How to Become a Best Selling Author on Amazon: Step by Step Guide

Finally, you have completed your first book, and you cannot wait to present your masterpiece to the world. Now, you want to make use of Amazon’s self-publishing service, but you have no idea how to publish a book on Amazon.

This will be simple as self-publishing services provided by websites such as Amazon have made it easy for aspiring authors to let the world see their works.

While you may be wondering about how to become the best selling author on Amazon, we must let you know that putting the finishing touches on your work is easy on Amazon.

You just need to browse through Amazon’s publishing options to discover a format that will work perfectly for you. You must learn how you can be a bestselling author on Amazon in a bid to get visibility for your book on Amazon.

Understand that, since Amazon’s emergence and the intriguing way it has leveled the playing field for self-publishing, you can do without a traditional publisher.

Note that there are lots of self-published and successful authors currently making a living via their writing. They are doing this either by being at the front end with royalties or the back end with services, programs, and products they are selling.

Nonetheless, there is an issue when it comes to self-publishing on Amazon. This issue revolves around the fact that Amazon is a crowded place. So, if you want your work of art to be found by the needed readers, you will need to be shown up on lots of the best sellers lists as possible.

Imaging starting a Mexican restaurant in your hometown; you will surely want to show up on page one of Google search. This is the same as Amazon. When readers type in keywords for the type of book you have written, you will surely want to show up in the search results.

Not just the search results but in lots of bestsellers lists. If you want to become a bestselling author on Amazon, you must understand the Amazon platform.

With this understanding, you will be capable of leveraging the platform and finding readers for your book. In addition to all this, you will need to choose the profit path you want to go for.

Like we stated above, you can either make your money with royalties or via the services you offer. Whichever way you choose, you will need your book to be shown on the bestsellers list so that you can sync with your readers.

If you never knew, Amazon’s self-publishing is gaining momentum. It will surprise you to note that it is rated as the number one retailer for books worldwide.

Nevertheless, if you end up making some errors while publishing on Amazon, you must note that your results as an author will be quite unsatisfactory. It must be noted that the self-publishing industry is very sensitive to authors who make mistakes.

In all, Amazon self-publishing is the ideal option to self-publish, and we will make it easier for you with our guide. Surprisingly, you do not need to go through the challenging effort to land that book deal.

Some difficulties are surrounding publishing a book as you will need to meet unrealistic deadlines, which will cut you out of the majority of the earnings.

Now, you will have full control of your book and its revenues when you publish on Amazon. Though it is highly recommended that you use the Amazon self-publishing service, many writers are overwhelmed by the plethora of information centered around self-publishing.

Truly, it gets intimidating for the first-timers. In a bid to ease up on some of the uncertainties and anxieties, we have created a step by step comprehensive self-publishing guide to follow in a bid to get your book published.

However, before we delve into the steps that will answer how to become the best selling author on Amazon, there are some things you must know.

Why Is Amazon Self-Publishing The Ideal Option

First and foremost, traditional publishing is currently on its way out. While it has been the reality for some time, it is for good reasons. Traditional publishing has had its time and was considered the only option for publishing a book.

Why Is Amazon Self-Publishing The Ideal Option

And now, Amazon self-publishing is the ideal option because:

  • More than seventy percent of books are being sold on Amazon
  • Three hundred and ten million book buyers purchased books via Amazon last year alone, and they accounted for more than one hundred and seventy-eight billion in sales.
  • It is swifter and easier with self-publishing on Amazon.

There are lots of huge differences between self-publishing traditionally and doing that on Amazon. As it stands, most authors prefer to take their talents to Amazon and not go through the big publishing houses. You should do that too.

In our world today, anyone with a laptop can publish books. Even though skeptics think that if it is not a New York Times bestseller, then it is not a real bestseller, they should be ignored, and writers should never be discouraged.

Bestselling authors can be millionaires when they self-publish on Amazon’s kindle direct publishing platform. However, you must bear in mind that not all best selling authors are millionaires.

To achieve such success, you will have to plan carefully. Thankfully for this article, we will be showing you the steps to take to make your book stand out among lots of book titles.

You should think of this article as a game plan for the self-published authors. We will be making use of Amazon’s KDP path. While it is not the only available platform, the majority of the steps can be applied elsewhere. Though, some of the steps will be specific to the KDP.

What Is A Best Seller List?

