10 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites to Earn Big | 2020

The world of affiliate marketing is an amazingly large one. However, this industry has turned into a significant source of web income for thousands, if not hundreds of expert bloggers.

With so many businesses getting involved in this industry, some affiliate marketing websites can be utilized. Understand that affiliate marketing is used as a passive income stream, as there are lots of top paying affiliate programs.

Nevertheless, with a vast variety of businesses working with affiliates, most of the affiliate marketers make use of some of the best affiliate marketing websites to seek out offers for those blogs of theirs.

Even if some of these websites will collect a little cut of the generated fees, they still serve valuable purposes. This article will be taking a cursory look into some of the very best.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

As it stands, some of the best affiliate marketing websites that you will enjoy making use of include:

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a popular household name. This is since it is an online marketplace that delivers different stuff to your door daily.

However, since each niche has it’s own space on Amazon, it is a fantastic starting point for you to venture into affiliate marketing. Amazon Associates is rated among the top affiliate websites available today.

As one of the best affiliate programs to make money, users get to have about ten percent from the sales of any of its qualifying products that come directly from your link.

However, the commission given by Amazon Associates tends to vary based on the type of item a customer buys.

Furthermore, every purchase that a referred traffic makes on Amazon tends to be counted among your affiliate revenue. The fact remains that Amazon is a one-stop-shop for most people.

2. ClickBank

Click Bank

As an affiliate marketing website, ClickBank is rated among the best in the industry. It has been in existence since the early days of the web. Even though it once suffered from having products of low quality, it has been revamped.

However, ClickBank focuses much more on computerized products that probably have questionable qualities. And even if its review process is professional lately, it majorly focuses on trading digital products.

Nevertheless, it has some authentic, high-quality products. Bear in mind that ClickBank once placed its focus, especially on marketing type courses. But, it has dramatically expanded its reach to include electronic and physical goods.

Based on the fact that it is among the best affiliate programs to make money, its average commission rate is about seventy-five percent. There are weekly payouts with so many payout alternatives.

Note that its joint venture program enables one to earn higher fees. ClickBank is among the biggest you can find. Interestingly, there are a sixty days money-back guarantee on all of its products.

3. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

There are so many marketers who have no idea that the popular eBay has its own affiliate network. With eBay being online for more than twenty years, the eBay partner network offers amazing first-class tools, monitoring, and reporting.

Items that you can select from its listings that will not be found anywhere, ranging from fashion stuff, collectibles, and even electronics. eBay partner network is rated along with the best affiliate websites available at the moment.

To make use of this affiliate program, you will have to find listings that you can promote. They will be promoted with the aid of eBay’s partner network tools. And of course, you will get paid.

If you never knew, users get a double commission within the first three months. Everyone loves extra revenue. eBay partner network makes use of direct affiliate sales techniques with no complicated rules to be followed.

All that is needed is for you to share your listing links and earn some cash if anyone buys from it. eBay is simply a diverse marketplace, and no one can battle against its diversity.

4. ShareASale


As one of the top-ranking affiliate marketing websites, ShareASale is among the most prominent affiliate networks that are now a part of AWIN. This platform has over four thousand merchants, with roughly one thousand being exclusive.

With ShareASale, a massive amount of data is published on every one of its offers that are being operated. These include:

  • Earnings per every click
  • An average sale amount
  • An average commission
  • Reversal rates, and so much more.

Bear in mind that, ShareASale has simple to compare offers. In selecting from its diverse suggestions, ShareASale makes it simple to calculate the best based on their metrics.

Also, it entails a fast payment cycle. This affiliate website pays out on the twentieth of each month, especially when your account balance is higher than fifty dollars.

5. MaxBounty


As one of the best affiliate marketing websites, MaxBounty is often referred to as a newcomer in the affiliate scene. Established in the year 2004 in Canada, this top paying affiliate program has made some impressive claims

MaxBounty clans to be the only existing affiliate network that was designed specifically for affiliates alone. It is a cost per action company that does not deal with anything like ad banners.

Furthermore, MaxBounty claims to have over one thousand five hundred active campaigns. It functions exclusively with computerized products. There are pay-per-call, CPL, and cost per action campaigns that users can choose from.

This affiliate website is involved with a vast number of verticals which includes:

  • Real estate
  • Social games
  • Market research, and so much more

It is majorly structured for those marketers who are seeking to gain new leads. For its average commission rate, this strictly depends on the campaign type you choose.

A look at the website will reveal everything that ranges from $2.50 up to $85 per each CPA. However, some other campaigns tend to pay out a specific percentage of each sale. Its  referral commission is five percent

Furthermore, it gives a bonus of one thousand dollars to those who earn roughly one thousand dollars or more within their first three months. MaxBounty had a weekly payment of a minimum of fifty dollars.

This payment is made through checks, intervals, bank wire, or even bitcoin. MaxBounty has been known to work with brands rated as being high profile.

