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How To Make Collage Online Free

Do you love the beautiful collages you see online but have no idea how to make one for yourself? Have you been thinking of how to make collage online free and do not know what to do?

Well, here is a chance to make beautiful collages with our adorable list of collage makers online.

How To Make Collage Online Free

While it may not have crossed your mind to seek the ideal collage maker tool as making collages seems to be an easy task, well, making a successful collage is rated as an art form.

Interestingly, it is the right tools that will make all the big difference to complete the project. Collage is an appealing yet stylish way to display some of your best photos. And, it is not a shock that collage makers are famous lately.

Many mobile and Web applications have collage maker tools and even some standalone programs available in the browser and app format. Nevertheless, we will be providing you with the needed steps to make a cage using Fotor collage maker.

When making use of Fotor Collage maker, the steps involved are:

Step 1: Go to

To begin using this collage maker, you will need to pay a visit to the site.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select “Make a collage.”

When you click on this button, you will be directed to a collage page. Note that there are four different collage styles available on Fotor. They include; the classical collage, which is simply characterized by an orderly grid. Here, you can select the layout according to the number of photos you want.

You will also find artistic collage, which has several background pictures. It is the ideal choice if you want to share on your social media accounts. There is the funky collage that assists you in creating funky and cool collages.

Finally, you will find photo stitching, which allows you to stitch your pictures together horizontally or vertically.

Step 3: Select the collage type

Now that you have an idea of the different collage types, you will come across. Here, you will select the collage type you want to utilize. For example, you can make use of the artistic collage as it has lots of background pictures

Step 3: Select the collage type

Step 4: Import Images

You can drag and drop your pictures at the cells displayed in front of you. You can choose to change the texture, color, text, and even add stickers to your image.

Step 4: Import Images

Step 5: Make the collage

Drag and drop imported imaegs and make it as you wish.

Step 6: Save/Download

Step 6: Save/Download

Now that you are done with creating your collage on Fotor, you must save it. You can save it and select both the format and quality that you need. After saving, you can successfully download your collage.

One thing to note about Fotor is that it is a pro-level online collage maker. With this collage maker, be assured of importing lots of images. They will be displayed on the right-hand bar, and you can choose where and when to arrange them in your collage

This is a simple feature that makes it very easy to put appealing collages together. With Fotor, you can create amazing photo collages to tell the world your story in a particular way on social media

With it, you can grab attention swiftly. Fotor provides its users with hundreds of photo collage templates from diverse styles. If you are set to tell your story or promote your business online, this is the ideal collage maker tool to have.

As a result of its artistic collage layouts, you can be artistic with your photo collages with just some clicks. As for the funky collage layout, you can add pictures of your family in love shapes to make everything look warm.

Never waste time in making photo collages with Fotor. You are bound to find a picture collage template style that meets your demands and matches whichever occasion you want.

Bear in mind that anyone can make use of Fotor as it is welcoming. Fotor provides users with an opportunity to customize their collage styles. As a user, you can freely adjust the corner rounding and the width of the border.

You can change both the background and even its color during the application of the classic collage layout. You can successfully rescue your photo collage into various sizes and post them on any of your social media platforms.

More Online Tools

Asides from making use of Fotor collage maker, there are some online tools you can use in learning how to make collage online free. They are:

  1. BeFunky

The BeFunky collage maker is available on the mobile app and browser. It is among the best free online collage makers you will find around.  This collage maker provides different templates and makes use of a user-friendly interface.

Its integration is seamless, and it can be used by both android and iOS users. Since pictures are worth more than a thousand words, BeFunky is the ideal collage maker; you need to say those unspoken words.

With BeFunky, you can select a fantastic array of tools to touch upon your photos and customize the photo collage. You can easily change your background color and add one of the elegant patterns available.

As a result of its easy-to-use editing tools, you can quickly express yourself through your pictures. The collage maker integrates without any hassle to the photo editor and so, users can make use of the over two hundred effects to make their photos attractive and unforgettable.

  1. PhotoCollage

First and foremost, the PhotoCollage has some preset social media banner sizes available. It functions effortlessly on windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. It even works on a touchscreen.

You can select from the collage templates or freely use your skills to make free form collages. PhotoCollage is among the convenient collage makers you will find available online.