It is imperative to note that a Bestseller list is built by diverse publications that indicate and recognize the top-selling books of a certain time frame in any number of places.

You must have heard of the New York Time’s Bestsellers list as it is by far the most prominent list. However, there are other types of bestseller lists, which include:

  • Publishers Weekly Bestsellers List
  • Amazon Bestsellers list
  • USA Today Bestsellers List, and;
  • The Wallstreet Journal Bestseller List

While all bestseller lists are not the same, any publication can create their version of the bestseller list. This means that as an author, you will have more opportunities.

Interestingly, there are benefits attached to being the best selling author. Although most popular bestseller lists are not quite fair, there are still some intriguing perks attached to becoming known as a bestselling author.

Some of the benefits of landing your name on the bestseller list include:

The Title

Nothing seems to be quite as satisfying as been known as a bestselling author. While it makes you feel good, it is also seen as an accomplishment, no matter how it occurred.

It gives you a confidence boost that will make you want to work hard to achieve your goals.

Its credibility

You must know that people tend to take bestselling authors much more seriously than others. This is because there is some proof that your book sold more, and of course, it means your book is better for people.

Once they feel this way about you being a bestselling author, they will respect you, your book, and whatever you place in front of them, such as a business.

Your books will sell more

We just mentioned above that being a bestselling author will increase your credibility. This means that people will purchase your book just for that title. They will buy your book even though they do not know who you are or what is in the book.

This is a very easy way to increase book sales.

You can easily sell future books

Immediately you hit the bestseller status; you can add the title to other future books you are planning on writing. Many people will likely buy your book because the bestselling status indicates that it will be a good book and a good read.

Now, you can go further to charge more for some non-author gigs. There are gigs like being a speaker or some other side business linked to your book. With the bestseller status, you can easily charge more.

How to Become a Best Selling Author on Amazon

Have you been searching for how to become a best selling author on Amazon? Are you confused about how to publish a book on Amazon? Well, your problems are over with this detailed guide.

While anybody can practically self-publish on Amazon, it is not guaranteed that the book will do well and even sell. You will need to know the specifics starting from setting up a KDP account down to the Kindle ebook pricing.

If all of these are done correctly, you can expect a successful debut and a good amount of extra income. The steps involved in becoming the best selling author on Amazon include:

Step 1: Discover the bestseller categories

Step 1: Discover the bestseller categories

In a bid to discover the bestseller categories, you will have to visit here.  It is a shortcut to the best sellers page of Amazon’s kindle store.

You will find the diverse parent categories and even the top one hundred books for all Amazon bestseller categories for kindle books over there. It is from this point you will begin your market research.

Note that, when you get to the Amazon kindle bestsellers list, you will discover the complete list of kindle eBooks and parent categories on the far left hand corner of the page.

At the center of the page, you will find the top one hundred paid and free kindle books in the store. When you select a category on the left you will see the bestsellers in the group.

If you were looking for a book on discovering the tight person to marry, you will have to look for a book that revolves around discovering the perfect life partner. You are to select the parent categories that you feel will be relevant.

And, you are to see if you can find any ideal child category for the book. If you cannot find any under the first category you picked, you can go back and try another one. This process must be repeated until you find the category you seek.

Bear in mind that, patience is vital ad there are more than twenty-eight thousand seven hundred categories. It will take some time to find what you are searching for.

Step 2: Analyse your competition

In learning how to become a bestselling author on Amazon, you will need to begin analyzing the bestselling books in this category. You are to study the:

  • Titles
  • Book covers, and;
  • Book descriptions of the bestselling books available in your market.

Furthermore, you are to read through the customer reviews and discover what readers hate and love about the books. Furthermore, you will need to discover whether your book is in a short or long-term market.

If you are to write a book about Twitter or other technology topics, you must know that they are in short term markets. This is because technology is always changing, and technology companies like Twitter are always making changes and updates.

This means you must always update the books if you need them to stay on top or relevant. However, this will help you in creating a long term stream of passive income from royalties.

The reason is that the short term markets like technology will virtually guarantee that your book will not be sold in five, ten, or fifty years. Will you be willing to buy a ten years old book about marketing on Facebook? Your answer may most likely be in the negative.

There are chances that you would rather seek the latest book with the latest and current strategies. Understand that this is a huge problem for publishers and authors of books in short-term markets like technology.

What you will want is a book that sells both yearly and monthly. This cannot be done or flagged off as impossible in short-term publishing markets like computers and technology.

