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Top 11 Group Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Trip

Generally, planning an epic weekend getaway or road trip with people can be tedious and daunting. However, there are ways to beat around this daunting task without having to stress yourself.

Today, our smartphones can perform wonders and it is with these smartphones we can download some of the best group travel apps for an amazing travelling experience.

Asides from being an intriguing source of inspiration, these group travel apps make a booking and managing logistics for a trip run smoothly. Wondering why people are bothering themselves with these apps?

Well, group travel apps help with every single thing beginning from the hotel booking down to change of flight plans at the last minute. They serve as guidebooks and help travelling groups navigate new cities.

The fact is that; it does not matter if it is a hunting trip for the guys or an all-girls weekend, the rise in group vacations is on a high level and it will not be dropping anytime soon. Not with the group travel apps made available today.

Judging by the survey carried out by MMGY global a travel marketing specialist, roughly one-third of the adults in the US spend a minimum of one night far from home with friends.

And, among the millennials of today, the survey number has gone higher to roughly 50%. With a 50% rise, it is not surprising that there are group travel apps emerging from diverse corners.

Nobody wants to get back home from an amazing trip just to sit around calculating everybody’s share on the costs spent during a weekend trip. With technology today, all of that is no longer necessary.

Even though solo travelling still exists, millennials have openly made it known that they will rather travel with friends and family all year round. However do not be deceived, planning group trips isn’t as easy as anyone wants you to believe.

Before group travel plans are made, everyone needs to be on board to decide the entire budget and itinerary. For this to effectively take place, a good travel app comes into play. The essence of the travel app is to assist in alleviating the entire stress.

When it comes down to planning group travel, we find ourselves lost in thoughts and asking diverse questions. It is the job of these travel apps to provide the answers you seek. These answers can range from:

  • How can I decide where exactly to travel?
  • How do I find the best deals on both accommodations and flight?

With the right travel apps, the entire experience from leaving for the chosen destination down to hitting the welcome mat will be smooth and less tedious.

Before we delve into the most amazing group travel apps ever, understand that; there are ways to make the entire trip better. Some of the tips you need include:

  • Set up a budget
  • Create an itinerary
  • Have a backup plan, and importantly;
  • Travel light

Note that, most of the best apps will provide you with details about your chosen destination, insights, advice, and of course; warnings pertaining to how you get to spend your time.

Top 11 Group Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Trip

On a general note, planning an entire trip is difficult. Best believe that the entire juggling of flight reservations plus hotel bookings is just a tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, thanks to technology; there are applications available to lay off this stress.

Whether a business trip for your team or a vacation for the family, some of the best group travel apps you should be making use of include:

1. Split Wise

Split Wise

While it is available on both androids and iOS, SplitWise is an amazing group travel app with a Google play rating of 4.6. Split Wise assists in managing the expenses to be spent within a given group.

Bear in mind that, this app successfully integrates with Venmo. Interestingly, this makes it the best for groups who have shared their cash through the app. Although it is normally terrifying calculating who owes what and what

SplitWise has taken it upon itself to make it much easier by keeping a functioning tally. This means that, upon getting your bill, you just need to log into the app and immediately divide the cost.

This app is very amazing as it succinctly tallies whoever owes whom, the exact amount and what the cash was used for. Once the total amount is placed, SplitWise divides the expenses.

2. Airbnb


Surely you must have heard about Airbnb and its  4.6 google rating. But, if you have not, this is the best time to get enlightened on an intriguing group travel app. Imagine planning a weekend break with your best friends and you are tired of the usual hotel experience

Are you aware that you can easily book any home rental of your choice? This can be done using the Airbnb app. Once you enter the dates and destination, your next step is to filter the results based on your:

  • Price
  • Home type
  • Requisite amenities, and so much more

More so, when you find the home rental for your gang, your booking can be executed on the Airbnb app.

Are you worried about where to utilize the Airbnb app? Bear in mind that, your crew can surf through villas in faraway Ibiza or the treehouse in Thailand.

Once your reservation is booked, communication with the hosts is easy and you can easily track the details of your trip. This includes the direction to the chosen rental.

3. Roadtrippers


For those who are unaware, Roadtrippers is a wonderful group travel app used in arranging epic road trips. With a google rating of 3.7, Roadtrippers will not stop at planning your trip alone but go further in allowing you to book the hotel.

Have it in mind that, Roadtrippers is solely focused on your journey and not necessarily your destination. This comes from the fact that, when driving across the country for some hours, your crew may want to alight and breathe in the fresh atmosphere.

Roadtrippers is the ideal app that will let you in on everything that is nearby as you embark on your epic trip. As you all make out your itinerary, there will be more suggestions coming up.

Are you an avid driver? Roadtrippers is a clear way for such drivers to discover more about the off-beaten track. Even a boring business trip will be pretty interesting with this app.

It is worthy to note that, this app enables users to easily partner with both family and friends in a bid to discover a route that works for them. Also, it offers suggestions concerning nearby attractions and stops.

Roadtrippers does its job of giving users an estimate on just how long every leg of the trip will take. With it, you can simply arrive at the best places where you can stop in order to switch the drivers.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate

This is an intriguing group travel app that enables users to translate every single thing. Note that, it is rated 4.5 in google.

However, this means that; it can translate words into roughly one hundred and three languages. Users will simply have to type and access over sixty languages while offline.

Furthermore, Google translate provides camera translation in roughly thirty-seven languages. Here, users can easily point their camera and snap simply for an automatic translation.

Google translate has a two-way instant speech translation that is made available in over thirty-two languages. There is nothing to be worried about when it comes to the google translator as it is very easy to utilize.

