Best 11 Website Speed Test Tools

Due to the advent of technology, a swift web connection can be said to be necessary in our modern world. Over time, the UN has made it known that a connection is actually grouped under human rights.

To enjoy major technological benefits, a fast connection is highly needed. Little wonder there is a diverse website speed test available. We will be taking a cursory look at some of the best website speed test tools.

The fact remains that; a person’s internet speed has the ability to determine the amount of time to execute various tasks on the web. So, a person’s internet plan and provider choice are highly vital for the entire household.

Furthermore, the two most popular questions internet administrators ask whenever it comes down to the performance of their website includes:

  • How swift is my website?
  • How can my website performance be improved?

The answers to such questions can be found within the diverse website monitoring programs. While money is needed to get the best website speed test, there are other free options that provide enough performance monitoring.

It is worthy to note that, speed can either break or make that website of yours. This is why IT departments, marketers and even web developers are paying so much attention to making use of the best website speed test tools.

When your website loading speed is enhanced, it causes a dramatic effect on the total success of your website. Did you know that page speed has a great influence on your performance?

The fact remains that; the majority of the website users have only four seconds to wait on a page to load before they move on to some other site. Note that, you cannot simply sit by your desktop holding a stopwatch and expect to calculate how fast your website loads.

For this reason, developers will rather take full advantage of a vast variety of free website speed test tools. In the world we are in, no one wants to settle for a connection that is slow. Who wants to get left behind? Surely not you.

This is why executing a website speed test with some of the best website speed test tools will enable you to see if your connection is above or below the bar. Are you lost on why exactly you are performing the website speed test?

The reason behind performing this test is to check what exactly your upload and download speeds are. It is information that is vital to your daily tasks.

 Best 11 Website Speed Test Tools

There are so many website speed test tools available at your disposal today. These are tools that are forever changing and being modified. Below are some of the best website speed test tools you will love. They include:

1. GTmetri


Rated among the best website speed test tools of the year 2019 is none other but GTmetrix. If you need a straightforward tester, your best bet is GTmetrix. All that is needed is to input your URL and hit in analysis.
If you never knew, some of its strengths include:

  • Its total interface is amazingly easy to utilize. Its UX design is simple to navigate and highly trustworthy.
  • It gives page speed numbers with a context.

For its scores, they are usually broken down according to type. This means that those who are not current with web development can still manage to determine if issues are majorly coming from their CSS, JavaScript or the entire server surrounding.

More so, GTMetrix provides a pro-level upgrade that grants easy access to page settings, alerts and so many other benefits attached. However, this website speed test is actually free and users can simply download the data.

What you should know about GTMetrix is that; it is a web application used in testing web page speed. It provides a completely free insight into page performance without any fee or registration attached.

Users can just visit the site, copy the URL of whichever page you want to analyze and voila, you will see the results. Also, there is a paid version for users who may want much more detailed monitoring.

2. Site 24×7

Site 24X7

For the uninitiated, Site 24×7 is yet another alternative to Pingdom. And, it provides a free version as well as premium plans. Wondering why it is among the best website speed test tools?

Well, it is a budget-friendly tool that offers server, network, website and even application monitoring. Also included is its user feedback for actual user monitoring. It can be utilized on:

  • Freebase
  • OS X
  • Windows, and even;
  • Linux

For more on the paid plan, it fully covers roughly five server monitors and fifty alerts monthly. Its free version is however restricted to just five server uptime monitors and about ten alerts monthly.

3. WebPage Test

WebPage Test
As one of the best website speed test tools, WebPage Test is actually a testing tool that is free. Plus, it runs its speed tests from diverse locations all over the globe.

Interested users must bear in mind that, WebPage test takes specific things into account such as;

  • Connection speed
  • Browser type
  • The device
  • Cache state which the user utilized for authentic results

This website speed test tool provides enhanced testing, a highly visual comparison and a traceroute examination as well. With its advanced testing, users are allowed to decide on the number of tests they want to run.

Furthermore, users can get the first and repeat view of the website page. Users can also view the visual progress of loading. For the uninitiated, WebPage Test is among the best website speed test tools used in measuring webpage activities.

It allows its users to operate website speed tests on their sites from anywhere in the world. Some interesting facts about this website speed test tool include:

  • Users can run this website speed test tools in IE browser and Chrome at consumer connection speeds.
  • It carries out highly advanced testing which consists of content blocking, video capture, and even multi-step transactions

With WebPage Test, users are provided with diagnostic information that consists of page speed optimization checks. Also, there are suggestions for a better experience by users.

4. Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

First and foremost, this is a free website speed test tools used in optimizing speed. Once a user enters the web page URL, Varvy Pagespeed Optimization provides a summary plus a five-part report.

Wondering what the report does? Its aim is to:

  • Examine all your resources.
  • JavaScript usage
  • CSS delivery
  • Page speed issues, and;
  • Services

Note that, this website speed test tool makes use of a highly useful selection of tutorials and resource articles. These will assist users in improving their performance.

Furthermore, this website speed test tool has a full section dedicated strictly to mobile optimization and SEO guide.

5. Pingdom


Rated among the best website speed test tools, Pingdom is also rated among the best performance monitoring services for any business.

This website speed test tools aptly offers users web performance monitoring and uptime alerts every minute

Additionally, this website speed test tool offers a comprehensive insight into performance and page speed expectations with its email and SMS notification. But, it does not make use of a free version.

