Best Online Jobs For College Students

You should note that gone are the days that college students have to rely on their parents or be broke in school. There are online jobs these days that are highly lucrative and pay handsomely.

As it stands, we will be providing you with the best online jobs for college students that will set them on successful career paths. There are lots of jobs one can do online and still attend classes.

Best Online Jobs For College Students

The online jobs for college students that we will be outlining are those that college students can use to build long-term skills. Some of the jobs include:

1. Freelance Graphic Designer

First and foremost, freelance graphic design is a time-honored field for freelancing.  College students interested in this job can go-ahead to do something as easy as a logo, or if you are up to the task, you can design a whole brochure.

Furthermore, you can try out some fun illustrations for blog posts. You can do the graphic design works as a side hustle to make some extra cash for those who are quite artistic. Judging from reviews on PayScale, the average hourly rate for freelance graphic designing is thirty dollars.

Nevertheless, you can make more than this amount if you are billing by the project rather than by the hour.

You can find some best freelance graphic design websites in the below article.

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2. Stock Photography

Similar to written content, there is a growing market for stock photos, especially on websites such as Pexels and Shutterstock. For those who are good with cameras or if you are a decent videographer, you can start a fantastic business model with just your smartphone.

Lately, the expert grade cameras are quite affordable and easily made available. You can also get some free beginner photography courses online. This will make it easier to start your journey in the stock photography business.

College students who have an artistic eye and love the work can take their business offline. You can set yourself up as a freelance photographer for parties and events. In such cases, your online portfolio will keep you standing out from the crowd.

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3. Translation

As an individual seeking the best online jobs for college students, you can try out translation. If you are good at writing foreign languages fluently and can understand expert translation fundamentals, you can make some extra cash as a freelance translator.

For those unaware, translators are capable of taking various documents that range from instruction manuals down to scripts. They can translate them into another language. With the current rise of translation in the market, it is pretty easy to get translation gigs.

The average freelance translator can make up to twenty-nine days hourly, according to ZipRecruiter. Nevertheless, the pay varies based on experience and the difficulty of the gig you have to work on.

4. Data Entry

We must admit that computers are better at processing data, but it is complex when it comes down to turning over handwritten documents into computerized ones. This is why online students can earn a decent fee by engaging in data entry.

Data entry entails taking data from a specific format or source and transcribing it to another in simpler terms. It is usually transcribed into a database management system or spreadsheet.

So long as you are efficient and pay attention to details, almost everyone can do this job. The average hourly rate for data entry goes for $12.92. Nonetheless, you can make twice this price if you are skilled in making use of Excel.

While it is not considered the best paying online job, it does not demand lots of skills or experience. You only need your computer and a web connection. Similar to a virtual assistant, data entry jobs are much in the online market.

Bear in mind that you may need to carry out a typing speed test to prove that you are a good typist. Even though it is monotonous, the extra cash will go a long way.

5. Start a blog

You must have heard about how great blogging is and how you can make money off it. Once you can get a nice number of people reading your post’s articles, you are bound to start receiving a nice income. One myth you will need to debunk is that you do not have to be the perfect writer in order to be a blogger. It would help if you simply wrote as you talk.

If you want to make money off blogging, you will have to assist someone and give valuable information to people who need them. In blogging, you are to select topics that provide clear value to the readers.

For those who may want to create a go-to source of information in their niche, you can earn some extra money via sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and relevant advertising.

Through adequate planning and management of your time, you can write for and promote your blog during your spare time. To start blogging, you will need to create a website first and have some hosting options.

6. Affiliate Marketing

If you never knew, affiliate marketing is rated among the best online jobs for college students. In affiliate marketing, you need to market or promote a specific company’s services or products and get a commission per leads or sales.

It is among the most profitable ways to begin an online business, and it is a fantastic addition to jobs for students. Like we mentioned earlier, if you have a blog, you can make it bigger by sponsoring posts.

In affiliate marketing, these sponsored posts are usually written for the service or product of a company. While some companies may approach you to write for them, you can also join some sponsored networks that will help you link up with brands that will pay you.

Here you can find a list of Best Affiliate Marketing Websites to Earn Big

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7. Start eBay Dropshipping

If you never knew, dropshipping is a technique wherein you can trade third party products from a dropshipping company. In most cases, you may never get to see or ship the item yourself.

