10 Best Currency Converter Apps | 2020 Update

With how beautiful the world we live in as presented itself, every nation on the planet has it’s different economic, geographic, and even climatic conditions. For this reason, travelers and traders are to have an understanding of these conditions

In a bid to monitor the conditions as mentioned above, there are functional apps available due to thanks to technology. Traders and curious cats will have some of the best currency converter apps at their disposal.

Are you wondering why you need currency converter apps? Well, with the available best currency converter apps, you can simply calculate diverse financial values. And, they will assist in making your trade and travel plans effective.

The hard fact remains that traveling to diverse countries with their different languages is a hard nut to crack. It becomes worse if you are a trader out there to carry out your business.

An issue with the majority of these foreign transactions is the dire need to convert into the country’s local currency accurately.

Even though money-changers can be found around, every businessperson has an understanding that some of the best deals require verification.

10 Best Currency Converter App

So long as you have a smartphone, you will be able to keep tabs on some of the ever-changing trends in the world economy with these currency converter apps. In a bid to calculate the monetary values of diverse currencies, some of the apps needed include:

1. XE Currency Converter

XE Currency

Rated among the best currency converter apps, exchange rates can be gotten on your fingertips with this innovative app. It has incredible features such as its swift rate alert notifications and easy user interface.

XE currency converter makes use of a historical chart and provides prices for precious metals. It is an app that has been structured to operate better than those other currency calculator apps.

When traveling, this app can be a great companion as it offers mid-market rates, which acts as the benchmark to the providers of foreign exchange rates. Understand that, XE Currency converter enables the user to monitor the live prices of each currency.

With this currency converter, users can:

  • Easily access every country’s live rates as well as precious metals. Bitcoin is not excluded
  • It has a simple to use calculator operationally which is used in comparing prices
  • Its historical charts date back to the last decade
  • Receive notification s and set up alerts
  • It saves up the previous updated rates when the user is offline
  • The currency profile aids in sharing interesting facts about any of your favorite currency

Furthermore, XE currency does not only convert currencies; it is the app you go to when you need to make foreign transfers, shop, travel, and so much more.

2. Easy currency converter

Due to its broad support of about one hundred and eighty currencies and actual-time exchange rare features, Easy currency converter is a vital tool. Placed among the best currency converter apps, it is also available offline.

A user can simply set up their favorite currency list with the aid of this program. Asides from converting different currencies, Easy currency converter is also capable of converting cryptos like LiteCoin, bitcoin, etc.

It is safe to say that this converter app is a progressive app with its quick search alternative and historical graphs. Due to its highly vital features, this app is known to support more than one hundred and eight currencies worldwide.

Since you can create your very own personal list with this application, all that is needed is for you to pick the most relevant currencies. It operates in offline mode following your convenience.

This currency exchange app operates with diverse languages, which range from German,  Spanish, English,  and even Italian. When you work in offline mode, you do not need to pay any roaming fee.

Users can check out the history of any currency of their choice and learn more about its fluctuations through months, days, or even years. Next to your searched currency is its  country flag as well as the currency graph

3. Currency Converter – Exchange

For those who frequently trade in foreign currency, Currency converter exchange is one of the best currency converter app to utilize. It is comfortable and also regarded as a lightweight money exchange app that provides direct conversion.

Note that it does not only convert fiat currencies; it also converts cryptocurrencies such ad bitcoin, dogecoin, and some others.

Furthermore, the currency converter exchange also offers actual-time fluctuations in its rate ac wording to the movement in the market.

It does not matter where you are located; you can make use of this app to get your conversion rates up to roughly three decimal places. Bear in mind that, this app has been structured to store the last updated rates and it operates in offline mode

It is effortless to use and can convert up to fifteen foreign currencies all at once. It makes use of exchange rates lists as well as graphs that have historical data. Some of its amazing features include:

  • It swiftly converts when you type the numbers
  • It has a calculator for the currencies. Plus, its result is quickly converted to every currency
  • It adds a new currency code and operates the update. This app is capable of downloading fresh exchange rates on the go
  • It can be used on both tablets and phones
  • It is capable of converting fifteen currencies simultaneously

Nevertheless, it is a handy converter that backs up roughly one hundred and sixty currencies. It rates its modifications on-demand and well. This a favorite among the favorite currency converter apps for users of iOS.

Are you a traveler or a trader? You can convert any currency of your choice with this app. Also, if you are interested in knowing the rate of your precious metals, it can be done with its historic rate chart.

It is worthy to note that this app has a colorful user interface, which makes its converting experience amazing.

