Best YouTube Header Size

YouTube Header Size

When it comes to YouTube header size, you can make use of these dimensions: 2560px by 1440px. Do not forget to account for the safe area.

An impressive YouTube header is referred to as a fantastic book cover for the fact that it is capable of grabbing your interest. It is a vital part of how audiences across the globe will view a specific YouTube channel.

According to a YouTube Blog Post, statistics have revealed that people spend more than a billion hours watching YouTube videos daily.

Nevertheless, we will be covering the ideal YouTube Header Size or YouTube channel art size. They are both used interchangeably. Before we delve into the business of the day, YouTube has revealed its exact size on this Official Page.

There was a time wherein you could make use of just one header for your business. This particular header could be used across diverse marketing channels. It would fit into every website quickly as well as all your social media channels.

Basically, you would have no reason to be surfing for the best YouTube channel art size across the web. However, everything has changed. Things have become more complicated than expected.

While you can make use of similar brand fonts, colors, and even graphics across diverse marketing channels, it changes when it comes to social media platforms. What this means is that each social media platform has a totally different header size.

It is vital to note that the minimum YouTube header size is 2048px by 1152px tall. Should you make any attempt to upload an image that is smaller than this size, you will automatically receive an error.

When it comes down to the ideal dimension of your YouTube channel art size, it is 2560px by 1440px tall. Nevertheless, you must always have it in mind that your header size appears differently on both desktop and mobile.

Whenever you share your header on diverse social media channels, the way it is displayed varies based on the platform. While you may want to ask why you need to have so many sizes in mind, sit back, and relax.

Having so many header sizes and dimensions has to do with how you want your YouTube header to be displayed. The sizes vary from desktop, down to television, and even mobile devices.

Everyone wants their YouTube channel art to look fabulous, no matter if it is displayed on the most significant size screen of 2560px. Even if it is displayed on the tiniest size screen at 423px wide and all the sizes to be found in between, you will surely want something amazing.

If you go against the guidelines already set up by YouTube, you are bound to lose views of both your latest subscribers and videos. To put up these numbers in perspective, you will find a visual guide below:

Desktop And Mobile Safe Areas

When it comes down to your YouTube header size, you may want to place your header and text within the safety areas provided by YouTube. The YouTube safe zone is 1540px by 427px.

The fact remains that, the moment your header falls outside these areas, it will be partially cut off. Some times, it could be cut off entirely. It tends to occur when your viewers see the image on either mobile devices or any social media platform.

From the picture we shared above, there are diverse sizes you will have to plan for. You will be making these plans in a bid to ensure your YouTube header is displayed optimally on all the available screen sizes.

Understand that the YouTube header that will look spectacular on a large screen tends to be rendered ugly on a mobile screen. We have a visual guide below:

Based on the header you may decide to use, it gets tricky getting it right on all the different screen sizes. However, one key thing remains, there is a way to ensure that your viewers get to see your YouTube header in the ideal light.

It can be done only when you are aware of your safe area. In a bid to make sure the header is optimally viewed, you need to understand what the safe area entails.

For the uninitiated, the safe area is referred to as the minimum area you will need to make sure your header is correctly displayed. Note that you are to make sure every part of the header image that is vital is entirely within the safe area.

This safe area is confined between 1546px by 427px. Although, it can still fall within 1546px by 423px. It is necessary to follow the dimensions of the desktop and mobile safe areas.

It is because no one wants their YouTube header looking terrible to prospective viewers of your channel. Any slight awkwardness can make them turn away to another YouTube channel. Do you want that?

If you never knew, YouTube has two primary areas where users can upload photos to their channels. The first is via your profile picture. This is majorly used all over google properties.

The second primary area is the place where users can add some photos. It is precisely where we are placing our focus. While YouTube calls it the YouTube header or the YouTube channel art like we have mentioned earlier, other platforms call it a cover photo

Note that your header is highly essential. This is due to the fact that your header takes up a huge portion of the screen. When the header is viewed on either a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, it changes. It is also the first thing your visitors will see once they get to your YouTube channel

Users can watch YouTube on diverse kinds of devices and not on desktop alone. It can even be watched on your smart television. This is why it is vital you stick to the safe areas.

