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Free Online OCR: How to convert pdf to word

OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. It is designed to recognize and extract text from scanned documents, photos and images in very less processing time. Free online OCR is a web-based software that facilitates the customers to convert their scanned documents or PDF files into editable formats like MS Word or Excel without spending a single penny. Just imagine the hardship of writing the complete document if this facility would not have been invented. This online service has also ceased the use of downloaded versions of the software which required extra time and effort for downloading, installing and then operating the software to convert files and documents.

In the modern dynamics of the world, everybody tends to get online OCR service for documents to save time and money. This service supports documents in various languages and just takes a few moments to convert the document in the target format free of cost. It is mainly used by students, journalists, writers, and government departments. You can use different online forums to get free online OCR services.

Free Online OCR: How to convert pdf to word

Step 1: Go to


This website offers both versions paid as well as free online OCR for its users. You just have to upload your document file then you select the language and select the desired format for your document. After that, you click on the “Recognize” tab and your converted document will be ready to download just in the wink of an eye. It also gives a facility to store converted documents in the cloud for downloading later within 14 days.

It supports more than 190 languages so you have the flexibility to convert your documents from any language to your selected language and format. This website offers multiple platforms for OCR services like it has a mobile app for editing and converting your documents when you are offline or traveling, it has a desktop version for your PC to give you OCR services and the most commonly used platform is online conversion and editing facility for your documents.

Step 2: Click Start Now

Step 3: Upload files to recognize

Step 4: Select the language of your document

Step 5: Select an output format

Step 6: Download

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i2ocr OCR

This online OCR converter is a free service that doesn’t require sign up to convert PDF to Word format. It offers multi-column documents analysis that can extract text from columns but it can’t be formatted further. With a lot of free features, which are in high demand by the users including conversion of the web page to PDF, web page to an image, PDF merging, PDF splitting, and CSS3 button generator.

It involves a very simple and user-friendly 3 step process to convert your scanned documents, images or photographs for data extraction or converting them to editable formats. In step 1, you select the language of the document, selection of file, image or URL is done in step 2 and step 3, and you extract data with just a single click. It gives a chance to the user for identifying any error during text recognition by presenting side by side view of the extracted text and original document.

It supports JPG, PMB, BMP, TIF, PNG, PPM and PGM as input sources that can be converted into Word, Test or Adobe PDF output sources. It supports more than 100 languages for processing of documents in different formats. This website ensures the privacy of users by deleting the input and output files within one hour of the operation.

2. OCR Space


This website is one of the best websites to convert pdf to editable word format just in a few clicks. It offers some additional features for its users which include auto-rotation of the image if required and auto-recognition of tables in the document. It can also enlarge the content for enhanced readability for users with low vision.

Registration is not mandatory for availing free online OCR on this website and you can simply upload your file/ document image like JPG, PNG, GIF images or PDF files. The only limitation involved in the size of the input file which should not be more than 5 MBs. After uploading your file successfully, you have to select your required format and language to get your file ready for download. Only printed documents are supported for conversion on this website, so no hand-written notes will work.

According to the privacy policy of this website, your data is completely safe.



This website provides an online OCR facility for its users by instantly converting scanned documents, photographs, high-quality digital images, and PDF files into editable and electronically searchable documents which include MS Word, HTML, and Txt. If you have a scanned document but you want to improve it by making certain changes, this online OCR website is the perfect choice for you to convert your document into an editable format and make changes which you need.

It supports more than 46 languages for free online OCR services and the documents which are written in different languages are also supported by this online forum. You can use the basic version of this website in the guest mode without sign up which gives the limited offer of 15 images per hour but if you are a registered customer, it offers unlimited images with some advanced features like zip archives, automatic image rotation, multipage PDF files, and large image auto-recognition.

For better recognition results, image resolution quality should be 200 DPI or more than this. One important point is the limitation of the input file size for guest clients and registered clients. For guest mode, the limitation is 15 MB but it increases up to 200 MBs exclusively for registered users.



No registration is required for getting free online OCR services from this website which works with the Tesseract OCR engine. It offers unlimited uploads along with an option of 122 languages recognition in multiple fonts. One of the unique features of this website is the recognition of mathematical equations, which is not offered on various websites that convert pdf to word.

