20 Hobbies That Make Money

Hobbies That Make Money Blog Post

Hobbies That Make Money

As humans, we all have things we enjoy doing naturally, and we call them our hobbies. Are you aware that there are some hobbies that make money for individuals?

If you never knew, you are reading the ideal article that will expose you to ways to make money with that hobby of yours. Although we do not naturally have hobbies for the sake of money, some end up being streams of income if taken seriously.

Understand that our hobbies define us, and most of us have no clue that our hobbies can double up as a means to make extra cash. Have you been thinking of how to make extra money? This article is for you.

Many people do not enjoy their daily office jobs; these people will rather spend time doing what they love, like their hobbies, than sit idly in an office. There are hobbies for men who bring in lots of cash; interestingly, we will outline these hobbies.

How To Make Extra Money

One thing the emergence of the Internet and the 2020 pandemic has taught us is that there is no safe job out there. Our economy has been known to take wild swings beyond human control, and people end up losing their jobs.

When a reliable nine to five job disappears, people end up in severe monetary trouble.

This is one of the major reasons why you should seek ways to make money. It is important to have a side business in case of any unexpected circumstances. There are different ways to make extra income, and you may be wondering why this is important.

Some of the reasons why an extra job by the side is important are:

Special opportunities

Having an extra job on the side will open you to new opportunities created around you all the time. With the extra job, you will no longer have to depend on one income source to cover all you need in life.

However, with several income streams aiding in covering your basic expenses, you will be free to pursue your dreams even if they are not lucrative. With these opportunities, you can begin an online business even if you are still tied to your nine to five.

Note that the online ecosystem is filled with diverse possibilities. You can begin a highly viable online business that will make you utilize your interests and skills.

Sticking to your values

Being capable of depending on yourself with online business opportunities means that you live life by your morals and values. It also means lesser stress and greater satisfaction.

Furthermore, working another job probably from home will enable parents with kids to stay home, allow them to travel, and create a business whose integrity is fully supported by their moral code.

Taking risks

It is vital to make extra money as venturing into your online business or switching in your career will enable you to take more risks in life. While success at another job will not manifest at once, it will take time and help build you to take risks and challenges.

20 Hobbies That Make Money

Are you aware that there are hobbies that make money? Did you know that these hobbies for men can range between anything you do at your leisure time and all you are passionate about?

We are all searching for ways to boost our earning prospects, and finding hobbies that can earn you the extra cash is a fantastic way to pad your wallet and start doing things you enjoy.

For those seeking how to make extra money, sit back, relax, and skim through our list of hobbies that make money. They include:

1. Gardening

For those unaware, growing vegetables in that garden of yours can bring you more than enough cash because people are hungry for products that are grown at home. Once you spread the word, you will find customers on your front porch.

Some people enjoy working under the sun in their gardens. If you are among them, you can grow organic foods and start supplying food markets. You can start your vegetable garden or even plant fruit trees.

People will be glad to purchase homegrown produce, and in no time, you will be making cool cash out of your love for gardening.

2. Painting

The art of painting is forever fresh, and there are people gifted with this amazing work of art. If you enjoy painting, there is a great way to make money out of it. This way is through selling your paintings on DeviantArt.

For starters, DeviantArt is known ad the biggest online social network for both art enthusiasts and artists. It is a prominent platform for artists to promote, exhibit, and share their paintings with an art-centric ecosystem.

The platform has more than sixty-one million members and has been known to attract roughly forty-five million unique visitors monthly.

Members usually upload hundreds, if not thousands, of authentic pieces of paintings daily.

3. Baking

If you thought that vegetables and fruits are the only food sold at farmer’s markets, then you should think again. Interestingly, some shoppers skip the veggies and head straight to the baked goods.

For those who enjoy baking, there is a chance to make money out of it today. When you bake, you can sell your goods at cafes. Do not sit idly, assuming that only a bake sale will bring money from your hobby.

There are many cafes where snacks are sold; you are to target them with your baked goods. You can also get them sold at a bar.

