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The internet has maximized free options of entertainment which give instant access to a large number of TV shows and movies available on movie news websites. It has provided an opportunity for the people for creating entertainment options for others to enjoy. The use of the internet has transformed our idea of entertainment into a well-developed reality which is far beyond the mid-century norms of going to movie theaters for watching your favorite movie and reading magazines to get the latest movie news. You have easy access to plenty of entertainment options and the latest news on the internet free of cost which can be enjoyed on your mobile phone, smart TV, personal computers and other smart devices.

There are a large number of media-related movie news websites that give free and popular online streaming for your entertainment alongside the latest news about the film industry. You can buy or watch a variety of films, TV shows, and comics online from these entertainment platforms at a low price. Now you have the liberty to check the public opinion about your desired movie or TV show from numerous best movie review sites.

In the present age of online entertainment, we can get information about our watch list or any celebrity just with a click of the mouse. The high-tech powerful search engines introduce some of the best movie news websites which give you the benefit of instant media playback alongside keeping you abreast of the latest entertainment news and upcoming movies.

Now you can access some of the best movie news websites regardless of your geographical location. You get real value for your time and money by enjoying your time on these online forums. Some of the best movie websites are given below which offers unlimited information and entertainment experience:

Best Movie News Websites



This website provides the latest movie news and diversified stuff related to the entertainment niche. Various types of movies, seasons, TV shows and celebrity news are updated on a regular basis. This website is ideal for fun-loving people who need to have multiple entertainment options under one umbrella. With some basic features offered to its free users, it also gives advanced features exclusively for the IMDb Pro version. The paid subscription contains a variety of trending movies, TV shows and industry contacts for the rising talent which can’t be accessed on the free version.

You get multiple options for sign-in, which include your Google account, Amazon account, and Face book ID. You can also sign up on IMDb with your verified email account. After sign in, you can update your watch list having your favorite media. This entertainment forum also offers a mobile app that gives you non-stop entertainment on the go.

Now you don’t need to download heavy files on your devices to enjoy your favorite movie. Just click on this website and you will find multiple options available online. It saves your time, effort and disk space.


Rotten Tomatoes

This is an American based review-aggregation website for film and television which was launched in 1998. “Rotten Tomatoes” is referred to the tradition of the audience who throw rotten tomatoes due to the poor performance of the stage. This online forum keeps you updated regarding movie news of different categories. It covers almost every portion of the entertainment industry ranging from trailers to annual ranking of the movies, box-office hits, and future releasing seasons and movies.

This website keeps tracking the reviews for each film and calculates the percentage of positive reviews. If the positive rating is more than 60% then the film is considered as fresh but if it’s less than 60%, the film labeled as “rotten”.

This online platform is considered as very influential for making or breaking the rating of any movie. So it ensures the high-quality content is offered on this website for the ultimate entertainment of its viewers.


Box Office Mojo

This website was launched in 1999 and primarily it tracks box office revenues in a very systematic and algorithmic way to ensure accuracy and standard. With a number of social media pages, the latest news about the film industry and release schedules are shared with fans around the world.

It is considered one of the best movie news websites available on the internet which shows the latest gross earnings of different movies on daily as well as a weekly basis in domestic and international categories. It reports the latest release schedules of the films of different countries including India, Australia, Russia, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

This website gives a comparison of trending movies based on their daily grossing. A separate news section keeps the followers updated about important happenings and media related latest news.


Cinema Blend

Cinema blend was founded in 2003 and it is considered as one of the most trusted forums to check the quality of movies and TV shows. It is a comprehensive platform that provides a large number of basic and advanced features related to the film industry. In the list of best movie review sites, cinema blend occupies a very prominent place.

This website is a blend of all types of media which contain 11 different sections based on separate categories. Trending news gives detailed information about the hot topics and gossips going on in the entertainment media. You can search for the top heroes of the week and important information regarding their upcoming movies.

You can get an advanced feature of 3D movies on this website which turns your bedroom into a mini-cinema for a better entertainment experience. Live streaming gives an opportunity to enjoy your favorite videos and movies on your computer and smart devices.

The review section gives honest reviews of the public about different movies and TV shows which makes it easier for the users to decide about the right selection of their choice. Movie ratings are usually based on the reviews as well as their box office gross.


This movie news website was founded in 2008 for providing information about the film industry. It has separate sections to give the latest news about Movies, TV shows, Comics, Gaming and Anime categories.

It has 3 different news sections which give separate news about trending events, hot topics and latest happenings in the entertainment domain. For advanced features, you are required to sign by using Face book account or your comic book account.

