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Does your new job entail blogging or writing tasks? And, you keep on making grammar mistakes?  Whatever it may be, it is vital to note that there are grammar checker tools that will improve that writing skills of yours.

Honestly, you can never truly perfect your writing. Though harsh, the fact remains that, it is a continuous process of intense self-improvement. However, there are grammar check tools that will help with your grammar.

In the writing sphere, no one will take you seriously if your content does not scream perfection. Nevertheless, just as there are punctuation tools on the web, there are also grammar checker at your disposal.

You might be thinking you are capable of fixing all your mistakes alone and have no need to use a Grammar check tool. The plain fact remains that, popular writers make use of proofreaders and editors who constantly double-check their content.

Moreover, you should see it as something regular. This is because you are human, not a machine that does not make grammar mistakes. Since you are not a popular writer and cannot depend on editors, this article will lead you to some of the best grammar checkers available.

Are you in need of a grammar check online? Do you need a tool that is grammar check free, meaning you do not have to subscribe? Sit tight and read through.

The aim of these grammar check tools is to assist in filtering your work and enhancing those tiny mistakes. However, before we delve into the best grammar checker tools, we can take a swift look at how to select the ideal grammar checker software.

Selecting A Grammar Checker Software

It is worthy to note that, grammar check tools, no matter how many exist, they are not made equally. Every one of these grammar checks online has its specific features as well as integrations.

And, before you make up your mind to select the ideal one, you can compare the grammar check tool with all your preferences and needs. As it stands, there are little things you are to know in order to select the best grammar checker software. They include:

  • Price: For the price, diverse alternatives are available. You will find very few grammar check free and even offering unlimited usage. Although, these grammar checkers free have restricted access to certain features.

  • Type: Every grammar checker can be split into two categories. They are the on-premises and cloud-based solutions. In simpler terms, they are divided into grammar check tools that can function offline and online. It is your choice of the type you prefer. The grammar check online tools have more features and even backs up more integrations. Importantly, some grammar check tools provide standalone applications for top-quality desktop as well as operating systems. For this reason, you will have to ensure that your OS and device are highly supported before you make your purchase.
  • Features: Grammar checkers are not structured to assist you in enhancing your proficiency in English alone. Rather, it also ensures that your content is distinct. Every grammar check tool is accompanied by certain features. However, there are certain subscription plans that allow these features to be made accessible. You are to ensure that you double-check on the features that are accessible for the plan you want to buy. Presently, you can place the major features into five areas which include:
  1. Grammar
  2. Punctuation
  3. Spelling
  4. Writing style
  5. Plagiarism checker

Nevertheless, these are the major features every grammar checker should provide. Also, some grammar check tools provide attractive features like:

  1. Online editor
  2. Grammar rules
  3. Personal dictionary
  4. Writing statistics
  5. Vocabulary, etc.

At the end of the day, seek the grammar check online tool that will be beneficial to your workflow.

  • Ease Of Use: If you are a tech-savvy writer, you may as well be interested in those grammar checkers that make use of developed app setting and interface alternatives. However, there are also other alternatives at your disposal. Note that, ease of use at this point refers to the whole process of installation.
  • Integrations: This is a highly powerful grammar check tool feature. You will enjoy it the most if you work in a cloud environment like Google Docs. If you have a grammar check tool in mind, you will need to co firm if it supports integration.

For those who spend time on the web, interacting with clients and reacting to comments, you should check out the integration as well.

Check Grammar Online Free

We have a list of some of the best grammar check online tools that you can utilize when it comes down to grammar and spelling. They include:

Step 1: Go to GrammarCheck


Step 2: Paste your text in the box

First and foremost, this is a grammar checker that is online. Its major job is to distinctively identify spelling errors as well as grammar mistakes. It does not end there. GrammarCheck goes further to suggest things that will enhance your writing style.

Step 3: Click “Free Check”

Step 4: Click “Deep Check”

Furthermore, GrammarCheck makes use of a deep check button. The job of this button is to send a user straight to Grammarly. Note that, you are liable to get a coupon code for the paid alternative of Grammarly from GrammarCheck

However, GrammarCheck is a grammar check free tool and it is user-friendly. To make use of this grammar check tool, you are to write out your desired text in a word processing program of your choice.

You can also review the write-up on your own to correct the mistakes you can find. Once done, click on the free check button that is made available for you.

Note that, any underlined spelling error found, style or grammar suggestion in the text can be clicked to view more options. Users can apply their corrections wherever it is needed.

