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25 Best Group Travel Tips Everyone Should Follow

For most of us, traveling is rated among some of the favorite things we enjoy doing. Well, the world is pretty much a safe place for anyone to pack a bag or two for a fantastic trip.

Some of us were not born as savvy travelers. It merely comes with being on the road for a while. This is why it is vital to have some group travel tips in mind.

These tips are necessary in order not to make travel mistakes, although some are unavoidable. For the uninitiated, travel savviness is known as a process birthed out of:

  • Numerous small mistakes
  • Missed buses or flights
  • Dumb behavior
  • Cultural ignorance

However, one day you may decide to stop with all the crazies and go through airports in a bid to get acquainted with new cultures. The reason we have compiled these group travel tips is to assist you and your group of friends in avoiding travel mistakes.

These are the tips that will help you get enough sleep, save money, meet foreigners and be a much better traveler.

25 Best Group Travel Tips Everyone Should Follow

When we travel, our friends and family tend to wish us a safe trip. Even with how common that wish is, people do not think about the numerous things that may occur during the journey.

For this reason, we have compiled roughly twenty-five group travel tips that will ensure you travel safely no matter where you are headed. These tips include:

1. Embark on an intense research

Why go to a foreign country that you have never been to without researching its culture and language? This is the first step you are meant to take the minute you plan that trip.

You are to try your best to learn more about the country’s language, do research on how much commodities are sold there, and gather data on the country. When you make out intense research, your trip will be fantastic.

Under this intense research, you should check if the country you are headed requires just a passport or if a Visa is needed. It is vital that you have an idea of the requirements necessary to make your trip enjoyable.

Everyone in your group travel plan can take up a particular area to research and then set up a meeting time to discuss.

2. Do not forget your vaccination

In our world today, some countries demand that foreigners get vaccinated before they gain their entrance. These countries require everyone to get treated for specific diseases before they are given access.

You will know this if you follow the first step that has to do with carrying out intensive research. Once you are aware of this, you are to get prepared.

By getting prepared, we mean, you should get your vaccinations some weeks or months before you travel. Ensure that everyone gets vaccines on time, so no one delays the trip

3. Inform your banks on your trip

If you are to visit a foreign country, you should inform the bank about your plans. This is necessary because some people find it challenging to make use of their credit or debit cards while on foreign land.

And, the reason for this difficulty is because banks tend to place a fraud hold on cards when they find out the withdrawal is from overseas.

However, when they are aware of your travel plans, a note is placed on your account. This will allow for the continuous use of your card without any trouble. More so,  there are times we may need to help a friend out with cash while on a group trip

For this reason, you must be credit-card ready to help. And that is what friends are for right?

4. Do not forget your notebook

We do not mean a large note; this is just a small notebook that fits right into your pocket. With this notebook, you can write down some important stuff you would not want to forget on your trip.

There must be someone who enjoys taking notes on a group trip. The reason why it should be the perfect fit for your pocket is so that you do not spend the whole trip holding a note in your hands.

While you may think a notebook will not be necessary to understand that, you will need to note down vital numbers

These numbers include:

  • Your flight number
  • Itinerary confirmation number
  • Significant phone numbers, etc.

You will need to refer to these numbers at some point in time; this is why you must have a notebook or pad in hand. All of you can get your notebooks or assign someone to write down everyone’s numbers.

5. Check on your health insurance coverage

This step should be taken weeks before you make your big trip. It is more than vital to check on what your health insurance covers. It is essential as it would let you know if you are covered when you travel.

Nevertheless, if it does not cover, you can swiftly check for other alternatives for you to be covered. You all must check this out. Nobody wants to be the cause of a canceled trip

6. Take a carry-on bag along

A fantastic group travel tip you would surely not want to miss out is the carry-on bag. The carry-on bag is vital during your flight, as it will assist in saving some cash. This has to do with the fees you get to pay for baggage.

On a group trip, some of your friends may want to pack so many baggages with them, well, it is best you let them know that a carry-on bag will save everyone from paying extra fees.

