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Convert Image To Vector Online Free

Convert Image To Vector Online Free

It is imperative to note that selecting an ideal vector converter will prove challenging as there are many options available online. Nevertheless, to help you with this task, we have compiled a list of vector converters that you will surely love.

Step 1: Go to Vectorizer website

Step 1: Go to Vectorizer website

Vectorizer is a vector converter that enables individuals to convert their JPEG, BMP, and PNG files to vector formats. You can upload roughly three images, and you can also download approximately three images per hour when making use of this program.

It is a tool that enables you to edit up to ten vector results every hour. Once your file is added to this program, you can select any of the different output options available.

These output options range from sorting by color, algorithm to combine shapes, min area, blur area, threshold, and some others. Your converted files can be downloaded from Vectorizer.

Step 2: Upload the image

Upload the image you  want to convert to vector online

Step 2: Upload the image

Step 3: Convert

Step 3: Convert

With the Vectorizer, you can have a preview of both the input and output files. Also, you will have diverse options to choose the file parameters of the output.

Step 4: Select the file type & download

Step 4: Select the file type & download

Some Other Options To Choose

Some other options you can make use of vectorize image online include:

  1. Online Vector Converter

When you make use of this tool to convert to vector online, you can perform roughly two different operations. With the online vector converter, you can convert PNG to AI and even JPG to AI.

One thing to note about vector graphics is that it provides artists and designers with lots of opportunities. However, the presence of lots of proprietary formats of diverse graphics editors tends to create serious challenges in file exchange.

It can be difficult for people to translate SVG to AI or even EPS to AI and work in a familiar format. It may also be hard to work in a format that cannot export graphics editor like when you need to convert AI to SVG

Nevertheless, this online vector converter is here to solve the issues. This software can easily convert vector graphics to diverse formats. With this tool, you can forget how difficult it is to convert a vector into another format.

If you want to translate EPS to AI, all you need to do is choose the required format and select the file that will already be on your computer. After some seconds, you can easily download the vector in the needed format from this tool’s website.

The converter of this software can convert both raster and vector graphics. It will enable you to swiftly convert images such as PNG to vector, JPG to vector, or even JPG to SVG and PNG to SVG. 

Even though you will get just black and white contours, they will be smoothly processed and made perfect. We can say this is one of the best software to convert image to vector. 

2. Autotracer

When you use this online tool to convert image to vector, you can easily convert GIF, PNG, and JPG image files to diverse vector formats such as PDF, AI, SVG, and EPS. One thing to note is that this tool is free to utilize and does not need any installation or registration.

Its maximum supported file size is 6MB plus its size is about 5000×5000. Its interface is easy as you will only need to load the traditional raster image, choose the vector format, and select the number of colors.

Note that the converted file can be downloaded from this interface. There are advanced alternatives, which include despeckle, smoothening,  and even an option to use a white background.

You can make use of the Autotracer to convert your raster images into vector graphics. This process is known as vectorization or can be called tracing. The tracing can be done with the aid of your hand or make use of a tool to automatically do the job.

Note that, Autotracer backs up diverse formats for vector and raster formats. And, there is an option to select the number of colors that you want.

3. Vectorization

If you need to process both online and local files, this is the tool to utilize to convert image to vector. You can convert the added files to a plethora of vector formats such as EF, PDF, SVG, and others.

Its output file is black and white. And, its maximum supported file size is roughly 10mb with a capacity of up to 3000×3000 pixels. Note that its processed file is made available at its interface for download.

The vectorization tool enables users to add both local and online files as it supports diverse output formats.

4.Rapid Resizer

This is a tool you can use to convert image to vector online free and it functions best when you have images that are back and white. You will need to add the file to the program, and when it gets uploaded, you can choose from either the centerline or outline option in a bid to trace your file.

Also, you can shift the slider and select just how sharp you want your image to be. It supports diverse vector formats and can be chosen as you desire. There is an option for you to select an outline or centerline as tracing.

While users can select the sharpness, the line tool can immediately snap with some other lines. Not so many online tools can provide this option. Its grid is simple to configure.

Furthermore, with just a few clicks, you can set up the grid size with live preview.

Uses Of Vector

It is imperative to note that, the aim of this article is to provide you with the necessary online tools you can utilize in vectorising your images. These tools are for those who do not have skill as well as the software at their disposal.

For those who are unaware, vector graphics are primarily created by using rectangles, circles, curves, and lines.

While you are interested in the tools or software used to convert image to vector online free, it is also vital to note that vector images are significantly used in both 2D and 3D environments.

One thing to bear in mind is that even though the files do not contain many details, they can be scaled to a more significant number without identifying any loss in the quality.

For the uninitiated, some of the prominentl6 used formats for the Vector graphics include SVG, PDF, AI, EPS, DXF, and so many others.

In some specific situations, there will be a need to convert images known as raster images to vector graphics. These raster images include TIF, BMP, JPG, GIF, and so many others.

In a bid to get all these tasks done, we will be identifying some of the best software you can utilize. Furthermore, vector images are famous as they neither lose their quality nor smoothness even when using the highest level of zoom.

Additionally, the vector images are created with cursor-based draw functions. These entail shapes, such as rectangles and the likes that we mentioned earlier. In making use of them, you will need to move your cursor or draw a curve and line to a point with some control.

You will have to either stroke or fill to create an artwork. When it comes down to utilizing them or adapting images to vectors, you will need to use vectorizer software.

Bear in mind that, depending on your skills and all you want to achieve, you should make use of software that can vectorize your images. It is better to use the software than to begin from scratch as it will produce clean results.

While you may be wondering why any business would want to make use of vector graphics software for graphic creation, the reasons are not far fetched. They are:

•           Images of high quality

The vector graphics are primarily built in a way that the quality is not sacrificed. It lacks pixels, and this makes sure the images end up being scalable. Now, the images themselves can be thoroughly stretched, and they will not lose their quality.

•           Low file size

Even with the high quality of the graphics being created, the vector graphics software generates comparatively low files. This means that they are swift and straightforward to upload.

And, the files will not lose their quality when uploaded. The vector images will give you the best of both worlds.

So many people are lost on the type of people that make use of vector graphics software. For starters, the vector graphics software is mainly used by graphic designers.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few designers who may get more value from the use of the vector graphics tools. They include:

•           Logo designers

Typically, logos will need to be free of any blur, smooth and sharp. Most significantly, logos need to be scalable without the image quality being reduced. Based on these requirements, logo designers frequently turn to the vector graphics software.

•           Illustrative artists

With similarity to the reasons why logo designers use tools that convert image to vector online free, illustrative artists also need good scalability and pictures that are free of any blur.

•           Typographers

Interestingly, typographers use vector graphics software to design new fonts and edit the existing fonts. They incorporate the fonts into the vector images. This will keep both the scalability and quality intact.

To Wrap It Up

With these tools that enable you to convert images to vector online free, users can create illustrated images. These are detailed images, have top quality, and, of course, colorful.

It is worthy to note that vector images are created by diverse lines formed by algorithms and not individual pixels. Due to this, they are scalable. Vector graphic tools tend to produce high-quality images, so they are suitable for businesses that develop logos or companies focused on creating detailed illustrations.

On a general note, the images are scalable and can stretch and not lose their quality. While the file sizes are small, even with the top-notch quality, the images can be exported into lots of different formats.

We have identified some ideal vector graphics tools. It is solely up to you to choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

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