And, the system will go further to immediately check your grammar utilization and spellings. It will proceed to give you its final verdict. You can have one last read-through to ensure you saw everything and agree to GrammarCheck’s changes.

As for the deep check button, it goes through your text like the free check button. However, the difference is that it is able to detect much more complex mistakes. It will detect dangling modifiers and the likes.

More Online Tools

1. Grammarly


It is worthy to note that, Grammarly is rated among the highly placed grammar checkers online. It is utilized by thousands, if not millions of people. It is loved by many as it provides free browser extensions for some browsers and free online text editor.

Whenever you sign in to Grammarly, you will immediately be faced with two options. You can either import your desired text or begin writing right inside the tool. Once your text is entered on the site, every mistake is flagged down automatically.

This grammar check tool has the ability to instinctively detect mistakes or errors like:

  • Punctuations
  • Writing style
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar, and;
  • Contextual spelling

Every mistake this grammar check tool flags down, it has an explanation pertaining to your wrongdoing and how to correct the errors. It backs up diverse writing styles which include blog posts, academic writing and so on.

Importantly, this tool is grammar check free. Meaning, it can be utilized for free. However, for a supercharge you will need to go for an upgraded version which costs about thirty dollars monthly.

Since its launch in the year 2009, this grammar checker has grown its abilities and accuracy. Also, it is one grammar check online tool that has been ranked at the top of prominent grammar checker software.

2. Ginger


Yet another grammar check online tool that has been said to be similar to Word is Ginger. Firstly, this grammar check tool has so many features and options that are extremely useful.

Need your writing life to be easier? Read more on this tool that has been rated amongst the best grammar checker. It cannot be rated as a complete grammar check free tool as it comes in three versions. They are the free, basic and premium version.

As usual, the first is free, the basic costs roughly five dollars monthly or you can make a life payment of forty dollars. For the premium version, it costs a life payment of ninety dollars.

Interested in knowing why people use this grammar checker? It is simply because it can get integrated with MS Word. Rather than upload your document into this grammar check tool, Ginger will take its time to proofread your work in your word document.

Amazing? It supports both British and American English. It is vital to note that, it has a mobile app known as Ginger keyboard. This app has a neat interface as well as functionality.

Users have the choice of selecting any keyboard that suits their writing style. However, the default keyboard is quite simple, plus rocks a clean look. More so, Ginger tends to open on your device as a small notepad that texts can be composed in.

3. Scribens


For the uninitiated, Scribens is a grammar check online tool that is not only user-friendly, but it is also a grammar check free tool. As it stands, this grammar checker has claimed to correct over ten times as many errors as Microsoft Word.

To utilize this grammar check tool, you can simply input your text and you will find a list of already suggested corrections. A great advantage of using Scribens is its unlimited usage and the fact that it is free.

Furthermore, it is highly compatible with lots of browsers and OS which includes extensions for Firefox, chrome and even safari. The things Scribens can do includes:

  • Checking your style and grammar
  • Identifying words that you repeated, and;
  • Sorting out your errors with some color coding

A possible downside of this grammar checker is that it will convert every bit of your text to a plain text. This means that, whatever formatting you had initially, you will need to rework on them again.

4. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker

For the uninitiated, this grammar checker tool known simply as Dupli checker is a grammar check free tool. Asides from that, you can utilize it in checking out for plagiarism in your text.

This is because it is a plagiarism detector that has some free tools like:

  • Grammar checker
  • Word counter

Furthermore, Dupli checker is a grammar check tool that is highly convenient and as we mentioned earlier, it is a free way to detect any plagiarized material. If plagiarism and grammar have always been an issue for you? Dupli checker is here to save the day.

Note that, it provides diverse tools that you cannot find in most grammar checker software. You may be wondering what these tools are. Nonetheless, with Dupli checker, you will be faced with a paraphrasing tool.

Such a tool can be extremely important when you need to rewrite certain articles without wasting much time. Also, there are some SEO tools you can find in Dupli checker like he backlink checker

As it stands, all good things must surely have a disadvantage to them. For Dupli checker, its con is its one thousand word limit for every search.

When you have articles that contain over one thousand words, you are left with no choice than to break them into separate sections. Another con is that you cannot fully rely on the paraphrasing tool to rewrite your articles perfectly

What happens is that, after it has done its job, it is now up to you to edit the result carefully.

5. Reverso


Tired of going around in circles checking for the best grammar checker, why not try Reverso? No idea what Reverso entails, well that is why we are here.

Reverso is a decent grammar check online tool. As the definition implies, it checks your text for spelling and grammar errors. Guess what? It is a grammar check free tool. All that is needed is to either past or type the desired words into the text field.

