The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size – 2020 Update

Have you been having a hard time figuring out what all the Facebook cover photo sizes are? Well, think of this article as your one-stop guide to all you need to know about Facebook cover photo size and so much more.

Facebook Cover Template for Brand or Fan Page

When the Facebook platform was newly introduced, it simply entailed texts and links. Some times, we could see baby photos flying across our stream. However, as the world keeps changing, the trends on social media changes with it.

Currently, visual content has turned into a powerful force. And, the globe’s biggest social network which is none other but Facebook has now evolved with the growing trends.

As they say, a picture is still worth more than a hundred or even a thousand words. And for Facebook, it has made sure that users can essentially communicate their thoughts as well as experiences by making use of images of high quality.

Take a look around at those who are utilizing Facebook’s visual nature, they are actually getting some of the best results when it comes down to social media marketing. Note that, we will be covering both personal and fan page cover photos within this article

While you may want to select a cover photo that is of high quality and relevant to you, there are some things you should bear in mind. Facebook cover photos are split into two types.

We have the cover photos for the brand products or fan pages and, cover photos for a personal profile.

It does not matter if you are making use of Facebook in generating leads or trying to build a community of customers. You just need to have an idea on the best way to optimize the cover photo

As the leading social media platform, people are advised to approach Facebook fully armed with all the necessary information that they need.

Honestly, keeping up with the continuously changing Facebook cover photo sizes and formats is quite exhausting. Nevertheless, this article entails the 2020 Facebook February update

However, our job is to help you through this dizzying task. According to the Facebook official post, your Page’s profile picture is displayed at 170px by 170px while on your desktop. And, it is displayed at 128px by 128px while on your smartphone device

Furthermore, it is displayed at 36px by 36px on the majority of the feature phones. More so, when it comes down to your Facebook cover photo size, its dimensions are displayed at 820px wide by 312px tall on a desktop

And 640px wide by 360px tall on a smartphone. Note that, it must be a minimum of 400px wide by 150px tall.

Furthermore, users should bear in mind that, your Facebook cover photo will actually load faster when it is an sRGB JPG file that is about 851px wide, 315px tall and makes use of a kilobyte that is less than one hundred.

After all, it is said and done, it is vital to note that, you can make your cover photo bigger.  This can be done by increasing it to a proportional size of roughly 1920px by 843px. Also, you can make use of png file as it is less pixelated when compared to the usual jpg.

For those profile pictures and cover photos that have your text or logo, your results may be better when you make use of a PNG file. Always have it in mind that, the profile picture on your page will get cropped

Facebook usually crops the user’s profile picture to a circular shape in both posts and ads. No matter who visits your page, the profile picture still shows as a circle.

Attached below are two photos signifying before and after on Facebook.

Facebook Profile Picture Before and After

The pictures above are what your profile picture will look like when it is cropped.

The Facebook Cover Photo Size For Product, Brand or Fan Page

Wondering why your Facebook cover photo size is highly important? Well, your Facebook cover photo is most times the initial point of contact you get to have with prospective followers.

With Facebook, your cover photo is one area where first impressions do matter a whole lot. It has the right way and of course, size matters.

Before you ask what the ideal Facebook cover photo size is, it actually depends on a number of things. For Facebook itself, the ideal Facebook cover photo size on its pages include:

  • For your desktop, the ideal Facebook cover photo size is 820px wide by 312px tall
  • For your smartphone, it is 640px wide by 360px tall
  • For minimum dimensions, your Facebook cover photo must actually be 400px wide and 150px tall
  • When it comes down to fastest load, your Facebook cover photo can be optimized as an sRGB JPG file at 851px wide, 315px tall, and under one hundred kilobytes

Due to the ratios for smartphones and desktop cover photo sizes, a particular photo will be displayed differently on both desktop and smartphones.

Nevertheless, intriguing news is that Facebook will never force-stretch your image in order for it to meet the mobile or desktop dimensions. What this means is that Facebook will never auto-distort the cover photo you upload.

Rather, it will crop a huge photo in a bid to meet up with the requirements for mobile dimensions.

It is vital to note that; the cover photo is the most important representation of you visually on Facebook. So, it is vital that it is gotten right.

Ensure that, your text and every other vital cover image information are placed completely within the mobile or the desktop area of your image.

Be it a brand, fan or product cover photo, every image must follow the formal dimensions given by Facebook. This is if you want to get lots of likes and want the images to pop.

Nevertheless, keeping up with all of these dimensions is a tough call as they change all the time. Nobody wants to create a fantastic image, upload it and find out the dimensions are all wrong.

The Facebook Cover Photo Size For Personal Profile

You must be accustomed to a personal profile on Facebook. Your Facebook’s personal profile has a picture that stands as your Avatar. It is basically the first thing users get to see.

Facebook Cover Template for Personal Profile

Also, your personal profile picture is what appears along with all your posts, comments and all your activities on Facebook.

