10 Best Online Communities To Get Your Questions Answered

As an exciting social universe, lots of internet users tend to enjoy themselves as they interact on some of the best online communities available. It is vital to have it in mind that these online communities have to do with people that share similar:

  • Hobbies
  • Passions, and even;
  • Lifestyles

This article will be focusing on analyzing some of the top-notch online communities wherein you can easily ask questions online. At a point in time, the only way to get your questions answered was simply by asking Google.

However, Google results are quite bland, and it only leaves a person with more questions to ask.

10 Best Online Communities To Get Your Questions Answered

With each passing day, some questions haunt us and leave us searching for answers. What better way to get more knowledge than making use of the online communities available at your disposal.

Even if the answers will be based on the sole opinion of the people in these communities, it is worth it to listen to what they have to say. Nevertheless, the online communities to you glance through for answers online range from:

1. Reddit


With Reddit, it is highly possible to locate a subreddit on any topic you have always wanted to know more about. While there, any and everybody can easily coordinate and even moderate the subject in question.

Furthermore, it has a voting system policy’s reactions and can entail a vast range of contents that may be inappropriate for some of its users. These contents are considered to be unsafe for work.

As both an online news community and a message board, it is split into threads that are known as subreddits. These subreddits are for all the diverse topics you can imagine

The fact remains that the members of the Reddit community have made it their right to answer every vital question posted on its subreddit tagged “ask me anything.”

Users are to make use of the search field to discover all the subreddits that relate to the topic they have in mind. All you will have to do is to sign in to Reddit or try creating an account. The next step is to post whatever question you desire answers.

As other users post their answers, you can comment straight up in the thread if you are interested in replying to every comment.

For the hardworking programmer that needs vital information, Reddit has been the most intriguing place to pay a visit. This is because it makes use of diverse communities that hold several discussions.

These discussions are mostly on specific interests and include topics like:

  • Programming languages
  • Internet
  • Computers, and so much more.

Posting a link or possibly submitting a question is carried out quickly. Note that, the programming subreddits are strictly for talks on coding and development. As it stands, subreddits to check out include:

  • C++ for news and talks about programming in C++ or C++ itself
  • GameDev, which entails a haven for future game aspirants and highly active developers of games. Here, the discussion involves programming hitches and game engines.
  • AndroidDev is a highly popular community that hosts things like tutorials, news, and some other information about the development of android apps.

Reddit is a popular community known for its honest answers and intriguing advice. It is a community that has lots of  entrepreneurs that are bent on assisting one another

Are you searching for certain questions? Are you on the verge of seeking information from just about anyone? You are bound to meet people who have the experience of what you need to do.

Reddit is popularly known for its honesty and people who stay around willing to be of assistance to new users.

2. Quora


Quora is rated among the best online communities where you can find answers to questions asked. It is a community of users that are quite sizable. Here, a user can follow up on the questions and keep up with the responses

Searching for the best questions and answers, users can make use of the upvote and downvote filters. OnQuora, anyone can give answers to questions no matter their area of specialization. Accurate answers can be gotten from this site

Quora is a community that entails professionals who are more than excited to provide answers to questions that are helpful. Some times these professionals offer incredibly detailed solutions.

There is a page for every question. This means that every user’s answers are displayed. Plus, it will be viewed conveniently. Users can simply flow with the specific questions that are asked by some other users.

Also, note that this upvote and downvote is used in assisting the community in discovering the most intriguing question and answers. Furthermore, there are no categories where you can either answer or ask questions

You must understand that you are to simply create a search on this online community to find the desired information.

Here, users are liable to ask questions and get the needed answers from other concerned users. An intriguing aspect of Quora has to do with the fact that, it can be used to upvote some answers that turn out to be the best

No matter what you are expecting from Quora; it is possible to find expertise in this community.

3. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers

Searching for how to ask questions online? Yahoo answers are your best bet. This community has been available for an extended period.

It is a famous answer site wherein you can search by its questions categories or even the queries of its customers. You are bound to discover some exciting question quality features such as downvoting, upvoting and even best answer voting

Before you can use this site, you are to simply sign in to a Yahoo account and post questions all by yourself. Users are allowed to browse through its question categories and even use its search bar located at the top to search for answers.

Sharing similarities with Quora, users can downvote or invite any answers received for their questions. The best answer can be selected, as well.

Possibly the most essential question and answer site, it has thousands, if not millions of users. And there are thousands of questions being asked daily. All of its questions are grouped in a way that they can easily be searched.

You can search for answers by searching for related questions in a category. Or, you can position your question in a vital group. Its answers are usually rated by the visitors to the site.

You must be registered on the site. This is because it will enable you to ask and even answer questions. Users utilize this site as there is a point system involved.

Immediately a question is asked, you will end up spending points that you will earn whenever you answer a question. Your user level is defined by the points you get to earn.

4. BlurtIt


Sharing similarities with some of the best online communities,  Blurtit is yet another community where you can ask questions online. However, this site is not as popular as some of the others mentioned on this list

The first thing to note is that the Blurtit site is designed neatly and has a vast range of topic categories that are very simple to locate. You can sign up before asking a question or comment on answers provided by users

Also, you can make use of the right sidebar in a bid to browse through questions that span from science, down to technology and even education. The downside of Blurtit is that it has lots of ads scattered throughout the answers you seek

It ends up being difficult to skim through the provided answers swiftly. It was solely designed to assist people in helping one another. On this site, you are to grow, learn, share, and, of course, ask.

