15 Best Apps For College Students

While you may be a student at an online college or one of the best institutions in your state, studying is vital in your grades. If you need to pass your exams effectively, we have some of the best apps for college students.

When studying in college, most people believe in spending hours in the library. However, there are a selected few who find going to the library boring. Well, your study session does not necessarily have to be boring anymore.

With the improvement and great advancements made in technology, there are so many apps to assist in making studying exciting and easy. The traditional way of studying in college is regarded as ancient.

As it stands, people barely have the time to create paper flashcards. People no longer want to spend hours flipping through boring textbooks. As a college student, there are apps built for your phones and laptops to help with your studies

Note that, these apps will help you in accessing your notes easily across diverse platforms. Interestingly, these apps will assist in getting you focused. They will help you streamline and grow your productivity simultaneously.

15 Best Apps For College Students

Some of the best apps for college students we have compiled on this list can be downloaded with both iOS and Android. While some of them are free, you will have to pay some dollars to download others.

Some of the best apps you will be glad to make use of include:

1. EverNote

Available on Android, Web, iOS

Based on its one hundred percent Metascore aggregation, EverNote is one app you will never regret downloading. When it comes down to studying in college, notes are basically everything.

There is no way you are going to study for your finals and pass every exam without your notes. For this reason, EverNote has been designed to assist students like you in keeping everything organized and streamlined to a specific place.

Note that you can improve your notes using its links, attachments, checklists, audio recording, and so much more. It comes with a free version that can enable you to sync your notes across about two devices.

The EverNote app assists students in searching for texts within images, clipping web pages, and so much more. When you pay for the EverNote Plus, you can sync the app with any amount of device you want.

More so, this app allows students in colleges to capture a memo or note in any format. It could be a picture of a business receipt, an audio file, or even handwritten notes.

2. ISTUDIEZ Pro Legend

Available on Mac, Android, Windows, iOS

The iStudiez Pro Legend is an app that assists students in monitoring their assignments, grades, and schedules in a specific place. If you are not sure of when your homework is due, or the day for your next exam, you can check the app

All you need to do is to input the information and dates in the app and watch the app take care of everything. With the iStudiez Pro Legend app, you are guaranteed not to miss any important class or assignment again.

Interestingly, you can easily integrate the calendar of this app to every other calendar apps, such as the google calendar. Its movie version can be bought for $2.99, and the computer version can be bought for $9.99

3. Quizlet Go

Available on Android

What is the use of paper flashcards when you can easily download the Quizlet Go app. With this app, you can make use of the study sets of others or simply create your own.

Note that the diagram topics and study sets you will get on this app are limitless. It ranges from German sentences of the day to civil war battles, airport codes, and even structures of the heart.

Every information you need to pass your finals is available to you on this app. You can download it for free or get the Quizlet Plus for $1.67 monthly. Or, you can download it for $19.99 yearly.

4. TODOIST Premium

It will amaze you to note that there are more than ten million people making use of TODOIST premium app. It enables you to organize your life. With such an app, you can literally arrange everything.

Starting from your upcoming assignments, shopping lists, and the movies you plan on watching, TODOIST premium app has a spot for all you need. You can make use of its yearly subscription that goes for $28.99.

This app will allow you to customize your templates, and even make use of color-coded graphs.

5. My Study Life

Available on Android, iOS,  Windows

The My Study Life App is a  free app that allows students to organize their assignments, exams, and classes without much hassle. One of the fantastic features this app provides is the ability to sync data in the cloud and over all your devices 

Furthermore, this app can be operated offline. With this, you no longer have to be bothered about losing access without the aid of Wi-Fi.

6. XMind

Available on iOS

You can get XMind on your device for $9.99 every six months. The XMind app is referred to as the leader when it comes down to brainstorming and mapping software.

It is an app that assists college students in capturing their ideas, aids in clarifying their thought-process, and assist in managing difficult information. It makes use of diverse organizational charts to grow efficiency.

It is ideal for those students that step seeking how to get into a new and better mindset. It enables them to focus their energy and thoughts on their books. Also, with XMind you can easily export your mind maps straight to EverNote 

7. MyScript Calculator

Available on Android

Are you living in the age of technology but miss the feeling that comes with making use of paper and pen? This is the ideal app for you. With this app, you can resolve mathematical equations by hand when using your tablet or phone.