When making use of either a mobile device or desktop, it will be displayed as a narrow horizontal panorama. Its aspect ratio is 16:9. However, it is only one header you can make use of at a time

For this reason, you will need to ensure it is one that functions effectively in both the horizontal or paranormal format and conventional full screen.

When making use of a small desktop or mobile device, YouTube will regularly display less than twenty percent of your full header. The center area will surely measure the width of 1546px plus a height of 423px.

However, when it is displayed on a tablet, the dimensions are 1855px by 423px.

Bear in mind that, when it comes to your tablet, YouTube tends to display roughly twenty percent more of your header. This is in comparison to the sides of your desktop and mobile phones.

When you follow all these dimensions listed in this article, you are guaranteed a responsive header. Your header will surely work across the different devices you choose to use.

Tips And Best Practises

For starters, making use of the best YouTube channel is just the beginning of a long ride. In a bid to gain the attention of people to view your YouTube channel, there are some tips and best Practises you should adhere to. They include:

  • The size matters

The entire concept behind this article is centering on your YouTube header size. If your header is too large, parts of it will be cut off by YouTube. However, if it is seen as too small, you will be unable to upload it on YouTube.

Should your text or the header fall outside the Youtube recommended safe area, essential aspects of the header will be lost once your channel is viewed via mobile. There are even graphic design tools you can utilize to make it simple for you

These tools will help you in getting the ideal placement of your header plus the text on the images.

  • Text minimization

The primary reason that you will need to minimize tour text is so that it will fit perfectly inside the safe zone. However, YouTube is more of a visual platform. The people who log into this platform are not interested in viewing so many texts

Most of the successful YouTube channels that you hear about today only include the channel name on their header. Nevertheless, you can include probably a brief brand slogan or even a tagline

The aim of this tagline or slogan is that it will aid in explaining what your channel is all about. You will this on some YouTube channels as well. Bear in mind that this slogan or tagline should not exceed three words.

We are recommending three words in a bid for it to fit ideally within the safe zone.

  • Concentrate on the color of your brand

When you lay emphasis on the brand color which you have successfully laid out, it will assist the viewers in identifying the channel. They will automatically know that the channel belongs to you.

There are specific ways to carry this out. They include:

  1. Make use of one of your brand colors in creating a sturdy color background for your header
  2. Select a background image that entails one or two of your brand colors
  3. Input text in either one or two of the brand colors
  4. Utilize a color version of your header

Note that you can make use of any of these techniques when you build your thumbnails. Creating a thumbnail will make your channel to be aesthetically cohesive.

  • Your style of videos

Do you make use of animated videos? Are they live-action? Are your videos focused on you alone or other people get to come on? Nevertheless, you should select a header that allows viewers to have an idea of what your videos will be like.

  • Make use of a call-to-action

You need to understand that each interaction a person has with your brand must be encouraging enough for them to consider another interaction. This interaction can be to:

  1. Watch yet another video
  2. Finally subscribe to your channel
  3. Purchase any of your products up for sale

More so, you can make this happen by utilizing excellent imagery that showcases what your channel entails. Also, you can decide to follow the route of making use of a call-to-action

This call-to-action will have to be based on the goals you have in mind for your channel. Should you operate a channel that centers on WordPress tutorials, plus your goal is to attain more YouTube subscribers, your call-to-action will be to ask viewers that they should subscribe for tutorials

Thanks to the YouTube studios, you are allowed to lay up a bar with links to:

  1. Product pages
  2. Website
  3. Social media profiles

You can do this by placing them on the top of your header. However, if your current goal is to make your followers check out services or products that you are offering, you can make use of a call to action also.

This call-to-action will be to direct your followers to click swiftly on the links you will provide. Nevertheless, whichever call-to-action you decide upon, ensure that it fits right within the safe zone of your header.

No one wants their text to be cut off awkwardly when viewers check out the channel with their mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, you cannot gain followers on your YouTube channel if you do not adhere to the YouTube header sizes recommended by the platform. This article will be your guide to creating the perfect header.


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