Best April Fool Jokes

What is the best way to join the April fool’s fun than preparing some pranks on your own? The best April fool jokes can be played on your spouse, colleagues at work, kids, friends, and any random unsuspecting victim.

Understand that, some of the April fool jokes you hear about do not cost anything to pull off. And, you can always pull these pranks without the fear of getting anyone injured. They are all one hundred percent safe.

It does not matter if you want your prank to be messy, sticky, or even noisy, you will find some on our list that will get the victims laughing out loud. Get set for the next April fool’s day to pull up your heist.

Before the D-day emerges, you will need to get sneaky and crafty. It is a surprise, and so victims do not need to be aware that they are getting pranked. And, if you want it to be memorable, you will need to work on your creativity.

Are you wondering why people make a big deal out of April fool’s day? It is merely because it is the ideal opportunity to try out prank ideas you have always wanted to pull on your family and friends.

So when you do this on April fool’s day, no one will get annoyed. It is a prank holiday, and everyone gets warned before anything happens, so they are not surprised. Note that if you are not set to be on high alert, you have no one to blame when the pranks start rolling.

Best April Fool Jokes

The following April fool’s jokes we will be listing out are some of the best that anyone can pull to make the day fun. Some of the best April fool jokes that are harmless and easily pulled include:

1. The Krispy vegetable prank

How else will everyone take you to be batman or superman when you show up at work with over two dozen delicious doughnuts? However, you will not be praised for long before your colleagues get a hold on what you did.

Instead of eating delicious pastries glazed with sprinkled, they will open the box to find cauliflower and greens.

2. Placing tape on the sensors

What better way to mess with the favorite TV of your parents than making use of tape? In this prank, you will just have to attach a small piece of tape on the laser sensor.

You will be attaching this tape on the underside of your parents’ remote. By doing this, the signal will be blocked temporarily. Just wait a while for them to get confused.

3. Who’s calling for Franklin?

This is not a joke; you can pull off alone. You will need a group of people to do with. Now, you will get your friends to begin calling your victim either at home or at work. Whenever the victim picks, they will ask to speak with no one else but Franklin.

This is frustrating. You can have someone call your victim after every thirty minutes. Your victim will get tired of letting them know that he has no idea about anyone named Franklin.

To put the icing on the cake, the last person can call him to introduce himself as Franklin and ask if there have been any caller asking for him.

4. The fake spilling of milk

What good is the proverbial saying of not crying over spilled milk when the milk has been spilled all over your desktop? While no one wants to get their desktop spoilt because of a joke, you can get them to think that way.

The best way to pull this prank is to get a glass surface and glue. It will do the trick without causing any damages.

5. Chicken nugget soap for lunch?

This is an interesting April fool’s joke for your kids, especially the ones that refuse to eat healthily. You can arrange chicken nuggets on a plate, but the minute they bite into it, they will realize it is a highly disguised bar of soap.

Best believe this will not hurt them, April fool’s pranks at generally mean but fun.

6. The kitten apps

This prank can be pulled off if you have access to your friend’s phone. You just need to launch the Iphoneception website on their browser. Then, proceed to switch all their app shortcuts to nothing else but cute kitty faces.

This prank is ideal for someone that does not like cats.

7. The Rug Bubble Wrap

Measure enough bubble wrap that you safely hide underneath the rug placed in your hallway. Whenever a person steps on it, it will go off with a loud bang that will get them shaken. It will be fun.

8. Frozen breakfast prank

Here, you are to fill up a bowl with the cereal and milk of your victim, which could be your kids. Place it in the freezer all through the night of March 31st until the morning of April 1st.

Joyfully serve them breakfast in bed and watch them try to scoop a spoonful of frozen cereal. If you want it to be more fun, freeze the spoon along with the cereal and watch them pull hilariously.

9. Prank of the tin foil office

Searching for one of the best April fool’s joke to pull off? This is the ideal one. However, it will need you to be artistic enough to cover up everything in your colleague’s office with aluminum foil.

It will seem like you have turned the office into some sort of futuristic workstation and best believe that it is easy to switch up everything back to the way it was.

10. The lamp bug silhouette

For this prank, you do not need to be precise with using the scissor. Simply cut out the shape of a black paper that subtly looks like a terrible insect. Attach this cut out inside a lampshade.

Whenever your spouse works in and turns on the switch, the first thing he or she sees is the horrible shadow of a bug. Nevertheless, do not try this prank with someone with anxiety disorder.

11. Who’s in the bathroom?

This will work amazingly, depending on the number of stalls available at the shared bathroom that is on your floor. All you need to do is to carry a dummy with his or her feet, shoes, and pants visible.

Place the dummy inside the stall before work officially begins. Hilariously watch as your colleague get angry that every toilet is occupied.

