Top 9 Internet Speed Test Tools

With the advent of technology, came the internet. In our world today, be it developed or underdeveloped countries, everyone has a thing or two to do with the internet. This is why you must understand everything about the best internet speed test services
There are internet providers around the globe frequently brag about the ultra-fast internet speeds in all of their adverts and broadcasts. Be it fiber optics or Wi-fi, internet providers exaggerate on their upload and download speeds.
The moment you get yourself signed up to an internet contract, you must carry out an internet speed test using some of the best internet speed tests online.

What Are Internet Speed Tests

For those who are unaware, the best internet speed tests are basically free online apps or services. They enable users to test the actual time speed of their internet. Majority of the time, we do not think about these internet speed test services till the internet gets slow
However, it is vital to test your internet whenever you sign up for a plan or switch your providers. You may wonder why you need to carry out an internet speed test. Note that, executing a speed test simply indicates your upload and download speeds.
These speeds are measured in megabytes every second as the download speed most times performs faster than the upload speed. This happens because most of the internet services are fully optimized solely for downloading data like

• Streaming
• Loading online pages

As for the upload speed, it measures how fast your internet connection transfers data to others. Thus, it is frequently slower.
Is your internet feeling slow, or you recently moved to a newer plan? We can help you with some of the best internet speed test services
The purpose of giving you information on the internet speed test services is that they will give you a detailed indication of the actual speed of your connection.
Also, most of these services will provide you with how much bandwidth gets available at the actual time. More so, when you test your internet speed, these internet providers cannot take advantage of you.
Although you can utilize the speed test provided by your internet provider, it is however ideal to crosscheck the results with a third party test. This is where these internet speed test services come in.
Furthermore, in order to carry out the proper internet speed test using some of the best internet speed test tools, there are tips to follow. They include

• Never make use of the internet while executing the test

Though we are currently stating the obvious, it is best for everyone to be cautioned at all times. The majority of our normal household appliances can be connected to the internet today.
So, to acquire an accurate test result, it is advisable that you endeavor to disconnect every device aside for the one being used to execute the internet speed test.

• Make use of multiple internet speed tests

Some of the best internet speed test services you will read about here are actually available for free. This is why you can make use of as many as you wish. This is because, with so many free internet speed test tools, you can gauge your bandwidth performance.

• Network optimization

Setting up your Wi-Fi network is one thing, and optimizing a perfect performance is another. Some of the tools that made our best internet speed test tool list will assist you in determining the wireless channel that is not so cluttered.

9 Top Internet Speed Test Tools

When it comes down to executing an internet speed test, you do not need to worry so much. Testing is actually simple. All that is needed is to make use of any of the best internet speed test services and run it.
As it runs, it will swiftly let you in on the actual speed of your connection. With such information at your disposal, you can easily determine if you are getting the service you paid for. Some of the best internet speed test services include:

1. SpeedSmart


SpeedSmart is rated highly amongst the best internet speed test services as it offers users with information pertaining to download and upload speeds.
It also provides ping information which can be valuable to those trying to execute an in-depth analysis of their connection. This tool supports diverse advanced settings in a bid to get the best out of user’s internet connections. Furthermore, it has its iOS and Android apps that you can download. With its comprehensive history list, stats and chart, users can monitor their internet connection speed.

One vital thing to note about SpeedSmart is that it is very simple to use. Also, no pop-ups come up when in use and users can surely perform a ping test. Little wonder it is among the best in the world.

2. Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity Speed Test

Are you searching for the best internet speed test service? Xfinity Speed test by Comcast cable communications is quite handy. Do you want to run a quick test on your internet speed? Xfinity is up to the task.
With this Xfinity Speed test, it takes seconds to give users their upload and download speed numbers. And, Xfinity Speed test will show exactly what your latency is all over the network.
Similar to some other internet speed test services, Xfinity automatically selects a server to ping. This ping is to measure up your speeds. Nevertheless, you can decide to pick your very own testing location.
An amazing thing about the Xfinity Speed test so that, it does not get bogged down with ads. Who wouldn’t want this? Interestingly, Xfinity Speed distributes easy tips for increasing your speeds, and it revolves around:

• Device capabilities
• Modifying operating systems
• Router placement

Like we mentioned earlier, there are no adverts and the Xfinity Speed test runs on a highly secure https protocol. As one of the best internet speed test services, you can easily select any testing location of your choice.
Furthermore, it supports both IPv6 and IPv4. As expected, Xfinity Speed is very simple to use. Also, note that; Xfinity Speed produces a comfortable link that enables users to share their test results with other users. It does not have a graph view.

3. also made the list of the best internet speed test tools to make use of. If you never knew, it is a free internet speed test website that is operated by Netflix. Everyone knows Netflix right?
As it stands, actually measures a user’s download speed through testing the connection between their device and the Netflix servers. These are the servers that Netflix uses in its content delivery system
Whenever you visit, your internet speed will instantly be displayed on your screen. And when it is just a few Mbps less than what you are expecting, you have no reason to be worried.
It is worthy to note that, even though is rated among the best internet speed test services, Netflix majorly expects that this tool is utilized by people who are interested in testing if the current speed they are utilizing can handle Netflix’s contents.
Nonetheless, the results that get presented to you are very similar to the results you will be given with a speed test gotten from your own ISP.

