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15 Best Free Survey Tools in 2020

Customer feedback is very important to improve the quality of your products and services. Simple questionnaires that are customized according to requirements and the online surveys with the help of free survey tools can help you get a better idea of customer satisfaction and suggested improvements about your brand. This feedback also helps to adjust your marketing efforts for meeting the needs and desired standards of the target market.

Online survey data is usually considered more accurate than other types of polls and research methods. The responses involved in these surveys are directly saved in the online database where the chance of manipulation of human error is quite less as compared to the manual entry.

The insight received from the feedback enables the managers to bring improvements in the desired field for effective results. We will discuss 15 best free survey tools in this article:

15 Best Free Survey Tools

1. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

It is a US-based online survey service provider that was founded in 1999 and this company became public in 2018. It gives actionable insight about your organization to gauge the performance, requirements and emerging trends so that you may stay ahead in the competition.

You have to sign up for utilizing the key features of this website. It offers free registration as well as premium plans for business and personal uses that include a full package of unlimited amazing features.

Its free version comprises of best free survey tools that allow you to start a limited survey by creating and sending a survey questionnaire comprising of up to 10 questions that include all types of questions and you can view up to 100 responses related to your survey.

This is the most trusted online survey platform with 98% satisfaction of the US Fortune 500 and it is used in more than 350,000 organizations. Survey Monkey offers a data platform to millions of people around the globe to find a way of turning the feedback into actions that ensures growth and improvement.

It offers its services for conducting all types of surveys and covers almost every facet of the markets and organizations. It incorporates the health sector, educational departments, event planning, market research, and many other domains.

2. SoGo Survey

SoGo Survey

SoGoSurvey is again a US-based online survey platform that was founded in 2013. It offers creation, distribution, and analysis of the surveys worldwide. These surveys include various types of forms, polls, quizzes, and assessments asked from a group of people about their specific field.

It is the most comprehensive online platform that contains some of the best free survey tools that enable the customers to conduct a reliable survey in their desired domain free of cost. Although a limited number of features are unlocked in the free version, they suffice the purpose of common surveys.

You need to sign up with your email or sign in using your Facebook or Google account to make use of its important features. You need not design or create online surveys by yourself because the best free survey tools of this online forum give you instant access to all the templates and question models as per your requirements.

After survey distribution, the response of the target group of people is recorded most efficiently and the report is prepared instantly without any delay. Data management of this online forum is safe and secure which gives data access only to the real authorized person who can check these results anytime.

3. Typeform


This online survey tool is a Barcelona-based service company that deals in online form building and online surveys for different organizations. It has unique software that creates versatile forms based on user requirements.

This web-based platform allows users to utilize free survey tools for data collection with the help of engaging and conversational form fillings and online surveys. Data acquired from these surveys help to re-design organizational policies for ensuring customer satisfaction and improvement in the system.

This website invites higher response during the survey by constructing anticipated questions and making the survey quiz more interesting and engaging for the participants. It is easy to use platform which works well with every device and compatible with every browser. You need to sign up for availing of the services of this online forum.

4. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google Forms is an online survey tool that is part of the Google Drive office suite including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. This forum offers the flexibility of conducting quick polls and quizzes on your desired topics and for the pre-defined purpose.

While planning a survey, you can either use your photo or logo or “Google Forms” will select the matching colors to complete your form. You are also offered to choose your form straight from the set of curated themes for a perfect tone.

This web-forum, one of the best free survey tool, enables the users to choose their desired question format from multiple choice to dropdowns to a linear scale. You have the option to add images and YouTube videos, applying page branching and question skip options in the survey quiz.

This online platform is quite responsive, so you get an opportunity to easily edit, change and respond to forms on smaller as well as bigger screens. All the responses received to the surveys are collected in Google Forms very carefully and automatically. You can access this information anytime by a simple login into your Google account.

5. Survey Legend

Survey Legend

Survey Legend is a popular free survey tool that provides an opportunity to undertake a quick survey of your organization to get insight and feedback for locating the loopholes in the system. It is a multi-purpose survey providing service that is considered quite reliable and provides its services to a wide variety of organizations including some renowned brands worldwide.

You can get the right survey that serves your purpose and then you can share your survey with your target audience by using email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and many more social media forums. By using the social media forum, the distance between you and your target audience becomes irrelevant.

The responses that we get from these surveys are captured in the online database of this web-forum which becomes readily available for your analytics for real-time insights.

6. Crowd Signal

Crowd Signal

CrowdSignal is a US-based online tool that enables you to create, distribute, and analyze the results of polls, surveys, quizzes, and ratings. It is a very user-friendly assessment tool that will make a difference for your improvement plans.

You can register yourself by providing the required information in the given fields and then select your desired paid plan according to your requirements.

This is a great online platform for creating quick assessments, quizzes, polls, and surveys by asking a variety of questions in different styles. The results help may help you to bring changes for improvement in your organization. These results can also be shared with your employees/ workers for self-improvement and learning.

7. Survey Planet

Survey Planet

This is a very simple and powerful online survey platform that is equipped with some of the best free survey tools that can be used for multiple purposes and diversified organizational setups. It can help you get the exact picture of the insights and adjust your goals and priorities accordingly for enhanced productivity.

This survey forum supports more than 20 international languages to give flexibility to customers who speak and understand different languages. It also offers pre-written survey questions related to various domains readily available if you are short at the time for constructing a new survey for your target employees or the people whom you want to survey.