12. Cream cheese and deodorant

This is the sort of prank that can cause a mess and even end up annoying your victim. However, it is very harmless. You can begin the prank by borrowing his or her deodorant when they are not paying close enough attention.

When you twist the deodorant enough for it to come out, remove the visible part with a spoon and fill it with cream cheese. Carefully mold it with your hands, though it will take time and enough creativity prowess.

If you can do it right, you will hear your victim scream loud from the bathroom.

13. The head placed in a jar

It is not yet Halloween, but you can still prank someone with a good scare during the day. Simply take a picture of your head, print a copy with good quality, and slip it inside a waterproof plastic sleeve.

Dump it inside a big jar that is filled with water and add some fake fur that matches the color of your hair. It is scary but fun.

14. Is Elvis a stalker?

For a friend that moves conspiracy theories, tell the friend that you believe that Elvis is stalking you. Yes, he passed away in 1977 but confide in your friend that you are more than serious and positive.

After a week before April 1st, invite your friend for dinner and get a person dressed as Elvis to show up hovering around your house. Be hopeful that your friend notices the fake Elvis first.

15. The soap without lather

Did you know that adding a thin layer of your clear nail polish will make a bar of soap instantly useless? Well, the polish causes the soap to be waterproofed so, scrubbing with it will not form any lather.

Just hope your victim gives up before scrubbing him or herself raw. Wait a while before shouting, April fools!

16. Endeavor to honk

You can do this by adding a secret message to your friend’s car bumper. It should read, “please honk.” Surely, the driver will be unaware and wondering why people are honking at him or her. Get someone to distract your victim while you fix this.

17. Faux blue screen of death

Everyone that makes use of windows will be immediately freaked out if they see the prominent blue screen. It is normally a serious warning that computer memory is about to be dumped.

To do this, you do not need to infect your victim’s computer with the real virus. You can download the blue screen of death wallpaper for free and watch him panic.

18. Sloppy sneeze prank

To do this, fill up your spray bottle with warm tap water and wait for the percent moment to strike. Stand behind a person just feet away and hold the bottle up to your face level.

Let out a sneeze and cover the back and neck of your victim with what he believes to be snot. Keep apologizing and let him think its snot before you make the big reveal.

19. Push, and not pull

Search for a door in the office that only opens by pulling it. Put up another sign that suggests people should push to open. So many people will fall for this prank. Do not let them struggle for long before you reveal it is all a prank.

20. The daylight saving switches

This prank will take a lot of commitment but it is worth it at the end. Have a group of pranksters to assist you with it. You are to move every clock in the office or your house forward by two hours.

Whenever they adjust to this time you have set in motion, change it once again and move it one hour backward. You can keep changing the clock several between morning and afternoon. It will make everyone lose their minds.

21. The ceiling fan of confetti

To do this, you can cut up papers into a hundred tiny pieces and place them on the ceiling fan. Make sure the fan is off and nobody walks in to see you in the act. Leave the room quietly.

When everyone is back, wait for the unsuspecting victim to switch on the fan. Your victim will be wondering why he or she is being showered with confetti.

22. The balloon room prank

Fill up your victim’s office with the right amount of balloons, though it will depend on the size of his or her office. You can bank on the internet to let you know the size of the balloon to follow up the whole room. They can only get in by bursting the balloons.

23. Flipping the screen

Get hold of your colleague’s desktop and hit the ctrl+alt+down arrow. By doing so, everything instantly flips on the system. It is effortless to reverse.

24. Faux toilet paper

Have you being in a bathroom stall and tried to reach for toilet t paper just to find that it is a full roll of nothing. You can do this with scotch tape, scissors, cardboard, and toilet paper.

You can always place a real toilet paper somewhere, so your victim does not freak out.

25. When the television calls the shot

Get a universal remote, get it synced to your television, and wait for your friends to begin watching tv. While they will think they can control the television with the remote they have, you can stand outside and point your remote towards the screen.

Do not change the channels hastily; allow them to get to the climax of the movie before switching to the news.

26. Baking brownies

Invite friends and tell them you will be baking brownies. While they come over and think you are in the kitchen baking, cut out the letter E from brown construction papers.

Fill up the pan with these letters and cover it with tinfoil. Announce to them that you are done and watch as their faces fall when they find out the truth. You made them brown E’s and not brownies.

27. The voice-activated appliance joke

It is a simple joke that anyone can pull off successfully. As you prepare for work, take your toaster or coffee pot to the office with you. Place it in the office kitchen and place a label on it that suggests that it is activated with the human voice

Watch quietly as people shout at your appliance.

28. The missed call

When your colleague leaves their desk for a while, leave a note saying that they got a missed call from Mr. Tigger. Attach the number of the local zoo to the note. Watch your colleague call the zoo. It is hilarious to watch.

