14 Best Selfie Apps to Make You Perfect

The act of taking selfies has deeply penetrated the world’s photography culture. Hate it or not, we have a generation of selfie lovers on our hands. The reason why people take selfies revolves around:

  • Following the trend
  • Grabbing attention
  • Connecting with friends, or even;
  • Capturing special moments.

Nevertheless, taking selfies has evolved into an art, and now, we have some of the best selfie apps available. These apps will assist you in creating better photos, editing, and even beautifying your pictures.

Understand that selfies are a vital aspect of our culture. Your presence on social media practically showcases you to your friends, potential dates, and even employers. Taking an awesome selfie will have a significant effect on your life.

The Best Selfie Apps Of 2020

Are you on the search for apps that will remove unwanted items and make you look beautiful? Some of the best selfie apps you need to achieve this feat include:

1. Retrica


Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Retrica was launched in November 2012 and was ranked 9th in the detailed list of the most downloaded apps across the globe. As of June 2019, the app reached four hundred and twenty million accumulated downloads.

If you never knew, this app is loved due to its quality and capability to combine diverse colors and shades across the globe. It aids in recording complete scene experience.

Retrica has been able to captivate both selfie lovers and content creators, thanks to its amazing filters. If you need different lights and colors in your selfie, Retrica is the best beg for you.

Furthermore, Retrica is referred to as a social network that provides more than one hundred fantastic filters. It backs up selfie collages with various photos taken from diverse angles, Gif images, and even live videos.

Users will be capable of adding annotations to their photos using texts, images,  timestamps, and so much more. On Retrica, you can interact with the other users and even follow their pictures through the chronological look the app offers.

2. Facetune2


Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free, Paid version

Facetune2 is rated amongst the best selfie apps of 2020, and it is the next generation of the Facetune app. Facetune2 comes complete with a fantastic collection of some of the best pro retouching features.

If you need a Hollywood to look? Or a natural look? Expect the best result from Facetune2. It is a remarkable beauty editing app that is available at your disposal. It comes fully packed with advanced technology.

This selfie app can eliminate your pimples and blemishes, smoothen your skin, contour your face, and even whiten your teeth. If your picture has terrible lighting, trust facetune2 to correct it. Both glitter and glamour will be added to your image.

Facetune2 edits your pictures swiftly, and with this app, skin defects can be corrected. It provides inbuilt image retouching tools that users will love. It comes with an easy interface, and it is always modified to offer fantastic options.

3. Youcam Perfect

Youcam Perfect

Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free  Premium

Youcam Perfect is referred to like a photo editing tool used in applying diverse cool effects on your pictures. You can make small changes and powerful transformations with this app.

Its primary feature is its auto embellishment. What it does is that it retouched your image. The app does this all by itself without you putting in much work. One option you are going to love is how Youcam Perfect edits the shape of the eyes and face.

If you need a thinner face and bigger eyes, Youcam Perfect is your best bet. You can insert different frames and color filters to your picture as well. Note that your edited images can be uploaded to any social media platform of your choice.

With Youcam Perfect, you can edit both videos and pictures. Whatever you need for a fantastic selfie, Youcam Perfect will allow you to do it all.

4. Afterlight


Available on: iOS

Price: Free, Paid

Afterlight is rated among the best selfie apps of the year 2020 due to its real film textures, top-quality filters, and editing tools. It is an easy to use photo editor that you can download on your mobile device.

Afterlight offers users precise advanced adjustment tools that can be controlled via touch gestures. If you need to add amazing finishing touches to your pictures, this app provides authentic light leaks. The light leaks are made using the original 35mm film.

This app takes the whole selfie game to a different level with its special photo editing tool fuelled with seventy-four filters and seventy-eight textures. It transforms your everyday images into attractive pictures

Are you seeking for a selfie app that backs up your Instagram activities perfectly? Afterlight selfie app is your best bet.

5. Airbrush


Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free, Paid

Whoever told you that perfection could be achieved in your pictures? Ever heard of Airbrush? Well, this is one of the best retouching tools to utilize in editing your images, adding filters and creating amazing selfies

Airbrush makes use of a blemish remover that aids in eliminating both pimples and spots from your face. With Airbrush, you can whiten your teeth and take your smile to a whole new level.

Due to Airbrush’s brighten option, you can enhance your eyes to light up all your features automatically. You can edit, retouching, and tan your skin to attain glowing perfection in your selfies.

Interestingly, you can adjust every feature on your own. It provides various filters, and your selfies can be shared with diverse social media platforms.

6. Perfect 365

Perfect 365

Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free, Paid

With Perfect 365, you can take full control of your beauty and define it however you want to. You can play with your pictures using this app and even try out new things. Perfect 365 allows users to express themselves with diverse makeup looks from brands.

Understand that; Perfect 365 enables millions of its Generation Z and millennial users to try out both makeup and hair from lots of brands digitally. People refer to it as the best selfie app for women.

This app enables you to apply makeup to your shots within seconds. It offers over twenty different tools for beauty and makeup. It provides a top-quality color palette where you can select any color combination you love.

It has a facial recognition option that allows users to have a natural look and top-notch makeup.



Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free, Paid

It may interest users to note that VSCO makes use of presets. For the uninitiated, they are photo filters used in adjusting brightness, saturation, and color balance. All of these are used in creating specific effects.

However, users can choose to make use of these presets or even create their own. According to a report carried out by Forbes over two hundred million photos were posted on Instagram but edited using VSCO.

VSCO allows its users to post their pictures on their network and also use the app to edit their photos. While its features are not so much, whatever it lacks in quantity, it has made up in its versatility.

It comes with functions users will love, such as its preinstalled filters and expert tools such as HSL, video editing, and frames. Also, users can change their highlights, shadows, and even proportions.

8. Cymera


Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free

With Cymera, you will be provided with roughly seven lenses and photo editing tools that are very simple to use. Rated among the best selfie app of 2020, it is fantastic for the set of people who are searching for top-notch picture editors.

Cymera is capable of correcting your face to allow you to style any composition of your choice. Users are free to add up to one hundred and thirty filters and diverse effects on their selfies and even create collages.

If you never knew, Cymera provides InstaFit features and simple editing tools. It’s set of seven camera lenses to include: a fisheye lens, separate lenses, Lomo camera, and so many others.

There are various stickers, inbuilt collage grids, blurred backgrounds and art effects that you can utilize in styling your composition

9. SelfieCity


Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Selfiecity is one of the best creative apps you will find for your selfies. It comes with lots of filters that are trendy and realistic image editing. While each of the cities it offers is unique in its way, your personality tends to display a particular city.

Displaying a particular city with your personality is the concept of SelfieCity. All of these help in making this app stand out from the other selfie apps. Some of the cities to be found in this app include Tokyo, Hong Kong, Formosa, New York, and Paris.

These cities have their very own filter collections which display their surrounding and atmosphere. Furthermore, SelfieCity provides double exposure and selfie collage, which entails a total of sixteen portraits, vignetting, and blurring functions.

SelfieCity makes use of three cameras and comes with a feature that utilizes face recognition.

10. A Color Story

A Color Story

Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free, Paid

A color story is a selfie app that was created in the year 2016 by Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. They are the creators behind A Beautiful Mess. Nonetheless, a color story is regarded as a photography plus technology company.

They specialize in mobile imaging apps, photoshop actions, and lightroom presets. Furthermore,  this selfie app is utilized by millions all over the world.

If you need to make your pictures fresh and colorful, this app is your best bet. You are surely going to love its three hundred filters that were created by expert photographers.

Furthermore, it makes use of one hundred movable effects and twenty expert picture editing tools. Note that A color story is different from other selfie apps you have come across.

Its filters look both realistic and natural. If you need a fantastic Instagram feed, this app comes through.

11. Snapchat


Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Snapchat is a highly prominent selfie app. Little wonder it is placed amongst the best selfie apps of the year 2020. It enables users to take a quick selfie that makes them stand out.

It is an app that is free to use, and you can post your pictures on any social media platform of your choice. With Snapchat, you can interact with other users. Also, its selfie lenses and filters are modified daily.

If you are a lover of 3d-bitmoji Snapchat provides users with the possibility to create it. The whole concept of Snapchat focuses on making your selfies look better than ever.

When your selfies are taken, you can choose to add a text and share it with your friends. Snapchat provides a video chat that entails up to sixteen people. Different lenses and filters can be added to this video chat.

12. Lensical


Available on: iOS

Price: Free

Lensical is a fantastic selfie app that allows users to capture the world and create amazing selfies beautifully. It comes with an impressive camera, image editor, and photo library.

With Lensical, you can choose beautiful filters, and even photo presets. These can be used in perfecting your pictures, making sketch textures, creating watercolors, and so many other exciting functions.

Lensical makes use of weird effects that will get your friends laughing when you share your selfies with them. You can make yourself have a beard, mustache, look old, and even remove your hair with its effects.

13. Tap Star Apps

Tap Star Apps

Available on: iOS

Price: Free, Premium

Tap Star Apps comes with excellent filters, and all your edited selfies can be shared on diverse social media platforms automatically. This is an amazing app for those who enjoy enhancing their selfies.

This app will move you through various screens until you select whatever you will love to transform into your face. Its automatic mode provides features like sliders that are used in correcting your skin tone, smoothness, brightness, and width of lips.

With this app, you can successfully adjust your eyes, jaw, and add various filters to the selfie.

14. Pip Camera Pro by Fotoable

Pip Camera Pro by Fotoable

Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free

For the uninitiated, Pip Camera Pro is one of the best photo editor and blender effect app. It will assist you in having awesome photo collages. You can merge your everyday photos to create pretty collages.

This app comes with six primary features, some of which are; photo collage maker, mirror image effect, square image, scrapbook, and so much more. It is capable of merging up to nine pictures together.

It has fantastic functions that you can use in adding text to your images and creating a mirror effect. You can easily blend between up to two pictures and add a blurred background to your pictures.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, selfies are a popular trend in our world today, and everyone is engaged in it. To get amazing selfies that you can post on any social media platform you are in, we have listed some of the best selfie apps you will love.

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