Top 14 Influencer Marketing Platforms | 2020 Update

In today’s business world, various strategies are being created in the process of selling goods, services, and products. Technology had brought about the emergence of what is known as influencers marketing platforms.

For the uninitiated, influencers marketing platforms are platforms that are capable of helping organizations in:

  • Recruiting
  • Identifying, and;
  • Communicating with influencers.

With these marketing platforms, organizations will be able to find and manage their established brands. Furthermore, organizations can gain easy access to inbuilt and discoverable marketplaces.

Nevertheless, we will be taking a cursory look into the world of these marketing platforms.

Top 14 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Some of the top-ranking influencer marketing platforms include:

1. AspireIQ


As a self-service platform, AspireIQ works with both YouTube and Instagram. Plus, this highly placed influencer marketing platform has roughly one hundred and fifty thousand influencers in its database.

While anyone can easily sign up to this platform, its creators have to meet up with certain requirements. These requirements are to be met so that they will be capable of viewing campaigns or brands.

As it stands, creators will need to have roughly five hundred likes or a total of two thousand five hundred YouTube views before being considered as influencers.

When an influencer meets these criteria, plus passes a manual review to make sure their content is suitable, they can enter AspireIQ’s database. Also, they get to see proposals from any brand.

Note that AspireIQ has an easy search engine and makes use of what is known as a quick match. The quick match tries to march brands up with influencers for a specific campaign.

Last but not least, this platform offers a thorough range of tools to be used for campaigns.

2. Upfluence


With its focus majorly on bloggers, Upfluence transforms how organizations plan, build and deliver content marketing strategies.

This is a top-rated influencer marketing platform that comprises of two different products that are utilized both separately and together. These products are the Reacher and the Publisher.

For the Reacher, this entails how brands find the influencers that will create their content. There are hundreds, rather thousands of bloggers all over the globe, and they have registered with the database of Upfluence.

With this, companies get to filter their search results in a bid to pick the right voice for them. The companies interested in going a step further from content marketing and venture into the native advertising space make use of Publisher.

As for Publisher, companies can operate with any amount of writers they need to make use of this product. The writers here are those that have a long relationship with news outlets focused on publishing content that is sponsored.

It is worthy to note that Publisher is capable of empowering native ad campaigns for popular companies and brands. It does this by introducing them to some of the best influencers on social media

3. NeoReach


NeoReach is among the top-notch influencer marketing platforms that focus on linking brands with the best social media influencers for better influence and, of course, reach.

NeoReach is practically a community of popular social media users and celebrities who assist brands and marketers in promoting and sharing their content. They assist them in taking their campaigns to the ideal audience o  these social networking websites.

Since there will be coming from popular people and influencers, these contents tend to get more clicks and, as expected, better interactions. Furthermore, NeoReach makes use of an algorithm.

It is an algorithm that aids in mining the social web for information. It indexes this information through its platform. The algorithm has helped in discovering over three thousand influencers for the database of NeoReach

Moreover, NeoReach targets huge companies, and it is not structured for small to medium-sized businesses. This platform has a considerable quantity of data on every one of its influencers.

It offers tools to its clients in a bid to help them find influencers, take on campaigns, monitor campaign operations, and reports. NeoReach takes out time to monitor activities of influencers on Snapchat, YouTube,  Facebook,  and even twitter.

4. Traackr


As an influencer marketing platform,  Traackr offers businesses with a chance to know major influencers, create healthy relationships, and even measure how effective they will be in marketing their brands.

Traackr functions as a common platform for brands and influencers to create mutual relationships. This relationship will be beneficial to both parties involved.

It is often regarded as a community of influencers who know lots of people and have effects on brands and companies. These influencers are capable of changing the mindset of buyers by giving authentic reviews on these brands.

Moreover, this platform gives lots of alternatives to firms that are seeking for influencers. Its influencer database makes use of both computer algorithm and the input of humans.

Furthermore, it makes use of a social listening tool that forms can use in tracking the content of influencers in actual-time. Interestingly, it has a network visualization map that shows the link between influencers and other people.

Note that this platform provides influencer discovery, campaign management, and even relationship management. All of these are done over platforms like Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and even blogs.

5. Fanbytes


Fanbytes is rated among the top influencer marketing platforms that assist brands in engaging a much younger audience. It is specifically geared towards Generation Z.

They engage Gen Z with their services and products through Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and, of course, augmented reality lenses. Fanbytes worked with brands and celebrities such as Major Lazer, Boohoo, Warner Music, and so much more.

Their major focus is on connecting a brand with the latest younger generation. They have great expertise in engaging with Gen Z.



As a comprehensive influencer marketing platform, HYPR has profiles for roughly nine million influencers all over the primary social channels. It is the biggest database in existence.

More so, its users can search for any influencer by their names or by the demographics of their audience. These demographics include:

  • Age
  • Social media platform
  • Location, and even;
  • Interests

This enables marketers to discover some of the best influencers for any of their campaigns. It is an influencer platform that has been structured for brands to find influencers strictly based on their posts on social media platforms

This platform considers itself as a talent agnostic search engine. This is because it depends on data and not opinions to determine what makes up an influencer.