This website can process an input file even with poor resolution and low level scanned documents into better shaped editable documents in the preferred formats. It supports diversified input file formats which include PNG, GIF, PMB, JPEG, PCX, PPM and PGM and delivers your document in three output formats that contain Microsoft Word, Plain text and Adobe acrobat.

This online platform can analyze your input files instantly and then converts it in the specified format in a few moments. After converting the document into your desired format, it gives you various options for the output file which includes you can simply download it, you can edit that file in Google docs, you can publish it online at different sites and you can also translate the output file by using Google translator or the Bing translator.



This website offers free online OCR service for conversion of scanned invoices, documents, screenshots and images into editable documents where you can make changes. You don’t need to sign up for using this facility and neither you are required to install anything on your computer or smart device. You can just upload your input file and select the target format and language, then press the “convert” tab and your output file is ready to download.

It supports different input formats which include PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF and supports DOC, TXT, PDF or RTF for your required output formats. It supports low-quality images and converts them into high-resolution editable documents. It keeps the format and layout of the document intact along with keeping the image layer of the scanned PDF documents.

As per privacy policy, this website maintains complete secrecy for your data by deleting it right away after conversion.


Sodapdf OCR

Soda PDF offers its services both online as well as offline which gives flexibility to the users to convert their documents into editable formats by using the OCR facility of this website. It helps to digitalize your documents and images with magical OCR service which recognizes the text in the scanned document and convert PDF to word format.

It offers multiple input file formats for images which include PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP and converting them to any image format which you need. It also gives various options for PDF files as an input source to convert them into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT and JPG formats. It also offers some special features for PDF files which include rotation, resizing, editing, converting and PDF form fillers.

Soda PDF gives you an option to access your documents saved in Dropbox, Google Drive or One drive to convert their format according to your requirements. You have the liberty to check your files from any smart device or by using your computer anytime and anywhere. This website claims that your data file is deleted from their servers after 24 hours and even the team members can’t see your document.


Convertio OCR

This online forum provides an opportunity for its users to convert their scanned documents, high-quality images, and PDF files into editable documents with different output formats which include Word, Excel, and Text. Input formats which are supported by this website include PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, JP2, JPG, PBM, PCX, PNG, PGM, PPM, TIFF, WBMP and TGA.

You can simply upload your input file from your computer, Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive or by pasting URL of the file in the given place. After that, you have to select the right format and language for your output file. Then you have to click on the “Recognize” button and in a few moments, your file will be ready to download by using a free online OCR facility.

This website requires the user to get registered and purchase their subscription plan as per requirement. It offers 100 pages in $7.99 with few attractive features like unlimited file size, Adfree pages and giving High priority to the user.

This online platform also ensures the privacy of its customers by communicating within its secure channel SSL. When HSTS of this channel is enabled, it prevents the data from getting diverted on any other site or getting altered. IP bound files are generated by the system which ensures that only the true user who initiated the input file should get the output file.


Docs Zone OCR

Based on high-tech algorithms, this website provides better recognition of text in any type of images or scanned documents convert PDF to Word, PNG to Word, JPG to Word, BMP to Word and TIF to Word document format. It involves a very simple process by selecting your input file from the destination, selecting the language and desired format. After that just giving a click on the “start” tab will convert the document in required format.

This online platform is equipped with one of the most popular features in demand which is PDF merging. It involves combining of numerous documents with supported formats into one PDF file. This facet of the website works well in a situation when you have to assemble scanned documents, word documents, and web illustrations.

Web to PDF conversion is another remarkable feature added in this website which is taken to be the perfectly serves the alternative purpose of screenshots. Now you can save a lengthy document for reading in your free time or when you are away from the internet by using this feature.

This website provides a safe and secure privacy policy to its users regarding their sensitive data.


convertpdftoword OCR

This website provides its users the flexibility to convert UN-editable documents to editable formats by using free online OCR service and make necessary changes in them. Along with a variety of input source formats and multiple output options, this platform also offers auto image rotation, auto-resizing of the document, adding images to word format and many more popular features as per the dire needs of the users.

Most of the enchanting features of this website are unlocked once paid subscription is activated which is available with different options that the user can select according to his needs. However, most commonly used services are offered free of cost which includes PDF to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to Docs, PDF to Text and scanned PDF to Docs.

Talking about the privacy and security policy of the website, it states that the files are deleted from their servers right away when the document is converted.


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