how it looks on the bottle by creating a 3d model. First, you can design the product label using Adobe Illustrator. To create the 3D model you can use Adobe Photoshop 3D view and finally you can create the bottle mockup using Adobe Dimension.

So do not think twice to go with Adobe Creative Suite. It’s your best solution.

Can anyone become a graphic designer?

Yes and No. Even you master graphic design software you cannot call yourself a graphic designer. You need to think differently and creatively. That’s what makes you different from a normal person. There is a saying practice makes perfect and that 100% accurate. Hard work and dedication is all you need.

15 Ways To Make Money As A Graphics Designer

There are different ways to earn a passive income. One such way is by venturing into graphics designing. If you are wondering how to make money as a graphic designer, some of the ways include:

1. Create logo presets and sell

You must be aware that every genuine business needs either a brand name or logo to carry out effective promotion campaigns. One of the best graphics design project ideas you can try out is creating logo presets and selling them.

It does not matter if the logo is about promoting the business offline or even online; it has to be unique. Every single day that passes, there are thousands, if not millions, of business websites that are developed just for you to sell your logo presets.

There are logo marketplaces that can help you sell these logos with both an extended license and a standard license. For a small amount, you can sell your logo presets more than once, especially on websites like or even

You need to cautiously read through the terms and conditions s of the website before you begin selling out your logos.

2. Create your own WhatsApp sticker App

Social media platforms such as WhatsApp have become a way of life in our modern times. We surely cannot imagine life without the presence of such a platform. In the morning, we wake up to check our notifications, and we keep on doing this at regular intervals all through the day till we fall asleep

Due to the user engagement on such a platform, one may wonder if WhatsApp can be monetized. Well, the clear answer is yes. As a graphics designer, you can easily make stickers with the help of either Canva or Photoshop.

To make some cash from graphics designing, you can create stickers for WhatsApp, or better, you can create your own WhatsApp sticker App. In our world today, almost everyone makes use of WhatsApp and enjoy sending stickers out to friends.

When you create WhatsApp sticker app, you get to earn your income via in-app ads by Google AdMob. Bear in mind that stickers have turned into a vital part of our daily communication.

3. Creating and selling icons

With more than two hundred million active websites being noticed online, many businesses crave to stand out from the challenging crowd. However, the best way for organizations to display their USPs is through the aid of unique icons that help them narrate their brand’s story.

More so, icons and custom designs are the latest web design trending in the market. Since lots of websites are getting launched online, the need for icons will continually evolve.

If you never knew, creating and selling icons is a fantastic approach to earning passive income as a graphic designer. Understand that making money via creating and selling icons can be challenging; however, it does not need to be. It’s always better to find the best places to sell icons

You need to create, post regularly, and connect with others constantly; from here onwards, you can start discovering opportunities. For those who may not have clients, you can begin creating stock icons to sell.

4. Become a design consultant

For those interested in making money as a graphic designer, you can become a design consultant. Through this job, you can give an hour or two of your time to a person who needs your ideas and opinions on their business’s graphic designs.

In learning how to make money as a graphics designer, you can set up an hourly rate and embark on both coaching and advising prospective designers. Your advice can help to point them in the appropriate direction.

5. Designing fonts for Etsy or Creative Market

If you never knew, fonts are fantastic graphic design project ideas to make money as a graphic designer, especially if you love typography. You can make fonts with your handwriting and sell for roughly one hundred dollars on some websites like Etsy or Creative Market.

Bear in mind that Etsy is an online site globally recognized, and you are allowed to sell different types of designs. However, Etsy is majorly interested in selling both vintage items and handmade goods.

You can sell your designed fonts at reasonable prices. Interestingly,  there are roughly thirty million shoppers that are registered on this platform. You will be selling fonts to a global audience.

As for Creative Market, you can sell your design fonts online among the most prominent sites. You can also sell graphics, print templates, and other works here. Thousands of prospective sellers visit this site daily.

6. Creating product mock-ups and uploading to Freepik

It is worthy to note that mock-up templates are good for displaying your design directly on the ideal medium. It does not matter if it is an iPhone or a MacBook; you can create the right mock-up from various resources.

For those unaware, product mock-ups are models of what the final product will resemble. They are mostly used in presenting a final product in a real-life context. As a graphics designer, you can use it in getting feedback on a product concept before its mass production.

When you create these product mock-ups, you can upload your design on websites like Freepik. Freepik contains more than three hundred graphic resources, and they are all of high quality. This could be a bottle mock-up, Box mock-up, label or any other type of mock-ups. (Please note Freepik is not just only for mock-ups. You can upload images, vector, icons and etc. Creating mock up is one of the areas you can pick as a designer. )

Take a look at one of the contributors payment dashboard.

Creating product mock-ups and uploading to Freepik: proof of payment
Image source: Freepik

7. Creating print on demand T-shirts

As a graphics designer seeking ways to earn cash, you can create designs for t-shirts and sell them online. However, creating designs and waiting around for the buyers does not help.