29. The tire slash

You will need to bring up your best acting skills to get this done successfully. You are to print out roughly four photos of Guns N’Roses guitarist slash and tape them appropriately to each tire of your friend’s car.

You are expected to run back inside and announce that the victim’s tire got slashed. The victim will run out instantly angry and panicked. They will hopefully get the joke when they see flash’s pictures on the tires of the car.

30. The toothpaste Oreos

Searching for a prank that never fails? This is it right here. Simply purchase a pack of Oreos and remove the cream. Replace the creamed with toothpaste and reassemble the whole pack. Whenever someone comes across an already opened pack, they will want one for themselves.

It is when they bite on it, they will taste the mint flavor.

31. Tattoo issues

Search for a tattoo that looks real and subtly apply it to the arm of your victim while he or she is asleep. They may not notice it until they get to school or the office.

32. The lace prank

Collect a pair of shoes and switch out their normal laces with mismatched laces. It will work on victims that love dress shoes and sneakers.

33. The phone switch

When your friend is not looking, switch the default language of their phone. They will never know what or how it happened.

34. Milk gone sour prank

All you need to do is to add either green or blue food coloring to the milk that is kept in your fridge. When the victim tries to fill up the cereal bowl with milk, they will think it is spoilt or sour.

35. Spices and sugar

This is the most carefree April fool’s prank of them all. Simply replace the salt with sugar and replace the sugar with salt. This will get your mum surprised when she sips her coffee or take a bite from her food.

36. Hot air

If you have a way of sneaking into your friend’s car, fill it up with balloons before he wakes up in the morning. He will be shocked.

37. Get cranking

Sneak into your mom or friend’s car and turn up the volume of the stereo to the absolute maximum. They will be shocked when they turn it on.

38. A bug’s life

Purchase plastic bugs and drop them in drawers, beds, pockets, or even ice cubes. It will freak your victim out.

39. The waterfall

Place a cup of water on a slightly opened door. Balance it properly and wait for the big splash when someone opens the door.

40. The doorknob and Vaseline

This is an old April fool’s prank. Rub Vaseline all over the doorknob and leave the door closed. When the victim tries to open the door, they will come out with slippery hands.

41. The eyes

Search for googly eyes and stick them inside the contents of the fridge. Whenever your mum opens the fridge, she will see the pickle jar staring hard at her. You can stick them on some products as well.

42. Booby trap prank

Fix a party popper on the jam of a door that is closed. Also, have the string stretching across the door. Whenever anyone turns the knob to get in, they will be shocked by the noise and mini confetti explosion.

43. The dirty diaper prank

You know this as a baby shower game, did anyone ever tell you it can be used as a prank? For those with babies at home, smear his or her diaper with peanut butter or chocolate. And ask your spouse to take a look at something

He or she will be horrified to see you tasting the diaper instead of smelling it alone.

44. The barrier of rubber band

Devote some time into wrapping up a vital object such as the remote control or your friend’s phone. You will be doing this wrap up with diverse layers of rubber bands. Watch them stay patient long enough to free their beloved item from the grip of your rubber bands.

45. How to defy gravity

This is a tricky April fool’s prank. Here, you will place a glass of water upside down on the table of your victim. They will try to figure out ways to remove the glass without spilling much water everywhere.

You can set this up by placing a card over the top before you turn the glass upside down. Remove the card carefully to avoid any spillage.

46. A sticky situation

It is very easy to create though messy. To set this April fool’s prank rolling, you will have to swap a clear disinfectant in a container filled with sanitizer. You will place clear school glue in it. Whenever anyone tries to get the sanitizer, they will have glue all over their hands.

47. The drinks you do not drink

For this prank to work, get some jello and place them in juice glasses. Attach a straw in each of them and hand them out to unsuspecting guests. The drinks are not liquid, and the straws will surely not be of any help.

48. Where’s the end?

What is more frustrating than getting stuck in the toilet with a toilet paper roll that does not seem to have an end? This prank can get more difficult if you spray the loose edge with a hairspray. Your victim will end up rolling a lot of toilet papers.

49. The station prank

Have your friend call your parents that you have been arrested and you were cooking off behind bars at the police station. It will get your parents freaked out, primarily if you are known for avoiding trouble.

They will dash to the station expecting to see you behind bars, just to meet you outside the station taking ice cream. Do not try this prank with parents that have anxiety.

50. The breakup joke

This can be carried out by married couples or people in relationships. You can send a breakup text in the morning and ignore your partner for a while when they try to talk things out and understand what they did wrong.

However, do not hold out on this prank for long before things just get messy.

Final Thoughts

April fool’s day is a once-in-a-year opportunity for everyone to loosen up and catch fun. However, ensure that your pranks are not over the top but mild enough to not get anyone fuming in anger.

We have compiled a list of some of the best April April fool’s jokes you can pull off with friends and family.

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