12 Best Keyword Research Tools Free

As an online marketer, business owner, or even a content creator, you would love it if more people visit your website or also read your content.

However, achieving this feat can be done by discovering what your prospective clients are searching for on Google. More so, you can do this by making use of some of the best keyword research tools free.

These keyword research tools will assist you in discovering several new long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are linked to any topic through the immediate generation of Google’s search suggestions.

For the uninitiated, the keyword research tool assists bloggers in discovering topics that people or their potential clients search for. They search for these topics on various search engines, including Google.

The aim of keyword research does not center on the keyword alone. It entails questions and phrases that the target audience use in finding products, services, and answers they desire

12 Best Keyword Research Tools Free

There are lots of free tools one can utilize in gathering vital information. More so, some of the best keyword research tools free include:

1. Ubersuggest


The essential thing to note is that this is a free tool from no one else but Neil Patel. Ubersuggest provides both keyword suggestions and search volume data to users. Also, it gives an idea of how difficult it is to get your keyword ranked.

Asides from the fact that you can view many suggestions for your related keyword, you can also view a table on Ubersuggest. This table will reveal the top one hundred google results for that specific keyword

Also included are the estimated visits, backlinks numbers, domain score, and even the overall number of social shares.

Signing into Ubersuggest using your google account will allow you to get some more keyword suggestions and personalized SEO suggestions.

More so, this keyword tool takes any provided keyword and provides a list of both numerical and alphabetized keyword variations of your initial keyword. It offers the sort of keywords that are not available via google keyword planner.

Bear in mind that you can always run a quick Ubersuggest search. This tool breaks down every result.

2. Wordstream’s Keyword Tool

Wordstream's Keyword Tool

Rated among the best keyword research tools is none other than this fantastic tool. Wordstream keyword tool enables users to target specific niches. It aids in giving more suggestions.

Note that this grouping is carried out based on a common theme for simple and group launches. As one of the top keyword research tools, it offers users with thirty searches done for free.

Your first thirty searches are free. People often refer to it as bearing similarities to Google keyword planner. For those who do not mind at all, the keywords can be transferred straight to your mailbox.

Note that, if you should go beyond the usual tool automatically means you will be experimenting with what is known as the free keyword niche finder. Wordstream’s keyword fool’s primary aim is to assist users in discovering profitable niches

When you find it hard to settle for the niche of your choice, this tool offers users with the guidance that they seek. Using lots of free tools by Wordstream leaves, you intrigued for some more.

Note that it does not matter if you are merely searching for keywords for your site, or you need assistance in settling on a specific niche. All you should know is that you can spend only on those tools being provided by Wordstream

Other than being overpowering, these tools are informative as well as accurate.

3. Soovle


For bloggers with diverse channels and a wish to carry out keyword research, Soovle has been known to be a fantastic fit. Soovle enables users to explore the keywords that have been typed the most on search engines

This tool is a tremendous brainstormer. This is because users can slowly begin typing ideas and enable Soovle to auto-generate its very own ideas. Bear in mind that, Soovle generates a quick list of the top terms for:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • Google, and so much more.

All you need to do is to input a keyword, and the terms will be generated. They will be produced over the logo of every platform. Note that, Soovle offers to autocomplete suggestions from diverse sources and not google alone. This aids in boosting the search volume

However, Soovle can be used for google suggestions, even with the different sources available. What you will need to do as first is to select your source. Also if Google is the default, it can be changed easily with just a click of any icon under the search box

4. Google Keyword Planner and Google Trend

Google Trend

The first thing to note about Google’s keyword planner is the fact that it is structured to be used by advertisers. These are the advertisers that will want to run their ads directly on Google

Nevertheless, the tool is useful for SEO and even free to utilize. Accessing Google keyword planner entails passing through your google ads account. Users can input any keyword and view the data for the number of monthly searches it has.

You will find a list of keyword ideas that are related to what you search for. You can scroll through all of them, or you can decide to download them. Furthermore, Google keyword planner is frequently referred to as a top-quality keyword research tool

Even though you need an AdWords account to have access to it, you will not be paying for anything. It is free. With Google keyword planner, you will come across some clean stats such as:

  • The high, medium and low competition level
  • The average cost for every click
  • Average searches per month, and so much more.

This keyword tool will not provide an exact suggestion. But, it will go further to suggest some synonyms as well as variations. It is an accurate tool.

Moreover, it is vital to note that the Google trend keyword tool enables users to view:

  • The relative prominence of keywords
  • Valuable information on regional variations, etc.

Google trend is an amazing source for annual evaluation and the trends in search engine volume transformations. It will enable users to have an edge on trends that are long forgotten. Users will get to know what is vital to the users of Google.

With Google trend, users are capable of comparing several keywords. This is done in a bid to determine the interest of the audience over time. A set of related queries will be provided to users.

What this does is that it will give users fresh ideas for content, marketing strategies, and keyword research.

5. Competitor Source Code

An amazing keyword tool is the competitor source code. Competitor source code enables users to view the meta keywords that are being used by their competitors. With this, you will have an idea on how they get to rank their keywords organically

When you make use of the Google Chrome browser, all you will have to do is to right-click on whichever site you are on quickly. The next thing to do entails selecting the view page source button.

Once this is done, you are to locate the keywords and read what they have to offer. Two things to know is that your competitors may not be making use of some of the best keywords available.

