7 Best Places To Sell Icons

Are you a freelancer and seeking for the best places to sell icons? If yes, this is the ideal article to read to get your game on. You will have an idea of how vital it is to select the perfect niche for those who have tried to sell icons on the web.

It is understandable that you can sometimes try your best to precisely guess what the customers want. However, no freelancer intends to spend a long time or hours in creating an icon set, and in the end, no one is interested in it.

Things like that end up being a waste of time and energy of the person or people involved. Nobody surely wants to waste their efforts. It is vital to note that before it comes down to find the best icon sites, you must first engage in inadequate market research to begin creating the set properly.

In our era today, sharing our creations with the world is very easy for freelancers to do. When you carry out adequate research, you will get to realize that there are diverse companies with one mission in mind.

These companies are bent on helping freelancers sell virtual products of any kind. Some of these virtual products range from:

  • Videos
  • Ebooks
  • Music, and even;
  • Designs

These best icon sites will help to sell the items mentioned above to your audience. Note that most of them will ensure that all of your premium products get lots of product views.

However, bear in mind that these best icon sites will end up taking a big piece of the revenue pie. Instead of asking for a specific place to sell off your icons, sit back, relax, and read through the best sites today.

Best Places To Sell Icons

This article aims to identify the best places to sell icons. We will be listing some places where freelancers can trade their design assets to both customers and fellow designers.

While places like Iconfinder and Creative Market may be the first places to sound the alarm when you want to sell icons, there are other places to carry out this trade. Who wouldn’t like a marketplace that does not take away the freelancers’ power to manage their product prices?

Everyone wants a marketplace that will allow them to take the majority of the profits for sure. We have a list of the best non-exclusive places that will likely assist you in reaching newer audiences.

In dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s, the most intriguing places to sell icons include:

1. Iconfinder: You earn 70%


Iconfinder is a highly prominent site for not just selling off your icons but buying as well. The company is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Understand that, Iconfinder focuses majorly on trading icons alone. They do not trade any other product

When it comes down to icons of top quality, Iconfinder is known for having an extensive inventory. And, the majority of its best designers tend to create top-quality vector icons. As of the year 2020, Iconfinder surpassed the 4.4 million icon mark.

Note that its site captivates a vast number of visitors monthly. The monthly visitors are roughly two million. Furthermore, Iconfinder provides its users with two purchase models

The purchase models are the pay-as-you-go model that freelancers download for two dollars each or the monthly subscription that comes with yearly billing plans. Freelancers who sign up for the annual billing get a free subscription during the last two months of the year.

There are three subscription tiers when making use of Iconfinder. It entails the micro plan, which gives freelancers about ten icon downloads monthly for nine dollars. There is the starter plan, which is nineteen dollars monthly and gives freelancers fifty downloads.

Finally, there is a premium yet unlimited plan which sells for forty-nine dollars monthly. It is vital to bear in mind that the subscription on Iconfinder is an on-demand, as-you-need-it services. You are not allowed to download up to ten thousand icons in one month then cancel.

Also, people who work with Iconfinder are regarded as top-notch. They work hard enough and act in the kindest way to assist designers. They are always ready to respond to your mails. This makes the iconfider one of the best icon sites.

2. Flaticon: Your earning depend on the subscription 


For the uninitiated, Flaticon is also one of the best places to sell icons, and it is situated in Spain. It provides three sales options to users. You can choose to go with the standard contributor model. This model enables freelancers to upload their icons for sale.

Nevertheless, freelancers will get to split the revenue gathered with the site. The designers get about fifty percent of every sale, and the site keeps the remaining fifty percent.

Furthermore, there is a prepaid revenue option where freelancers get paid in advance for the expected revenue. This goes for about two dollars for each icon. While you will be pleased with the fat check you will be getting upfront, there is a clause when it comes down to this.

The clause with this option is that as a freelancer, you will have to forego every future revenue. What this means is that you will allow Flaticon to recuperate the initial payment made to you.

You will still be listed as the owner of the icons, and you can sell the icons on any other marketplace. But, in some cases, the copyright of the freelancer will be bought.

3. The Noun Project: You earn 40% from subscription, $1.2 for each icon sold individually

The Noun Project

This is a trendy marketplace to sell icons, and here, some designers actually make a fair amount of money from the site. Some of the designers claim that sales on the noun project can be compared to sales made on marketplaces like Iconfinder.

However, some designers also claim they get only ten to twenty dollars a month for each sale. One thing to note is that you will be graced with so many possibilities when you make use of this site.

