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Best Handwriting to Text App

Imagine being able to make use of apps that are capable of capturing an image and converting those texts inscribed in then into digital text files? How amazing is that?

These apps are what we know as Handwriting to text apps, and interestingly, rather than making use of your typing keyboard, you can simply use them in writing your text.

For the uninitiated, if you have never come across these fantastic apps, simply sit back, relax and let us introduce you to some of the best Handwriting to text apps that are sure to blow your mind.

Best Handwriting To Text App

It is worthy to note that, this Handwriting to text apps are capable of empowering you to handwrite topics via your phone. You will be able to customize those notes of yours, save them in diverse formats, and share with friends.

How awesome are all these? Without much time anymore, some of the best Handwriting to text apps that are available at your disposal include:

1. Pen to Print

Pen to Print

This is handwriting to text app that is considered to be one of the best out there. Through this app, users can simply convert any of their handwriting notes into one of those texts that can be edited and possibly saved on cloud storage.

Furthermore, this app allows you to convert anything ranging from school notes, diaries, grocery lists, handwritten notes, and so much more, into texts. From its  name alone, it is apparent that it changes all manuscript text into digital texts

It is worthy to note that students are going to love this app because it can be used to take pictures of notes that can be concerted straight to text. Before making use of this app, you will come across an article on how to make use of it.

The app operates by scanning and detecting your paper notes and going further to change it into some sort of report that can be found on your smartphone. Should you come across any mistake, it is fixable.

You are going to love the fact that this app can easily detect a meeting diary and transform it into a table that can be synced with either your note app or a calendar.

In simpler terms, Pen to Print is a fantastic app that you can use in getting rid of those old copybooks, and you can surely save the data found on it.

2. PenReader


PenReader is rated among the best Handwriting to text app, and it is free for users who are out in search for simple ways to change their notes into computerized texts. With so many positive reviews, you will be disappointed with this app.

PenReader is an app that is simple to operate. It is capable of transforming all that you write on the screen of your phone into full-on documents. Simply put, this app is pretty fast, and it takes just a few seconds to finally detect your words.

Furthermore, it makes use of a spelling check. It means that, should there be any mistake made, it is the duty of this app to fix it accordingly.

The whole point of making use of PenReader is that it is capable of empowering you to begin new notes on your phone. Note that it will be converted to computerized text that can be easily read.

Once your file is finished, it can be saved as a document and shared with friends and even colleagues. Also, PenReader is always modifying itself; it has a tool that can be used in detecting and recognizing words that could be partly written.

3. Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input

We will not have a complete best Handwriting to text app list if we should omit the Google handwriting input app. Differing from all other Handwriting to text apps, this is an android keyboard app.

When you make use of this keyboard, you can write your text easily rather than type them via your usual keypad. Google handwriting input can automatically recognize any text that you write.

Also, it can be your default keyboard when you message on social media apps like WhatsApp or even your contacts. It is an app that allows android users to write on the screen of their phones and transform them into full-on texts.

If you need to jot down things fast enough and your phone is the only available means, this app will save you a great deal. Also, this is a wholly featured standalone app that does not make use of any additional device.

In simpler terms, its recognition quality is very amazing that you will not have to make use of a stylus even when writing on a small phone screen. With this app, you can express any of your emotions as they will be changed to emojis.

If there are any mistakes, you can correct them all by yourself. And if you do not fancy how Google handwriting input identified any of your topics, it can be updated by you.

4. MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo is one of the best Handwriting to text app that has been specially structured for both android and iPad users. They can make use of it in making notes then converting these notes into digital texts.

Asides from the usual converting Handwriting to text, MyScript Nebo can be used in organizing documents that can be saved on a word file or even pdf. Furthermore, users can sync their documents to dropbox, google drive or iCloud.

It is an app that motivates users to create their notes and change their manuscripts into computerized texts.

With this app, users can automatically divide a text into paragraphs, make use of headlines, and make use of several colors to mark vital information. You will find tutorials on how to operate the app when you download it.

Furthermore, the app has handwriting to text mode that scans all paper texts into their very own digital version. If you never knew, this handwriting to text app has a powerful identification feature that is capable of detecting texts well enough.

It is interesting to note that, Nebo is available in diverse platforms such as:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS-iPad
  • Chromebooks

Furthermore, users can get the iOS version free while the Nebo-Pro can be gotten using the in-app.

Additionally, this app is capable of generating both diagrams and graphs for its users. These graphs will be displayed in an image form in a bid for you to be able to save it in your gallery.

5. INKredible


INKredible has been rated as the most effortless Handwriting to text app that anyone can utilize. Users can make use of a stylus for android or iPad. With this app, notes can be easily made via using your fingers to write.