4. Cooking

Are you a lover of cooking and do not mind sharing your sumptuous meal with people? If you know your way around the kitchen, then this is the ideal opportunity for you.

Lots of people out there cannot cook, and some crave to learn. You can begin a cooking channel to share your recipes with your subscribers and give them tips to prepare specific meals.

If you are scared, you can begin by organizing a class for both friends and acquaintances. Invite them to bring anybody they know will have an interest in cooking.

In no time, you can start your channel and earn some money off YouTube or Google.

5. Make Craft

Do you love making jewelry, knitting, or simply creating things out of the simplest of things? If you love making useful things, then chances are there are people out there that will love your creations.

When you create your Craft, you can sell them in craft shops or online marketplaces like eBay. A place like eBay is taken as a huge online marketplace that is home to homemade crafts.

There are consumers out there seeking ways to fully support local businesses, and they may likely prefer an item that is handcrafted to imported items.

6. Pet sitting

If you love having pets around you, be it yours or not, there is a great chance that you can take care of other people’s pets for cool cash. You may have neighbors with dogs but too busy to walk the dogs after a long day at work.

You can take their dogs out for a walk for a fee. There are pet owners who do not like leaving their pets home alone when they are out or when they need to travel. This set of people will pay for you to take their pets in while they are out.

If you take on the opportunity to be a pet sitter, you may be wondering where you can get this job. You may want to put out flyers or tell your neighbors about this hobby of yours. While these suggestions will be nice, there is a better way to go around it.

You can be a part-time or full-time pet sitter when you register on For those unaware, Roger sitter is similar to babysitting sites, but this time around, it is for pets.

When you sign up on their website, you will be immediately linked to a nationwide network of pet owners who need caring providers that provide pet sitting or dog walking.

Signing up as a pet sitter on Rover entails submitting t a formal application and creating a profile on the site. The standards here are quite strict, and the screening procedure is quite thorough.

Once you create your profile, you are to put in your rates such as $20 for a night, photos of yourself, your pets if you have, space your pet guests will stay, and your availability.

There is also the chance to specify the types or sizes of pets you will watch and if other animals live with you. You are free to reject or accept any request.

7. Shopping

Some people enjoy going to the mall or market to shop. If you are among these people, you are in luck as you can make money out of shopping. Those who love the whole process of going out to shop can be personal shoppers for those who have the cash but no time to shop.

In becoming a personal shopper, you can register on a site called Instacart in a bid to be quickly linked to clients. Understand that, Instacart is referred to as an app that links you to clients who need groceries.

With the app, you can sign in, find some orders, shop, and deliver the items your client needs. Whenever you get your pay, you can automatically cash out swiftly. You can also earn some more tips from clients.

All you have to do is create your account with Instacart, download the app, and finish the signup process. You will have to begin a background check. Once the background check is cleared and you have been approved for shopping, simply sign and begin making your money.

8. Driving

Are you aware that you can make cool cash out of driving? Well, you can begin driving for either Uber or Lyft. Simply download the app of any of them and become a boss.

Bear in mind that you can make up to twenty dollars under one hour when you register with any of these companies.

9. Fishing

So many people enjoy fishing as they find themselves being at one with nature peacefully. Now, you can easily use your knowledge of the local river in your environment to sell your services.

Whenever you go fishing, you can catch some fishes and supply to your area’s local market.

10. Fitness Instructor

Do you enjoy working out? If yes, then your calling can as well be a fitness instructor. Since fitness is a passion you love, you can make money from this hobby. You can either open your gym or be a personal trainer.

The requirements needed to be a fitness instructor varies from one gym to the next. While some may need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field, you can also get it by completing some course or taking online training.

11. Babysitting

Do not go around thinking that the job of babysitting is for high schoolers alone. For your information, adults are not restricted from taking this up as a full or part-time job.

If you love babies and will not get tired of how needy they can be, this is a job for you as you can earn up to one hundred dollars per night. You can begin by providing your service to fitness, neighbors, colleagues, or even family members.

This group of people will prefer to hire you than to hire a stranger.