There are icons at its top that you can easily click on in a bid to draw, speak, type or even take a picture. Since its launch google translate, has stayed true to itself. It is an app that offers translations.

However, these translations today are much more conversational and; due thanks must be given to machine learning. You can listen to translations loudly, and you can even dictate translations.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps

Amongst the entire group travel apps, Google map has proven itself highly essential to visitors when making the first visit to a new city. And, it is rated 4.5 by google as well.

With Google Maps, you can easily map out locations, get needed directions and see how crowded the subway can be.

Thanks to the google map app, your crew can make some reservations at a given restaurant, then proceed further to save their favourite spots and write an amazing review.

Ensure that your crew downloads certain area or city maps before heading out. However, the app does function ideally whenever the GPS  is on. Are you aware that Google maps is vastly rated as the best navigation app available?

This app provides directions for those travelling by car, cab, bicycle or foot. Also, it is quite reliable in providing local public transportation  alternatives when in some countries

Furthermore, users can download certain areas just for offline usage. Google maps can be used in finding out when buildings such as museums or restaurants close.

6. Uber


While many know it as a ride-hailing app, it is, however a ubiquitous group travel app.  It has a 4.2 rating by google and a 4.7 rating by Apple.

If your best friends pick a destination where the language is not something you are all familiar with, or you have no idea where you are all headed, Uber swoops in at this point

With Uber, all you need to do is to; input your drop off and pick up locations, then select the ride options. Almost immediately, you will get matched with a driver who will pick everyone and drive straight to the desired destination.

Interestingly, making use of a ride-hailing app such as Uber is highly useful for so many reasons. Some of these reasons range from:

  • Bargaining
  • Currency problems
  • Language barriers, and so much more.

Are you wondering if you will be safe with Uber? Good news is that you can monitor the trip and even allow other people to monitor the ride. Uber pool is actually a very good alternative when the budget is presented in the picture.

When you all travel, Uber allows for saving costs through splitting a ride with some other riders that are headed towards destinations close to you. A well-known fact about Uber is that it is active in roughly one hundred and seventy-three countries.

Plus, it covers roughly seven hundred and eighty-five metropolitan areas. At the end of the day, it is safe to say that Uber appears to be the global king of ride-hailing apps. Though handy abroad, this app has successful pioneered services that are on-demand.

Did you know that you can pay with your credit card? You read right, no cash needed. Uber keeps on modifying its app in a bid to improve those features such as tipping, ride selection, and trip sharing.

7. Kayak


This is among the best group travel apps and it is rated 4.5 on google play rating. Are you planning a trip with friends? Best believe that you can make use of kayak’s tools to make democratic decisions.

These tools will enable users to select a few destinations and gives everybody an opportunity to vote on a specific location as well as dates for travelling.

It is an app that searches through lots of travel sites just to provide diverse deals on hotels, a flight or even a rental car. This app is capable of measuring your luggage with the aid of your phone’s camera.

Kayak is able to give you heads up on the prospective fees as well as carry-on regulations for the majority of the airlines. This app does not waste time in surfacing some hotels and even vacation rentals for the group to think about.

8. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

This is the parent company of SmarterTravel, and it has often been regarded as the granddaddy of the trip planner applications. It has been rated 4.7 by Apple and got a 4.4 rating on google

Differing from some of the other apps that tend to feature mostly the major cities, TripAdvisor provides users with the listings of the best attractions as well as hidden gems in every part of the world.

With TripAdvisor, users can build their own itineraries through saving up places they would love to visit together in the apps feature known as Trip. While searching for a city on the app, you will come across a feed of some other user’s  photos, reviews, etc

All of these help to let you know what to expect if you are on a mission to visit the same places. As far as it comes down to travelling, TripAdvisor is a catch-all application.

Users can swiftly peruse thousands, if not millions of reviews and photos that pertain to anything that directly relates to the same restaurant, bar, or even hotel you are interested in.

9. Pack Point

Pack Point

This is an amazing group travel app that assists you in creating a custom packing list solely based on your epic trip. It has a 4.7 rating on Apple. Sometimes, we are lost on whether we have packed enough or running low on clothes.

Though we mostly want to travel with the things we need and want to use; it is hard to pack the same way when you are travelling to unfamiliar territories with friends. However, this problem can be solved thanks to PackPoint.

What PackPoint does is that it creates the packing list you need based on the weather, pending activities, itinerary and some other trip considerations. Immediately your packing list is made, you can always save the list for any other future trips

10. Trivago


Are you getting prepared for that epic weekend of fun with the girls? Bear in mind that, this Trivago group travel app can help you in discovering the best hotel plus comparison of prices from diverse sites. Its rating on Apple is 4.8

Trivago will assist you in discovering travel discounts, savings, deals from hotels globally and you can even travel much more affordable. Do you need to save up some cash on travel websites and vacation? Trivago is your group’s best bet.

When you download Trivago, you can make use of it in discovering amazing deals with the best friends you will be travelling with.

11. The Fork

The Fork

There were times we had no worries about the places to visit, be it a restaurant or a hotel. It’s rating still remains 4.8.

And right now, technology has changed the world and we have amazing group travel apps like TheFork to assist.

In France, it is called LaFourchette, while in Spain TheFork is called EITenedor. Once you book reservations for a normal dinner with friends using TheFork, there is a twenty percent or fifty percent bill taken off your payment.

TheFork has done so well to be able to stand on its feet. It has been growing for a long time though it is restricted largely to the pockets of Western Europe. Bear in mind that, it is available in both big and small cities.



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