Once you click on the check button, you are instructing this grammar check tool to find and repair all grammatical blunders.

If your mouse hovers around the word that is replaced, you will find a tooltip. This tooltip gives an explanation about the nature of the mistake. Interestingly, it would amaze you to note that, Reverso’s technology is powered by another premium tool

This premium tool is none other than Ginger software. Remember Ginger? You can find the Ginger grammar check tool on the list. Basically, users are making use of the major feature of Ginger’s software for free.

However, a downside to Reverso is that the word count limit is six hundred characters at a time. This is quite low for such a fantastic grammar checker. Nonetheless, the grammar checker tools make use of an interface that is quite fast.

6. Prepostseo


This grammar checker is rated amongst the best grammar checker online tools that check out:

  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuations
  • All other inaccuracy in a given text

The intriguing concept about Prepostseo is that it assists a wide range of people in making their documents free of errors. These people range from:

  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Teachers

Bear in mind that, this grammar check tool has been created to rectify all grammar errors. Plus, it is able to identify punctuation mistakes and interestingly, it suggests the ideal use of grammar in the given phrase or sentence.

Whenever you want the given text, this grammar check tool swiftly gets to work by identifying the spelling errors and grammatical blunders. It displays the spelling mistakes by underlining it as red.

And, the grammatical blunders are displayed by being underlined as green. Scared of correcting the underlined words all by yourself? Well, Prepostseo does the job of correcting the sentence or word.

7. Grammar


When it comes to this grammar checker, its website claims that it provides every grammar that is needed to succeed in life. You can take a quick exploration with Grammar to correct all spelling blunders.

The part that will get you intrigued is the fact that it is a grammar check free tool. It means you do not have to subscribe monthly before you can check as many texts as you want. Great?

To utilize this grammar checker, all that is needed is to either paste or write the text in the space provided. Next is to, click on the button that signifies to check writing in a bid to get feedback.

You are to click on whichever spelling error, grammar improvement or suggestion for writing in order to get more options. In order to be a popular yet accomplished writer, Grammar suggests that you must have the knowledge about all the eight parts of speech

For you to join the highly placed writers that have an advanced command of English, you can build up your vocabulary on Grammar. You will be glad you came across this grammar checker article.

Importantly, you must have a writing style that is powerful. Even if you do not have it already, it can be developed.

This writing style development is important because, the majority of the communication today occurs in emails, instant messages, and even reports.

8. Grade Miners

Grade Miners

Believe it or not, every journalist you know and hear of today have or make use of a grammar corrector. Also, the prominent writers both current and of old have been utilizing editor services.

They make use of these services before their contents are published to the world. There is no published article that is not proofread for punctuation and grammar errors. For this reason, you can depend on grammar checker tools for assistance.

While you may be good at researching, writing and journalism, it does not directly mean that you will make a good corrector. Instead of allowing syntax and grammar discrepancies affect your score, you can utilize this grammar check tool

This amazing grammar checker is Grade miners. Whatever your goals may be, Grade miners are always at your service to help around. Rather than using the methods of old that entails using the service of an editor, you can simply make use of Google

There are so many grammar check tools available and the Grade miners are at your disposal as well. Everybody can make use of the Grade Miners grammar checker tool. It is user-friendly as well.

9. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

First of all, this is a grammar check free tool. Furthermore, it is among the grammar check online tools that aid in checking:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Paraphrases, etc

It is even used to enhance your choice of words, asses target structure usage and master the pronunciation of English words. Furthermore, a Virtual writing tutor trains both learners and newbie teachers to turn into better proofreaders.

Worried about automated writing evaluation? A virtual writing tutor offers an automated writing evaluation. This comes with a score and clearly formative feedback on pen pal messages, film-analysis essays and so on.

With a virtual writing tutor, you can rest assured that grammatical errors will not be a problem anymore. This is because, checking of spelling, punctuation and the likes will end up making your articles and essay content ideal for reading.

Note that, you can make use of the service offered by Virtual writing tutor as many times as you want. Like we stated earlier, it is free. And, you can submit any text. It could range from blog posts, essays, articles in the newspaper down to case studies.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the ideal grammar checker tool entails knowing your needs as well as understanding the features embedded in the tools.

It is worthy to note that, if the grammar checker tool is very easy, errors will not be detected whenever you write complex or technical content. We have provided you with some of the best grammar checker tools.

You can go through each of them and proceed to try them out. Like that, you can easily pick the one that suits you best. Though all these grammar check tools are very helpful, you must put in more effort to become a great writer.

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