Furthermore, the books on self-help, weight loss, novels, and other functions are grouped under long term markets. You will most likely earn royalties for a long time if you publish these types of books.

To date, novels like Gone with the wind are still sold even though it was published over eighty years ago. It is a book that will continuously sell because it is grouped in the long-term market.

The amazing thing about being an author is that you get to own the copyright for your book up to seventy-five years after you have died. Also, the copyrights van be passed down to your kids, great-grandkids, and grandkids.

This surely means that your family will continuously earn an income from your book so long as Amazon or other retailers distribute it. They will also earn an income so far there is demand from the readers if your book remains relevant.

If you want to learn how to publish a book on Amazon, you must take a cursory look at your readers’ demographics. This will help you get a crystal clear understanding of your readers. The demographics to look at include:

  • Are your readers more of females or males?
  • Do you know their age group?
  • Are you aware of their interests?
  • Any ideas where they live?
  • What kind of books do they read?
  • What other services are your readers likely to purchase?

You must spend your money and time marketing to your readers. If your marketing is focused on the wrong audience, you will be unhappy with the book sales.

Step 3: Writing and Formatting Your book

Once done with your book, before you can take the step to publish your work via Amazon’s swift publishing service, you will need to ensure that you have polished the book to the best of your abilities.

You are to engage in scanning the final draft for syntactical errors, typos, and scan through passages that may be unnecessary or hard to follow. You are to trim as much as possible to tighten up the composition.

Bear in mind that rigorous editing is vital to publishing a good work of literature. The simpler it is to read the book, the better it will be received by your readers.

Note that Amazon has a strict set of standards for its content quality. So, if your book is filled with mistakes, there is a high chance that it will be rejected.

In a bid to avoid scenarios like this, you can have someone else like an expert editor or trusted friend proofread the book before you submit. In formatting your book, you should get it formatted in a proper manner.

For those who may have written their books on a standard word processor such as Microsoft word, you will have to reformat the book in a bid for it to be displayed properly.

It will need to either be in paperback form or e-reader. Fortunately for authors, Amazon has made the process easier by providing some useful guides. These guides will assist you in preparing your work with little stress.

You just need to follow the steps that have been outlined in interesting tutorials on Amazon’s KDP website. It will help in giving your book a presentable look.

There is also the option of using diverse pre-made templates if you will be publishing a paperback. When you use a format like MOBI or PDF, the formatting of your original composition will be preserved when you want to upload it.

Also, the original graphics and extra text elements will be preserved as well.

Step 4: Design a great cover

You can assist your designer in creating an amazing cover that is completely branded for your market. You can look at the covers of the top one hundred books in any category you choose.

However, if you have an image in mind already, you can simply upload it so far it is the ideal size and has a protected copyright. Or, Amazon’s in-built design feature will help you put one together.

It is vital that your cover will be capable of capturing the attention of readers instantly and providing a visual summary of the major themes or content of the book. Amazon has gone further to recommend that images that are uploaded as cover art must have a width or height ratio of 1:6.

Some questions you need to ask when going through high ranking books include:

  • What do the covers communicate about all these books?
  • What are the fonts used, and which of the fonts look best?
  • What colors were used for the cover?
  • What sort of images and illustrations were used?
  • What sort of emotions do these covers elicit from you or readers?

You are to ensure that your book cover is capable of eliciting emotions from your readers like the one you want them to experience whenever they pick up your book to read.

An example you should have in mind is that romance novels book covers are always sexy or romantic. Horror novel covers must be scary, while comedy book covers are to be entertaining and fun.

Like we stated earlier, you are to review all the covers from the bestsellers page and take notes of the ones you love the most.

And, if you like the font on any of the covers, or you like the color and the emotion it elicits in you, you can place the link in your file with a note that describes the elements you prefer.

When you are done, you are to compile the list and send it to your cover designer. Note that it will be your cover designer’s guide to create a cover based on the ideal elements of the best book covers available in your market.

Step 5: Discover engaging keywords

In our steps on how to become a bestselling author on Amazon, you are to review the bestselling book subtitles and titles for both emotional phrases and keywords.

You are to take note of the ones that truly stand out in your opinion.  It is also vital to read through other book description. You are to ask yourself questions about how these authors could pitch their books to their readers.

Although keywords, titles, and rankings can attract interests, descriptions are the ideal opportunity on Amazon to tell your readers why they need to purchase your book.

