8 Ways to Get Paid to Sleep

8 Ways to Get Paid to Sleep Blog Post

Get Paid to Sleep

After a long day out of the house, everyone wants to get home, get into their nightwear, and get ready for bed. Have you ever imagined that you can get paid to sleep?

It should not come as a shock to you as this is possible. People can pay you to sleep, not just people but companies. While this may look and feel far fetched, it is the reality of so many people today.

Do not think that getting paid to sleep is an easy job cause it is a tough job; however, someone needs to get it done. Even though its opportunities are minimal, the job is out there.

For those unaware, big companies realize the benefits of afternoon naps. And, to boost productivity, some corporations allow staff to sleep during their shift. If you never knew, sleeping makes one more productive.

While you are liking the idea of getting paid to sleep and wondering where you can hurriedly sign up, we will outline some places where you can get this job shortly.

With the information we will be providing for you, you will have an idea now that you can go to bed and wake up with money in your bank account.

Why Is Sleep Important?

For those who may be wondering what’s so special about sleeping, well, a lovely night’s sleep is very vital for your health. It is as viral as exercising or eating healthy. However, lots of things can affect our natural sleep patterns.

Lately, people sleep less than they used to in the past, and our sleep quality has reduced also. Some of the reasons why sleep is essential include:

Sleep deprivation leads to weight gain

If you have never noticed, those who have a short sleep duration tend to gain more weight than those who sleep adequately. Interestingly, short sleep duration is among the influential risk factors for obesity.

The effect Sleep has on weight gain is thought to be mediated by lots of factors, some of which include motivation to exercise and hormones. If you want to lose weight, you should start getting quality sleep.

Those who sleep eat lesser calories

Studies have shown that individuals deprived of sleep have an enormous appetite and tend to eat more calories. When you are deprived of sleep, it will disrupt your daily fluctuations in your appetite hormone.

It boosts productivity and concentration

Sleep is vital for diverse aspects of your brain’s functions. These include concentration, productivity, cognition, and performance. Every one of them is negatively affected by sleep deprivation.

Nonetheless, good sleep has been revealed to boost problem-solving skills and improve adults’ and kids’ memory performance.

Risk of heart disease and stroke on poor sleepers

Sleep duration and quality have a huge effect on lots of health risk factors. These factors are believed to drive chronic diseases such as heart disease. Research on fifteen studies revealed that those who do not get enough sleep are at a higher risk of getting a stroke or heart disease than people who sleep up to seven to eight hours nightly.

8 Ways to Get Paid to Sleep

Have you been seeking ways to get paid to sleep? Interestingly, we have some exciting offers lined up just for you. Some of the ways you can get paid to sleep include:

1. Get a sleep internship at Wakefit

Get a sleep internship at Wakefit

If getting paid to sleep sounds like the dream job to you, then you should head to Wakefit’s official website to sign up. If this is your ideal job, you can readily join a centered team on KRAs linked to sleep.

Are you capable of committing to a KPI of nine hours of uninterrupted sleep? If your answer is positive, then Wakefit needs you. The first thing to note about Wakefit is that it is a sleep solutions company.

Wakefit aims at building innovative and highly disruptive sleep products. Many efforts and time are spent studying the sleep patterns of people in a bid to develop intuitive products that help with a good night’s sleep.

To be successfully picked for this job at Wakefit, you need to be capable of displaying an ability to fall asleep anywhere. It could be while in traffic, in a meeting, or in a noisy environment.

The sort of candidate needed for this job can thrive in an environment that is slow-paced. Wakefit needs a candidate who can provide vital strategies for getting both themselves and their team to sleep longer and deep.

If you can demonstrate an affinity to cozy surroundings, this will be an additional bonus. Furthermore, there are some basic qualifications needed to fit into this role.

You will need to have completed your degree in any field. If you have a history of falling asleep while a class is ongoing, it is an important experience. Those who are easily motivated to stay in bed and sleep for roughly eight hours have an advantage here.

