12 Best Rideshare Apps in 2020

Our roads today are filled with vehicles occupying every nook and cranny. This has also led to so many traffic jams. Getting to a destination has, however, become easy due to the shift in transportation.

As it stands, we are living in a world where everyone is interested in making use of rideshare apps. Some of the best rideshare apps provide cost-effective alternatives to your private cars.

For those who are unaware, ridesharing services are simple arrangements between the owner of a particular vehicle and an individual. This individual is someone who offers a specific pickup location with their destination via an app.

Bear in mind that ridesharing exists because there are so many reasons why people make use of them rather than a private vehicle. For beginners, ridesharing has some advantages such as:

  • It aids in saving money as you can share your ride with other persons
  • It decreases stress since individuals can now take a break from driving their cars. People tend to even read or listen to music while seated in the shared vehicle
  • Also, it aids in helping the environment due to the reduced number of cars that will be found on the road.

Nonetheless, you should have it in mind that the ridesharing services that are available differ. Though some can standby the claims that they are safe for passengers, others are more invested in the aspect of cost.

12 Best Rideshare Apps in 2020

In a bid to assist you in the area of smart commuting, we will be listing out some of the best ridesharing apps you will come across. They include:

1. Uber


Available on: iOS & Android

First and foremost, Uber is rated amongst the most prominent ridesharing apps around the globe. It is both reliable and highly accessible. Over time, this rideshare app has been expanded in more than six hundred and thirty cities

Furthermore, Uber has a pool of more than seven million drivers ready to pick you up. Its developers designed Uber in a way that it is capable of catering to the convenience of users.

With Uber, you can pay via PayPal, android pay, credit, and even cash. One thing to note is that the pricing on Uber is very competitive. Plus, during the day, the fare alternatives are low.

More so, the app is easy to navigate. All you need to do is to open it and input your desired destination. What the app does next is that it will match you with a driver that is close to your location.

Once this matching takes place, you will be able to see the details of the driver as well as his or her live location and ETA. With Uber, you can split the fare and even sync your meetings by making use of the calendar shortcuts.

In addition to all of these, Uber can be a fantastic option when you want to embark on short distances. This could be within your city or even a municipality.

2. Lyft


Available on: iOS & Android

Due to the volume of ridership being made available lately, Lyft comes in second place when it has to do with carpooling services. Its presence is visible in more than three hundred cities in the United States. It is visible internationally as well.

If you never know, the Lyft company also has a bicycle sharing firm known as Motivate. It is worthy to note that vehicles being offered by Lyft range from its mid-sized Lyft autos to bigger Lyft plus cars.

In a bid to make the lives of its users more comfortable, this rideshare app enables demand-based pricing when the hours are at its peak. Note that its users can go for autonomous cars.

Similar to how the Uber app is operated, you need to open the app and request a ride. Your request will take place when you input the details of your location. The app will readily match you with a driver, and you can monitor the driver’s location

For your safety, Lyft undergoes a thorough background check of its drivers. One thing to love about Lyft is that you will have your ride receipt displayed. If you want to share the vehicle, it is possible.

3. Via


Rated amongst the best rideshare apps, Via was co-founded by a neuroscience Ph.D. holder. His name is Daniel Ramot. What he did is that he added the logistics engine to the Via app.

Furthermore, the services rendered by Via does not cover most of the areas in the city. Instead,  it has its routes and allows passengers to set their destination. The app tries its best to drop passengers off at the closest drop location.

In a bid to make up for the route issue, this ride-sharing service runs for twenty-four hours daily and seven days all through the week. Note that it is capably of picking up diverse passengers that are headed in the same direction.

Also, it has available options just in case you want to share a ride with other people. This app is straightforward to use, and it is affordable.

Without dropping many details about yourself, you can still select your destination and location. If you never knew, using this app regularly will have the app creating a discount system for you.

What this means is that the Via app can make your payments without taxes. Passengers are assured of comfort.

4. Gett


Available on: iOS & Android

This rideshare app used to be known as GetTaxi.  Interestingly, it is based in Israel and caters to more than one hundred cities across Europe. As a result of its user base filled with daily commuters, it is rated alongside other top rideshare services

Furthermore, people say Gett is the most affordable rideshare app. This is primarily because of the pricing policy of the company. Note that, they do not charge customers so much during busy hours

Additionally, the payment process for its drivers is kind of different from what other companies do. It pays so much to its drivers and, the drivers are rated highly. You can book down up to two weeks in advance as well.

5. Curb


Available on: iOS & Android

This is another fantastic ridesharing service that does not add upsurge pricing. Verifone systems bought this service. If you are unaware, it is a company that focuses on providing technology for both value-added services and electronic payment transactions.

Interestingly, it has more than fifty thousand fleets of taxis in over sixty-five cities in the United States. Also, passengers will love its backseat monitor used for entertainment. It is also used to run tally of the transport fare.

Due to this backseat monitor, passengers can check out for restaurants that are close by and even reserve tables. More so, passengers can easily be linked with licensed and completely insured drivers

When you share the personal referral code, you can earn Curb rides for free. The app can be used in paying for trips as well.

