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12 Best Free Conference Call Service

In our work environment today, emails, chats, and even the usual phone calls have their place where they are grouped. However, one form of communication that stands out and regarded as the best alternative for group interaction is the conference call.

One thing to bear in mind is that conference calls are not for corporations, conference tables, and suits alone. Instead, businesses of large sizes make use of it these days. For this reason, we will be analyzing the best free conference call service you can utilize.

Understand that there are so many free conference call services that are capable of getting the work done. When you make use of paid services, you will get easy access to features such as:

  • Limiting the number of callers in every meeting
  • Call recording
  • Video chat, and even;
  • Operator assistance

It does not matter what your budget entails; we will show you some of the amazing conference call services at your disposal.

Best Free Conference Call Service

Some of the best free conference call services that you will come across include:

1. Zoom

Within a short time, the zoom service has turned into a conference call sensation amongst industry leaders. It is a cloud-based system that provides a vast range of free and, of course, paid options that accommodate various sizes of individuals and businesses.

For those who will love to make use of the best options, you can try out the Zoom basic and Zoom pro plans. These are the best plans for both smaller teams and startups. However, as your company grows, you can switch to the Zoom business.

Zoom has been able to stand out amongst its diverse competitors, and if you plan to make expert video presentations through conference calls, it is your ideal bet. Some of the top companies that make use of Zoom range from Uber, GoDaddy, Pandora, and so much more.

2. Google Hangouts

For the fact that this is a product of Google, you can bet that the services offered by Google Hangouts are reliable. It is free to utilize, and it is a fantastic option for people who have a Gmail account.

When navigating to Google Hangouts,  you will instantly be connected with your contacts and Gmail account. Google Hangouts has a google calendar integration, which makes it easier to schedule your meetings with every other user.

In a bid to set up your conference call, you can use your chrome extension, mobile app, or browser.

Understand that this service is mostly used for one on one meetings, but it can also be a good option for a small conference call. This conference call can take up to twenty-five people.

3. UberConference

To begin with, for those of you seeking a conference call service that is simple to operate, UberConference is the ideal conference call service. If you need an essential calling feature for your small group, it has a free option.

Without any cost, people can make use of UberConference to make calls with about ten participants. With such a plan, you can make a diverse number of calls yearly. Its free conferencing call service comes with screen sharing, HD audio quality, HD video, call recording, and even mobile app access.

Bear in mind that its highest duration of a free call is forty-five minutes. If you run a larger organization, UberConference offers a paid business plan you can utilize. The calls made here can run for roughly five hours.

Immediately you sign up with UberConference, you can begin making your calls. In case you need any form of assistance, its customer support is beneficial.

4. GoToMeeting

One of the best free conference call services you will love is GoToMeeting. It comes as a high-quality solution for your small business, and it does not have lots of distracting or extra features.

Unlike some of the paid conference call services you will find today, GoToMeeting does not make use of any basic free plan. However, it offers a fourteen days trial period for users to try it out.

It makes use of three plans, which are the professional, business, and enterprise plans. With the professional and business plans, you can host roughly one hundred and fifty and two hundred fifty participants, respectively.

With GoToMeeting, you are faced with an unlimited amount of recording capabilities and automatic transcriptions of your calls. If you are capable of managing a large yet remote team, this is the ideal choice.

5. Skype For Business

Skype is ideal for freelancers as well as small to large businesses. It is free to use, and the majority of us have it installed on our phones. Note that skype is practically a communication tool that has features such as messaging, video calls, online calls, and permits international calls to mobiles.

It offers features such as recording sessions and scheduling meetings with the aid of Outlook for businesses. It is fully integrated with Office apps like PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel,  Word, and so much more.

When making use of Skype,  you can two hundred and fifty participants in the meeting. Also, it comes with features of live subtitles and screen sharing.


Just as its name already implies,  conference calls provided by this service is free. With over two billion calls made around the world, is rated amongst the best free conference call services today.

To make use of this service, you simply need to create an account. This can be done within seconds. Bear in mind that this service entails some of the highest limitations in the conference call service industry for free plans.

This tool can be used in hosting conference calls of roughly one thousand participants. It offers free video meetings and comes with lots of intriguing features and benefits. Straight from your account, you can access your recordings and call history.

Its archive entails details and reports of all the calls you make. You can manage, host and even join calls straight from your phone like you would do from your desktop browser.