A large variety of entertainment news, movies, TV shows and comics is available on this forum to enjoy your time. You get an uninterrupted live streaming experience. It has one unique feature which you can’t get in many other movie news websites, that is the anticipated ranking of top trending movies.

It has a review section that provides detailed reviews about different movies and TV shows. People can go for their best movie with an idea which is conceived after reading the previous reviews about that movie.

In the gaming section, the latest news about your favorite mobile games as well as play station is provided. You get to know the latest updates about any changes or additions which are planned for updating.


This is an entertainment news website that was launched in 2003. This online site provides the latest news about films, TV shows and video games. It also highlights the topics about stories of the trending movies.

In order to enjoy the non-stop streaming of favorite movies, this platform offers multiple options to its viewers for selecting the right paid plan for them on Netflix, HBO Max, Disnep and fire TV. It also offers daily deals to its users to avail of certain features at fewer prices.

Screen rant provides the detailed and latest information about popular games, game guides and also reviews about the games. This feature is specifically meant for the young guys who are always looking for a trusted source of the latest information about their favorite games.

This is one of those movie news websites which give critical as well as up to date information about what is happening in the world of the film industry. The latest trailers, upcoming movie release information, as well as trending top stories about famous celebrities, can be found on this online platform.

It also incorporates reality TV shows as well as interviews of different superstars which are appreciated by the fans. Personal life of the stars, their memorable movie stunts, love affairs and much more can be found in these interviews.


This is a non-profit organization founded by Jim Steyer in 2003. It provides advocacy to parents for promoting safe media for their children which are considered as the nation’s largest membership organization for regulating the media life of the children.

This is one of the best movie news websites which provide reviews regarding books, TV shows, apps, movies, music, and video games. Its rating criteria are based on age-appropriate educational content which also includes valuable information on the topics of violence, sex, drug addiction and choosing role models. Parents are given detailed information so that they can make the right media choice for their children.

This online forum has a special place among the best movie news websites for receiving applause from the former President of the US, Barrack Obama. He described commonsense media as a role model platform for using technology to empower parents. Parents also have high words for this website due to their positive role in the character building of young children.

One of the most significant features of this website is the editor’s recommended content which is surely a high-quality entertainment package. It also has a special section for the parents where you can find entertainment content related to parenting as well as a guide for parents. Commonsense selection category suggests family movies and impactful things that are selected for family grooming.


It is one of the movie news websites which gives the latest information about movies, comics, and TV reality shows. As the names refer, it keeps the fans updated regarding the entertainment stuff coming soon on the screen.

It offers online streaming through Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix which captivates the viewers with high-quality enjoyment experience. It offers movie news and movie reviews which helps the viewers to go through the old reviews and understand the quality as well as the story of their favorite movie which they were waiting for so long.

It gives the latest news about the trending video games to keep the game lovers on board and they stay updated. Furthermore, the date of release of DVD and Blueray versions of the movies is also updated on this website. Interview of the movie cast gives details about how the movie was made, what all interesting things happened and what the director and producer are expecting about the gross earning of the movie.

It has two entertainment channels “Shock till you drop” and “Superhero hype” which provide shocking news/ revelations and the latest updates about your superheroes.


This wonderful online website is more related to TV stuff. It has different sections and categories which correspond to the specific niche of the entertainment website. You can search for TV shows and prominent TV superstars and get the latest information about your desired topic.

It has a large variety of TV shows, movie list and web series for its fans to enjoy the seamless live streaming experience. In these three main categories, there are numerous sub-categories which include comedy, animated, documentary, fantasy and much more entertainment stuff.

In the “People” category, you can find a detailed list of 100 most popular actors, whereas community option shows communities of top trending movies and TV shows in which people share their views and information about their favorite movies.


Letterboxed is a concise and compact online movie news forum that shares a large variety of entertainment options. You can create your account and sign in for getting most of the enjoyable features of this online forum which is one of the best movie news websites. You can watch your favorite movies and share your tremendous experience with family and friends. This site has very little TV content, so you get almost everything related to movies over here.

This website contains diversified entertainment content for the adults as well as children’s media for their enjoyment. You can search the movie with a number of searching options like search from the year of release, popularity, and genre. You can also simply write the name of the movie and search it. Moreover, you can put your favorite content on your profile page and give it a rating or review.

This website has apps for iOS, Android and Apple TV which gives enjoyable entertainment experience on the go. Pro members of this platform get an ad-free experience of amusement and they can further personalize their profile. The main contributors to this forum are given recognition by adding their details under the people category.

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