6. JVZoo


Established in the year 2011, JVZoo has skyrocketed to the top and rated among the best affiliate websites. It is among the big shots in the affiliate industry since there are no upfront costs for both merchants or publishers.

Furthermore, JVZoo is considered as being unusual as it pays its commissions automatically through PayPal.  This is unusual because, unlike other affiliate websites, it does not wait for a week or months.

This affiliate website functions exclusively with computerized products, online courses, and e-commerce.

Since it has no restrictions placed on the buy options, the number of links, and call to action, it sometimes offers products of low quality. However, it has shown that it is a strong competitor to websites such as ClickBank.

One thing to note is that JVZoo concerns itself with selling web sources or getting users to give out their data to marketing companies. Nonetheless, it has been able to carve out a leadership role in advertising its product debuts.

Interestingly, its commission rates tend to be varied based on the product or the merchant. However, most of them provide a fifty percent return to higher. JVZoo is free to join, and users can qualify for its swift PayPal payouts.

It is excellent for the marketing of new product debut, and you do not need to own any website. JVZoo makes use of a broad range of products.

7. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing

Often considered as the oldest affiliate network, Rakuten is rated among the top paying affiliate programs. Nonetheless, it is just a fair amount smaller than most of the top players in the affiliate circle.

Some of the sleek features that make it stand out from others to include the fact that it is capable of rotating via several banners for its products. This is a significant advantage when you are trying to get your offers optimized.

Rather than manually selecting the advert, you may want to run through your blogs, Rakuten allows different versions to rotate using just one small code. Rakuten also enables a flexible deep linking.

The deep-linking is for individual merchants that have landing pages. It allows for customizations to increase based on the campaign type you are operating.

In simpler terms, the deep linking option enables users to select the page they want to transfer the traffic to on the Rakuten site. This ends up giving users more flexibility to promote various affiliate offers.

8. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program

If you are seeking for some of the best in the industry, then Shopify affiliate program can be among your best bet.

As one of the top paying affiliate programs, Shopify is among the top e-Commerce software utilized by bloggers as well as online retailers. The majority of the bloggers today are familiar with the Shopify affiliate program.

More so, bloggers in niches where their audience or blog visitors keep trying to sell via the web can quickly point them to this Shopify affiliate program. Everyone will love the fact that they can earn so much through referrals.

Within the first two months of the referral subscription fee, which is a two hundred percent bounty, you can earn up to five hundred and ninety-eight dollars on the standard plan.

Also, a bounty of one hundred percent on the enterprise plan will pay up to two thousand dollars. Such a platform is one that you can always refer to people.

9. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

Often referred to as the most extensive affiliate program online, those who have worked in the affiliate marketing industry for an extended period must have come across this program.

As one of the available affiliate marketing websites, almost all retailers have affiliate programs on CJ Affiliate. This makes the program to be so close to a one-stop-shop because users can get into the affiliate marketing business through them

So many retailers have diverse advert sizes for affiliates, and this gives users much better control of the kind of offers that show up on their blogs. With a vast array of advertisers on the CJ affiliate platform, it is easy to segment diverse offers

If you are seeking for how to place the affiliate tracking code on your blog, it is a straightforward process. Immediately you get approved to promote offers; you can start running different offers on your blog within hours.

CJ affiliate has more than three thousand advertising partners, and the majority of them have creative sizes and diverse affiliate link alternatives. This affiliate program provides a net-20 payment term.

It means that you will be getting your commission paid promptly monthly.

10. AWIN


Formerly regarded as Affiliate Window, it is now to be known formally as AWIN. This name change came right after it acquired Zanox. AWIN is one of the best affiliate programs to make money.

It is a network that claims to be in operation with more than thirteen thousand active advertisers and over one hundred thousand publishers. Established in Germany, its merchants majorly come from Europe, mostly Great Britain.

This affiliate website is active in about eleven countries. It was founded in the year 2000 and has expanded to be among the well-respected affiliate websites in the united kingdom and the globe.

As it stands, AWIN boasts of more than one thousand six hundred brands across roughly seventy-seven sectors in eleven territories globally. It provides a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, it makes use of tools that helps to boost a user’s affiliate marketing campaigns. This affiliate website is very comprehensive and operates in every vertical.

Its average commission rate depends on both the campaign and the merchant involved. You can find its price information on your dashboard once you are approved.

Since one of its merchants is Etsy, AWIN is an ideal choice for those bloggers that want to promote products of Etsy. This affiliate website pays out a minimum of twenty dollars twice every month.

With AWIN, you will get actual-time reports, and its advertisers are vetted heavily. Its staff is about nine hundred in fifteen offices globally.

Wrapping It Up

On a general note, if you want to start operating an affiliate program and monetize your blog, you must, first of all, consider what your audience will enjoy. We have provided you with some of the best affiliate marketing websites.

The only thing you to participate in right now is to skim through this article and select some of the affiliate websites that you like. Carry out more research and sign up. From there, you can pick some of their products and earn excellent referral revenues.

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