Asides the baggage fee, the carry-on bag is the simplest way to monitor vital files and any other important stuff of yours.

7. Use an app to make your life easier

When planning group-travel with friends, you can save time and energy by downloading travel apps available at your disposal. These apps will be more than beneficial to you.

This is because they provide all the necessary information about the country you are visiting as well as specific places you can visit when you get to your destination. Note that, with these apps, you can plan your trip in a much better way

You will have an idea of the fancy places to visit and restaurants you can get sumptuous meals. Check out our “Top 11 Group Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Trip” article to find a compiled list of best group travel apps.

8. Passport expiry date

It is in your best interest to avoid any form of embarrassment by the time you get to the airport. As one of the group travel tips, you must compulsorily check the date of the expiration of your passport.

This check should be carried out weeks before you venture on your trip. This is because it will save you enough time to renew the passport just in case it expired.

Also, some countries require a minimum of six months left before your passport expires in a bid to visit their country. Your friends can take turns in checking out each other’s passport expiration date.

9. Shopping and more shopping

As a vital group travel tip, bear in mind not to pay for the first flight you come across. Shop a little for better deals. Airlines are forever in competition with one another. And this is why it is in your best interest to shop around.

Airlines are out to offer the best deals to passengers. You should bank on this before you book your flight. Furthermore, you should have time to book your flight. To find affordable flights, you should book months before your trip.

Bear in mind that, the red-eye flights are much cheaper than the regular flights. But, these flights are usually scheduled to leave at dawn or late in the night. Since you will be traveling in groups, this will be fun.

Importantly, you should select the best seat days before your flight takes off. The aim is to be comfortable all through the trip. You all can split into twos to shop for the best deals these airlines are offering

10. Try the local cuisine

Why visit a foreign land if you are still going to stick with the usual food you eat every day? Where is the fun in that? Remember not to judge the food based on how it looks.

When you are in a foreign land, you should try out new things by making a move to taste the various cuisines available. No matter what you may have been made to believe, trying out a new meal is not so scary.

Try out the local cuisine uneven if you have no idea whatsoever what it is. It will be fun to try new meals with friends.

11. Make small plans

There are times we make so many plans to carry out during our trips and end up doing little to nothing. The fact is that, for trips like this, there is a possibility for your plans to change.

The fact is that you all might get to the destination and hate it there that you would want to leave the next day. Or, you may love it and want to spend the rest of your life there.

What if your group of friends make some new friends and have to make new plans that can accommodate them. Or, you may find a smaller town that you would prefer to spend the whole trip there.

In simpler terms, make room for plans, but then, your ideas should be limited as anything can come up unexpectedly. Remember that, in tourist destinations, you may meet someone willing to accommodate you as well.

12. Spare passport photos

The aim of carrying some extra passport photos is to not get lost in the streets of a foreign country, searching for a photographer just because your passport expired during the trip.

You might need additional photos just in case you need to get a new sim card. The fact is that, with additional photos, you do not need to wander around an unknown city searching for who to take a passport-sized photo of you.

Also, instead of visiting interesting sites with your friends, you all may have to be walking around searching for a photographer. No one wants to be the one to spoil the fun of a group trip.

13. Do not forget your sunscreen

Going to a new destination means you will spend most of the day in the sun due to the beach time and moving from one island to the next. The whole day will be spent exploring new places.

Never forget to wear your sunscreen no matter the temperature. No one wants to get back home, treating a body full of leathery wrinkles, or even skin cancer. The exciting part of a group trip is that someone will always carry a sunscreen along

14. Pictures and more pictures

In our world today, we post diverse pictures all over the internet. Roughly ten out of twenty-five pictures are those we snapped while on vacation. The main aim of these photos is the memories they bring back.