Netflix mainly expects this to be used by people who want to test if their current speed can handle Netflix content, however, the results you get are pretty similar to the results you’d get with a speed test directly from your ISP.
Like some of the other internet speed test services, there are no ads on Its interface is actually very clean and most importantly, it operates on a highly secure https protocol.

4. SpeedOf.Me


First and foremost, this is a speed test based on HTML5. It is lightweight and structured to solely replicate the actual world downloading and browsing conditions. It demands diverse files of increasing sizes.
And, it records the speed in which they get to be downloaded. It does not just showcase speed graphs in actual time, it also enables users to monitor their results against older tests.
As one of the internet speed test services, it prefers to calculate the fastest and most dependable server from the available eighty-eight servers than select a location. Note that, every file is downloaded and subsequently uploaded in a sequence.
For most people, SpeedOf.Me is not only the best internet speed test service, but it is also the best non-ISP internet speed test around.
Interestingly, this speed test works through HTML5. And, HTML5 is in-built to the user’s browser rather than Java or flash. On most PC, this will make SpeedOf.Me to load much more faster.
This internet speed test makes use of over one hundred servers across the globe. And, the internet speed of every user is operated from the fastest and most trusted one at that time.


Are you searching for the best internet speed test service that provides more data than your average speed test? Well, is at your service. This speed test executes diverse tests
And, it goes further to provide lots of vital comparison data. It makes use of two different options for its upload and download tests.
So, you can try both of them. However, you will have to download because it is not operated through the site. Whenever the test is completed, the speed is rated in a way that you are aware of where you actually stand.
Furthermore, reveals a graph with your connection. With this, you can easily see it if you have trouble maintaining a good connection. Should the numbers be quite unfamiliar, there are lots of documentation and guides that can assist users.
Moreover, this internet speed test is simple to use, offers lots of information on how it operates, and it runs fast.
Also, it supports multithreading. This is used in testing the internet connection speed of users against multiple servers simultaneously for a definite result. It shares its results either as an image, text or a graph.


This is Ookla’s bandwidth diagnostic software. And its most completely featured iteration of the speed test is its Speed The sort of technology used here can be said to be both speedy and of course, intelligent. picks up a close-by server in order to run a full test on it. Furthermore, it returns information on the:
• Download speed
• Upload speed
• Packet loss, and;
• Latency, etc
After the test, users can fill out a survey provided. They can answer diverse questions about the speed of their ISP as well as the cost of monthly connections. This actually enables Ookla to gain a highly impressive database of consumer connection data
All of these are seen and split by region into the United States. For those who have no idea on what Ookla truly is, here it goes:
Ookla is the universal leader when it comes down to internet speed testing. Its users can trust this service to deliver authentic results that measure performance as well as diagnostics of networks.
Using just a single button, its users can take total advantage of its free speed test. Rated amongst the best internet speed test services, provides users with the chance to select any test server around the globe.
Although Ookla can easily pair users with any regional service, users can as well select any server of their choice. This can be done by simply clicking on a link tagged as a change server.

7. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place

Found amongst the best internet speed test services, Bandwidth Place is an amazing speed test alternative with over twenty servers across the globe.
Similar to some other services rated amongst the internet speed test services, Bandwidth Place functions through HTML5. This means that; it is an amazing choice for your internet speed test
Note that, Bandwidth Place is incredible for confirming results that you get from other internet speed test services. With Bandwidth Place, users can get high-speed internet to fully power their devices.
Bear in mind that, this speed test functions on any device, in any location. Users can easily access the site on any device that makes use of a web connection.

8. Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test

This is a simple test tool that as expected, gets the job well done. Wondering how it made the best internet speed test list? Here it goes
On the site, a pop-up will appear to ask that you begin your connection test right away. Immediately you click on it, this internet health test will begin a process that takes five steps.
Although it tends to take longer than some of the other tests that made this best internet speed test list, its five-step process will reveal how swift your average connection speed is.
Furthermore, there are no adverts that will disrupt your experience.

9. Cox Internet Speed Test

Cox Internet Speed Test

At first glance, it looks like what has been structured for Cox users alone. However, it works for people who are on other networks too. Similar to other best internet speed test services, it comes with some expected standard features.
These features range from download and upload speed tallies, though, it is quite slow in determining these speeds. Also, Cox Internet speed test page is filled with diverse contents.
More so, these internet speed tests really enable users to compare results with their internet plans easily. With just the press of one button, the test begins. However, selecting the nearest Cox server is carried out manually.
Plus, all the available servers are located nowhere else but the United States. With Cox Internet speed test, there is no automatic selection of desired servers.

Wrapping It Up

On a general note, these are some of the best internet speed tests you can utilize in carrying out checks on your internet speed. With these services, you can carry out the tests in your office or your home.
We have provided you with a detailed list of the best internet speed test services. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about when you make use of any of these services.

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