Most of the books that sell well on Amazon have highly detailed descriptions that are entertaining to read. Ensure that you include key information so that your readers can tell if your book is ideal for them.

It should be noted that your description should indicate whether your book is a self-help book that will assist readers in being more confident or if it is a historical romance novel containing sex scenes.

If your readers cannot tell what your book is about when they read through the description,  you will have to rewrite it. With the ideal keywords, you should be capable of hooking your readers with an amazing opening.

For fiction and non-fiction authors, many readers tend to judge your book in the first two pages. If you lose the reader’s interest initially, you will not have the opportunity again to recapture the lost interest.

You are to study the first two pages of every bestseller available in your market. You can go further to model the elements of entertaining, intriguing, and simply the best.

You will lose readers and your everyday sales if the first two pages of your book are considered boring. In addition to seeking engaging keywords, you are to listen to the readers available in your market.

Discover what readers want and what they do not want to see when they purchase your book. You must read every customer review that is both positive and negative.

Jot down what they loved and all that they hated. It will enable you to see where the opportunities are in the market. Also, it will tell you the demand of your readers so that you can adequately supply it.

And your next step is to ensure that the elements they love are embedded in your book while the things they hate are not to be found in it. This simple process will enable you to understand your readers better than the other authors in your market.

Step 6: Select your two target categories

The next step in this guide on how to publish a book on Amazon is selecting your two target categories. This selection will be based on the research you have carried out in the first three steps.

You are, to begin with, the most relevant and the least competitive for your book. The question you might be asking right now is how you can know the ideal ones to select.

Now, if you discover ten relevant categories and one of them demands only ten sales in a day to be number one and the others demand one thousand sales, you are to pick the one with the least amount of sales to rank for when you begin.

This will help you gain momentum and attract more readers who are browsing through Amazon’s bestseller lists. Once you get more book sales, you can start moving your book to a more competitive category.

Bear in mind that this process can be repeated until your book gets ranked at the top of the most competitive categories. You can aim to have your book ranking in the number one spot in a target category.

And go further to aim that it ranks at least on the number twenty stop for the other. This is because Amazon’s bestseller category pages operate like Google’s search engine results pages.

If you never knew, the link in the number one position is the same link most likely to be clicked on by readers. It can attract as much as fifty percent of all clicks. This is where you will want your book to be.

Amazon tends to display the top twenty books on the first page of every category. Sales that get to rank below twenty will be listed on the second page or later on.

This is not close to being as effective at attracting newer clicks and sales as when you are ranked on the first page. You will need the first-page exposure as it means more people will likely click through to the listing page of your book and buy it.

An ideal way to select important categories is through understanding who your readers are, to be precise. Yet another way to do this is by checking the category of your competitors.

You can pay a visit to the book’s page’s product details section and check through other categories it might be ranking for. Check if these different categories will be vital for your book and if your readers in the category will be interested in our chasing your book.

Once you discover the two target categories, you are to target when you debut your book.

Step 7: Have an idea of the number of sales you will need.

This is the point where everything gets exciting. If you never knew, you can make use of the free Amazon book sales calculator to find out the number of books you will need to sell in a bid to hit number one on Amazon.

Amazon has over forty-two thousand, five hundred, and twenty-one categories. Whenever you open this sales calculator, you can type in the Amazon bestsellers rank of any book available on Amazon.

When you do this, it will tell you the exact amount of sales you will need to make within thirty days or twenty-four hours.

An example is that we are aware of the number one book in the kindle store about education and teaching, studying, and workbooks. Finally, study skill is an excellent category for students seeking better grades and experts who want to function better.

This study skills book will have a paid kindle sales rank of number one thousand and sixty.

The calculator will perform its job by letting you know that you need two thousand, six hundred and fifty sales within thirty days or one hundred and seventy-seven sales in a day for your book to hit the same ranking and be number one.

You must have gone through step Two and have a good idea about who your readers are, the kind of books they like, and all they do not like about the best-selling books available in the market.

Right now, you just need to know how to beat these bestsellers and get Amazon to place your book in the number position.  When you are placed in the number one position, you will be capable of attracting new readers.

This is why you must know the number of books your competitors are selling and the number of sales you will need to hit number one in the same category.

When using the Amazon book sales calculator, simply copy the bestsellers rank from the number one book in that category and paste its number in the bestseller ranking box.