Do not go on a trip and be shy to ask the local folks to help with a picture or two. It is the pictures you take that makes the whole trip beautiful. Group pictures about trips are fun and bring back memories when hung on a wall

15. Language

The locals will respect you when you can pick up one or two words in their dialect. Little words like hello, sorry, thank you, and please should not be so hard to learn. It is going to be your problem if you cannot speak the language

Also, avoid speaking in a high tone just to make the locals understand you. They are not deaf. There are translation apps on our devices; you can download some before leaving for your destination.

We know we have friends that excel in learning new languages, they can be the ones to speak to the locals.

16. Earplugs and a sleep mask

Always remember that travel is not conducive to the sort of sleep you may think you deserve.

What if your friends are heavy snorers or there is someone in the group who enjoys waking up early? What if you end up with drunk backpackers making so much noise at night?

Now, if you do not find yourself in a hostel, the street noise might be too noisy for someone coming from a quiet city. There may be a bar or two nearby, playing loud music.

All we are trying to say is that you should travel with both earplugs and a sleep mask as they will help boost your sleep.

17. Emergency cash

The importance of emergency cash can never be overemphasized. With emergency cash, you can pay for stuff that you do not need to worry about using your card for.

Your group should ensure everyone travels with cash that can easily be changed in case of an emergency. This is a group travel tip that should never be ignored.

18. Don’t be discouraged about a destination

Sometimes, information about a particular place may be hard to find online. This is why we mentioned earlier that you all could take on diverse topics about a place to research. Somehow, information can be gotten when it is group work.

However, while one person might be discouraged about going, some others might inspire them to try it out. Just because there is little information about a place online, it does not mean it will not be fun.

19. Wrong expectations

When traveling with a group of friends, you should never expect everything to go in the right direction. You will set yourself up for an epic fail if you think traveling with friends always turn up perfect

But here lies the beauty of it all. One day, all of you will sit and laugh at the crazy things that happened. You all should place it at the back of your mind that someone might get lost, have food poisoning, or miss the bus

Though it may be frustrating at the moment, years later, it will be one of your best memories.

20. Accommodation address

This is why it is important for a member of the group to travel with a notebook or notepad. Someone should have the address of where you will be staying at written down.

It is important because your battery may be low when you arrive at your destination, so what do you do? Someone should be assigned the duty of carrying the hard copy of guesthouse names as well as their addresses.

21. Everything must be backed up

Imagine losing all the pictures of the fun moments? It will be terrible. An important group travel tip is for all of you to have every single thing backed up. Copies of your photos can be placed in your laptop

Also, the photos can be backed up to an external hard drive. Do not trust your phone alone when it comes to the pictures you snapped with your friends during a long-awaited vacation

22. Tourist attractions

What is a trip without visiting the sites that attract tourists? One of the plenty of group travel tips you should know focuses on visiting the tourist attractions in your destination.

When you travel with a group of friends that are fun to hang around with, you will surely not end up being a travel snob.

23. Routine check out

When the vacation comes to a close, a vital group travel tip is for everyone to embark on a regular check. Places you all must check during the routine check out include:

  • Under the beds
  • The desks
  • The bathroom

Things you are most likely to forget the range between your camera, phone, some cash, and even your external hard drive. Some people end up forgetting their phones, by the way.

Note that this routine can also be carried out at any point in time during the vacation and not always the last day of your trip.

24. Travel light

When going on group trips, it is important to travel light and not to pack every single thing you own. The fact is that you can buy practically everything you need in whichever city you all pick.

With time, you will understand that the only vital thing you need when you travel is your passport, money, and clothes to change into. Ensure your friends do not take on so many loads.

And, if you are the heavy traveler of the group, it would not hurt to let some things go before you embark on your trip.

25. Try visiting during shoulder season

If you do not know what the shoulder season is, we will explain it to you. As one of the group travel tips, the shoulder season is the time of year wherein the weather is mild, and everything is not so costly. Also, fewer people are going on vacation.

Your group travel will be much more exciting at a time like this.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is fun, and it gets more exciting when you are traveling with your group of best friends. When you follow the aforementioned group travel tips, you will surely not make any travel errors.

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