Instead, you will need a strategy as t-shirts are affordable daily wears and regarded as a cost-effective marketing solution to take services of products to people. You can create funny images or humor-filled text on a t-shirt as it will make people laugh.

When you create designs for t-shirts, you can use it to promote a business’s social cause probably. Your design should be capable of standing out in slogan, color, and text. It should be an outstanding idea.

You will need a cautious selection of lots of elements beginning from the text and color for this to work. You can get help from the print on demand websites to sell these custom products. Feel free to read about the complete list of  Best print on demand websites which you can publish your T-shirt designs. You only have to upload your design to these websites. Rest you can leave up to them and relax.

Check out bellow proof of payment form one of the beginners in this category. This is first 5 days earning just from one website with having only couple of product.

Creating print on demand T-shirts: proof of payment

8. Venture into joining freelance websites

It is an amazing route for graphics designers who enjoy having diverse tasks to work on when you work with clients. By working with clients, you will be capable of designing logos one day and going further to help with a printed magazine’s layout design another day.

There are different freelance websites that you can join and register as a graphics designer. For example, you can work on Fiverr. It is an online marketing space where you get paid to work for people.

The lowest amount that you can get paid on Fiverr is five dollars. You will find lots of people seeking graphics designer on diverse freelance websites.

Check out the list of  Best freelance graphic design websites.

9. Selling of vectors and stock images

There are diverse ways to make money as a graphics designer, and one such way is via selling vectors and stock images. Even though this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is very profitable.

All you need is to create your library of creative assets before you can begin seeing substantial income. You can stick to this style for those with a certain style of artwork, and you will do well in it.

You do not need to bother about where you can sell these stock images as lots of stock media marketplaces exist online. And, most of them provide non-exclusive agreements.

This means you can easily upload the same type of artwork to diverse markets. You can also create diverse vectors and sell to small businesses that cannot afford personalized branding packages.

Here you will find a list of the Best Places to sell photos and vectors online.
Check out the proof of payment from one of the above mention websites just to give you an inspiration.

Selling of vectors and stock images:Proof of payment.psd

10. Selling of print-ready templates

It will surprise you to note that this is referred to as one of the most profitable means of earning an income as a graphics designer. You need to make different kinds of templates that can be used for posters, Pinterest graphics, and invitations.

When you have made them, you need to sell them online. Many bloggers and small business owners cannot create designs from scratch and will have to buy these products as they are easy to customize.

Your clients will only need to open the design file and swap out the colors and words.

11. Creating web and app UI designs

With over two hundred million active websites these days, the business owners want things that will make them stand out from their competitors. One such way to do this is through their web and app UI designs.

If you are good at creating custom illustrations, businesses will hire you. Every company wants to have a unique web and app UI design, and who better to make this happen than a graphics designer. is the best place to try out.

12. Becoming a sketch artist

Yet another way to make some cash as a graphics designer is to become a sketch artist. As a graphics designer, you may likely have the skill to draw up different unique things; you can earn by sketching different things and selling them online.

People love unique drawings and will pay to have them for themselves. This is a great way to make an extra income from your sketches. You can sketch some digital drawings and come up with unique characters.

13. Begin a YouTube channel

For those comfortable in front of cameras and know how to sync with an audience, starting your YouTube channel will be the ideal choice for you. If you never knew  YouTube is the best choice to start a channel and grow subscribers.

Lots of creators are capable of making a huge income from this social media platform. You can create videos about graphics and earn a passive income from Google. YouTube has roughly two billion monthly active users, and it is localized to about ninety-one countries.

Other ideas you can try out include vlogs about life as a graphics designer, reviews of art supplies and tools, graphic design tutorials, and even speed designing videos.

14. Engage in graphic design contests on

If you never knew, graphic design contests have been a subject in ethical debates with people arguing if it is ethically sound or not. However, it is undeniable that it takes on the role of a viable avenue for profit to graphic designers, mostly for those who just started their career.

You can partake in these design contests on For those unaware, Talenthouse aids in connecting brands and agencies with the biggest on-demand creative community around the globe. I have seen contests from brands like Nike, DC, Marval, HBO and many other famous brands.

Engage in graphic design contests on

The technology and experienced team at Talenthouse allows brands and graphic designers to generate authentic ideas, concepts, and high quality branded content swiftly and at scale.

Nonetheless, you will need to have a strong stomach to endure both loss and rejection for those who will be joining contests.

15. Start a graphic blog

If you love writing, blogging can be the ideal option to earn an extra income. When you monetize your blog, you can make cash. The best way to draw attention is through a blog, and as a creative graphic designer, this will not take much time.

You may engage in posting good content with pictures, and both websites and individuals will be attracted to your blog. You need to blog about your graphic content and design to gain a wider audience.

With time, you can monetize it.

Where To Find Freelance Graphics Design Work

Where To Find Freelance Graphics Design Work

These days, it is easier to find graphic design works when you make use of online resources. Some of the few places you can get good graphic design jobs are

1. 99 Design

It is rated among the best websites out there to discover graphic contests. There are diverse graphic design positions on this site.