Whenever you make a sale, the product is immediately shipped to the customer directly from the drop shipper. You will get your profit from whatever you charge the clients and what eBay will charge you.

If you have no idea how this might work, you will find dropshipping courses online for free.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

There is always a demand for video content, and thanks to YouTube, a large portion of these demands are being met. If you are good at creating entertaining and very interesting videos, you can start your YouTube channel.

A college student can cash in on some of the huge demand for videos. You will find so many people making it big on YouTube, and even if you are doing yours, for the time being, there are loads of income to receive as a YouTuber.

Everything will rely on your video quality, the time you dedicate to the channel, and your understanding of YouTube’s business side plus luck.

9. Start a Gig on Fiverr

As a college student, it is imperative that you note that Fiverr is the globe’s biggest marketplace for virtual services. Here, you can provide almost anything starting from virtual marketing, writing and translation, music and audio, advertising, graphics and design, programming and tech, fun and lifestyle, and of course, business.

Fiverr is the place to make money from your profession and creativity. So long as you are creative, you will be capable of using your creativity on Fiverr. Fiverr is the place to turn your special skills and ideas into gigs.

For those who have no time to wait for takers, you can seek for requested services and pick up some bucks from a person who needs help with a swift and easy task. On Fiverr, you can earn a starting price of five doors per gig.

While five dollars surely does not seem to be much, doing takes that take few minutes of your time will make everything add up swiftly. For those with specialized skills, you can surely charge some more.

The projects on Fiverr range from five dollars up to nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. Also, you can provide three versions of your services at three different prices. Most Fiverr sellers have turned it into a full-time gig, while some others use it to make an extra income on the side.

Bellow article will help you to do this step by step.

How To Make Money On Fiverr In 4 Simple Steps

10. Social media manager

The pay for social media managers ranges from fifteen to forty dollars per hour. As a college student, you can help to manage a company’s social media account since it is a fun way to make an extra buck on a flexible schedule.

Furthermore, it is an interesting way to link with businesses you admire. The social media manager acts as the face and voice of a business on a diverse number of engagement platforms.

Your job ranges between promoting deals and content down to interacting with followers. You can get this job by posting g your resume on diverse job boards, even though it is more ideal to contact local companies directly.

Your focus will be on social platforms that you love and know very well. If you spend your free time on Pinterest or Twitter, you can put your skills to use on these platforms and get creative.

Best believe that you can outline a plan to link with clients via Instagram or Snapchat. There are small companies out there who have no idea regarding exploring these social media platforms. They can make you a vital part of their team.

Every small business will love to have a young student that is active on social media to post content on the business’ behalf. If you are good at this, there is a tendency to earn from one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars monthly.

Your earnings will rely on the number of clients you have. Note that there are lots of social media schedulers in the market that you can utilize. This is necessary so that you will have to work for just a couple of hours and get back with school work.

11. Proofreader

Are you fond of catching errors easily as you read? Do you find yourself cringing when you find a grammar mistake? If your answers are positive, you are on your way to being a fantastic proofreader.

Proofreaders are highly needed, and you can make loads of money monthly from this gig. If you never knew, proof reading skills can be learned, and there are courses made available online to perfect this skill.

12. Become a Beta app tester

Since you take tests all the time, becoming a beta app tester is among the best online jobs for college students that you can venture into successfully. It is fantastic because companies always need feedback on the user experience of their sites.

Interestingly, they will pay you to get your feedback. It is among the most straightforward and swiftest ways to make money on the web. New products are entering the market daily, and these products need to be tested before being made public.

There are companies you can work with to get paid ten dollars per each test. Examples of such companies are UserZoom, UserTesting, and UserFeel.


In our world, today, seeing a broke college student is an uninteresting cliché. No one wants to be broke when they move to a school in a new town, with new friends and new opportunities wherever they turn to.

In all honesty, college life is quite expensive. However, you do not need to live on ramen noodles all through. With the emergence of e-commerce and new virtual opportunities, there are lots of options for enterprising college students to earn a living from the comfort of their dorms.

It does not matter if you seek to earn additional spending money or you want to make an early start on clearing off those student loans; we have outlined some of the best online jobs for college students that you can try out.

Skim through our list and get to work from the confines of your college room.

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