6. BlaBla Car

First of all, this service has a different business model. With BlaBla Car, owners of private vehicles have the chance to link their cars on the app. They can do this and also input their drop off and pick up data.

Note that if any passenger wants to join them, they can quickly request the ride and ultimately share the fantastic experience. This app tends to act as the bridge between passengers and drivers

Its rating scale is funny as well. If your driver is quiet, you can rate them Bla, and if the driver is chatty, better to rate them BlaBla. Lastly, if your driver has difficulty in shutting up, you can rate him or her BlaBlaBla.

You will have no reason to travel alone with this service, and this means your fuel expense will decrease. Also, the drivers can decide who gets to ride in the vehicle with them. Note that, the women drivers have the option to travel with women alone.

Understand that this is the leading carpooling service for those in Europe who want to go a long distance. This service has been made available in about twenty-two countries.

7. Bridj

This is a carpooling service and has an on-demand app for its public transport. It was established in Boston. However, it was started by the head of Washington, Chicago, D.C. transportation department.

Bear in mind that this app is for those who are headed towards the same direction. Or, those who have the same journey path to embark on. Also, this app is capable of shortlisting its customers.

Bridj app aids in decreasing its passenger’s travel time. The vital thing to note is that this service is highly affordable. Differing from the other ride-sharing services you know about, Bridj is in charge of a fleet of fourteen seat luxury shuttles.

These shuttles have Wi-Fi, and the seating is leather. Your pocket up point can be mutually decided upon. All its vehicles have Wi-Fi available.

8. Wingz

Available on: iOS & Android

The first thing to note down is that Wingz is a person to person transportation network company. Although it began from being a transportation service at the airport.

Nonetheless, it is now a ride-sharing service that is available in some cities. Currently, it has reached about sixteen metro areas and twenty-two airports. This app enables passengers to book for rides from the airport.

This booking can even be made two months in advance. Also, Wingz does not have any hidden fees or surge charges. Everything is visible, and there is nothing to hide. More so, passengers get to pick from a lot of drivers.

The company has even made a promise to cut down on its fares and make everything much cheaper. You can also personalize a list of your favorite drivers. You will not be faced with unpredictable surge pricing.

9. GoKid

Available on: iOS & Android

With its headquarters in New York, this ride-sharing service operates in about twenty-five countries. In this service, users can actively book for a ride with families and kids.

Understand that it does not place any burden on parents who work. Interestingly, the parents you can find here are those who take turns in driving their children to various places.

Here, parents are linked up with families that they know in a bid to cancel out the risk of mishaps. It has optimal route provisions for both drop-offs and pickups.

It is worthy to note that it provides flexibility if you are interested in inviting friends from your contact. The ride will be entertaining for your kids, and parents can monitor the journey from wherever they are.

10. Hitch

Available on: iOS & Android

As a rideshare service, it is famous for its city to city-hopping ways. This service offers users with a top-notch ride. Plus, it operates between Houston and Austin. With Hitch, riders and drivers that are headed towards the same city are linked.

You can find a Hitch ride to book between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM. Also, there is no pre-booking needed. As a driver, you can easily make up to one hundred and twenty dollars from just one round trip.

Furthermore, you can post the schedule for your trip beforehand. Its drop off and pickups are suitable. This ride is cheaper than the bus. Also, its middle seat never gets matched.

11. Arro

Available on: Android

If you are to pay a visit to either the United States or the United Kingdom, we will be recommending Arro for you. If you have never heard of it, now is the chance. Arro is a taxi app for devices like Android

It is available in more than one hundred cities and can be found in diverse countries. With this app, you will come across so many active and highly experienced drivers fully prepared to take you to wherever you are headed.

With Arro, you are safe and secure. It does not take long to find a taxi when making use of this app. And, when you encounter an issue, customer care is ready to help you with whatever problem that has come your way.

It has no surge in its pricing, and the fares are usually based on the meters of the taxi. This service is very reliable.

12. Flywheel

Available on: Android

If you want to get a taxi without wasting any more time, Flywheel is your best shot. Residents of San Diego, Seattle, and even San Francisco can put in the right words about this rideshare app.

The Flywheel is rated among the swiftest responding taxi or booking app that you will find on your Android.  Paying for your ride is very easy, as there are no complications. It is very affordable also

Furthermore, this app allows passengers to reserve a taxi by tapping on their phone screen. When you can pay through its payment system, you will have no reason to have cash all the time with you.

If you need a highly responsive customer care team, Flywheel is at your service.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to note that the ridesharing industry has continued to grow over time. It is as a result of how convenient and cost-saving it has been for people.

Although its primary service offering does not change across the various rideshare apps, companies are trying their best to stand out. Most of them are adding special features and facilities.

These facilities and features are not for the riders alone, but the drivers as well. Nevertheless, the space is actively ripe for innovations, and there are great rewards to be attained.

You can quickly go through the listed rideshare apps, just in case you need one for your journey.

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