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Convert PDF to Word Online Free

Are you among those searching for ways to convert pdf to word online free? Has this been a problem you have been facing for a while? We have the solution to this problem, and we will explain it all in this article.

Convert PDF to Word Online Free

While PDF files are everyone’s go-to format when they need to share documents, however, it should be noted that restrictions are prevalent on these files. These restrictions tend to make the files challenging to either edit or modify with ease.

With this, people are left to seek ways that they can convert PDF to word. There are so many PDF converters available, and they offer diverse features. To the moment you have been waiting for, you can make use of iLovePDF by making use of the following steps.

A detailed analysis of the steps to follow are:

Step 1: Go to

The first step to take is to open your browser and pay a visit to the iLovePDF to word website.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Select PDF File”

Step 2: Click on “Select PDF File”

When you get to the converter window, hit on the button that suggests that you “select a pdf file.”

Then, upload the pdf file that you want to convert to word. Also, you can drag and drop the files to the window.

Step 3: Browse the file & select

Here, your uploaded pdf file will be on the iLovePDF window. At the top right corner, you will find a plus button that will enable you to add more pdf files. You can make use of it if you want to do a batch convert.

Step 4: Convert to word

Once you are done, move to the bottom right corner and click on the button that says convert to word. From this point, your pdf file will be converted by this pdf converter tool.

Step 4: Convert to word

Step 5: Download

Immediately the conversion is over, simply click on the download Word button and your file will be saved to your system.

Step 5: Download

Also, you can save the converted file to either Dropbox or Google drive. There is also an option of sharing a link to download.

You will also find an option to delete the file from the iLovePDF platform if you want to. Furthermore, you are free to convert single files of about 15mb every time you want.

If you never knew, working with a highly reliable pdf to word converter can actually save you from lots of headaches and stress. And with iLovePDF, you can easily turn your pdf files into Microsoft Office format with a single click

This tool will allow you to extract every content from any pdf document in a secure manner and convert them into editable word text. Interestingly, you are going to love the entire overcome.

This is because you will be capable of preserving fonts and retaining the original PDF document format. Be assured that your content will be converted with high accuracy, which will make it simpler for you to either edit, replace or remove any image or text you retrieve from the pdf to word conversion

With ILovePDF, you can easily overcome every one of your document challenges in no time.

More Online Tools

Some more tools you can use to convert pdf to word online free include:


This is a tool that is totally free and very easy to convert your pdf files to word documents. However, the key thing to note is that this is a website and not an app that you can download.

This means that rather than convert your files locally using your computer, you will have to upload your files to an online server in a bid to be processed. You will also have to download the converted file back to your system.

For those who do not mind uploading their files to an online server, this tool is great for every basic pdf to word needs. However, those with sensitive documents may have to think twice about converting such files via the Web.

Pdf2doc is online, it is free, and it allows for batch conversions. It makes use of multiple conversion formats, and it has a two-way conversion feature.

  • Smallpdf

The first thing to note about Smallpdf is that it is a product of Switzerland, and so, it has been crafted to be highly reliable, easy to use, and secure. It was established in the year 2013, and the idea to create Smallpdf came from the creators’ need to compress and send huge documents through email.

The first version of this site had a standalone pdf compression tool. However, since that tool, the online platform has brought more than sixteen pdf tools to compress, convert, and edit pdf documents.

As of the year 2019, more than twenty-five million users actually make use of Smallpdf monthly. Bear in mind that Smallpdf is a web-based pdf application. Plus, it allows users to carry out basic pdf functions without downloading and installing a pdf software in their computers.

It provides seventeen pdf functionalities and tools like converting, merging, compressing, and splitting pdf files. Though it is not as robust as some prominent desktop pdf systems, this tool offers the basic capabilities that are usually needed and utilized.

It is an ideal pdf solution for people who work with pdf files on a daily basis but do not need complicated or developed pdf features. With this tool, you can carry out all the basis pdf processes and tasks like converting pdf files to diverse formats and vice versa.

With it, you can merge and split pdf documents and compress pdf files. It is capable of converting pdf files to all the available Microsoft Office file formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and word.

This tool comes with quite a number of security operations such as password protection and digital signature to improve the security of all processed documents in the system.