Positioning Your Cover Photo On Mobile And Desktop

You should bear in mind that, you can always save a spot where you can position the images of a personal cover photo in both the mobile and desktop view.

Facebook Cover Photo Desktop View
Facebook Profile Cover Photo Desktop View

When uploading the cover photo, you will discover that there is actually lots of space that can be cut off from the final cover photo design. However, this depends on whether your audience will be viewing from desktop or mobile.

Facebook Cover Photo Mobile View
Facebook Profile Cover Photo Mobile View

Nevertheless, it is ideal to position the brunt of your photo in the green space where the audience can view your cover photo no matter the device they are making use of. Note that, Facebook neither stretches nor distorts your photo to fit diverse devices

Rather, Facebook automatically drops it. On your mobile device, Facebook will crop out the sides in a bid to show the height of the cover photo. While on a desktop device, Facebook will display the width of the photo and crop out both top and bottom.

When you make use of 820px by 360px and keep the critical elements within the safe zones, nothing vital gets cut off be it on your mobile device or your desktop.

Best Tips And Practices

Are you aware that you can display a cover video of about twenty to ninety seconds in length on Facebook? Even with the video, the rules are still the same at 820px by 312px. Also, you can have up to 4 cover photos at the same time on a brand page.

Wondering how this is possible? Long ago, it was only possible to select one photo to stand as the static cover. However, slideshows were added as a new feature. Users can choose roughly four photos that rotate.

To do this, you will have to make use of the same feature that allows you to add or change your cover photo. We mean the camera icon positioned at the top left of Facebook’s cover image section.

When the slideshow is created, users are given the option to pick up to four or five images to be used. With the aid of the filmstrip positioned at the top, you can select your images from existing photos or upload new photos.

After that, hit on the thumbnail and you will get a preview of how exactly it will look when in a bigger space just below the thumbnails. You may click and possibly drag in that specific section in a bid to reposition the photos in the viewport.

Furthermore, if you are making use of the slideshow cover, your audience or visitors can navigate through it via the arrows placed on each side or they may use the position indicators placed at the bottom.

Nevertheless, some of the tips and best practices for designing a Facebook cover photo that is eye-catching will be explained below.

Since you have an idea of the dimensions for your Facebook cover photo size, it is vital to note the things that make for a highly effective Facebook cover photo. And, it includes:

Adding a focal point

Like we explained earlier, the cover photo you upload on Facebook is the first thing a prospective follower sees on your page. Nobody wants a distracting or muddled up messages for sure.

Rather, you would love for your cover photo to feature a major focal point that can draw everyone’s attention. Ensure that this focal point aligns greatly with your unique brand.

Minimize your text

In the beginning, Facebook enabled a maximum of twenty percent text on its cover photos. However, such a restriction does not exist anymore. But this does not mean that you should slap so many texts on your cover photo.

Instead, keep the cover photo concise. It should never be confusing to viewers.

Make use of a call-to-action

For the uninitiated, call-to-action simply entails statements like Shop Now or Sign Up that you must have seen on some Facebook business pages. Facebook allows these buttons, so you can use them on your cover photo too.

Input text plus a link to the description of your cover photo

So many businesses have failed to include a cover photo description as they are ignorant of the fact that, it is an amazing spot to succinctly highlight and even support their Page’s call-to-action.

Highlighting of deals or recent events

Never be afraid of updating your cover photo with upcoming events, sales and any other recent development taking place in your business. You can utilize the space to highlight specific features, pride points or other vital information.

Pinning of related posts

Do not quit at your cover photo and its description alone. Go further to pin any related post. By this, we are trying to talk about a post that relates to and even reinforces the call-to-action you placed on your cover photo. Basically bring home your message.

Another important aspect is knowing how to choose your cover photo. You have an idea on your Facebook cover photo size but you may be lost on the kind of cover photo to make use of.

When it comes to your Facebook cover photo, there are some do’s and don’ts attached. They include:

  • Follow the guidelines that have been set up by Facebook
  • Respect Facebook’s dimensions which is 820px wide by 360px tall for your desktop
  • Remain visual and of course, have a focal point that is clear
  • Always bear in mind the exact way your cover photo will be on mobile
  • Your cover photo must be integrated with the rest of your Facebook page

Asides from knowing the ideal Facebook cover photo size, it is vital to have an idea of the sort of image that will attract people to your page and even follow the call-to-action button.

Basically, vital components that make images to be shareable include:

  • Relevance

You are to make use of images that will attract the interest of your audience

  • Emotion

This will make users feel and eventually lead them to take necessary actions.

  • Colors

Colors are vital in the components that will make your image shareable. This is why you must pick the ideal colors that will lead up to lots of shares.

Furthermore, you must consider the typography as you are meant to select the ideal font which will make your message clear enough. Lest we forget, hashtags and text are necessary as well. The right words will make your audience interact with you.

Note that, every one of the aforementioned components is applicable to your Facebook cover photo. It will make users feel a particular way and take certain actions whenever they visit your page.


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