People who prioritize their sleep over social media have a deep passion for clean bedsheets, and cozy blankets are seriously needed. Can you fall asleep within a duration of ten to twenty minutes once your head touches the pillow?

If yes, you are needed at Wakefit. More so, some of the preferred qualifications they need are people who have a taste for chamomile. At Wakefit, the preferred candidate is one that is not a binge-watcher.

If you can sleep through diverse alarms and be interested in meditative sleep techniques, you are the chosen candidate at Wakefit. At Wakefit, sleep interns are paid to go to sleep and rest the products of the company.

Interestingly, testers will be paid over one thousand four hundred dollars to sleep for nine hours a night for one hundred nights.

2. Be a sleep executive at Hillary’s

Be a sleep executive at Hillary's

If you are among those who always hit the snooze button or are fast asleep by 9 pm, you pay attention to this detail. Hillary is a curtain company that seeks to hire a person to snooze.

The ideal candidate will be paid roughly one thousand five hundred euros for some night’s kip. Hillary needs a sleep executive to test its different sleeping conditions. The sleep executive will then report back on the ideal snoozing operation.

The reason for this role is that it is an experiment that seeks to discover how both sound and light can affect sleep. So, the sleep executive will have to sleep in diverse conditions.

Furthermore, the sleep executive will be asked to put on a sleep monitoring device as they sleep. This is needed to determine how diverse conditions will affect them as they sleep.

Hillarys is a company that creates both curtains and blinds. And the snoozer will be paid a salary of roughly £1428 for a work of fifteen days.

3. Sleep and get paid by NASA

Sleep and get paid by NASA

Have you ever thought of helping man to take one giant step for the whole of humanity, but this time, the action will be taken from the safe confines of your bed?

Well, you are in luck as NASA is more than willing to give out five thousand dollars monthly to enable people like you to live their dreams. However, this is for the sake of science.

For those interested, NASA will be offering eighteen thousand dollars if you can be lounging around its Johnson space center in Houston, Texas. You are to do this for seventy days to help scientists research the effects of microgravity in humans.

When these scientists watch you, they will understand how the body of an astronaut changes in weightlessness during his or her space flight. During this period, you are free to chat with your friends, take online classes, and even surf through Facebook.

However, the only downside is that you will not get out of bed during this period except when specific tests are being conducted. During this period, you will get to experience about eight hours of the night and sixteen hours of daylight.

In all, NASA has made it clear that it is not searching for couch potatoes or those that are chronically idle. The candidates will have to be healthy, and they will go through psychological screening, which involves lots of tests and a ninety-minute meeting with a therapist.

If you qualify, you will be made to go through challenging physical exercises to test your muscle strength and aerobics capacity. For those who are up for all these, your dream job is no longer a dream but a reality.

4. Engage in research studies

Engage in research studies

While you may not want to begin your expert sleeping career with NASA, it does not mean that you cannot get engaged with other research studies. Some hospitals and universities are always seeking participants to take part in diverse study opportunities if you never knew.

Some of these studies are centered on sleeping, and they focus on measuring heart rhythm, respiration, brain waves, and muscle movement. The participants are usually healthy individuals or people who suffer from sleep disorders.

Nonetheless, you only need to be comfortable with people watching as you sleep, and they monitor changes based on your brain and body. A study was carried out at the University of Colorado Boulder that paid its participants roughly $2730 for a fourteen to a seventeen-day sleep study.

Furthermore, the division of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School also seeks subjects to partake in its thirty-two or thirty-seven-day sleep research study. If you are interested, you can participate in two lab visits of about 3.7 days each.

It will be carried out at the University of Colorado Boulder sleep and chronobiology laboratory. You will be compensated with roughly $2451.