With the API of the noun project, freelancers can actually bring up a growing collection of top quality symbols to whatever they create. Note that, there are innovators who make use of the Noun project’s API in telling digital stories

They make use of it to educate kids battling autism, create interactive games, and even build real-time infographics. With the Noun Project, freelancers can get quick access to a collection of up to a million icons. Creatives from all across the globe help in building the Noun project’s collections.

Bear in mind that the icons you will find on the Noun project actually undergo stringent moderation procedures. Their dedicated staff is on the job to review every upload for both copyright and quality. This shows that you will only get the best content on this site

Noun project’s API is built strictly on AWS and currently tackles up to one hundred million requests every month. It makes use of a 99.9percent uptime. Its REST API effortlessly integrates with other apps or websites to get freelancers up and running within minutes.

4. Envato Elements: You can set the pricing 

Envato Elements

To get in on this site, it is strictly by invitation alone. Envato Elements strictly follows its invitation, the only strategy in a bid to keep the balance between the amount of inventory, which is the supply, and the demand, which is the number of sales.

As a result of this, Envato Elements has been able to keep its revenues decently high enough for its sellers. Some freelancers claim to make over two hundred and fifty dollars monthly from selling about four to five icon sets.

Every resource on this site is of high quality. And it is interesting to note that this company keeps growing aggressively—this aids in increasing the marketplace as well. Envato Elements has its large market share and brand recognition leveraged.

It was done to methodically create a subscription-based website that pays its freelancers or designers well enough.

The business model used by this website is unique among the diverse marketplaces that trade icons. This is because they have a profit-sharing plan in motion. Freelancers who sell on Envato Elements actually get monthly payouts even when they have low sales.

This website makes use of what is known as a seller’s bonus. Most of the revenue its users get to see are actually from the bonus and not from real-time sales.

6. Creative Market: You can set the pricing & earn 70% from it 

Creative Market

The significant products being sold on the creative MarketMarket are not icons. Instead, it appears to be design templates and fonts for diverse projects. However, they tend to sell lots of icons as well.

While people have complained that their sales on this site are not so great, the sales are decent enough for them to keep on selling here. Nevertheless, the creative market is a fantastic operation, and no one has reported having any issues with them.

Creative MarketMarket is situated in San Francisco. The website empowers freelancers and creators all over the globe to make their concepts a reality. Everything done on this site is to allow freelancers to make a living by only doing the things they love.

There are so many motivational stories on people making it big on this site. An example is Nicky Laatz, a South African shop owner who has successfully earned more than one million dollars by selling on the platform.

With the aid of an internet connection and some design skills, freelancers can make a serene living from wherever they are in the world. The gender, background or race does not matter.

Creative Market aids in connecting freelancers with a network of about seven million prospective customers. The platform assists people of different skill levels in making their innovative concepts a reality.

You will be amazed by the site’s over 4.4 million handcrafted fonts, photos, graphics, and so much more. The assets you will find on Creative Market are utilized millions of times daily to create things ranging from flyers for small businesses to fortune 500 massive campaigns.

6. UI8: You Earn 70% of profits on individual products sales or 90% on exclusive products


If you are out in search of the best places to sell icons, UI8 is an ideal choice. It is an online shop run by a design firm situated in San Francisco for those who are unaware. Its primary focus dwells on UI/UX templates as well as resources.

Note that the site has a limited number of sellers that it accepts. It manages the pace in which new content is published. Note that all of this aids in maintaining the balance between demand and supply.

Nevertheless, UI8 carries out an excellent job of keeping the revenues respectable enough for designers and freelancers. It provides two sales models, which are the pay-as-you-go model and the subscription model.

If you have the time, UI8 has so many untapped prospects to unravel.

7. Pixel Buddha: Your earning depend on the subscription 

Pixel Buddha

It is more of a hybrid and not necessarily a marketplace like those we have listed above. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a place to sell your icons, pixel Buddha can help you do the trick.

Understand that, Pixel Buddha is actually a designer of design resources, which also entails icons. The icons are sold in lots of other places. However,  the site also purchases icon sets outright.

This means that freelancers, creators, or designers tend to transfer the copyright ownership to Pixel Buddha. The site claims to pay between fifty dollars to two hundred dollars for every icon set.

To Wrap It Up

On a general note, even if selling out your copyright may sound like a good option as a freelancer when you need cash, so many people who do this tend to regret it later on. While there is nothing wrong with selling your copyrights, you should however think about it thoroughly.

As a freelancer, bear in mind that you own the things you create, and you are also the owner of an asset that generates money. You should think of your icons like you would an investment.

Nevertheless,  these are some of the best places to sell icons. You can skim through the article to find the best choice that suits your needs. You can always try out the most popular site which is Iconfinder, in case you are lost on which one to select.

You may also check iconscout, canva, Template Monster for more best icon sites.

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