15 Best Free Workout Apps For Men

The modern gym-goer starts his day with three ultimate essentials, which are his smartphone, sneakers, and of course, sweats. However, if you are hitting the gym without your handset, you are among the small minority.

Since most people rely on their phones to play music when it comes down to exercising, we have compiled a list of some of the best free Workout apps for men. It should never come as a surprise that our phones serve as a primary part of our workout routine

Making your smartphone a part of your workout will have you:

  • Monitoring your running route
  • Recording your lifting forms and even;
  • Timing your HIIT circuits

You will be getting the best use from your device. There are so many apps you can utilize. These apps have been built to kick fit into your exercise routine.

Understand that these smartphone apps are going to serve very distinct purposes. Some of these apps will take the role of your virtual trainer by helping you through new and tough workouts.

As for some others, they will help you in tracking your activities and diet. They will give you new insights into your nutrition. However, some apps will enable you to relax.

Nevertheless, most of these apps are free to download, though they may need in-app purchases and subscriptions in a bid to unlock some features.

15 Best Free Workout Apps For Men

Since most of you are currently home all day, these fitness apps will have to be your friends. Asides from helping you stay in shape through targeted exercises, some of them will do all these free of charge

Some of the best free workout apps for men include:

1. Nike Training Club

Available on iOS, Android

Most of us wear Nike gear when going to the gym. Since you are familiar with the brand, it is no big deal to find their workout app. Nike Training Club app has more than one hundred and eighty routines.

These features are gotten from trainers in diverse categories ranging from strength training, Yoga, and much more. You can train using this app either with your bodyweight or with a complete gym setup.

There are quick sessions that are up to forty-five-minute burners. This app boasts of being the ultimate personal trainer. With this app, you are offered daily recommendations.

It comes with an additional bonus. The bonus is from Nike athletes and personalities such as Kevin Hart, Serena Williams, and even Cristiano Ronaldo.


Available on Android, iOS

For those who love gym training, JEFIT will end up being your go-to app for all workouts irrespective of your fitness level. With JEFIT, you can record your weights and reps.

It comes with over one thousand and three hundred exercises in its database. No matter the workout you need, you are sure to find it.  Nevertheless, it does not necessarily plan out your routines; you get to select from lots of user-generated workouts in a bid to switch up your normal routine.

If you never knew, JEFIT is rated as one of these fitness apps, and it hosts countless exercises, dedicated analysis, and personalized workout routines. It has gathered more than 8.5 million users.

3. Keelo

Available on Android, iOS

Do you know that it is hard to beat HIIT training when trying to get into a practical and swift workout? Well, Keelo takes complete advantage of the training plans. It provides a fast-paced workout.

Its workout lasts between seven to twenty minutes. Plus, you will get your results when you are done three times a week. Note that, the Keelo app has both workouts using equipment and bodyweight workouts.

This means that you have no excuse not to torch some of those calories if you are at home or in a gym.

4. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Available on Android, iOS

The daily workouts fitness trainer is fantastic for those exercise introverts. These are the set of people that prefer breaking a sweat in the confines of their home. It is an app that will lead you through more than one hundred easy exercises

Some of its exercises include donkey kicks, bicycle crunches, and tap out planks. It is up to you to choose between ten different five to ten-minute workouts. Or, you can choose a ten to thirty minute randomized yet complete body workout.

5. Aaptiv

Available on iOS, Android

You can get all the energy of a group fitness class and complete it with an expert trainer without showing up at the gym. Aaptiv is an audio training app that provides more than two thousand five hundred classes.

Its classes include elliptical and treadmill sessions, strength training, marathon, Yoga, and indoor cycling training programs. Also, it places a trainer with a custom playlist you can listen to using your headphones.

Aaptiv is set to give reminders, encourage you, and even correct your form. With it, you can customize your workouts and monitor your progress. This app is the new boredom buster. It adds about thirty new workouts every week.

6. Zombies, Run!

Available on iOS, Android

Zombies, Run! Is an app co-created by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. It has been referred to as a fitness-meets-gaming application. This is because it allows users to experience a zombie adventure story as well as complete a walk or run.

While you log steps, you can hear a zombie-themed audio drama that is likely to inspire you to pick up your pace

7. Minute Workout

Available on Android, iOS

The 7-minute workout app is the solution to the famous conundrum that suggests you want to work out, but you do not have the time. With this app, you will have a no-equipment sweat session structured to provide maximum benefits within a short time

When you make use of this app, you will swiftly and effectively break a sweat. Using the 7-minute workout will get you started with the rest of your day.