2. Upwork

This is a freelance site that offers a simple-to-use interface wherein you can build your profile, set your rates, and link up with clients from across the globe.

3. Fiverr

Like Upwork, it is a popular online freelance site where freelancers create pre-made packages for services with a target price that begins at five dollars, as its name implies. How to make money on fiverr is easy if you follow 4 simple steps. You can follow my above article about the complete guide on fiverr.

There are many Best Freelance Graphic Design Websites around you. It’s very important to check them and go with a suitable option to fit your skills.

How much do graphic designers make?

This is what everyone is looking for. Some may charge hourly rates and another project base. So this is depending on many facts. Your hourly rate, your experience, number of clients and also county and world situation. (During a pandemic like covid this can change a lot.

If you have a good client base with a regular project that’s help a lot in terms of earning. Let me show you the best example. Check out the below image which includes one of my friends earning from Fiverr for the last 5 years.  This is just one freelance platform he is working with. So if you can manage a couple of freelancer profiles on different websites you can earn much more than this.

How much do graphic designers mak sample 1

The next example is from 99 design. Bellow sheet shows you earning for the first 5 months of 2020. Even in the pandemic season, this person did pretty well. As you can see your earnings may vary from time to time.
How much do graphic designers mak sample 2

Graphic Design Tips For Beginners

For you to become a successful graphic designer, there are some guidelines that you must adhere to as a beginner. Some of these guidelines include:

1. Engage in quick research before starting your graphic project

As a beginner, you surely do not want to disappoint clients. In order for this to be avoided, you can engage in swift research about the project your client wants completed.

Doing this is simply to get some fresh and new ideas before you embark on the work at hand.

2. Be current with the latest trends in the industry

As a creative service-based business, you are to stay on top of all that is currently popular. You do not want to create something for your client that will not appeal to the audience of today, except it is what your client wants.

3. Do not say no to clients

This is to be avoided at all costs. If a client asks for a project that you are fully aware of you cannot deliver, you can take the project and outsource it to someone that can get it done in time.

Saying no will spoil your chances of getting other contracts from your clients.

4. Be patient

While you may meet with clients that are not so nice, patience will go a long way in this business. Even though a client may ask for so many changes, be patient with them and solve the problem nicely.

5. Talk about the prices, set up advance payments

While you negotiate with clients, you must ensure that you both agree on a set price, the setup of the graphic work and make plans for advance payments if any. Do not go ahead with a project without sorting these things out.

6. Keep an online portfolio

This is something you need to maintain weekly. More than having a printed or pdf version of a portfolio it’s always better to have an online version. Because whenever someone asks for your past work it’s just a matter of giving a link and everything is there. In a digital world, it’s kind of professional as well.

7. Be mindful of copyrights

This is one place where many designers fail as a beginner. Copyright violations can cause big issues in your design career. Some brands are very serious about this matter so better to be careful, learn and respect it.

8. Make use of free resources

Some clients are very strict with budgets. So sometimes they even do not wants to pay additional for any stock images. There are a lot of copyright-free image websites that you can go for. unsplash, pixabay are two good examples. Their images are free to use commercially with no attribution.

Places To Get Graphic Design Project Ideas

Are you searching for graphic design project ideas and do not know what to do? Well, you have arrived at the ideal article that will help you. This is easy as all you need to do is to check Behance, Pinterest, and even ads of the word to get ideas.

Most of the designers use Behance as their online portfolio. So they use to upload their best creatives on to this platform. So you can learn from the best!

Pinterest is also a good social media platform that people use to pin and collect stuff. If you go and do a quick keywords research like “bottle label designs” on Pinterest you will understand what I am talking about.

Ads of the World You can even get an idea of this even by reading the name. It’s a great site full of resources from all around the world. Go and talk a look.

Pros And Cons Of Freelance Graphic Designs

Similar to all other jobs online, being a freelance graphic designer has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of its pros include:

1. You can work from anywhere

The major advantage of being a freelance graphic designer is that you can work from wherever you are. You do not necessarily need to have an office space.

2. You can set your hours

Freelance graphics designers are practically their own boss. They can set up deadlines and time to work all by themselves.

3. You can work with clients worldwide

As a freelancer, you can link up with clients that you may never get to see live. You can work with a client in Paris while you are based in the United Kingdom.

For its cons, they include:

4. The storage space it takes is much

Graphic design files take up loads of storage space. However, you will need to buy an external hard drive or use an oil line platform such as google drive or Dropbox. Nonetheless, all of this will still take up space.

5. Difficult clients

While some clients are fantastic, others are hard to work with. You may sign a contract with a client and end up being unhappy as they might keep trying to add some extra work that was not in your agreement.

How to get paid finally

How to get paid finally

Finally How to Get Paid as a Freelancer is the most important thing. We need a fast and secure way to get the funds deposit into our local bank account. Depending on your country you may have to use different methods to do fund transfers.


For those who have been searching for how to make money as a graphic designer, we have provided you with lots of educational material to keep the ball rolling. You can begin the process and start earning money in no time.

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