7. BlueJeans

This service strictly specializes in video conference calls. It is prominently based on its exceptional audio quality. For both individuals and small businesses, BlueJeans has a plan that begins at $12.49 monthly. It is capable of hosting meetings with roughly fifty participants.

You can always upgrade to the plan that accepts up to seventy-five participants. No matter the plan you make use of, the number of participants on BlueJeans does not exceed one hundred and fifty people.

Top companies such as Facebook, Zillow, and even LinkedIn make use of BlueJeans for conference calls. Note that BlueJeans amazing quality is because it is powered by none other but Dolby voice.

It is capable of suppressing background noise, making everyone sound like they are in the same room.

8. Slack

As one of the best free conference call services available in the market today, Slack is a prominent productivity and communication application for remote teams. It comes fully packed with an in-built video and audio call feature.

Note that it enables you to make your conference call without having to leave the app. As a unique collaboration tool,  Slack comes equipped with integrations for lots of popular productivity apps such as Asana, Google calendar, Zoom, Gmail, and lots more.

However, Slack does not include any phone service. What this means is that, if you are seeking for a conference call with webinars or customers, you will not find it doing that. Slack is mostly used for internal team chats as well as group messages.

9. Webex

First and foremost, Webex is a product of Cisco. This simply implies that Webex is highly powered with a technology that is reputable and known for its quality. Webex is rated among the best conference services for both video and audio calling.

Webex makes use of four plans. You will come across Webex Free, which entails fifty participants and forty minutes conference call time. There is also the Webex starter that entails up to fifty participants as well but has no meeting limits.

Also, there is the Webex Plus that entails up to one hundred participants and has no meeting limit as well. Finally, you can make use of the Webex Business that entails two hundred participants and about ten GB of cloud storage.

Note that it has a free plan, but it is limited. Its paid plans come packaged with advanced features such as file sharing, administrative functions, transcription recording, and even call-in audio.

If you need the best customer support with Webex, it is advisable to upgrade to its Webex Plus plan. Nevertheless, Webex is impressive for both medium, large and small businesses that make use of remote employees.


As one of the best free conference call services, is a new web-concentrated calling software with a vast range of features.  Some of its features include video and audio conference calls, easy scheduling of meetings, a mobile app, screen sharing, and private join link.

More so, it has a feature that makes it stand out amongst others on this list. has a whiteboarding tool. This tool allows users to write on their screen even if everyone on the call is not in the same room. This feature is similar to a real whiteboard.

Such a feature assists in giving remote teams an in-person touch. When you are done with its free trial, service costs about ten dollars monthly for its lite plan. However, its business plan costs roughly thirty dollars each month.


If you have not heard of, it is vital to note that its primary focus is on making your conference call to be done quickly. Note that, you can begin a new conference call room when using by entering a name and hitting on the button at the homepage. It takes some seconds to start.

You can also share your link with anyone of your choice, and they can quickly join the room in just one click. With its free plan, you can make a conference call with roughly four participants.

Nevertheless, its Pro plan allows for about twelve participants in three rooms plus extra features.

12. Bigbluebutton

The first thing to note about this free conference service is that it is an open-source web conferencing system ideal for online learning. Its goal is to allow remote students to have top-quality learning experience online

It comes with intriguing features such as real-time sharing of video, screen, and audio. Users can make use of Bigbluebutton as a generic web conferencing system for both collaboration and video chats.

It focuses on full online classes, student collaboration, flipped classrooms, and even virtual office tutoring. It assists instructors to engage their users with both public and private interactive chats.

It also comes with whiteboard controls, uploaded presentations, emojis, shared notes, and even breakout rooms. If you need your session recorded, it can be done using this service.

It does not require any software installation or plugins. Within your browser, Bigbluebutton loads with just one click. Furthermore, its HTML5 client offers users a unified interface all over desktops, Chromebooks, laptops, and even mobile devices.

However, the only problem with Bigbluebutton is that it does not have an app that can be installed on mobile devices. Instead,  its HTML5 client gets to load and runs in the mobile browser.

To Wrap It Up

All of the best free conference call services on this list will enable users to carry out conference calls and video meetings online. Nevertheless, you cannot make use of every one of them.

You will need to pick the one that best tenders to your needs. Zoom is the ideal choice if you need a standalone video conferencing service, as it enables users to add diverse participants without its video or audio quality dropping.

If you are in search of the best team collaboration conference service, then Slack is the obvious choice. It offers users with helpful features such as file sharing with the basic conference call features and text messaging.

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