Rather, it offers a fourteen days free trial just in case you are unsure if to start up a subscription or not. As one of the best website speed test tool, Pingdom is deeply dedicated to making the website both faster and highly reliable

Interesting features that you will love about Pingdom include:

  • It examines every part of the given web page.
  • It provides an overview of the web’s performance.
  • It traces the user’s performance history.
  • Pingdom allows users to test from multiple locations.

Pingdom’s rating is broken down into roughly twelve criteria. And each of these criteria provides their own individual scores. It assists users in targeting areas that can offer tangible enhancement to the website’s speed.

6. Uptrends

The first thing to note about Uptrends is that it is a monitoring tool used in controlling the uptime, performance and operations of websites, APIs and of course, servers.

As one of the best website speed test tools at your disposal, it supports diverse protocol technology for its server and website tracking needs. And this includes:

  • POP3
  • SQL
  • SMTP, etc.

Users would love the fact that; Uptrends automatically transfers emails which contains dashboard reports in either excel file or PDF straight to the selected recipient

Interested in monitoring your API uptime and setting up API calls in order to cross-check the response data? The uptrend is the best website speed test tool for such tasks.

Need to monitor your multistep transactions like shopping carts and even log in? The uptrend is your best bet. Its results are very easy to understand. Plus, it displays the Google Pagespeed score in its summary.

7. Dotcom


Have you been searching for the best website speed test tool? Ever heard of Dotcom? Well, for those who are unaware, Dotcom is a huge performance testing and website tracking tool.

This website speed test tool can be utilized in analyzing the speed of a website with both waterfall charts and the video playback of the website.

With Dotcom as your website speed test tool, you can analyze both the operations and performance of multiple web services. Also, users can easily identify the actual cause of issues they have with their performance.

Moreover, Dotcom has a customized alter that assists users in sending changes to people as either a voice message, SMS or as an email. There are so many free and useful tools being offered by Dotcom.

Little wonder it is rated amongst the best website speed test tools as it offers web performance report which includes:

  • Summary through location
  • Ten percent of swiftest elements
  • Ten percent of slowest elements
  • In-depth waterfall chart, and so much more.

Still, searching for the best website speed test tool? You can try out Dotcom.

8. Dareboost


This is a web application that carries out the analysis and optimization of given website performance. It has lots of optimization tips to offer.

Note that, Darboost is structured to decrease the loading time of a web page and increases its quality

With Darboost as your website speed test tool, you can easily compare the speed of your site with that of your competitors. It carries out a continuous analysis of web pages in a bid to detect loading and quality-related problems.

As one of the best website speed test tools, Darboost enables users to test their mobile web speed and to check out user behavior on the site. It performs a comprehensive analysis from multiple locations via desktop or mobile browser

More so, Darboost gives users all the standard metrics score, best practices recommendation, and tips as well. Every recommendation given by Darboost is grouped based on priorities.

This means that; you can easily concentrate on those that are critical first.

9. KeyCD


This is a website speed test tool that analyzes web performance and identifies every connectivity problem. It assists users in preventing both attacks and actions that have been unauthorized.

Additionally, users are capable of configuring this website speed test tool to whichever specification they choose. KeyCDN is known for providing real-time reports that can be said to be accurate.

It is worthy to note that; KeyCDN is among the best website speed test tools at your disposal and it makes use of a RESTful API which allows for total control over the user’s account.

If you never knew, KeyCDN provides a free website speed test tool that offers a swift and simple way users can ascertain the total speed of their site. With the easy page speed test, users are given a waterfall breakdown and site preview.

Furthermore, KeyCDN offers roughly fourteen different test locations that are located strategically all over the world.

Also, users can operate private and public website speed tests that can be distributed and even bookmarked for future purposes.

The aim of the breakdown report is to give users an overview of the request techniques, content size, file types and even HTTP status codes, amongst others. Note that, KeyCDN website speed test is a tool that fully supports HTTP/2.

10. Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

One thing to bear in mind is that; this tool is one of the best website speed test tools used in analyzing and grading the speed and performance of a website.

What Google page speed insights do is that it displays the analysis results solely based on a scale of one to one hundred. So, the higher your analysis score on this scale, the better the optimization of your site truly is.

This means that if your grade is either around or probably above eighty, your web performance is very good. As its name suggests, Google page speed insight is published and developed by Google.

The job of this website speed tool is to provide a detailed report and analysis for your PC and the mobile version of your site.

Bear in mind that, Google page speed insight can serve enhancement recommendations on speeding up your web performance.

It is vital to note that, Google page speed insight functions in diverse ways. It works firstly by measuring the time used when the user requests a new page plus the exact moment when the browser appears just above the fold content.

Secondly, it works as the time to load the whole page. Here, it measures the exact time used when a user requests a new page plus the exact moment when the browser completely renders the whole page.

This website speed test tool makes use of an extra category for the reports of the mobile sites.

11. Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools

First and foremost, it functions on a Node.js server. And, it allows developers to test a site through a URL. All of this is executed by accessing the site through PhantomJS and collecting diverse statistics and metrics.

Note that, the metrics are further controlled and displayed in a manner that makes them simple to understand. Rated amongst the best website speed test tools, it has a segment for the analysis of the JavaScript operation timeline.

This website speed test tool is very useful for not just newbies alone but advanced coders also. It assists in boosting the total performance of a code.

Final Thoughts

It is obvious that there are diverse website speed test tools that any interested person can select from. Every one of them surely has its very own special features. Note that, it is an amazing idea to test your website regularly.

With time, you can begin making improvements. Plus, with any of these best website speed test tools, users can track the performance and speed of their websites.

Also, you can always take full advantage of those tools that provide free trials before making your big decision.

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