8. SworkIt

Available on iOS, Android

The SworkIt app is among the best free workout apps for men. It is the ideal app for those who do not want to be in crowded gyms. However, you are devoted to becoming leaner, more reliable, or fitter.

Immediately you select your goal and allow the app to know your current fitness level; you will receive a six-week program. This six weeks program comes with weekly workout goals.

Also, you are to decide just how much time you will dedicate to your session. The app will tailor your plan to its schedules or it. In simple terms, this app enables users to customize their workouts, which can range from five to sixty minutes.

It is a friendly app for every fitness level and comes with guided videos from real professional trainers. With such a core-centric app, you can showcase your midsection the exact love it needs.

9. Daily Yoga

Available on Android, iOS

When it comes down to exercises, Yoga is meant to be inclusive, and Daily Yoga does not fall short of this inclusion. The daily yoga app creates sessions that are easily accessible for every level.

It had over thirty complete sessions that you can select from, interestingly, most of them are free. Also, users can access distinct poses just in case you are trying to Nail a chair pose.

Furthermore, you have the option to include Yoga as an aspect of your daily routine. The app guides users in practicing Pilates and even master meditation. This app is created for yoga practitioners, newbies, and those that can discover their flow.

Bear in mind that this app provides a highly impressive volume of content. It has more than fifty class workouts and plans, over five hundred poses, and more than two hundred classes with HD videos.

All of the aforementioned content span across all the fitness levels. You have workout lengths that range from five-minute quickie to seventy minutes session.

10. AllTrails

Available on Android, iOS

This is the ideal app for those people who will rather break out in a sweat whole outdoor. It provides over one hundred thousand mountain biking trail running and hiking maps.

All of these are tagged alongside photos and reviews that are crowdsourced from thousands, if not millions of users. With the app, you can easily search for trending trails close to you.

To do this, you will have to make use of its nifty filters, such as kid-friendly and dog-friendly.

11. Yoga for beginners

Available on Android, iOS

If you want to start with Yoga but just overwhelmed, this is the ideal app to use. It is a beginner-friendly app that has been specifically created for newbies. With this app, you will not come across and crazy flexibility requirement.

You can learn the basic poses and stretch yourself both figuratively and literally. It has fast and easy yoga workouts.

12. Yoga Down Dog

Available on Android, iOS

The tagline of this app suggests that you will never get the same class twice. It comes with over thirty thousand different workout configurations. This is no exaggeration—the major component of this app loss in its customization.

Note that, users have the opportunity to select between the different types of Yoga and six-plus different yoga instructor voices.

13. FitOn

Available on iOS, Android

The famous personal trainers are not for highly prominent people alone. With FitOn, you are promised easy access to workouts from some of the experts yet top trainers

Some of these t3ainers include Jeanette Jenkins who worked with Alicia Keys and Pink, Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness, and Cassey Ho prominently known from Bilogilates

You can pick your workout using this app from diverse categories such as strength, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, dance, barre, and cardio workouts.

14. Lotus Yoga and Workout

Available on iOS, Android

The lotus yoga and workout app allow yoga enthusiasts to browse through more than four hundred and fifty yoga poses. Each of them has an illustration attached, a description of its benefits as well as safety notes

If you are creative, you can combine some of the poses to make out your flow. However, you can always make use of the over one hundred guided yoga meditation sessions and workouts

15. 8fit Workouts

Available on iOS, Android

As far as all-round tracking and fitness planning goes, an 8fit workout has got you fully covered. This app builds custom exercises, including meal plans that are based on your current statistics, preferences, and goals.

It goes into detail by asking for your goals, the number of workouts you aim to do each week, and the number of meals you will like to eat daily. When making use of the meal plan, you can pick the days to go grocery shopping.

With this, the 8fit workout generates a shopping list strictly based on the recipes you will need to prepare. As for your logging workouts, it provides diverse alternatives for you to monitor accurately.

Its list comes with everything that ranges from sexual activity, running, and even martial arts training. There are lots of pre-set workouts as well. If you want 5o crush a certain goal? This is the fitness and nutrition centered app to download.

Moreover, this app will allow users to input their objective and measure their current fitness level. When this is done, it will provide you with a customized plan that will help you get from point A to point B.

To Wrap It Up

On a general note, when you get started with most of these best free workout apps for men, it will be challenging. During work one, workouts usually hurt, but by the time you get to weeks two, three and four, you will get used to it

Lately, you can get your exercises done without being present in a gym. It is easy and cheaper with the aid of fitness tracker apps, weight loss apps, and workout apps. You will not need to hire a trainer.

There are lots of workout apps available on both iOS and Android. We have given you the complete list of some of the best workout apps.

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