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When we take pictures, it is only reasonable to try out different editing effects. It will surely not come off as a surprise that you have at some point wanted to transform your best picture into a work of art

You may have tried your best to convert photo to line drawing, but it did not turn out as expected. However, we will be providing you with some tools that will leave you excited for convert image to line art online. Or you may call it “photo to outline drawing free

Understand that effects like this will make all of the elements in your photo to pop up. It will have the look of a character sketch. However, to achieve these amazing looks, the guidance lines are made to be visible at times.

Nevertheless, you do not need to go back to an art school or take up classes. To gain an expert looking result, an ideal alternative is to make use of some of the available specialized online tools to make photo to outline drawing free.

These online tools aids in analyzing all of the color gradients and pixels that can be found in that single photo of yours. Furthermore, the software then changes them into the desired sketch-like result.

Because there is a vast range of services that you can find online, it may be challenging to locate the best. You may as well end up trying every one you find online.

But this article will save you from that stress. Sit back, relax, and learn more about how to convert your photos with Photofunia and some other software alternatives to convert image to line art online.

Convert Photo To Line Drawing Online Free: Photofunia

For those of you that fall into the category of not being expert designers or intriguing Photoshop editors, you will find out how easy it is to use. However, it is essential to have exciting photos to share with family and friends on social media.

Well, to make this happen, we will be taking a cursory look on how to make use of Photofunia. But first, it is essential to know what Photofunia truly is.

Understand that, Photofunia is a secure online editor that enables users to simply transform their pictures into fantastic artworks. The part that will get you excited the most is that this app is entirely free.

Furthermore, to make use of Photofunia in adding effects to your photo, there are steps you must follow.

As it stands, the ability to combine photography with drawings to successfully generate amazing pictures is the most recent craze in works of art. This is because it is both imaginative and creative.

Understand that, it is an amazing concept as it enables users to play with their images. Anyone can create their photography-based art by simply choosing any picture of their choice and converting them to a line drawing.

For example, you may want to make use of Photofunia’s sketch effect. The step to follow include:

Step 1: Select an Effect

Step 1: Select an Effect Sample Image

Here, you will have to select a category in the left-hand corner. You will also select any effect of your choice and this effect will be applied to the photo. The effect to be used here is the sketch effect like the sample picture here.

Step 2: Select a Photo

Step 2: Select a Photo Sample Photo

Here, a new page will open, and you are to hit on the choose photo grey button. Once you have successfully done that, you will move further to select any picture of your choice from your local drive.

Either you select one, or you take a new one using the camera on your PC. Or yet again, you can just choose a picture from the free stock photos available to you. Even if you wish to modify a text, your imagination is free to work with Photofunia.


Step 3: Crop your photo

Step 3 Crop your photo Sample Image

Now, you are to select the area of the exact photo you want to make use of and click on the crop to adjust the photo.

Step 4: Convert photo to sketch effect

Step 4 Convert photo to sketch effect sample image

In step four, you must have already cropped your picture. And now, you are to click on the orange button that has Go on it. Within seconds, you will find your beautifully edited photo.

Step 5: Download converted photo

Step 5 Download converted photo sample image

After going through steps one to four, the last step is the fifth step. Here, you are to download your already converted photo.

Bear in mind that there are roughly three sizes that will be presented to you to download. The sizes range from small, regular and of course, large ones.

Did we mention that with Photofunia, you can get a printed version of your photo? Are you aware that you can even get a souvenir alongside? Well, you can! This souvenir could be a mouse pad, pillow, or just about any item you find in the store.

More Photofunia Effects sample image

More Photofunia Effects

Furthermore, Photofunia does not only offer sketch effect, but there are also so many other effects you are going to love. The beauty of converting your photos to line drawing lies in the fact that you can edit your photos into amazing works of art.

Some of its intriguing effects can be found in the picture below. You can always explore these options.

Now that we have addressed the four vital steps you are to follow when you want to convert photo to line drawing using Photofunia, it is crucial to learn of its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of making use of Photofunia include the fact that it has an impressive number of effects. It will excite you to note that you can add more than four hundred and fifty filters to any photo.

Also, you can place the photo either on a magazine cover or even make your photo look like you were a zombie. How cool is that? Do not be afraid as the effects have a professional look. You will surely want to share photos with friends and family.

Furthermore, some of the effects make use of HD resolution, and Photofunia has a user interface that is nothing short of friendly. All of its categories are clear. Surprisingly, new effects are added every single week.

Like we mentioned earlier, Photofunia is entirely free. You do not have to worry about any form of registration or payment. It supports formats such as PNG and JPEG.

No matter how good a software is, it will surely have its bad sides. As for Photofunia, altering a picture termed as heavy will take some time to get it done. We must advise you never to make use of images that have large scale faces or clumsy details.