12. Making Bonsai Trees

Yearly, people move to the city and houses with small yards or even a condo balcony. The gardeners who move learn to adapt by practicing how to grow in little spaces and discovering small plants to grow.

Understand that the ultimate small plant to grow is Bonsai trees. The growth of urban areas has added to the increase in demand for these tiny trees. Also, the sales of bonsai trees are experiencing a boom.

You can make money from growing Bonsai trees by selling them locally or online on marketplaces like eBay.

13. Sewing

Are you good with the art of designing with needles and threads? Do you enjoy sewing? If you can sew a duvet cover for beds, shirts, or clothes in general, this is a way to make money.

There are people whose hobbies include sewing. Now, you can get paid by using this hobby to earn cool cash. Sewers of all levels, be it experts or newbies, can turn this skill into a means to make a side income.

As this skill keeps improving, your profits will keep claiming higher.

14. Teaching Music

For those unaware, music lessons pay well enough on an hourly basis, and it gives you the liberty to set your schedule. Note that you can pick and select clients and work with a specific age group you want.

You can work with adults if you do not have the energy to work with kids. You can begin by networking with full-time music teachers in schools. The teachers can take on the role of ideal referral sources.

Furthermore, you can advertise on local websites and even in the newspaper. Although it will be challenging to get clients, once your client base is established, word of mouth will help you grow with little effort.

15. Growing fishes for profit

If you are a fish lover and business-minded, you can combine this passion for earning a living. You can breed some popular fishes and find interested people to buy them. There will be demand for fish such as:

  • Platies
  • Guppies, and even;
  • Bristlenoseplecos

Some people will prefer to purchase fish from fish breeders than to venture into the mall to get fish. Even if it costs more, they will not mind so long as they are buying healthy fish.

16. Become a Zumba instructor

Do you enjoy vibing to the beat and love dancing for the fun of it? If this is you, there is a chance to make something out of your dancing. You can learn how to dance Zumba and end up being a Zumba dance instructor.

Or, if you know how to dance Zumba already, this is the perfect time to teach others and get paid.

17. Swimming Instructor

The whole concept of swimming serves lots of health benefits to both the old and the young. It is a fun recreational activity, and if you are good at it, you can be a swimming instructor to those still learning the ropes.

18. Do Voice Overs

Since the human voice can inform, entertain, and inspire so many things, you can venture into making use of your voice for good. If your voice is lovely enough for the role of voice-overs, you can register at voices to kick off your career and get paid.

Voices is a platform that aims to make the world a positive place via the human voice’s strength. The platform’s mission is to build a definitive ecosystem that links people with the ideal voice to bring their words to life.

19. Flying Drones

The prominent drone technology has the power to capture breathtaking videos, and both companies and businesses will pay reasonable amounts for these videos.

Lots of companies value Drones as the unique vantage point that can assist in marketing their services and products. To make money with a drone, it is solely up to you to set up your prices.

There are drone flyers who earn up to two hundred dollars for just one project.

Make Your Hobby A New Business Opportunity

In venturing into hobbies that make money, you will need to turn your hobby into an intriguing business opportunity. When you turn it into your livelihood, you will have to be prepared to put in the time.

While it starts as your hobby, slowly but surely, it can turn into a business one day with commitment and passion for what you enjoy doing. You can test the concept to see if it will be good enough to yield some profits, and from there on, you can draw up your business plan.

Note that drawing up a business plan means that you take your hobby seriously and are bent on making a nice profit out of it. You can quickly build your brand for better recognition.

How Much Can You Make

The question of how much you can make out of your hobby and the type of hobby involved. With hobbies like babysitting or driving with Uber, you can make up to twenty dollars an hour.

If you are good with gardening and selling your organic produce in the market, it will yield lots of profits. Those good with flying Drones can earn about two hundred dollars or more from the companies that will patronize them.

It will depend on your hobby and your set price rate.


It does not matter what you are passionate about, there are hobbies that make money, and you need to be passionate about them. The trick entails finding creative ways to monetize this hobby of yours without making it tedious and unexciting.

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