And, your competitors may not have any meta keyword that is enabled. This is because Google does not include meta keywords when it comes down to its search algorithm.

6. AnswerThePublic


For those who are unaware, this keyword research tool operates slightly different from the majority of the other keyword tools. Here, it displays results in a visual format. Although you can view the results in n a list and will have to download a .CSV file containing results.

Are you a newbie in the world of SEO and keyword research? AnswerThePublic is the best bet for you. This is because you will not need to start creating an account before you make use of it.

All that is needed is for you to input the keyword of your choice and view what follows next. Its results are solely based on Bing and Google’s auto-suggest features. Users can click in the keywords to search for them on google.

When this is done, you will find the content that ranks highly, and you will get to discover if they have any featured snippets. AnswerThePublic is an impressive tool for finding out phrases you never had in mind.

Furthermore, its free version enables users to view visualizations of phrases and questions. These are the phrases and questions that are asked across a specific root keyword.

Its related phrases are useful for ideation as well as research. AnswerThePublic functions by breaking down your information into:

  • Prepositions
  • Queries
  • Related questions
  • Related searches, and even;
  • Through alphabetical order

You will love this keyword research tool.

7. Also Asked

Also Asked

The keyword tool Also Asked was built to assist marketers in understanding how questions are grouped topically. Note that these questions can help with related keywords and keywords.

Also, they can give users a direction on the exact questions to answer in content. Some of such questions include:

  • Does SEO still work?
  • Why is SEO so costly?
  • Can Google be paid for SEO?

More so, those writing about SEO services can review the questions mentioned above. This is because it will help in determining the exact phrases to concentrate on. Also, it will help in determining the questions that should be answered in the content.

8. YouTube Autocomplete

When you go on YouTube to search, the platform offers to auto-complete options. These options are related to your query.

They are options that have been examined before by users. Note that these queries can be reviewed, and you can search for keywords that are of importance.

With YouTube Autocomplete, you will get to see what users tend to search for; this will provide you with the needed direction for your marketing strategies.

As one of the best keyword research tools, it will allow you to view the channels of your competitors. And with this, you get to attain some amazing insights on the related topics and keywords that will be great with the target audience.

When you get to the most popular section on YouTube, you can review the videos that were the best. You can also examine each of the videos for the keywords in the title. Also, you will search for keywords in both the video and its description.

Furthermore, you can go through the comment section and check on the phrases that people are discussing. It should be saved as possible keywords.

9. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Are you having difficulty in uncovering new keywords in your research? You will no longer have to bother about it with the AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation generator.

This research tool will come in handy, especially for people who have no idea where to start. These are the people that have some of the best keywords in their niche. Nevertheless, they cannot make use of it.

With this research tool, it is straightforward to be creative as you search for keywords that relate to your site, goals, and even marketing strategy. It provides three boxes in which you can input your keywords.

Once this is done, you can hit on the button that has generated permutations on it. If the keywords you add in the first three boxes are plenty, you are sure to receive plenty of keywords.

Those who have issues with keyword creativity will love this tool. It will direct users to some fantastic ideas that they never considered earlier.

10. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

There are keyword tools that can be utilized for all types of websites. However, some will only fit a specific type of site. This is where the IMforSMB bulk keyword generator comes in.

Bear in mind that this tool functions best for those local service companies. This is because it is structured with the concept of discovering local keywords.

To make use of this tool, you are to select a specific category and take your time to select the service type you need. When all these are done, you can now input your service location and hit on the button that says generate keywords.

It does not matter if your business type is unavailable; you can surely make use of this tool. However, some of the keywords must be replaced with yours when you get to the search results. Be assured that you will get the same typical results.

11. Keyword In

Keyword In

Are you interested in effortlessly combining your keywords? Keyword In is the right place to be. You can begin with long-tail keywords or regular keywords.

Keyword In tends to mash everything as one in a bid to provide a list of prospective keywords. It is often regarded as the most accessible keyword research tool to utilize. Also, it takes just a few seconds to get your keywords plugged in.

While you may not like what you see at all times, you can swiftly double back and change the seed keywords you typed. As you continually do this, you will be receiving lots of keywords.

Like we stated above, this is a simple keyword tool to utilize. If you are just launching your new website, everything must be kept simple. You can get some of the best results without any difficulty when you make use of Keyword In.

12. Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout

Are you in need of a keyword suggest? Are you aware that your competition can provide you with some of the best keyword data? You can be on top of your game with Wordtracker Scout.

This tool is a highly powered chrome extension that makes sure your success is attained. Immediately the extension is installed, you can pay a visit to any web page. As you hover around all the content, you can hit the button that has W on it to generate keywords.

Wordtracker Scout has some intriguing features which entail:

  • It is capable of analyzing whatever your competitor is doing
  • It gives access to keyword performance metrics of extremely high levels
  • It is both simple to utilize and understand

As you launch your website, the thoughts of what your competitors are doing come to mind. While it will take much more than the best keywords to push your competitions from the limelight, it is doable.

You can make use of Wordtracker Scout to achieve your aim. It will analyze all the target keywords of every web page you desire.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, you will find keyword research at the forefront of SEO, especially as both content and SEO work together. It is vital to have the correct data when you need to make an impact on your content strategy.

For this reason, we have listed some of the useful keyword research tools that are available at your disposal. They are free and highly rated.

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