It will allow you to make use of any keyboard shortcuts of your choice to create amazing collages. With it, you can easily edit your images, select from different templates, and even add text to your pictures.

Note that it has different amazing fonts plus an effect for every one of them. Interestingly, it has a straightforward user interface. PhotoCollage is a fantastic option if you want a quick and basic photo collage without the whistles and bells that every other collage maker offers.

Bear in mind that you cannot add filters, stickers, or effects. But, you can whip a pretty decent collage together within a matter of minutes.

  1. Photovisi

For most people, this collage maker is on the cheesy side. It is a standalone collage maker and has no photo editing tools or fripperies to confuse or distract its users. All you have to do is simply select any of its designs, add your images and drag them around until you make a decision. Then, finally, download it.

For those who want to make pretty cool images but are not so keen on editing, you will surely love Photovisi. It is a web-based app that is very easy to utilize and provides users with the option of turning their photo collage into banners and greeting cards.

It is fantastic for sharing cute vacation images with family and friends. You can change some of your pictures to a printed calendar or even a wedding invitation.

Though this collage maker has so many fantastic templates, users cannot embark on photo editing.

Why Make Use Of Collage Makers?

For those who may not want to make use of collage makers, you may settle for the general design software available. One of such is the Adobe suite. However, the collage makers we have described above remain the most straightforward tools to utilize for a photo collage or editing work.

With the aid of a free photo collage maker, you can find it easy and exciting to transform your photos into a fantastic work of art. We have identified some excellent tools that will make the job easy for you.

This makes the entire process of creating an original design fun. People make use of photo collages because our mobile phones these days have fantastic cameras that take highly impressive and print quality images.

Everyone will surely want some of these real gems stored in their phones, and now, some tools can transform these images into gorgeous collages within seconds. These tools are both desktop software and Web apps.

Once your photos are looking beautiful, you are set to begin your creative journey in photo collages. Most people make use of these photo collage tools because:

  • They are a fantastic choice of export formats
  • Users get to select the aspect ratios they want
  • The templates are much fun, and;
  • They are a little less intuitive than what Canva has to offer

When your pictures do not say enough, and your video will say just too much, the ideal way to tell your story is to make use of the best photo collages at your disposal. You no longer have to stress over the best photo that will represent your beach outing, breaking news event, or birthday party.

You no longer have to force everyone to sit through your video. Photo collages are available to relieve you from all the mental stress. It is the easiest way to pull together some of your best memories. It also makes you flexible enough to decide on the amount you need.

What Makes A Collage Maker Incredible?

When you want to decide to download a photo collage maker app, you will take a look at the versatility of the apps design and its presentation. There are collage makers that have various template grids and frames, magazines, and even greeting card layouts.

While for some others, they provide users with some valuable extras like filters, text, stickers, background, in-camera editing, and shooting. These apps will give you the needed voice to create your statement to share across social media and even your emails with the structure of their template.

Note that most of the collage makers online are free to download. There are always things you must keep in mind before you download any collage maker these days. However, the most vital thing to bear in mind is what you will make use of the finished collage.

Will you be printing the finished collage to canvas, or will you share it on your Facebook or Instagram page. There are collage makers that will allow you to export your images, but they will have a relatively low resolution.

These types will be beautiful when viewed online but come out blurry and very distasteful in print. For those who want to commit their creation to ink and paper, you may want a service that allows you to export it as print quality JPG or PDF.

You are to also consider the template. Some of these collage makers will provide users with a grid and leave users to fend for themselves. This may be ideal for those who have a clear picture of what they will want to create.

However, if you are not so confident in your creativity, it will be better to use a collage maker with some set of smart yet pre-made templates.

In all, have it in mind that most collage makers are free while some are both free but also make use of premium subscription services. These subscription services give users access to more designs, images, and templates.

While the premium elements need to be marked clearly, there are collage makers who provide more free content than others.

To Wrap It Up

It does not matter if you are working on your project, creating a family photo album, or simply celebrating the birthday of a friend on social media; collage makers are a fantastic way to share your videos and photos.

While they are not new, collage makers have many intriguing new features that make them more exciting and fun. For this reason, we have created this article to teach you how to make collage online free without any hassle.

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