Notes from your keyboard can be added if you like. They can be placed on already exist g notes through dragging and then dropping. INKredible is among the best Handwriting to text apps that enable users to attach snapshots saved in their gallery

With this app, you can handwrite records on your device. INKredible is an intuitive app that lets you write those notes of yours the same way you would write them on a sheet of paper.

There is a unique tool that you can utilize in a bid to make your writing simpler on a small screen. You can customize your texts by modifying the size, saturation, and even the shade of the writing instrument you are using.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the texture and tone of your paper. INKredible provides you with an opportunity to make use of either a clean sheet of paper or a lined copybook.

Last but not least, you can have a mixture of emojis and manuscripts in the notes you make. Your documents can be arranged by dividing them into topic and collection categories.

6. Penultimate


Penultimate is rated among the top handwriting to text apps available to lovers of these kind of apps. Whenever you need it, this app allows you to make notes.

Also, you can make use of this app to paint pictures and even jot down some of your ideas in a creative way. It is the latest form of paper and pen that can be in your pocket whenever the need to use it arises.

Judging from the comments made by people so far about this app, it has a robust detection feature. It means that you will surely not have issues with spelling any word. You can zoom your page, select any writing instrument color, etc.

Interestingly, Penultimate easily syncs with Evernote. It means you can install Evernote and create a user account. Your notes can be organized by dividing them into a topic and collection section.

Penultimate has an inbuilt spelling check that fixes any spelling mistakes.

7. Handwriting notepad

Handwriting notepad

Handwriting notepad is a small yet easy app for writing all your text on the go. People refer to it as a handwriting memo pad that one uses to jot important stuff quickly. It has an automatic save feature.

With this save feature, you will never have to bother yourself about saving your document at every point in time. Understand that; this is handwriting to text app that comes in very handy

In simpler terms, you can just create a little button on the main screen of your phone that you can easily tap on to begin creating your notes. Incredibly, there is an autosave mode just in case you close the app hurriedly. Records will not be lost.

For those that have lots of time on their hands, pictures of your notes can be added. Handwriting notepad makes use of an identifying tool. It means that spell checks come off as natural. Your page can be zoomed ad well.

If need be, you can make your background look like those lined copybooks. Also, your documents can get organized by splitting them into a collection section and a topic section.

8. Notability


Notability is the ideal iPad and iPhone app when you need to convert any of your Handwriting to text. Rated among the best Handwriting to text apps, Notability is a complete package for you to walk around paperless.

Asides from its basic features, users are capable of creating full documents by including Gifs, web pages, and images. There is an option on this app known as the multi-note. Here, users can operate on about two notes simultaneously.

Furthermore, documents are automatically on the iCloud service.

9. GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5 is fantastic handwriting to text app that makes use of a digital ink technology that enables handwritten notes to last for a long time. Your notes can be found when you type the name on its search bar.

This app stands out from the other Handwriting to text apps as it has a zoom feature. You can easily zoom in or out for your written texts to stay intact when using bigger note files.

At the end of the day, GoodNotes 5 is a standard note app that makes use of every beautiful interface. Asides from writing on a paper sheet, GoodNotes 5 has customizable tools that will get you interested in writing.

With this app, you can completely update how you write. It means that you can modify your writing instrument intensity, saturation, and of course, color. This app will allow you to draw with the aid of different brushes.

If you are not drawing, you will be able to add pictures from your phone’s gallery. Its length is not restricted as well. It means you will get more than enough space for all your documents.

10. Text Scanner (OCR)

Text Scanner (OCR)

As fantastic handwriting to text app, users can efficiently operate it. Understand that this is a scanner app wherein users can quickly scan any text, be it typed or handwritten.

The text scanner quickly copies texts to its note file. It is handwriting to text app that can scan in over fifty languages. Though the number of scans is limited, you can make some in-app purchases to scan without any restrictions.

From its name, it is clear that it scans your documents and changes them into documents on your phone. Note that, you can scan cell phone numbers that you find on tabloids. They will be saved on your phone within a split second.

Text scanner can scan the faces of characters, and it goes further to recognize the faces. With its fast reading speed, anything you scan can be detected within seconds.

Bear in mind that, text scanner can detect your Handwriting just in case you want to transform your documents into an electronic form.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, this article has provided you with some of the best Handwriting to text apps you will find anywhere. These apps are capable of transforming your handwritten notes into computerized texts.

It does not matter if you are a business person or a student; these apps will help you in taking stock of inventory. To make your job easier, you should skim through this list and download any handwriting to text app of your choice.

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