It makes use of a bank-level 256 bit SSL encryption in each file transfer, and every file is automatically deleted from its servers. Smallpdf has been built with the ease of users in mind.

It is structured to allow users to do pdf related tasks without downloading or installing anything on their computers.

  • Free pdf convert

If you need to change a word document to pdf or any other format, the free pdf convert tool is the ideal choice to use in converting your files. This pdf converter tends to convert pdf to word documents swiftly, and in the process, it keeps all your format, images, tables, and even text intact.

Even with all the editing and conversion tools available at our disposal lately, the free pdf convert tool assists users in converting their files without any hassle. It comes with tools that enable users to compress, rotate, and merge two different pdf files or split a single pdf file into two.

There is no need to bother about your privacy. Whenever you convert pdf to word with the free pdf converter, your files are automatically secured with the 256-bit SSL encryption.

Furthermore, the data that you get to submit will not be shared, sold, or even viewed by any third party. Your files can be deleted from the server after you are done with your conversion.

Even if you forget to delete them, they will be deleted automatically. Due to the fact that this tool works on any OS device, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can easily convert your files from any device you are utilizing, anywhere and anytime.

  • Pdf to word

If you never knew, the pdf to word converter software is regarded as a Windows program that has been structured to enable users to convert their pdf files into documents that are compatible with the application of Microsoft word.

There is no extra software needed, and the application is simple to use. It does not require any expert knowledge. It is a free cloud-based app that enables users to convert their pdf files to Microsoft word files.

To edit with this software, you will have to take your time to copy and paste the text into an editable document. Nevertheless, this application will save your time and keep the original layout of your file.

When you have a direct pdf to word converter at your disposal, it will save you a lot of time from copying and pasting. The aim of pdf files is to keep the exact page and formatting layout when viewed on any available device.

Note that pdfs are not for editing. Nevertheless, some of the advantages of making use of this pdf converter include its simple editing format.

Rather than lose the original page and format layout when you copy and paste your content, you can make use of any converter to. The pdf converter tends to gather every information in the pdf document and translate them into the word document format.

Interestingly, it keeps your page layout to the best of its coding capabilities. While sometimes you may see little differences in your document’s presentation, you will hardly ever lose parts of the information.

All of your content will be there, although they may have a different look. Pdf converters are good at sticking to the original.

Reasons For Converting Pdf To Word Document

The main reason for converting pdf to Microsoft word document revolves around the ability to edit your text directly in the file. It is most helpful if you are ready to make specific pdf changes since most people are more familiar with Microsoft word.

Are you still wondering if you can actually change pdf to word for free?It is vital to note that the quality of the resulting word file is vital and so you should not focus on the cost alone.

Though there is diverse free pdf to word converters available, most of them are bad at maintaining the original format and spacing of the file. However, this is why we have analyzed some of the best pdf to word conversion tools above.

With the tools above, you will have no need to waste your time retyping your Microsoft Word files. This is because, within seconds, you can easily change your pdf to word and make the needed edits.

These converters are free and available at your disposal whenever you need them. When you have a reliable converter, you will be able to work with a heavy load of files daily with ease.

Note that pdf documents are classified under a group of some of the most prominent file formats that are sent by emails. And so, trying to edit them can be really tedious. Those who work in office environments may have probably had to rewrite some pdfs in the old fashioned way.

To Wrap It Up

On a general note, we live in a world where digital solutions are on-demand and are advancing the connections between technologies and humans more than ever. These computerized transformations greatly influence most businesses.

For this reason, these businesses tend to try their best to stay competitive even with the new and emerging industrial and technological disruptions. Consumers have no choice but to swiftly adapt to the transforming environment and seek these advancements that bring convenience to our lives.

In the same vein, pdf converter software solutions have become very popular, and they are sought after lately. Most people are always on the lookout for tools to convert pdf to word.

It does not matter whether you work in the corporate world or you are a student, everyone knows that pdfs are not a great format for editing. With these tools to convert pdf to word online free, users can convert diverse files per task as a result of the batch conversion features these tools hold.

You can simply drag and drop your documents directly to every tool page, or you can import them from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. We have provided you with the best tools; it is up to you to make your choice to meet your needs best.

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