4. Currency Convert by

Regarded as an amazing alternative for users of Apple products. You can choose not to download any of its rates on your phone. However, you can set its rates all by yourself, and it will showcase all the conversion you need.

Note that you do not need internet access to make this work. Little wonder it is on the list of best currency converter apps you can download. It is a convenient app, by the way.

For those who may not remember to download any of the rates, this app is the best bet for you. You can easily set up your base currency, and this app will download the most recent exchange rate for each country.

Everything will be displayed within the application. It is an amazing option for those who are forgetful when traveling.

5. CalConvert

Do you want your currency converter to do more than just convert your coins? If yes, you should be reading more on CalConvert.

From its name, it is vital to note that it includes a calculator. Its calculator has developed mathematical as well as scientific functions. Also, it is capable of saving the history of every calculation that you made

Plus, it enables users to convert hundreds of different units alongside the currencies. Note that, it features a twenty-four hours support. This is needed for those who may need help at the end of the day.

Understand that this app can be highly useful for those seeking to purchase various items and want to know the total amount of all they have bought.

6. Unit Converter

As one of the best currency converter apps, the Unit converter is more than the ordinary currency converter. This is because it is capable of handling several unit conversions.

Asides from making multiple conversions possible, it converts more than sixty currencies from across the globe. It is easy to utilize, and it is impressive to note that it is a free app. Plus, you will not be disturbed by ads.

Based on its iOS exclusivity, it enables users to convert any currency of their choice swiftly. You can never tell when you will be in dire need to quickly convert any unit as you travel. This is why the Unit converter will come in handy.

All the various countries make use of different measurements for things like weight and distance. This app can convert so much that it will make you not to end up calculating a three-mile walk that is going to end up being three kilometers.

Just as we stated earlier, it is more than a currency convertor; it goes further than that. It can tackle diverse kinds of unit conversion simultaneously.  One thing this app is widely known for is its multiple conversions.

7. My Currency Converter

Here on our list of best currency converter app is the simple and beautiful looking My currency converter. It is effortless to say that this app is the ideal fit. It supports over one hundred and fifty currencies, which ranged from dollars down to Yen.

My currency converter has been structured to back up virtual currencies like dogecoin, litecoin, and, of course, bitcoin.  Its exchange rates ate swiftly modified on the app. Offline mode is available as well.

Furthermore, this app provides an accuracy of about three decimal places, and it is genuinely ideal for iPhone users. For those who trade in cryptocurrencies,  this app is fantastic for you.

Additionally, with this app, you can monitor your money wherever you are, and wherever the money is kept.

8. Valuta+

If you are a lover of all things being simple,  Valuta+ is what you should be downloading right now. Asides from being fantastically user-friendly, it is effortless to use, and it enables users to mark their best currencies.

This marking is enabled so that you will not have to scroll through the various lists just to discover the best. Valuta+ is capable of working in offline mode.

If you are stuck in the market and cannot remember the exchange rate, Valuta+ is one of the best currency converter apps you can depend on. It is an app that keeps everything simply by only showcasing your exchange rage.

When the app is opened, it displays three currencies automatically. They are:

  • The US dollars
  • Euro, and;
  • GBP

Valuta+ makes use of a favorite list and has the currency exchange rate of more than one hundred and seventy countries.

9. Forex Currency Rates

If you need access to some of the latest currency news or you want to enjoy simple conversion rates, the best currency converter app for this is the forex currency rates app.

It backs up vital metals as well as over one hundred and forty different currencies across the globe. It is simple to navigate, and its functioning mechanism makes it ideal for both travelers and traders. You can check your daily and weekly rates with this app.

More so, this app has been regarded severely as an intensive app when it comes down to trading. It will enable you to stay updated on the world currency and latest updates.

It can deliver the most recent news on trading and currency-related topics from across the globe. Need help with precious metals? You can count on this app. This app can be transferred via your SD card to others using android devices.

10. CurrenC: Currency Converter

Rated among the best currency converter apps available today, it is a fantastic app that has its establishment in the United Kingdom.

It enables users to determine actual-time exchange rates of specific currencies against the hundreds of foreign ones. This amazing service allows owners of websites to include snippets of JavaScript to HTML coding

This will allow their websites to enable users to gain swift access to the currency converter site. Its exchange rate data is in the actual-time, and it makes use of automatic updates.

Furthermore, this website offers useful resources to its users, and this includes some currency tips, currency widgets, articles, and news.

Final Thoughts

You should bear in mind that these apps are capable of assisting you in getting the correct conversion rates swiftly. Because they are free apps, you will only need to uninstall them if they are not ideal for you.

However, you can skim through this article to find out the best currency converter app for your use.

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