When you click on calculate, you will see the number of sales you need to hit number one.

Step 8: Create an account on kindle direct publishing

While you have read through the steps above, you must note that you will need to have an account with them before you can delve into Amazon publishing.

Step 8: Create an account on kindle direct publishing

In learning how to become a bestselling author on Amazon, you will need an account with KDP. This is why you must visit the Kindle Direct Publishing website and click on the option that indicates you should create a new account.

While there, you will need to input all of your details like:

  • Your name or the name of your private publishing company
  • Address
  • Email ad phone number, and;
  • Zipcode

Note that Amazon will make use of the contact information that you provided to send you vital notifications all through the process of publication. Also, KDP will be collecting some important tax details like:

  • Social security number, and;
  • Individual taxpayer identification

They will need this for the primary purpose of managing royalty payments and taxes immediately you begin making sales. However, if you have an account with Amazon already, you can use your login information to create a KDP profile.

If you want to know how to publish a book on Amazon, you must understand that with KDP, you can select your ideal publication format. You will be given the option to have your book printed as either a traditional paperback or in the form of a digital e-reader.

You can choose which one will be better for presenting your work. Note that if your book is a thriller for young adults, it will better appeal to paperback collectors.

However, a self-help book will be easily accessible to people who prefer to read on their mobile device. Understand that the number of royalties that you will collect will vary depending on the format you pick.

Interestingly, authors tend to receive seventy percent of the unit price for every digital copy sold and about eight years percent for the physical copies. More so, Amazon will take a little percentage of every sale in a bid to recoup the cost of printing paperback books.

The format to set up your kindle direct publishing account include:

The format to set up your kindle direct publishing account

  • Visit here and proceed to register with either your email address or your amazon account.
  • The next step is to hit on the update button in your account information and input your tax information. It is vital to note that you will need to finish your tax information before publishing your first work of literature. You cannot skip this step.
  • Immediately, your tax information is inputted, click on the finished button and go back to the main page.

You have finally completed your profile. With the KDP account setup, you can now proceed to set up details of your book. While in the KDP profile, you will need to input both your book’s subtitle and title.

Although the subtitle is optional, know that having an ideal subtitle is something you should consider. This is because it will help bring more views and build a powerful intrigue as it helps people discover your book.

In your search on becoming a best selling author on Amazon, you will need a great book title. When crafting the title, you can make use of a book hook. The book hook must be able to speak to the reader in a unique voice.

This voice should be capable of grabbing their attention and easily feed into whatever they desire. Also, you can proceed to list the benefits of your book in the subtitle. You can offer your readers some fascinating information that will attract them.

Every reader wants to know what they can get from a book. And, as you try to get the best book title, you should think about what will attract you from a book title. Your book title should be kept simple, unique, and straightforward.

You are to research the title you will be using and ensure a high ranking book has not used it.

Step 9: Create a listing for your book

In creating a listing for your work of literature, you will need to go to your bookshelf in the KDP account. Through this hub, you will be capable of uploading your work, creating and editing listings, and even checking your user stats.

When you have accessed the bookshelf, find and hit on the +kindle ebook or +paperback option. It will depend on the format you are going with. Once this is done, you are to enter the details of your book.

The next step will have you going through diverse forms that will prompt you to input vital information about yourself and your work. It will include details like:

  • The title of your book
  • Your name
  • Short description, and even;
  • The ideal age range

While at this stage, you can freely pick some identifying keywords and categories that will help marketing your book to the intending readers. For instance, you may categorize your book as a kid’s fantasy, or you may use keywords such as travel, blogging, or cooking.

These keywords will make your listing appear in search results. You are to take your time while you fill out every item. This is because the more complete your listing is, the higher chance your book will have to get noticed.

When you are set to upload your book, you can easily click on the browse button as it will locate the file on your computer. With this, you can start the upload process. It may take some minutes, especially if your work is lengthy.

Nevertheless, you will be able to make some tweaks to your listing when the book is completely uploaded. It will only be sent off for publishing once you give the go-ahead.

Note that KDP accepts the majority of the digital file formats, including:

  • Pdf
  • Html
  • Mobi, and;
  • Doc

It would help if you did not forget to convert your file to Kindle format before you move on to publish an ebook. In the case wherein you may be ready to submit your book for publication, you are to first of all preview the page layout and the cover design

There is a preview function that you can use in seeing how the finished book will look. You are to pay close attention to both formatting errors and visible typos. Be careful at this point as it will be one of your last chances to make any necessary change before your book is sent off for publishing.