5. Testing of 5-star hotel beds

Testing of 5-star hotel beds

Imagine getting paid to sleep like a king? Well, you can now get paid to sleep on the beds of five-star hotels. The successful candidate will be recruited to spend the night in some of the best hotels in the country

Your job is to make reports on how good the linen is for guests. Your expenses will be paid for, and you will receive a fee for every night you spend outside your home. Here, there is a chance to stay in iconic hotels like The Savoy. This is the job of all dreams.

All that is needed is for you to fill out an application form and be lucky to win. Tielle Love Luxury is organizing this vital job. Tielle Love Luxury is an online retailer that deals in selling bed linen.

Your responsibilities will range from snoozing, dozing, and even snuggling in some of the best hotels in the country. Both the lucky candidate and a guest will spend the night in each of the five-star hotels picked by the company.

If you are the lucky participant, your job is to report back on the linen’s quality in each of these royal settings. You will need to provide images and some digital content for blog posts about your stay.

After you have been paid in cash with roughly £1000, you will be given an additional £500 for travel expenses.

6. Sleep One hundred Nights With Sleepsonno

Sleep One hundred Nights With Sleepsonno

The job of Sonno is to ensure that everyone gets a happier and healthier life. The company believes that a great life starts with a good night’s rest. Sleepsonno began by designing the ideal product that you will love at both first feel and first sight.

The company changed the traditional mattress business model to bring you a high-end mattress sold at factory prices. Sonno is a company that thoroughly cares about encouraging as well as educating people about a healthy lifestyle.

Before its mattresses are sold to the public, people are given the job to sleep on them. You can be among the lucky ones to get this job and be paid handsomely.

7. Getting paid for clinical studies

Getting paid for clinical studies

Are you interested in making quick cash, yet you do not want the hustle of a minimum wage job? You can now join paid clinical trials. For those unaware, clinical trials are an exciting source of good side cash.

One thing you must understand about clinical trials is that there are inpatient trials and outpatient trials. For the inpatient clinical trials, you will have to remain at the facility for the study’s duration; it could be overnight.

As for the outpatient clinical trial, you will have to appear for the first screening and then follow up with visits. Understand that these clinical trials pay between fifty dollars to three hundred dollars per visit.

There are also compensations, but this will depend on the time demanded and the procedures performed. Overnight stays usually pay more cash than repeated visits.

8. Volunteer for sleep disorder monitoring issues

Volunteer for sleep disorder monitoring issues

You can now participate in researches that are structured to link prospective volunteers with open research studies. The NIH seeks volunteers to help answer vital questions about sleep disorders.

If you find a study that you will love to participate in, you can quickly contact the study team and volunteer. If you have difficulty sleeping or staying fast asleep, the National Institute of Health is willing to take you in for its research studies.

Bear in mind that you will be paid for your volunteer work.

Tips For Better Sleep

Now that you know how to get paid to sleep, we must leave you with some tips for better sleep. Some of the tips include:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night and ensure you wake up at the same time every morning, including weekends
  • Do not take naps after 3 pm, and your naps should not be longer than twenty minutes
  • Avoid caffeine and taking alcohol late during the day. You are to avoid nicotine as well.
  • Ensure you exercise regularly but not when you are to sleep within two to three hours
  • Ensure that your bedroom is comfortable, quiet, dark, and lukewarm
  • You can follow a specific routine to assist you in relaxing before bed. You can either read or listen to music. Also, make sure you turn off the television an hour before you go to bed.
  • Do not stay awake in bed. For those who cannot fall asleep after twenty minutes, you can do something calming like listen to soft music.

In all, you are to visit your doctor if you have issues with sleeping.

How Much Can You Earn

When you read through this article, you will realize that your dream job is no longer a dream but a reality. Now, you can get paid from fifty dollars up to roughly two thousand dollars depending on the research and the company in question.

To start earning such an amount, you can skim through the list and figure out the research studies and companies paying highly for people to sleep.


We have provided you with diverse ways that you can get paid to sleep. It is up to you to make use of the details provided to earn an income or a side income. Ensure that you fit into the desired candidate profile before you begin applying for the research above.

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