The topics discussed here range from:

  • Science
  • Education
  • Business and finance
  • Relationship
  • Philosophy and religion
  • Food and drink
  • Arts and literature
  • Sports and leisure
  • Shopping and coupons
  • Home and garden

You do not need to register on Blurtit before you can ask questions or provide answers to questions that have been asked already. It is highly possible to browse through the questions placed in diverse categories.

Furthermore, users can explore the answers that are distributed all over diverse topics and their categories. Users can get opinions from people around the globe in a knowledge area that was previously selected

5. Brainly


With Brainly, users are capable of exploring answers all over diverse topics and categories. They can receive opinions from lots of people positioned across the universe about any selected knowledge area.

This site has a motto which states: Question everything, Answer everything. It has a vast range of subjects with lots of helpers assisting with answering questions. Its helpers are about a hundred in number.

Some of the most popularly asked questions are from areas such as:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer and technology
  • World languages
  • German
  • Spanish, and so much more

Even if you have questions on the languages of the world, you will surely find answers on Brainly.


This is one of the best online communities that merge informative articles with answers that are community-driven. Its questions cut across diverse topics that have been written by professional experts.

With, there is a possibility of adding images to your question. Also, the expert articles are always available as the answers needed. To judge the reputation of most of the respondents, the user confidence system is utilized.

Furthermore, the ads on this site can be excessive and very obtrusive. Plus, the site’s speed could be slow. Nevertheless, users who answer questions get a confidence vote. The vote shows the number of times a user acknowledged an answer was of help

As it stands, those users with high confidence vote count tend to reassure one that they are aware of what they are doing.

Some of its categories include:

  • Business and finance
  • Hobbies and collectibles
  • Law and legal issues
  • Literature and language
  • Relationship
  • Religion and spirituality, and so much more

This online community helps with questions and can edit questions that have already been asked by using the wiki.


Rated among the online communities where you can ask questions online, its categories range from:

  • Art and literature
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Hobbies and games
  • Math
  • Vehicle and world view
  • Pets and animals, and so much more

With, all of your questions will have their desired answers. Bear in mind that most of the solutions are gotten by some staff of the community. However, is basically a search engine that was established in the year 1996.

It is a fantastic website that has helped lots of people discover web pages they need just by typing whichever subject they want. If you are searching for web pages on animals, all you need to do is to type in the word and hit on the search button.

At first, this online community was called “Ask Jeeves” but there was a change of name in the year 2006. Its headquarters is located in California, Oakland to be precise. stands out from other online communities because it allows users to view a picture of the web page they need before they click on it.

8. Answer Bag

Answer Bag

As a website that assists in answering questions, it is grouped in diverse categories which include:

  • Real estate
  • Recreation and sport
  • Life and society
  • Food and dining
  • Education and learning
  • Social sciences, etc.

Any answer you seek can be obtained from this online community. You can ask questions on diverse topics; however, registration is needed before you can act that way.

Users are free to browse all the questions posed in the different categories. And, they can read up on all the answers people give. For starters, Answerbag is collaborative online information of frequently asked questions

It compiles all the questions that were asked and even answered by its users. Rather than make use of the one question to one answer model, it presents diverse answers to a particular question. They are arranged in descending order.

The fact is that this online community may likely be a combination of both skill and human data. It is regarded as universal. Answerbag is not only built by its users, but it is also a global information community.

The model followed by this community is the open content model. Here, a user with an account can raise questions and answer them as well. He or she can rate the questions and answers. They can go further to suggest newer categories.

Answerbag successfully provides profile pages where the points and submissions of all users can be reviewed by other users. There are leader boards that display the current and best contributors.

9. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange

This is an online community where people are asked questions, and they answer. The professionals on the forum posts and ensure that the answers posted are helpful and very easy to find.

Before you can begin searching for answers, you will need to create an account on the site. Stack Exchange has roughly one hundred and forty-nine communities. And they include:

  • Programmers: Here, the expert programmers can quickly bounce off ideas about the development of software
  • Programming puzzles: Users can solve play and embark on puzzle programming
  • Superuser: This is a discussion group for users with power PC.
  • Web appliances: It is for developers and users of web applications
  • Game development: this is where the independent developers of games can confidently ask their questions
  • Ask Ubuntu: This is a group of Ubuntu new users and, of course, super users.

It is a fantastic online community that teaches a whole lot. Understand that, Stack exchange is an online community of questions and answers and its topics touch on various fields.

Each of its sites covers a particular topic where the questions, answers and even users are subjected to an award procedure. Note that, the reputation system enables the sites to be self-moderated.

Note that, every site on the stack exchange network is designed after the first stack overflow site. This site was a question and answer site for questions related to computer programming.

More importantly, the contributions of users since May 2018 are successfully licensed u der the creative commons attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 international. As for the older contents, they are licensed under creative commons attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 unported

10. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online community that quickly brags of having roughly 4.67 million programmers. These programmers are serious when it comes down to honing all of their coding skills.

When you sign up, you can immediately begin asking all of your questions, or you can ask questions that were already asked by others. Stack overflow is capable of hosting questions in diverse platforms, services, and programming languages.

It makes use of an upvote system that enables people to get swift answers after they post their queries. It is simply worthy to note that, stack overflow is a question and answer online community designed for programming experts and enthusiasts

The questions and answers cover a diverse range of topics in computer programming. It is a platform wherein the users ask and answer various questions. The questions and answers can be edited as well.

Note that, users of stack overflow are liable to earn what is known as reputation points alongside badges. If a person gets an upvote, they receive ten reputation points.

Also, they get to receive badges for their contributions which add value to the platform. There are exciting privileges to be unlocked such as the ability to comment, vote and edit the post of others.


If you are seeking where to ask questions online, we have provided you with the best online communities available today. You can skim through this article to find the online community that best resonates with all you desire.

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