In addition to all of these, you cannot go backward with the previous steps to change details. Instead, you will end up starting from step one all over again. It is best to pay attention to every detail

Finally, Photofunia is fantastic software despite its drawbacks. You will surely love it.

More Online Tools To Convert Photos

On a general note, there are so many online tools that you can make use of in converting your photos asides from Photofunia. Some of these tools include:

1. Rapidresizer


Rapidresizer is popularly known as a software application that offers a free trial. If you are interested in allowing your computer to enlarge drawings and craft patterns to whatever size you want, then this is for you.

You should not waste time to n project tors or even photocopies. This is because, with Rapidresizer, you can easily open, paste, and successfully scan any design of your choice into the software and convert image to line art online.

You can simply need to enter the height and width of your choice. Rapidresizer will do its job by printing your design to the precise size you selected. Furthermore, it can be downloaded.

2. Snapstouch


Snapstouch is an online tool that can be used to convert any of your photos to sketches, paintings, drawings, or even single shade images. Users can get all these done with just a single click. Interestingly, it is free of any charges.

Bear in mind that Snapstouch has different options wherein you can add up any effect while the actual size of the photo remains the same. Also, the effects are added to the image instantly.

Nonetheless, this software offers easy tools that you can use in adding image effects in your uploaded photo. There is an option that provides the latest avatar for your photos.

Note that, this avatar has its own effects that will surprise you. There is also another option to add diverse image effects like:

  • Sketch
  • Drawing
  • Outline
  • Single shade
  • Painting, and so on.

As for the sketch option, it converts your photo giving it a sketchy effect. Your photo will look likely was sketch drawn by a real sketch artist. Some options will give this sketch a fantastic look.

No matter the sketch work that is done on your photo, Snapstouch always manages to maintain the image resolution and convert to sketch with the complete resolution. There is also an option for a pencil sketch

Here, your photo will be converted to an amazing pencil effect. You can create this sketch with diverse colors. Pencil sketch can also be downloaded with a complete resolution.

Furthermore, there is the painting effect that converts your photo to painting with just a single click. You can find an extra option to improve your painting effect by adding an outline.

3. ConvertImage


With ConvertImage, you can convert your PDF file to JPG while online. Or, the file can be converted to any other available format. Pictures can be converted from GIF, BMP, and PNG straight to JPG.

What ConvertImage does is that it changes the images you take with your camera in JPG. Furthermore, it helps users to transform their format in JPG and convert every picture to be used in a blog. If you want your JPG image compressed, it will do that.

Once the conversion takes place, you are free to post the photo immediately to your Facebook or any other social media platform. This software is not just free; it is easy to use as well.

If you need to complete your daily jobs efficiently, ConvertImage is at your service. With it, you can:

  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Rotate, and even;
  • Symmetrize every photo of your online

The job of ConvertImage is to offer you an amazing pencil drawing effect as well as provide a special atmosphere to your photos.

4. LunaPic


It is worthy to note that LunaPic is an amazing online platform that allows users to :

  • Upload
  • Edit, and;
  • Share their photos

Once the picture is uploaded on the platform, users can decide to add some borders, include filters, animations, and anything they want. Are you on the search for a swift and expert online photo editor? LunaPic editor is your best bet.

Within seconds, all your photos can be edited with just a few clicks. It does not only edit your photos online, but LunaPic also handles all other graphics that you download from your PC.

The application will create them from scratch. Asides from having the standard tools needed for any form of resizing, cropping, rotating, and even contrasting, it has other abilities.

LunaPic can create collages, do some works with layers, edit photos, add images using preset brushes, and do some post-processed effects as well. With LunaPic, users can save their photos in any format.

Users can post their edited photos on any platform of their choice and even post them in some of these popular social services. The navigational menu of this application can be compared with that of Adobe and even CorelDraw.

For its interface, it is simple and referred to as being bare. It has a text-only menu selection as well as a grayed-out vertical navigation menu positioned on the left-hand corner.

Furthermore, there are lots of effects with this application. Some of them include positioning your picture on the bulb of a Christmas tree and even adding flames to your picture.

A very cool effect you are going to love is its reflecting water animation effect. Here, you can place your picture in an area that tends to act as the water reflection of whichever content is placed above it.

As it stands, you can undo any changes you make with LunaPic. The application chronologically showcases your change history. This means that you can choose your picture easily since it was just a few seconds ago.

It allows you to go back to the photo in just a single click. For those who may get confused along the way, LunaPic has a tutorial as well as a help section.

It will likely be useful if you get stressed with all the effects or picture manipulation methods. With LunaPic, you can upload your images or even videos from your PC.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for some of the best tools you can use to convert photo to line drawing, then you have arrived at the right destination. The tools we have listed here are some of the best you can find out there.

Everyone loves to have amazing effects on their pictures, so why not you? These tools will leave you amazed, and the fun part of it all is that they are free tools.

You can skim through all that we have provided for you and select the one that best fits all you need in your photos.

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