This online survey platform is supported by desktop, mobile devices, and tablets for undertaking a survey. You can click on the preview mode before submitting it for the final review.

8. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

It is a wonderful web-based survey platform for conducting quick surveys worldwide irrespective of the geographical location. This website requires its users to first get themselves registered by providing name, email address, and phone number.

After registration, you can sign in to utilize a few of the enchanting features of this web-forum free of cost but the complete package is unlocked when you get a paid plan subscription as per your needs.

You get a large variety of survey formats and different types of question that have been framed keeping in mind the emerging trends in every sector which require free survey tools to get an insight into their organization. All the surveys are secured by the use of SSL protection that ensures safety and privacy.

9. Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo

This online survey website was founded in 2006 with its headquarter in the United States. It allows the users to gather the desired feedback and data in the way they want to collect it. It is a powerful, flexible and secure platform for conducting a wide variety of online surveys regarding products, services and different other domains to bring improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.

You can find several free survey tools on the internet but very few of them are taken as reliable and recommended for use by the big brands. The most important consideration is the relevant questionnaire and the way of conducting a fair survey to get honest feedback.

Survey Gizmo is the prime choice of some largest enterprises, independent researchers and small business setups for providing them feedback with predictable costs and to accurate reporting.

10. Survey Nuts

Survey Nuts

Survey nuts is one of the best free survey tools providing a web-based platform that allows the users to generate forms for collecting data and creating surveys by using the simple software tool for this purpose.

You can simply post your survey URL on the social media forums, on your website or send it through the email for getting the response of the potential prospects for accurate feedback about the target domain.

The real-time reporting dashboard of this website will display all the results with detailed statistics and simple charts for your easy analysis. Microsoft is among one of the top users of this online survey provider service.

It requires you to sign up with your valid email and other important details for utilizing its valuable features. It has different paid plans that can be subscribed according to user requirements.

11. Survs


Survs is a popular online survey tool that enables the customers to conduct professional surveys easily with friendly interface and compelling features. It provides almost everything you require for getting real-time feedback about your services, products or any other targeted requirement.

It allows the users to create questionnaires easily with a simple and clean interface, having captivating themes and flexible options. You can distribute your survey by using different channels of communication such as email, social media forums and posting the survey URL straight on your websites.

You can get the response results in real-time in the form of segment data by using powerful filters and export this data to Excel, CSV, or SPSS instantly. You can collaborate with your team members by assigning them different roles for the smooth conduct of the survey. These final results can be further converted into flexible web-reports and can be shared online with your audience.

12. Feedier


Feedier is one of the latest and innovative online survey platforms for collecting interactive feedback through different types of surveys. Out of the several best free survey tools available on web-forums, this software gives you reliable feedback which can be made part of your decision-making process to bring about change and improvement.

It works perfectly fine with all the smart devices and it is compatible with almost every web browser. It enables the customers to generate branded forms and creating different types of questions for serving their purpose of survey.

After getting the response from your audience, the touch-point manager of this website allows you to share your form through Email, SMS, website feedback, QR code, and many more delivery channels.

13. Lime Survey

Lime Survey

LimeSurvey is equipped with free survey tools and it is an open-source on-line statistical survey web-based platform. This survey tool is used worldwide which makes it a leading open-source survey software used by a large number of corporations and famous organizations.

The features of this website are specifically designed according to the emerging trends of the markets, organizations and growing needs of the customers. It is widely used for extracting the feedback for bringing improvement and changes in the system if required.

It is a multilingual survey platform that supports more than 80 international languages, hence providing flexibility to the users of 80 different languages to conduct their desired survey successfully. It allows the users to create three different surveys that include invite-only, open and closed survey as per the customer needs.

14. Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core

This website is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the trending markets for conducting quick and reliable surveys. It comprises of a user-friendly interface and enables the users to create their required questionnaire quite easily with the help of step by step guiding process.

This platform can be used to optimize research about the customers, employees, products, and brand experiences of your customers. Every response is recorded in the database and becomes available inclusively after the completion of the survey for easy analysis of the provided feedback

A very detailed overview is given along with the screenshots for an easy understanding of the new customers. Before using this web forum, you are required to get yourself registered with your valid email address to access the important features offered by this tremendous online free survey tool provider.

15. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace

Survey anyplace is a multi-faceted online survey tool that helps the users to build an assessment based questionnaire which can deliver variable outcomes in a personalized PDF report based on the respondent’s feedback. This comprehensive PDF report can be shared with the audience at the end of the survey by using different communication channels that include email, SMS or sharing it on social media forums.

It covers a large number of domains such as hotel services, online cab, feedbacks about different apps, international corporations and medium to small business setups. With the help of honest feedback provided by this platform, the future strategy of the organization is adjusted for better service quality and customer satisfaction in the longer run.

Survey anyplace has an effective survey maker that creates a modern-looking survey for engaging the respondents in a variety of ways. It enables the users to use their mobile phones to answer some easy but relevant to the topic questions. In this way, the response rate is enhanced to get more honest and reliable feedback.

Registration is mandatory for login purposes to access some best free survey tools, so you can sign up with a few easy steps that include the provision of some basic information and your valid email address. It offers a few basic features that can be used in the free mode, but you can get a paid subscription plan that suits your business or personal requirements.

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