Furthermore, the major strength of HYPR lies in its search engine power. Its search engine allows for highly comprehensive and focused searches for specific influencers.

7. Social Bond

Social Bond

Rated as an all-in-one influencer marketing platform, Social Bond tackles each distinct aspect that brands need to debut their marketing campaigns.

These are campaigns done to reach out to a particular target audience via trustworthy influencers. It makes use of an influencer directory search engine that is powered via a developed audience demography reporting system.

It assists advertisers in verifying their latest brand ambassadors.

8. Popular Chips

Popular Chips

It is one of the top influencer marketing platforms that offers users with the exact demographic distribution of the followers of influencers in existence. Popular chips provide reports that will enhance marketing KPIs.

It provides organizations with the ability to learn from the strategies of their competitors. Organizations have the alternative to discover whoever is making use of their hashtags.



Founded by Ted Murphy, IZEA is an influencer marketing platform that aims to build marketplaces that will link brands with very influential publishers and content creators.

The creators at IZEA range from top leading bloggers down to social media personalities and A-list celebrities. Even expert journalists are not left out of IZEA.

The creators are usually compensated for their development and distribution of unique content. With IZEA, brands tend to receive consumer content that is engaging and influential.

Furthermore, it offers marketers a comprehensive platform search. Therefore, enabling them to build lists of creators that can meet all of their requirements. Note that, IZEA gives every creator a score and it depends on their social media reach

Finally, IZEA divides its influencer marketing process into nine compact steps that occur at certain points on the platform.

10. Fourstarzz Media

Fourstarzz Media

Fourstarzz media provides an innovative platform for brands and organizations. It is structured to meet the requirements of both small and medium-sized companies.

These are companies that are not capable of affording costly monthly fees but need influencer marketing. Fourstarzz Media assists users with:

  • Campaign monitoring
  • Predictive analysis
  • Outreach
  • Influencer discovery, etc.

Additionally, this platform also offers influencer recommendations, content format, as well as channels that will help companies get started. Users are free to search, sort, and even compare influencers from its database.

It is worthy to note that Fourstarzz Media allows users to filter their results through follower demographics, reach, engagement, and so much more.

11. TapInfluence


This is an influencer marketing platform that assists brands and agencies in discovering some of the best influencers in their area of specialization. Here, popular people can promote the products and campaigns of brands

Furthermore, they assist in building the reputation of these brands to their target audience. TapInfluence is a platform that enables organizations to take on the help of the ideal influencer to effectively market their product to the ideal customers.

Also, this platform covers four major areas which include:

  • Analytics
  • Campaign management
  • Influencer outreach, and;
  • Influencer search

With its search function, users can discover the best influencers through the interests and demographics of their niche. It offers data on the performance history of the influencers.

The information of these influencers relates to their posts made on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even their blogs. Bear in mind that this platform offers campaign management tools that meet the needs of marketers.

12. Ambassador


Rated among the top influencer marketing platforms in the world today, Ambassador assists users in identifying influencers, employees, affiliates, and some other advocates users may want to get into partnership with.

As a user, you can simply enroll in a bid to operate targeted and more personalized campaigns. The interesting part of this platform is that you can easily manage your influencers and track their performance in actual time.

Furthermore, this platform can be used in analyzing, which of the influencer brings in the highest leads, customers, and revenues. Users can operate cohort analysis and optimize their campaigns as well.

Note that users can make payments using any method they want. These payments can be structured based on influencer type, sales, and any factors of your choice.

13. CreatorIQ


CreatorIQ is a platform that depends on technology to not just make the influencer  marketing process easy, but, it aids in solving problems that have disrupted the industry such as:

  • Inflated reach metrics
  • Follower fraud
  • Dishonest influencers, etc

Amongst their clients, you will find Disney, Unilever, and so much more. CreatorIQ openly acknowledges that its client base is filled with massive companies. And its smallest clients earn up to one hundred million dollars annually.

CreatorIQ aptly integrates with the APIs of other social platforms. It makes use of an AI-powered algorithm which analyses more than one billion social accounts. It has more than fifteen million creator accounts indexed on its database.

In its scope and abilities, CreatorIQ is quite exhaustive. Its  AI strictly gives each influencer what is known as an Integrity Quotient. This is what aids users in discerning how genuine an audience is or not.

Immediately users identify the influencers they want; they can invite these influencers through emails to join their network.

14. Post for Rent

Post for Rent

Post for Rent is an influencer marketing platform that aids in maintaining a steady balance between genuine influencer campaigns and cold business effectiveness. Post for Rent was created to serve diverse brand sizes.

Also, it makes enough room for both talent managers and agencies. Some of its popular clients range from HBO, Jameson, Nike, and even H&M. It is a platform that is more than glad to work with both small and medium-sized organizations.

Furthermore, it has a system that it keeps in place for influencers and brands to drop off reviews for one another as well as act as references. It has a clean user interface that is used in creating campaigns.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, organizations and brands make use of influencers to sell their products to their target audiences quickly. The role of influencers cannot be undermined in the business world.

This article has succinctly provided you with some of the best influencer marketing platforms that you will find convenient to utilize.

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