Note that eBooks are displayed differently depending on the screen. It will be worth it to preview your book on various devices in a bid to have an idea of what it will look like across the board.

Once this is done, you are to proceed to set a price for your book. You are to settle on a fair price. And you must take into account the book’s format and the marketability of the subject matter.

More so, it will be highly reasonable to charge high for a paperback textbook on theoretical physics than for a short eBook for kids. It would be of help if you looked at similar titles for reference when considering a price for your listing.

There will be different royalty options within the range of seventy and thirty-five percent. In some cases, the rate of seventy percent will provide you with more cash for each sale.

Nonetheless, there will be no charge for delivery for physical copies if you claim the thirty-five percent rate. This might be your only option if you reside in a smaller market or set your price lower than $2.99 to boost sales.

For those unaware, Amazon deducts a little percentage from every sale as a distribution fee when you publish your work online. EBooks’ are no exceptions.

Furthermore, when you are satisfied with your listing, you can easily click on the button that suggests you should publish your kindle eBook or publish your paperback book.

All the files you uploaded will be transferred to the KDP or the CreateSpace content team. They will get it set for publication. You will get a notification when your book has been successfully submitted and when it goes up.

Understand that it will take roughly seventy-two hours for your book to be available for purchase via Amazon. Interestingly, you can keep on updating your listing even when your book has been published officially.

You can check your feedback, sales, and other statistics via your KDP account for those unaware. You need to log in to your user portal periodically to check how your title is performing.

Interestingly, Amazon offers daily reports to authors who use their site to publish their literary works. It will enable you to see how often your book is purchased and lent in actual time. It will make you an active participant in the business aspect.

You can also create an Amazon author page wherein readers can discover more about you and all the titles you have available. Also, the royalty statements are sent roughly every sixty days.

If your book is a success, you will be getting a steady stream of income flowing in.

Step 10: Get Amazon to place your book in its right category

Here, things can get quite complicated. This is because the categories shown on Amazon and your KDP account are not similar or the same. It is only roughly fifty percent of the categories that exist on the Amazon site that exist in your KDP account.

To ensure that you discover the most vital and useful categories for your book, you will need to research Amazon’s website. Here, every one of the more than forty-two thousand five hundred and twenty-one categories is available.

Immediately you find the category you want your book to be on; you are to contact Amazon immediately via mail. When the email is sent, Amazon will change the categories for your book in a timeframe of twenty-four hours.

Your email can look like this:

Dear Amazon,

Please consider changing the category of my book to:

Kindle store 》Kindle eBooks 》Food and Wine 》 Beverages and drinks》 beer.

Once this mail is sent, expect your book’s category to be changed within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. With this, you will not have to struggle through the limited and poorly organized selection of bestseller categories in KDP.

If you follow this easy step, it will save you a lot of time, mainly if you publish diverse books. On a general note, there are myriad challenges in problems in selecting categories.

While you want to choose the right categories, you must know how to avoid having your books mistakenly placed in the wrong categories. Note that Amazon displays Book Industry Subject and Category (BISAC) on its site to customers.

However, it does not display this within your account on KDP. The BISAC categories are a globally known industry standard categorization system that is used in organizing books.

It is used to make it easier when readers browse through libraries and bookstores. As for your KDP account, it displays only Amazon’s in-house categories. Lesser than fifty percent of kindle categories listed for readers browsing is available in the KDP account.

Also, Amazon often changes the names, hierarchies, and locations of most of its bestseller lists and adds new ones monthly. The problem now is how do you get to stay on top.

Understand that the bare minimum for the bestseller list research is to be done every three months. This will mean that you are to mark a reminder in your calendar every three months to repeat the steps outlined above.

Nonetheless, if you are an expert or savvy publisher, you can always research and browse through the bestsellers list to analyze the best-selling books in the market. You can do this daily or even twice a day.


Now that you understand the basics of how to become a bestselling author on Amazon and how to publish a book on Amazon, it will be easy for you from here onwards.

You do not have to be scared if the steps will work for you; you need to focus on the basics of success and master the steps. These steps are the foundation for becoming successful in publishing.

With the steps, you can understand your readers, your competition, and the market. You can quickly provide the best books and interact with your readers on why they should purchase your book.


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