Instead of using your traditional calculator, you can use MyScript Calculator to perform your equations with your hand. In simple terms, MyScript Calculator will assist you in learning and remembering formulas with ease 

No matter the equation, be it simple or difficult, this app will recognize your handwriting and assist you in learning maths. You can get this app when you pay a one-time fee of $1.99.

8. Dragon Anywhere

Have you ever tried speaking your thoughts out loud and wishing you had a personal stenographer? If you have been waiting on something like this, we will be glad to present the Dragon anywhere app.

With this app, you can easily edit and dictate documents with the aid of your voice. It is a fantastic app that can be used by everyone across all professions and majors, and not just for the journalism majors.

Also, you can export these notes of yours to other apps such as EverNote with easy access. To make use of this app, it makes use of a subscription that costs fifteen dollars monthly.

9. Google Drive

Available on Android, iOS

With the Google Drive app, you can easily save and store your documents online. Like this, your work will be secure in case your laptop unexpectedly crashes. Also, you can make use of it offline

This app enables users to store any file they want. It provides users with a free 15gb; however, you can always buy extra space if needed. The things you can store on this app range from spreadsheets to text documents and down to videos and photos.

Also, you are free to create spreadsheet documents and texts. Furthermore, you can easily access this content from any device around the globe. Note that every content you upload is safe under a password.

You can easily share your content with others if you want to.

10. Exam Countdown Lite

Available on iOS, Android

Due to its simple-to-use interface, the Exam Countdown Lite app is ideal for people who want to monitor their busy exam schedules. If you need to know the day for your physics exam, you can easily open this app

When you open the app, you will discover how many weeks, days, or months away, your exam is. Also, you can simply customize the icons and colors you want to use for any of the subjects

This will make it easier to monitor everything you need to be prepared for. As a college student, this is one of the best apps to have on your devices

11. Simplemind Pro

Available on Mac, iOS, Android

Similar to the XMind app, Simplemind Pro provides special layouts to brainstorm. It builds highly effective mind maps. With Simplemind Pro, you can include media to the mind maps.

There are lots of things you can include ranging from videos to images and even voice memos. It is an interactive app that is very simple to utilize. With a one-time subscription fee that costs $7.99, you can download this app.

12. Flashcards+

Available on windows

The Flashcard+ app is a free application that is provided to college students through Chegg. Chegg is a textbook rental company that you may already be familiar with. It makes it very easy to create flashcards and includes images. All of this will make preparing for your test exciting.

However, if you do not want to create yours, you can simply browse through hundreds, if not thousands of flashcards that have been made already. Immediately you master a card; flashcards + makes it easy for you to remove it in a bid for you to concentrate on other areas you need to master.

13. Forest

It does not matter if you are studying, hanging out with your friends, or doing some work, the Forest app will assist you in concentrating on whatever you are doing. This app aims to create a forest.

Here, every tree in your forest signifies your focused time. The intriguing part about this app is that it collaborates with an actual tree-planting organization. This organization is known as Trees for the Future.

The fact is, when you spend digital coins, you will earn in Forest to plant actual trees. Also, the forest team will donate and build orders for planting. More than two hundred and forty-eight thousand trees have been planted by people who make use of this productivity app.

It costs a one-time subscription fee of $1.99.

14. Wunderlist Pro

Available on iOS, Android, Chromebook

For a subscription fee of $2.99, Wunderlist Pro will assist college students in taking off the stress of monitoring and planning the mundane tasks they are up to. It has been rated as one of the best apps for college students.

With this app, you can share a shopping list to manage your work projects and even plan out vacations. It is an app that will assist you in for whatever pops up as a college student.

It operates without any hassle across various devices. As a user, you can add comments, hashtags, and even due dates to any of your to-do lists with this app.

15. Wolfram Alpha

If you are seeking for an app with all the answers, the Wolfram Alpha app is your best bet. You just need to type in your question. It could be a math question or even a formula. Be assured that Wolfram Alpha will provide all the answers and even reveal how it got there.

For a one-time subscription fee of $2.99, this is an app you need for all your science or math majors. It can be used for all subjects. It does not matter if you are a sportsman, engineer, or even a journalist, Wolfram Alpha will assist you in discovering tends

Also, it will help you in implementing concepts with just the click of one button.

To Wrap It Up

On a general note, when it comes down to studying while in college, we have helped you with some of the best apps for college students. These apps will assist you in creating mind maps, citations, and even flashcards.

As long as you want to work effectively and ace your papers, you can choose these apps to complete the job.

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